Tithe Apploments

  Donaghpatrick Civil Parish


 Tuam Poor Law Union
    Clare Barony


Caherlustraum Lisdonagh

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Research Notes:  The Donaghpatrick CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Film #256599 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The condition of the film, made it difficult to read the names, at times.  Also, the enumerator spelled the surnames wrong much of the time.

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Surname First Townland
Bane Pat Largan
Bane Peggy Largan
Bane Cor'k Mirchill
Bane Patk Mirchill
Barker George Largan
Barker George Mirchill
Blake, Esq Walter Poulnahalla
Blake, Esq Robert Shancloon
Bohun Hugh Cahirlistrane
Bohun Patk Cahirlistrane
Bohun Wat. Cahirlistrane
Bohun Wat. Cahirlistrane
Bohun Jno Raheen, Road Division
Bonnett Darby Cahirlistrane
Bourk? ?? Gurtlough
Brannick, Esq William Bunnacella
Brehany John Gurtlough
Burke James Beagh beg
Burke John Cahirlistrane
Burke Martin Gurtlough
Burke Patk? Raheen, Lough Division
Burke Mic'l Raheen, Middle Division
Burke Patk Raheen, Middle Division
Burke Dick? Raheen, Middle Division
Cady Thomas Kilvolan
Cady Jno Kilvolan
Cafe Patk Mirchill
Caferdy Pat Lisdonagh
Cahile James Largan
Canaran? John Gurtlough
Cane Patk Ballinen
Cane Mic'l Ballinen
Cane Patk Moneenanina
Carrick John Moneenanina
Carroll John Mirchill
Cassidy Connor Raheen, Road Division
Casy John Raheen, Corner next to the Chapel
Casy Thomas Raheen, Corner next to the Chapel
Clenan Patk Carragh
Clenan Micl Carragh
Clenan John Carragh
Cline Thomas Raheen, Road Division
Coghlan Richard Carragh
Coleman, Mr Malachy Oldtore
Colleran Patk Gurtlough
Colleran Mary Gurtlough
Colleran James Gurtlough
Colleran widow Lisdonagh
Collins no first Shancloon
Connele Thos Lisdonagh Village
Connell Hugh Mirchill
Connell Patk Mirchill
Connor Mic'l Cahirlistrane
Connor Thos Cahirlistrane
Connor Owen Lisdonagh
Corbit Micl Gurtlough
Corbit Thos Gurtlough
Courtney David Raheen, Road Division
Crowe James Carragh
Donnellan John Kildrum
Donoghue Patk Bunnacella
Dooly John Gurtlough
Dooly widow Lisdonagh Village
Fahy Patk Largan
Finegan William Raheen, Lough Division
Finian? John Carragh
Fitzpatrick Thos Cahirlistrane
Flanagan Hugh Gurtlough
Flyn Mark Raheen, Lough Division
Forkan Frank Largan
French, Esq Robert Beagh
French, Esq Wm? Ummone
Gibbons Myles Cahirlistrane
Gibbons John Gurtlough
Gibbons Mark Largan
Gibbons John Largan
Gibbons, Jr Peter Largan
Gibbons, Sr Peter Largan
Gile Pat Lisdonagh
Grany Mark Carragh
Haire Francis Carragh
Hanly Bar'h Carragh
Hanly Patk Carragh
Hannessy widow Mirchill
Hardiman Mic'l Largan
Hardiman Dennis Largan
Haverty Wm Ballinen
Haverty? Anoren? Cahirlistrane
Hayley George Raheen, Road Division
Heavy Pat Poulnahalla
Hessian? Lally Gurtlough
Higgins John Kilvolan
Higgins John Largan
Hogan widow Raheen, Lough Division
Hogan Patk Raheen, Middle Division
Hughes widow Gurtlough
Jenily? Owen Cahirlistrane
Joyce Wm Gurtlough
Joyce James Largan
Kelly Walter Ballinen
Kelly Patrick Ballinen
Kelly John Largan
Kelly, Mr Patk Gurtlough
Kelly, Mr Pat Largan
Kennedy Patk Oldtore
Kennedy widow Ummone
Kenny Thos Largan
Kilkelly, Esq John Ballinen
Kilkelly, Esq Jno Cahirlistrane
Kilkelly, Esq John Gurtnascullog
Kilkelly, Esq John Mossford
Killelen Dennis Gurtlough
Killelen Thos Largan
Killelen Wm Mirchill
Kinwan, Esq John Beagh beg
Lawless, Jr Pat Gurtlough
Lawless, Sr Pat Gurtlough
Lige John Lisdonagh
Lyne John Ummone
Lyngane Micl Mirchill
Lyons M? Cahirlistrane
Lyons Daniel Raheen, Road Division
Lyons Thos Raheen, Road Division
Madden Wm Ballinen
Madden David Ballinen
Madden John Kilvolan
Madden Mi'l Poulnahalla
Madden Js Poulnahalla
Magan John Carragh
Magan John Gurtnascullog
Magan John & bro Kildrum
Magan John Moneenanina
Mannion widow Raheen, Lough Division
Martin Augustin Gurtlough
Martin Pat Gurtlough
McDaniele Mark Gurtlough
McDonough late Beagh
McGah, Mr Hugh Mirchill
McGah?, Mr Hugh Largan
McGuire Danl Lisdonagh Village
McHugh Mic'l Cahirlistrane
McHugh Mic'l Raheen, Corner next to the Chapel
Mealy James Mirchill
Monahan James Beagh beg
Monahan John Bunnacella
Monahan Tim'y Cahirlistrane
Monahan John Cahirlistrane
Monahan Jno Gurtlough
Monahan Thos Gurtlough
Monahan Pat Gurtnascullog
Monahan Pat Poulnahalla
Monahan Jno Poulnahalla
Mooney James Lisdonagh
Mooney Martin Raheen, Lough Division
Moran Daniel Beagh beg
Moran Patk Oldtore
Moran Martin Raheen, Lough Division
Moran Patk Raheen, Lough Division
Moran Jno Raheen, Lough Division
Moran Honor Raheen, Middle Division
Moran, Jr Jno Raheen, Road Division
Moran, Sr Thos Raheen, Lough Division
Morow widow Raheen, Lough Division
Mullen Pat Beagh beg
Mullen James Bunnacella
Mullen no first Poulnahalla
Mullowney J Lisdonagh Village
Mullowney P Lisdonagh Village
Mullowney Patk Raheen, Road Division
Mulroony Jno Cahirlistrane
Murphy Laurence Largan
Murphy Js Lisdonagh Village
Murphy Laurence Mirchill
Naughlin Thos Ballinen
Naughlin Ballinen
Naughten Bar'w Moneenanina
Nevin Mic'l Ummone
Nevin Patk Ummone
Nocton Bartho'w Raheen, Corner next to the Chapel
Nocton Michl Raheen, Middle Division
Nocton Thos Raheen, Middle Division
Nocton John Raheen, Middle Division
Nolan Micl Lisdonagh Village
Noone Mat'w Lisdonagh Village
Norton Patk Moneenanina
Norton Thos Moneenanina
O'Flaherty, Esq John Bawnmore
O'Flaherty, Esq John Donaghpatrick
O'Flaherty, Esq John Gurtnaponra
O'Flaherty, Esq John Lisdonagh
Rayney Thos Gurtnascullog
Redington J Lisdonagh Village
Roche Patk Ballinen
Roche James Carragh
Roche Patk Carragh
Roche Wat? Ummone
Roche Patk Ummone
Ruane James Mirchill
Ruane Cor'k Mirchill
Ruane Patk Mirchill
Ryan/Aryrn? Patk Kilvolan
Ryly Philip Cahirlistrane
Ryly Philip Cahirlistrane
Ryly Philip Cahirlistrane
Ryly Mic'l Carragh
Ryly Ed'd Carragh
Ryly Martin Largan
T/Finian? John Moneenanina
Tige widow Raheen, Middle Division
Tige Patk Raheen, Middle Division
Varrilly? Pat Largan
Walsh John Bunnacella
Walsh Patk Gurtlough
Walsh James Largan
Walsh Jno Mirchill
Walsh Danl Oldtore
Walsh Patk Ummone
Whelan Pat Lisdonagh Village
Whelan Jno Lisdonagh Village


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