Tithe Apploments

  Bullaun Civil Parish


 Loughrea Poor Law Union
    Loughrea Barony



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Research Notes:  The Bullaun CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Film #0256576 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.

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Surname First Number Townland
Burke James 20 Baleagarah
Cahalan Thomas 21 Hedge Town
Carby Pat 53 Caromore
Clarke, Eng Denis 50 Caromore
Clasby John 18 Malachy Daly Estate
Clasby Pat 23 Hedge Town
Clasby Peter 19 Baleagarah
Connelly Martin 8 Gortcame
Connelly Pat 51 Caromore
Connor Bryan 11 Gortcame
Connor Bryan 12 Gortcame
Crosby? Pat 48 Boleagarah?
Daly John 42 Streamstown
Dolphin John 5 Pendergast Estate
Donahoe Pat 44 Newtown
Donahoe Stephen 33 Streamstown
Fahy John 24 Hedge Town
Fahy, Jr Pat 28 Streamstown
Fahy, Sr Pat 27 Hedge Town
Fenoughtry? Darby 1 Michael Greary Estate
Forbe? Pat 55 Caromore
Gormolly Martin 3 Pendergast Estate
Greany Michael 43 Newtown
Hardiman Michl 52 Caromore
Hynes Bryan 15 Bullane
Hynes John 13 Wm Lopidell Estate
Hynes Pat 14 Wm Lopidell Estate
Hynes Terence 49 Boleagarah?
Hynes Terence 25 Hedge Town
Hynes Terence 58 Streamstown
Hynes Thomas 41 Streamstown
Keane Thomas 45 Newtown
Keating Peter 47 Boleagarah?
Keating Peter 22 Hedge Town
Keating Peter 57 Merge Town
Keating, Jr Laurence 30 Streamstown
Keating, Sr Laurence 29 Streamstown
Kelly John 32 Streamstown
Kelly  Pat 31 Streamstown
Kelly, Esq Pat French 16 Malachy Daly Estate
Kenny John 26 Hedge Town
Martin Fergus 37 Streamstown
McDermott Michl 46 Boleagarah?
McDermott Michl 17 Malachy Daly Estate
Meloy Pat 36 Streamstown
Mulkerin Michael 11 Gortcame
Mulkerin Michael 12 Gortcame
Murry Michael 4 Pendergast Estate
Neil Richard 35 Streamstown
Nevin Denis 7 Gortcame
Nevin Edmond 9 Gortcame
Nevin Thomas 6 Pendergast Estate
Ruane? Pat 40 Streamstown
Ryan Peter 54 Caromore
Ryan Thomas 56 Caromore
Silk John 10 Gortcame
Ward Darby 34 Streamstown
Ward Michael 39 Streamstown
Ward Tim  59 Newtown
Ward Timothy 38 Streamstown
Whealan Pat 2 Pendergast Estate


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