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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Madonna Patrick Flynn May 31, 1890 Bridget Ann Johnson not given 1977 son Thomas d in boating accident, was a lineman, m Bridget Aspell Madonna E Flynn
Margaret James Flynn Carrigallen, Ireland not given from Ireland not given not given Dan McKenna
Margaret Edmund Flynn, Mary Burke 1850
Co Cork
William Condon 1874 Feb 27, 1935 lived in New London CT 60 yrs; father b 1825, Doneraile District, his father-James Jim Condon
Margaret John Joseph Flynn, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Castleplucket
Co Roscommon
not given 1891
Norristown PA
1920-45 moved to Phila. Pa., sibs-Patrick, Mary, Celia, James, Frances J Kauker
Margarita Patrick Flynn, Mary Traynor 1866 in Milwaukee, WI Erastus Miller Maxwell did not emig 1952 in Lynhaven, VA Barron Co. WI >> Cumberland WI >> Mathews Co VA Barbara Krall
Marian Harry Flynn,
Alice Flynn
William Sias n/a 1975
Cambridge MA
moved w/par from Luzerne Cty PA ca 1925 Jen Harte
Marie, Mary, Maria James Flynn, Mary Butler ca 1850 Co Mayo Patrick Hennigan ca 1865 to Dunmore PA 1900-10 Dunmore PA sibs-Catherine, Thomas, Bridget, Anna, John Alaine Keisling
Martin Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 4/18/1872
(Castletown) Ballycastle, Co Mayo
unk. Ruddy ~1896 4/18/1872 killed in mining accident, Pittstown PA, no children Martin Flynn
Martin Patrick Flynn, Ann Judge ca 1876 Manchester Eng Margaret did not emig 1900s Manchester Eng chld: Francis, Margaret, Elizabeth Gillian Smith
Mary Peter Flynn,
Bridget Rorke
Co Leitrim
unknown unknown unknown none given Steve Flynn
Mary Flynn Kerry, IRE Cornelius Gearin 1863 unknown chld b betw 1835-47 Killorglin, Bansha- Margaret, Ellen, Mary, Jeremia, John Lorri Buschmann
Mary James Flynn, Catherine Feb 1850
Theobald Hotzenbiller 1862 17 Nov 1910
Cincinnati OH
m 1875 Cincinnati OH; chld-James, Mary, Margaret all b 1876-82 Kevin English
Mary Edmond Flynn, Johanna Connors 1869
Limerick IRE
Daniel Minihan ca 1886 1936
Waverley NSW, AUST
none given Julie
Mary James Flynn unknown Mary Norris n/a unknown son, Patrick b 1877 bapt Holy Cross Ch, Stradbally, Co Waterford, Ireland Mary Flanagan
Mary Michael Flynn 1828
Co Limerick
Thomas Sherlock ca 1837 NY >
Chicago> Maryville MO
Maryvill MO
10 chld, desc live in MO, KS, OR, CA+ Tim Sherlock
Mary John Joseph Flynn, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Castleplucket
Co Roscommon
not given 1891
Norristown PA
1920-45 moved to Phila. Pa., sibs-Margaret, Patrick, Celia, James, Frances J Kauker
Mary Michael Flynn Dec 22, 1828
Co Limerick
Thomas Sherlock NY @ 9 yr
> Chicago > MO
Dec 31, 1915
Maryville MO
10 chld, desc live in MO, KS, OR, CA+; looking for Irish info Mary
Mary Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 6/3/1868 (Castletown) Ballycastle, Co Mayo unknown late 1890s to Scranton unknown none given Martin Flynn
Mary Flynn not given James Burns did not emig Co Cavan
m 1859 in Co. Cavan Teresa Jablonski
Mary William Flynn, Mary Massy ca 1833
Co Tipperary
John Burgess 1850-60s
unknown chn: Henry, Clara, Jane, Walter, Mary, Lucy, William Vicki Houlbrooke
Mary William O'Lynn, Mary Magill ca 1883 in or near Larne, No. Ireland Nathaniel Turk ca 1910 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN 1964 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN looking for info on Mary Christine Turk
Mary John Flynn, Mary Griffin 1882 Aghada, Co. Cork. Ireland unknown >> Cobh, 1902>>Ellis Island NYC unknown sister Johanna, step family Michael, Bridgid, William,
John, Anastatia
Noel O'Keeffe
Mary A John Flynn, Bridget Lennon? ca 1841
Cloone, Co Leitrim
John F McGrath ca 1856
Worcester MA
Worchester MA
sibs:  Bridget, Hugh, James, Annie, and unknown more Pat Connors
Mary A Alexander Flinn 8/8/1784
New Castle DE
John Fleece n/a ?Morgan County VA? none given Joseph Capece
Mary Elizabeth unknown ca 1842
Co Mayo?
Patrick James Walker not given 1913
Dunmore, PA, USA
none given John H Spangler
Mary Jane Flynn 1810 Near Fermey, on the 'Black Waters', Co Cork James Keneally 1836 Boston MA
w/bro, Jermiah
Erin WI
son-William, oldest girl of 8 chld, mother d young, settled in Erin WI Karla Schmitt
Matthew Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 1880 (Castletown) Ballycastle, Co Mayo Margaret 1915 to Pittston, PA 4/18/1872 chld:  Mary, Ann Martin Flynn
Maude J John Owen Flynn, Elizabeth B Mackett ca 1881
Sheerness, Kent
not given not given not given may have lived in Tunbridge Wells ca 1910 Sonia
Maurice Maurice Flynn, Mary 1865
Toronto, Ontario
Maggie Moran n/a Sept 4, 1915
Toronto, ONT
none given Carol Graham



ca 1830
possibly Waterford, Ireland
Mary 1850s
Toronto, Canada
Jan 24, 1899
Toronto, Ontario
belonged to St Michael's RC Church in Toronto Carol Graham
Maurice Flynn ca 1830 Mary (Flynn?) bef 1856
Toronto CAN
maybe from Waterford & Mary from Cork Maureen G Hayes
Maurice (Thomas) Flynn 1835 Catherine O'Connor Forrest 1835 Co Cork or Co Kerry unknown child:  Catherine, Thomas, Maurice, Helen, Margaret, William Susan Zapata
Maurice Wm. Marcus Flynn 1835
not given 1866 17 Sep 1910 none given William J Theiss
Maurice William Marcus Flynn 1835
Cork or Kerry, Ireland
Catherine O'Connor Forrest 1866 17 Sep 1910
Newark NJ
none given William J Theiss
Michael not given 1847
Co Tipperary, Ire
Julia Beth Sheridan 1873 USA date not given
killed by train
Sister-Mary Flynn, Brother-James Flynn;  children:  Daniel, Eula Machell Miller
Michael James Flynn, Bridgett Jennings poss Co Mayo Catherine NY @ age 10 St Louis MO cousins from Castlebor or Westport, Co Mayo Sharon A Sanker
Michael James Flynn ca 1851
Sligo, Ireland
Catherine Carberry did not emigrate after 1901 Ireland Census married 1879 in Gurteen RC Parish; three dgts b Gurteen RC-Agnes & Beesy (twins) Jan 1880, Anne 1884; wife d 1888 Barb Morin
Michael Flynn Ahawilk, Feohanagh,
Co Limerick IRE
not given 1900-1910? Jan 1950? sis-Nora, a Chicago politician Eamon Riordan
Michael Flynn ca 1815
Co Mayo IRE
Susan to Olyphant PA 1905 chld-John-b1848, Patrick, Catherine; ran saloon & bar in Olyphant PA Joan Feeney
Michael John Flynn, Bridget Cunningham 1844
Roscommon, Ireland
Catherine Sommer 1851-53 1934
Chillicothe OH
sibs-Mary Dempsey; chld-John, James, Alice, Cora, Annette plus 2 dgts w/2nd wife Klong
Michael Flynn, father possibly Michael Ireland Catherine ca 1845 or earlier, Liverpool ca 1873 shoemaker in Liverpool, bro John also shoemaker in Liverpool Pat Meriwether
Michael Andrew Flynn, Mary Deegan ca 1843 Margaret Geary Australia 1885
Epping VIC, Australia
a farmer, Margaret his 2nd wife; widowed 1869 Ann
Michael Andrew O'Flynn, Elizabeth 1828 Sligo Ann Cosgrove Australia ca 1900
Melbourne AUS
would like to find more info Robert
Michael O'Flynn unknown Marjorie late 1800s
unknown settled in Philadelphia, 12 children Joseph O'Flynn
Michael Flynn ca 1855-60
lived in Ballinlough,
Co Roscommon
Catherine Feehely did not emig betw 1906-20 chld-Anna, Mary, Sarah, Catherine, James Judy DiDonato
Michael Flynn Templetuohy Catherine did not emig unknown dgt Ellen b 1858 > AU; son James b 1860 > USA Judy Lynch
Michael Andrew O'Flynn, Elizabeth Lavin ca 1828
Ann Cosgrave unknown not given m in Australia, son possibly Michael Joseph Bob O'Flynn
Michael Patrick Flynn, Hannah Nugent 1850
Co Leitrim
Mary Ann Gilbride PA ca 1915 Mary Anne also from Co Leitrim, met in USA, m Drumhanbo; bro Patrick Michael Flynn
Michael unk Flynn 1821 County Wicklow Mary Catherine Leary 1849 New York 1897 Scott County, Iowa Michael and Mary emigrated from Rathvilly, County Carlow Tom Flynn
Michael John Flynn, Bridget Kane 1866
Clydagh, Ballinloough, Co Roscommon
Maria Quinn ca 1890
Manchester ENG
1933 sibs: Pat, Martin, Catherine, Bridget George Carter
Michael Michael Flynn, Ellen McGillicuddy ca 1855
Kenmare area
Co Kerry
Abigail Sudmilla Sullivan ca 1893-4 4/30/1905
Shawnee OK
worked RR, killed at work, 10 children John Conway
Michael John Flynn, Bridget Kane 1866
Lower Clogher
Co Roscommon
Maria Quinn 1880s
to Manchester
sibs:  Pat, Martin, Bridget, Catherine George Carter
Michael John Flynn, Bridget Kane/Cane 1866 Maria Quinn not given 1933
maybe from Creagh, Ballinlough, Roscommon, father a farmer George Carter
Michael Flynn Tipperary Julia Troy England not given looing for marriage record Ellan M Moorcroft
Michael James Flynn, Mary Casey 1838 Veronica Vit 1853 1912 sib: Mary, Patrick, Hanora Daniel Flynn
Michael Thomas Flynn, Mary Butler Jan 1869 Bridget Kennedy Butler Town, Co Waterford> Pittsfield Ma entered US through Ellis Island no info Michael Pelletier
Michael Dennis Flynn, Marsha Australia single not given not given not given Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn ca 1838 Co Galway Bridget Murphy Victoria AU ca 1860-68 bef 1919 married 7/10/1859 in Galway Evelyn
Michael Patrick Flynn, Mary Sullivan 4/15/1855 Ellen Lonergan 1869 1916 in Alton, IL child-John E., Marguerite, Nellie, Mary Barbara Flynn Buehler
Michael unk Flynn Ireland 1. Mary Holloran
2. Ann ??
ca 1847, Hudson, Columbia Cty., NY unkown child-Michael William, John, Mary Mary L. Casey
Michael J O'Flynn/Flynn ca 1809
Kilkenny IRE
Catherine Fleming ca 1826
March 11, 1886 married
May 27, 1829
Tony Power
Michael J O'Flynn ca 1806
Kilkenny, IRE
Catherine Fleming ca 1826
not given none given Anthony Power
Michael J William Flynn, Ann Canning (Cannon) Oct 1865
Mary Ryan before 1897
New York
after 1935
married 1898 NY, had son, Joseph,  who may have married 2Xs, had a grandson 10 yr in 1935, Ireland cousins looking for connections Patrick O'Flynn
Michael J Jeremiah Flynn, Julia Linehan ca 1876 Margaret Ward Boston
ca 1897
1919 SpanAmer war vet, policeman, lived in Worchester MA Michael O'Flynn
Michael James Michael Flynn, Mary 28 Aug 1865
Grange, Ballinlough, Co Roscommon
Margaret Julia Boylen 1880
New York City NY
1885 Crowford Co, IA
Ute, Crawford IA
sibs-Timothy stayed in Grange, Cornelius to Iowa, 3rd bro in So Africa in 1930 Chearl
Michael Joseph John Flinn, Margaret 1821, Waterford, Ireland Margaret Buckley 1851 aboard Queen of the West 1896
Brookfield MO
a glassblower in Waterford & in Sandwich MA Patrick Flynn
Michael William Michael Flynn, Mary Holloran 1852, Hudson, Columbia Cty., NY Honorah Dolan n/a 1928, Scranton, PA Sibs: John, Mary; Child: Eugene, Helen, Loretta, James, Mollie, William, Robert, Theresa Mary L. Casey
Myles Flynn 1810 Ireland Sarah Davis 1839 USA 1890
Charleston AK
looking for Myles' parents Letha Harrison
Myles Joseph Mylo O'Flynn, Mary Joyce Tipperary Loraine Bennett London 1971 01/10/94 1 bro, 1 sis, 3 chld, 5 neph, 2 nieces Aaron Flynn
Nellie Flynn May 1878 John Connors n/a unknown chld-Charles b NY, Francis; niece-Nellie Flynn; moved to Scranton PA Char Shelsky
Nicholas Nicholas Flynn 1838 Mary O'Neil 1845-61
Dublin > Liverpool
1904 bookbinder Austin Flynn
Nicholas Flynn 1831
Mary King Liverpool 1908
Trying to find out where he was born. Wendy Tippett
Nicholas James Flynn ca 1879 not given bef 1901
Manchester ENG
not given sister: Lucy Ellen Brian Wray
Owen not known 1818
Co Cavan, Ireland
Martha Crawford 1864
New Haven, CT
ca 1866
Co. Cavan, IRE
returned to Ireland before death Evan O. Mendell
Owen Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 11/1/1874 (Castletown) Ballycastle, Co Mayo unknown unknown unknown none given Martin Flynn
Patricia Jean John Walter Flynn not given Becker not given not given gr father, Maurice Flynn; gr grandfather, Owen Flynn Frank Becker
Patrick Flynn 1829/1830
Mary Traynor not given not given wife b Feb 7, 1833 Co. Louth; chld-Ellen b 1852, Edward b 1855, James b 1856, John b 1858, Margaret b 1859, Bridget b 1861, Jane b 1863, Margarite b 1866, Catherine b 1867, John H b 1870, Patrick M b 1867, Anna b 1873, William b 1875 Barbara Krall
Patrick Flynn ca 1812 Bridget Dugan not given not given chld:  Mary 1858, Patrick David b 1862 d 1949, William Thomas b 1863 d 1958, Kate b 1865, Sara J b 1870 d 1922, Margaret b 1871 Karen Poage
Patrick Edmond O'Flynn, Mary 1870 unknown 1893, Co Cork > New York not given info unknown once he arr in USA Geraldine Innes
Patrick Thomas Flynn 1852 Bridget Aspel not given July 26, 1914 chld-thomas, Patrick, Richard, Frances, Monica Madonna Flynn
Patrick Flynn 1822 or 1831 Mary Hayes bef 1852 Jan 17, 1896 1st found in Wash DC 1860 census; chld-Mary J, Josephine, John T, James E, Alice E; all b in DC 1852-67; moved to Northampton MA ca 1870 Tom Hanley
Patrick Daniel Flynn, Bridget Ireland Jane Ann Talbot/Talbert ca 1843
St Louis MO
July 17, 1910
Calvary Cemetery, St Louis
ten chld, 3 lived to adulthood-Mary Ellen m Kelly, Annie M m Aippersbach, William T; Union Army vet Russell Tice
Patrick John Joseph Flynn, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Castleplucket
Co Roscommon
not given 1891
Norristown PA
1920-45 moved to Phila. Pa., sibs-Margaret, Mary, Celia, James, Frances J Kauker
Patrick Flynn unknown Julia ? ca 1845-50
Bradford, Yorkshire
Bradford, Yorkshire
chld:  Mary, Michael, Margaret, Julia, Annie Mark Hampson
Patrick Flynn ca 1791 Hanora Connor 1822 AU
Sydney AU
chld:  Ann, Mary, Thomas, Patrick, Ellen, John, Michael Sharon Brennan
Patrick Patrick Flynn, Cathrine ca 1844
Jane Gorden Newcastle, Tyne ENG not given father b 1816, mother b 1821; bro James b 1844; chld-James, Margret, Jane, John Esther
Patrick Flynn 1823, Ireland
poss Cork
Catherine Lehane bef 1859 1893
Minneapolis MN
none given Ulrike
Patrick Flynn ca 1802 Nanty or Ann by 1851
20 apr 1870
Normanby Twp ONT
chld:  Jane?, Mary, Cecilia, John, James, Eliza, Honora Jarlee McCormick
Patrick Flinn Co Leitrim unknown 1819 New Brunswick CAN 1867 Grand Falls N.B. CAN dgt Mary m Joseph McCormack 1832 N.B. Herb Ouellette
Patrick Flynn, Flinn Mar 1860 Mary Rose Kelly poss Wisc not given found in Wisc E Jack Langstaff
Patrick William Flynn, Bridget Gough Wolverhampton Eng 1843 Ann Judge did not emigrate 1900s Manchester Eng parents from Ireland, cld:  Martin, John, Esther, Louisa, Francis, James Gillian Smith
Patrick Flynn 1831 Galway Margaret Horan born Dublin 1842 Between 1866 and 1868 unknown 6 child; Percia ellen, Patrick augustine , Jamie Fitzroy , John Bernard , Francis joseph ,and Benjamin francis Brian Flynn
Patrick John, Mary Finnegan 1815  Kilmacshalgan, Co. Sligo Catherine McCarthy Late 1840's via Canada 1874 - Watertown, NY Sibs: James, ; Mary Anne, Thomas,  Patrick and  bro Thomas  Watertown, NY. James stayed in Sligo, Kathy Flynn Simons
Patrick John Joseph, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Feb, 1865 Hannah Nora Driscoll 1881 Norristown, Pa Phila. Pa. Sept 1938 child Patrick, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Celia- Cecelia, James Frances, Timana, Co Roscommon, julia kauker
Patrick John Flynn Margaret McGlynn 1868 at Barllyfarnon, Co Roscommon, IR Catherine McPherson 1883 to Rochester, NY, USA 1928-Roch.NY came w/his wid. mo and 3 sibs where HER mo and 3 of her children lived! Donna Gagnier
Patrick unk Flynn ca 1821, Ireland Ann Sheridan ca 1852 Newark NJ ?1870-1880 First recorded in Lafayette, Newton Township, Sussex County NJ in 1860 census. Oldest son Thomas born 1852 in England, Arthur (b 1855) and James (b 1852) NJ Joe Cummins
Patrick Flynn ca 1830 Ireland Mary Traynor Ireland 1844 1891,Dallas, Barron Co, WI lived Sheboygan Co, WI  in 1877, lived Prairie Farm, Barron Co. WI Barbara Maxwell Krall
Patrick Patrick Flynn, Margaret Flanagan 1838 Margaret Flanagan 6 of Patrick's 12 children >> US, mostly St. Louis not given Came from Carrownurlaur near Ballindine in County Mayo nearGalway-Mayo border. Went to church in Milltown on Galway side. Kate Flynn
Patrick Earl Flynn 1937-9?
poss Ireland
Wanda Loretta Grieves unknown, maybe with parents Oct 12, 1972 Lived in Tweed, Ontario CAN, d Labrador NewFoundLand/ Quebec area in job accident Patrick T.W. Flynn
Patrick James Flynn 1842 Anne Caroline Murphy not given 1889 known chld-Catherine E, John D, Anne M, John P, Charles P; Dublin, Laurens, Ireland Cathy Welch
Patrick John Michael Finn Bruff, Co Limerick Margaret Devine
convict to Western AU 1849 ca 1884 deserted arm y in Frederiction NB, CAN, 3 child in NSW, 4 in West. AU Faye Lucas
Patrick Joseph Richard Flynn Cork or Waterford not given bef 1890
Colchester, Essex ENG
not given disappeared in early 1900s, presumed to Ireland, left wife and 6 chld Patricia Harper
Patrick Leo Thomas F., Catherine Quirk 1910 Irene Frances Holland not given not given not given flynni
Patrick William Flynn ca 1790
Margaret Bibby unknown ca 1835
Muscogee Co. GA
m 1819 SC, chld-Amelia, Frances, Franklin, John, Francis, Elizabeth, Isabella Eleanor Hemmes
Peter Flynn Ballindine, County Mayo Mary Hair 1869 England Doncaster, England Mary b 1823, poss Tipperary; she d 1897 Zara
Peter Patrick Flynn, Margaret Hanly May 1845
Kilteevan, Co Roscommon
Bridget Gilleran did not emig after 1911 had 12 chld; 2 or 3 emig US; Peter lived in Kilteevan all his life Mary Jordan
Peter Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 6/26/1870
(Castletown) Ballycastle, Co. Mayo
Sara Ruddy ~1896 8/22/1907 killed in mining accident, Pittston PA, son-Peter Martin Flynn
Peter Anthony Flynn, Bridget Hoban ca 1828 Lanmore, near Westport Ellen Kearns 1851-71 Scotland, 1871 USA 1914 m Ireland 1856, chld:  Bridget, Thomas, Michael, Anthony, Patrick, Ellen, Peter Kay Andrews
Rachel F Patrick Flynn, Catherine T Darmody Sep 28, 1882
Fall River MA
Robert Joseph Geary n/a Jan 24, 1952
Fall River MA
origin of parents in Ireland unknown Carmen DiGiacomo
Robert Matthew Flynn, Madge 1903
New York State
Cecilia n/a 1989 would like to know where in NYS he was born James Flynn
Robert Flynn unknown unknown unknown unknown kin to Edward Flynn who m ME Spates, lived in Frostburg MD Steuart Flynn
Robert George Flynn, Mary Lukosevice (Lucia) Waydaka July 13, 1933, Boston, MA Norine Theresa Clifford n/a February 28, 2001, Boston, MA none given Catherine Flynn
Sara Michail Flynn, Anna Duffy Ballinlough
Co Roscommon
Joseph V Kelly Nov 1947
not given looking for more info Sally Cojocariu
Sean David B O'Flynn unknown Audry did not emig Oct 13, 1989 none given Sean T O'Flynn
Sheilagh Robert J Lynn 1919 Adele M Vail not given 1978
San Diego CA
not given Sheilagh
Stephen Robert Flynn, Jane Sept 5, 1841 Harriet Van Norman not given Jan 21, 1909 m in Drumshanbo, Co Lietrim Mary Dunn
Susan William Flynn, Mary Massy ca 1836
Co. Tipperary
1. Donald Mackay
2. Joseph Hall
4/23/1920 chn: Norman, William, Alfred, Henry, Joseph, Edith, Eric Vicki Houlbrooke
Terence James Flynn ca 1849
pos Alteen, Co Limerick, Ireland
Mary Bartley early 1870s
Washington, Co Durham, England
ca 1920
Co Durham, England
m 1877 St Joseph's RC Chapel, Washington, Co Durham, ENG Elsa & Michael
Terence Flynn Ireland Mary Clancy and another Mary Dutchess County, NY 1850's not given child-Maryann, Catherine, Ellen., Theresa, Elizabeth Maggie, Delia, John A.
Sarah, Jennie, Agnes
Barbara Policastri
Theresa Flynn 1876 Charles Cronin 1890 from Co Tipperary 1978
New York
cld: Mary, Kate, Grace, Vincent, Mabel Donna Redden
Thomas Henry Flynn, Mary Boyle Oct 12, 1871 Catharine (Katie) Boyle 1899/1900
Ellis Island NY
after 1940
Bronx NY
1920, 1930, 1940 US Censues: live at 1900 Hunt Ave, Bronx, NYC, NY Mary Levers
Thomas David Flynn 1830ish Catherine Mahoney London unknown married 1852, Stepney London Kath Jones
Thomas Flynn not given not given Stawell, Victoria, Aust. not given son-Thomas m Alice Smith & then moved to New Zealand Sarah
Thomas Thomas Flynn 1813
Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Julia Walsh 1834
1880 was a convict Jenny McVeigh
Thomas John Flynn, Brigget May 24, 1853
Selbyville, Minnesota
Bertha Steiner n/a Aug 31, 1931 none given Karen F Mullin
Thomas Thomas Flynn 1812-1815 Julia Walsh 1834 Australia
on "Parmelia2"
14 Jun 1880
Bungendore, NSW
convicted of stealing money 1833 Tipperary,  Roman Catholic Kerry Payne
Thomas Thomas Flynn, Rebecca Robertson Jun 10, 1880 or 1882
Blair Gowrie, SCOT
Theresa Hogan 1887 Jan 1954 Father & gr fath b County Leitrim; 3 bros; all mechanics in woolen mills & wives were weavers Thomas L Flynn
Thomas Michael Flynn, Anne Hennigan ca 1828 Bridget did not emig after 1901 none given Mary Levers
Thomas Henry Flynn, Mary Boyle 12 Oct 1871
Co Mayo
Catherine Boyle 1890s
Brooklyn NY
not given m 1904 Manhattan NY Mary Levers
Thomas Flynn or O'Flynn not given Bridge Aspell not given 1911 none given Madonna Flynn
Thomas Flynn 1853 Philadelphia Henson not given 1916 not given Sue Clark
Thomas John Flynn, Mary Finnegan 1832
Co Sligo
Catherine McCarrick betw 1865-70 1885
Watertown NY
sibs-Patrick, James, Mary Ann; all but James emig to upper NY state Kathy F Simons
Thomas Flynn, Flinn ca 1807
Co Cavan?
Cecelia Reynolds bef 1841
Schenectady NY >
Onatrio CAN
bef 1871
Merritton ONT, CAN
7 chld b ONT, 4 either Merritton or Thorold Kate Parle
Thomas ca 1810
Co Cork
Mary 1833 Quebec > 1835 Franklin Co NY Scottville NY
looking for him prior to 1833 no info Mike Flynn
Thomas Patrick Flynn Dungarvan area not given Cork > NY
ca 1900
1960s Yonkers NY father participated in Moresby rescue, Dungarvan Erin Flynn
Thomas Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 19 Nov 1866
County Mayo
unknown unknown unknown none given Martin Flynn
Thomas Flynn ca 1811-18 Johanna Quinn from Co Cork ca 1850-5 1896
New Orleans LA
looking for info on parents, other family Kathi Davis
Thomas Flynn Dublin, Ireland Mary Ann Fulton 1844 Ontario CAN near Napanne Mills ONT 1897 Looking for ship he come over on Bob Flynn
Thomas Flynn ca 1807
Co Cavan
Cecelia Reynolds ca 1840
Schenectady NY
bef 1871
Merriton, ONT, CAN
chld: Wiliam, Catherine, Thomas, Mary, Anna, John, Margaret, Peter, Sarah Kate Parle
Thomas Patrick, Margaret Teresa Fenaughty 1879 Irene Frances Holland not given 1950's Murchison Victoria Australia not given flynni
Thomas Henry James Flynn, Ellen Slimons Galway? Nora Gleason bet 1880-85 not given Nora's par-John Gleason, Mary Welsh, both of Ireland Sandra Mullen
Thomas J Peter Flynn, Bridget Ireland not given not given not given not given Thomas Howard
Thomas M Thomas Flynn 1852 Bridget Aspell not given July 26, 1914 not given Madonna Flynn
Timothy O'Flynn ca 1803
Co Cork
not given 1833
Daviess Co, KY
not given Bob O'Flynn
Valentine Valentine abt 1718 Hannah 1708 not given child-Michael, John Flynn Sr,  Daniel, Valentine, Alexander Kriss Flynn
Vincent Patrick Flynn, Katherine MaGuire Tullyvacan Ballinaglera, Co Leitrim IE unknown in England
unknown GFather: Daniel, sibs: Francis, Kevin, Anna Kevin J Flynn
Vincent Roy Henry Flynn Aug 21, 1915 Dorothy Farmer Australia not given none given Kerry Vincent
Virginia Denis Mark Flynn 1941
Englewood NJ
Delila Melendez Hoboken NY 1981 n/a looking for father, James M Flynn from Philadelphia PA Virginia Flynn
William Paul Flinn, Lavicia Padgett 1815
Rutherford Co, NC
Catherine Bagwell born in NC 1908
Rutherford Co, NC
surname spelled FLINN by Paul, but William changed to FLYNN betw 1862-1900 Jeaneane Williams
William David? Flynn ca 1842
Cork, IRE
Mary Gumbleton did not emig 1875
Little Island, Cork
a boatman, possibly from Ballinacurra or Midleton area Heather Horgan
William Thomas Flynn Olham Honora betw 1903-11
not given looking for further info Pat Williams
William James Flynn, Catherine Barry 1879
Briton Ferry
Glamorgan, Wales
Rosanna Smart did not emig Apr 9, 1916
Iut, Mesopotamia (Iraq)
killed in action, Sgt in So Wales Borders, under the commond of Lt Col Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), father from Ireland Robert Flynn
William Flynn 1812 Margaret unknown unknown chld-Charles, William, George, Margaret Linda Johnson
William William Flynn, Mary Patterson ca 1850-67
Manny's Cove
Catherine Walsh father emig from Ireland not given father emig to Newfoundland Austin Flynn
William James Flynn ca 1849
Co Waterford
Jane McMahon Australia Sept 1918
Broken Hill NSW
early in life a mariner, later a steam engine driver Rob Flynn
William Thomas Flynn, Cecelia Reynolds ca 1841 NY Ann McLaughlin by 1861 NY > Merritton, ONT, CAN betw 1920-30 1881-Port Colbourne ONT; 1910 Chicago IL; 6 chld b ONT Kate Parle
William Thomas Flynn, Catherine Clarkson 1839
Co Cork
1. Caroline Cassar
2. Concetta Cassar
Malta, US, AU 1905 settled in Malta, desc to US, AU David Flynn
William Flynn ca 1815 Bekan, Co Mayo? Bridget Gough to Manchester Eng ca 1840s not given cld:  Elizabeth, Catherine, Patrick, Margaret, William Gillian Smith
William Robert William Flynn, Catherine Whalen May 1897 Mary V Gorman lived in PA all his life Jan 1974 sibs-Marie (or Mary), Edward Joseph, Aloysious, Agnes & Julia; many children Edward P. Flynn
William Joseph Flynn,  Ivy Cedora 1903 Lillie Victoria not given 1980 not given Betty White
William Patrick, Mary Traynor 1875 in WI not given not given not given not given Barbara Maxwell Krall
William D John Flynn, Bridget McCraith ca 1813
Co Cork
Catherine mary Sullivan Sligo >> NY 1849 abd Linden not given cld: Margaret, Dionysius (Dennis), Nora, Peter, Kate Michael Flynn
William Thomas Flinn, Margaret 1842
Irish Free State (Co Cork?)
Catharine Flood 1860's NY May 16, 1899
Poughkeepsie NY
lived in Poughkeepsie NY, Gardener, naturalized 1872 Poughkeepsie Barbara Policastri
William J Michael Flynn, Catherine Friar/Fryer 1847
Cork City
Sarah London> 1882 Philadelphia 1903 m in London 1873 Pat Meriwether
William J Michael Flynn, Ann Conway ca 1872-3
Lancashire ENG
Catherine Dunn 1883 betw 1820-30
New York
may have died as result of rail/subway accident Elizabeth Flynn

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