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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Agnes G. Michael Flynn, Catherine Carberry Jan 25, 1880
Boyle, Co Roscommon, Ireland
George W Whitney 1904-1911
July 1911
Brockton, MA, USA
Married in NY 1912, 3 kids, sister-Anne Frances Flynn Barb Morin
Agnes Sarah James Flynn, Mary Cushman 1/21/1902 Claude J Rorapaugh not given 1/22/1973 looking for more info Jeremy
Alice Flynn unknown Harry unknown Sep 3, 1934
Brookline MA
dgt-Marian; all moved to MA ca 1925 from Luzerne PA Jen Harte
Alice unknown Flynn England? Robert Warne did not emig Chelsea area
ca 1879
children emig to Canada with Middlemore Home Robert Warne
Amelia O'Flynn unknown unknown Leicester, Eng bef 1928 unknown son, William Geginald MacKrory O'Flynn b 1928 in Leicester, adopted Elaine S Statham
Andrew O'Flynn not given Elizabeth Lavin not given not given son, Michael Robert O'Flynn
Andrew unk Flynn, Margaret Fitzgerald 1866
Kerry, Ireland
Maggie Hurley ca 1888
Flynt MI
ca 1906 not given Joseph P McClaim
Andrew Peter Flinn, Nancy Hawkins 1788 Co Leitrim Susannah Flinn and Lurana 1810 1852 Cass Co, Indiana Peter Flinn d bef 4-17-1815 Estill Co, KY Cheryl R Houin
Ann Flynn ca 1840 Thomas McHale not given not given lived in Sahreen Tawaghmore Mayo Jean
Ann (Johanna, Nancy?) Flynn ca 1835
prob Ballyandreen
E Co Cork
Patrick Dargan did not emig bef late 1890s cldrn: David, Michael, Mary, Elizabeth, Patrick Bill Dorgan
Anna Patrick, Mary Traynor 1873 not given not given not given not given Barbara Maxwell Krall
Anna/Annie Flynn betw 1859-62
James H Hunkins ca 1863
Waukesha WI
also poss m Richard Campbell 1930 Leeann Boone
Annie John Flynn, Bridget Lennon? ca 1854
Cloone, Co Leitrim?
Owen Gilchrist ca 1873 to Providence RI betw 1910-20 move to Worcester MA betw 1880-1910.  Sibs:  Hugh, Bridget, Mary A, James + others Pat Connors
Anthony Flynn 1894
Co Mayo
Alice 1913
Philadelphia &
Lower Merion
unknown Alive in 1942 living in Philadelphia, looking for more info Sharlene Mealey
Anthony Henry Flynn 1881
Cloontubbrid, Turlough, Castlebar
Mary Boyle Sept 1904
New York
not given joined bro Thomas b 1871 in NY; other sibs-Ellen, Anne, Bridget, James, Henry, Patrick Mary Levers
Arthur Owen Flynn, Martha Crawford Sep 1837
Co Cavan, Ireland
Mary C Calhoun 1857-59
Aug 13, 1921
Rosehill Cemetery,
Shendandoah IA
may have emig w/sibs-James, Sarah, Elizabeth; in Naugatuck CT in 1860 Evan Mendell
Bernard Peter John Flynn, Mary McHugh 1820
Co Leitrim
Catherine Bennett, 2nd wife emg 1820 Quebec >> 1849 NY 1894 Butteville OR he, his parents & sis Elizabeth emig to Canada > 1867 most on wagon train to  Oregan Pat Flynn Erickson
Bernard (Barney) O'Flynn Nov. 13 1885 cork Delia J. Baine  b. ca 1884 Early 1900's  Salem MA July 1967 Bernard lived in Tuam, Co Galway, child- Francis, Margaret, mary, and John Stephen Flynn
Bernard Andrew Andrew Joseph O'FLynn 1876
Drumshambo, County Leitrim
Alice Elizabeth Meehan did not emigrate Aug 17, 1911
Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim
Died at 35 in Londesborought house; son-Andrew b 1835 John Thorp
Bridget Flynn 1845, Moygownagh,
Co Mayo, Ireland
Anthony Thomas Loftus 1860s Mar 16, 1900
Scranton PA
none given Kim McGowan
Bridget Michael Flynn Nov 20, 1866
Fawn, Drumlease, Dromahair
Co Leitrim, Ireland
Mary Stanford n/a Castledargan, Ballygawley
Co Sligo, IRE
mar John Carty, lived in Ballygawley, Co Sligo, Ireland Tom FitzGerald
Bridget Michael Flynn Fawn
Co Leitrim, IRE
John Carty not given not given husband of Castledargan, Ballygawley, Co Sligo Thomas
Bridget Flynn ca 1849
Dublin, Ireland
William Kearns to England, poss. Kent unknown chld-Michael, John, Jane, Joseph, James Victoria Seymour
Bridget James Flynn 1888, Killrush, Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary Patrick Murphy 1908
New Haven CT
1966 lived w/bro Patrick in CT; chld: Mary, james, Edward, Agnes, Joseph Julie
Bridget James Flynn 1888
Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary
Patrick Murphy 1908
New Haven CT
1966 bro Patrick, chld-Mary, James, Edward, Agnes, Joseph Julie
Bridget Flynn ca 1830
Co Mayo
John McHugh Phila PA via Bradford ENG ca 1900 PA 1851 census UK Ralph Jeter
Bridget Flynn 11/4/1831 Co Roscommon Garrett Conlon aft 1831 1899 Charleston SC none given Deborah Coleman
Bridget John Flynn,
Bridget Lennon?
ca 1856
one, Co Leitrim?
George Campbell to New York State ca 1850 1918 Troy NY sibs-Hugh, Mary A, Annie, James and more Pat Connors
Bridget Marie Charles Flynn, Nellie Hollon 1861
1. Philip Connors
2.  Charles Wheeler
bef 1882
Troy NY
after 1930
New Jersey
Connors chld: Louisa, Marie, Christian, Arthur, Clarence; 2nd marriage lived in Bedford NY J A Pillsworth
Carrie Joseph (O) Flynn, Harriet E Sambles New Castle upon Tyne Graham Wilsher not given not given looking for my father who went missing in late 1960s early 1970s Carrie Ann Willsher
Catarina Patrick Flynn, Mary Traynor 1865, in Russell, Sheboygan Co, WI Edward J O'Brien did not emigrate not given husband died 1889 in Barron County, WI Barbara Krall
Catherine John Flynn, Mary Ann Scanlan 1855
Burnley, ENG
Michael P Lawlor 1900
Lawrence MA
1973 not given J Brochu
Catherine Michael? Flynn ca 1855
Co Mayo
not given not given 1890
Stoke on Trent Workhouse
with bro John in Burnley in 1881 British census J Brochu
Catherine (Kate) William Flynn 1884 Patrick Regan 1901
1948 father was a boot & shoe mkr in Co. Mayo Liz Cook
Catherine (Kate) Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 8/17/1876 (Castletown) Ballycastle, Co Mayo unknown unknown unknown none given Martin Flynn
Catherine Flynn 1844 Richard Gorman Stark Co, IL 1884
tombstone in Camp Grove IL
emig from Co Waterford Patrick Gorman
Catherine Flynn 1817 Dennis Sullivan ca 1847 1882
chld: Mary, John, Margaret, James P, Denis; sib: Tommy Shadoe
William Flynn, Bridget Gough 1841 Caribbee Island, Wolverhampton, Eng Jonathan Smith did not emig 1913 Manchester, Philips Park Cemetery cld: James, Mary, Sarah, Ann, Margaret, Thomas Gillian Smith
Catherine Timothy Flynn, Mary Hartnett 1895 Philadelphia PA John Edward Wright parents emig 1888 1977 Frankford, Phil. PA siblings:  Margaret, Maurice, Johannah, James, John, Timothy, William Stephanie Wright
Catherine John Flynn,unk Swift 1863 in Co. Mayo Michael Flannery bef 1880, >> Avoca, PA, >>Newport News, VA 1927 in Newport New, VA not given Maureen Kilcullen
Charles L Michael Flynn, Margaret Connolly Aug 22, 1878 Margaret Theresea McNally to NY in ?? July 30, 1956 none given Tracy Jones
Charles William Flynn ca 1851 Harriett Pressly not given 2/9/1907
Raleigh NC
Overton PA Gail
Catherine Denis Flynn, unk mother Lislee Court?
Co Cork
John Murphy not given Jun 14, 1881 not given Ellen Buckley
Catherine Agnes John Flynn, Catherine Sheil Roscommon,
John McHale ca 1910
Winchester MA
ca 1910
Winchester MA
sibs-Patrick 1882, Peter 1886, Ellen 1889, Maria Anna 1876; all emig to USA Eileen Maeve Cliff
Celia John Joseph Flynn, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Castleplucket
Co Roscommon
not given 1891
Norristown PA
1920-45 moved to Phila. Pa., sibs-Margaret, Mary, Patrick, James, Frances J Kauker
Clarence Flynn possibly
Jul 8, 1926
Beatrice Eudell Slone unknown where born ca 1985 raised in Kentucky; went to jail for 18 mo for moonshine Lisa Philpot
Daniel Flynn ca 1813
Mary Leary ca 1833 Boston MA from New Brunswick CAN Aug 9, 1862
probably NYC
married Apr 12, 1836 at Holy Cross, Boston MA; Civil War, enlisted May 11, 1861 NYC, Co. G NY 36th Regt, discharged for disability Apr 12, 1862; chld Julia b 1837 MA, Mary b 1841, Margaret b 1844 NY, John J b 1853 NY Marion Walter
Daniel Flynn ca 1841 Mary Mannix 1864 bef 1910 looking for parents Linda Flynn
Daniel Flynn 1870
Mary Toronto not given wife b Ireland, emig together; 5 chld b Canada Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn Rathcormack Mary Crossin from Cork City 1954? born O'Flynn Donald V Flynn
Daniel Flynn Co Cork not given Toronto ONT, CAN not given chn: Vincent Don Lisa Flynn
Daniel John Flynn, Mary Steele 1917 Claire Gallagher did not emig 1974 Looking for information on his parents.. or siblings Mike Flynn
Daniel H John Flynn, Mary Haley 1842
Catherine Heatherman 1851 Woodstock, Champaign Co, OH 1920
Woodstock OH
supposedly left Co Cork, Ireland when 9 yrs old W. Patrick Flynn
Daniel J Flynn Mar 23, 1873 Agnes Oakley 1882
Dec 31, 1936 none given Tricia
Daniel W Patrick Flynn, Mary Coffey 1846
Co Tipperary
Catherine Norton 1865
Galesburg IL, USA
sib: Anna who m Jeremiah Coffey also of Newport Judy Ramsay
David Gertrude Mary Flynn 8/9/1940
near Manchester, ENG
Barbara 1970
19/12/2003 not given Martin Flynn
David John & Ellen Flynn 1818 Co. Antrim  Ireland Sarah E. Moir about 1850 Canada 1899 Minnesota none given Marcella Jung
Delia (Bridget) Finn ca 1892 Edward J Mullin ca 1903
New York
Buffalo NY
looking for descendants Bridget Murphy
Dennis Patrick Flynn, Honoria Rice ca 1822
maybe Co Mayo
Julia/Judith Egan before 1847 1899
Low, Quebec, Canada
m 1850 in Quebec, Canada Cy
Dennis Michael Flynn, Catherine Hogan 1881 Mabel Harrington or Cline not given unknown none Jayne Keller
Dennis Michael and Rita Flynn New Orleans not given see comments not given Looking for Flynn who emigratd to New Orleans area in the 1890's to 1900. Dennis Flynn Sr
Dennis Michael Dennis M Flynn Sr, Marge 1968-70
Yardly PA
unknown n/a n/a trying to obtain info on lost brother; gmoth: Helen, uncle: Joey Denise M Flynn
Dominic Daniel Flynn, Corrinne Kennedy Manchester Tracey Blank n/a unknown look for Manchester connections Greg Blank
Donal Tomas M O'Flynn, Mary Catherine  McCormack 1922 Kilnagross,Co. Roscommon or Leitrim Ellen Kelly Birmingham, UK ca 1948 Birmingham UK 1986 7 brothers and sisters Mary Noonan
Edith L John Owen Flynn, Elizabeth B Mackett ca 1876
Sheerness, Kent
not given not given not given thought to have lived in Tunbridge Wells ca 1910, sis-Maude Sonia
Edmund Flynn ca 1816 Ireland Eleanor Hanley Quebec bef 1826 unknown none given Jeanne Flynn
Edward middle name: Miles 1870
Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA
Nellie Jackson n/a 1934
Weaver, Iowa
Married 1897 in Iowa, possibly born in Ireland or PA Susan Flynn Holm
Edward Flynn 1860
Ellen (Nellie) Golden Kansas City KS 1931 married in Kansas, looking for parents D. Herbert
Edward Flynn, Flinn ca 1793 Ann unknown where born Maryland owned land in Caroline & Talbot Cos MD; sons-John M b ca 1817 Baltimore MD, Edward Sharon
Edward Flynn ca 1830
Mary Elizabeth Spates unknown unknown m 1858 Frostburg MD; chld-Thomas, Ellen, James b 1860-6; son/grson? Robert m 1911 Mt Savage MD Steuart Flynn
Edward James Flynn, Catherine Dolan 1830s
Mary Ann Garvey 1880s to Detroit and then on to Chicago Edward-1904, Catherine-1912 not given Kathy O'Leary
Edward Edward Flynn, Catherine? 1859, Co Sligo, Ireland Mary Ann Tuck 1873 1924 died in Chicago, Ill Marilyn  Van Alstyne
Edward F. Edward Flynn, Bridget Rigney 1805 Co. Offaly, Ireland Mary Quinlisk 1868 abd  SS Aleppo  Boston, MA 1890 Edward came to Boston, with his wife Bridget and child (6) Peggy Coughlan
Edward Walter Richard Flynn, Elizabeth Sohan 1890
Dublin, Eire
Annie Teresa not given not given 4 chld, youngest son Thomas J b 1934 Mary Flynn
Elizabeth (Eliza) William Flynn May 5, 1835
Michael Callahan (Callaghan) ca 1854 Jan 26, 1916
Bronx, NY
dgt:  Mary Elizabeth who m James Jerome Murphy Allison White
Elizabeth Flynn Jun 10, 1802 Michael Buckley 1848 from Ballinahouna, Co Westmeath Mar 20, 1878
Reading, Berks Co, PA
resided in Reading PA Ann G Buckley
Elizabeth Patrick Flynn, Elizabeth Molloy Ballymore, Westmeath, Ireland Patrick Molloy 1850+ 1916
Meriden CT
my gr grandmother Robert Scully
Elizabeth Flynn 1839-40
Martin Gorman unknown unknown m 1854 Detroit, MI Andrea
Ellen Charles Flynn ca 1856 William A Russell did not emig after 1922
Skibbereen, Cork
looking for parents and siblings in Clonakilty, Cork Virginia Bell
Ellen Flynn 1833 Thomas Bartlett 1848 aboard 'Elgin' 1906 2 bros, sis may be Margaret Noel Faber
Ellen Patrick Flynn, Anna O'Connor ca 1840
Dungarvin, Co Waterford IRE
John Murphy ca 1860
Boston MA
20 Apr 1907
Palmer MA
m 1863 Palmer MA; father d Ireland; sibs-Catherine, Anna, Bridget, Thomas; 8 child Diane D
Ellen Flynn 1833 Thomas Bartlett 1848 orphan
So Australia
So Australia
sis-Margaret b ca 1829 Cork area & couple of bros; both par died, bros sold farm & pos emig USA, one toTasmanmia, Ellen & sis emig tog Keren Wilkin
Ellen Terence Flynn, Bridget 26 Dec 1854
Co Leitrim
James Thornton unknown ca 1899
Worcester MA
m 1878 Worcester Co MA; chld-Katherine, Ellen, Anna, Jane, Nicholas, James, John, Margaret Cornelia Warner
Ellen Michael Flynn, Catherine Dowling Clonboo
Co Tipperary
Cornelius Lynch Australia 1916 looking for more info Judy Lynch
Ellen James Flynn, Mary Nolan ca 1874
John Kane 1890 ca 1906
Hyde Park MA
grew up in Limerick; worked in Chelsea, lived in Hyde Park MA; chld-Mary, Charles, Walter, John, Gladys Elizabeth Burke
Ellen William Flynn ca 1867
Co Cork
Joseph Dougherty did not emig 1891
Cork City
dgts Frances, Anne both b Co Cork Heather Horgan
Ellen unk Lynn ca 1820
Co. Mayo?
John Collins ca 1865 Chicago IL unk son John L. b 1848 Bellacorick, Co. Mayo L. Wayman
Ellen Bernard Flynn,  Margaret Welsh 1838 Irel, poss Roscommon Denis Quinn U.S. abt. 1860 Stark Co, OH 1928 child-James D., Margaret Ellen, Bernard S., Mary,  Hannah, Anna. Leslie Swift
Ellen Patrick, Mary Traynor 1852 in Russell, Sheboygan Co, WI John Rafferty did not emigrate 31 Mar 1927 Married 28 Jan 1877 in Prairie Farm, Barron Co, WI Barbara Maxwell Krall
Ellen Daniel Flynn, Ellen swyft 1814 London James or Robert James O'Kane Australia 1830 1883 Hillsborough,
Child-Eliza, William, Robert, Daniel, Jane, John; Name >>  Cain 1852 with John's birth Lesley Moth
Ellenor Flyng unknown Andrew Doyle did not emigrate 6/1/1850 Meelgarrown, Co. Wexford Son John b 1915 m Bridget Murray Poulpeasty, Co. Wexford Edel Codd
Enos Jane (nee McHale) Flynn 1853 Mary  Devers, + Tessie Burke Mid-1850s unk Twin Bro. of Jane. Occ. Storeowner @ 334 W. Mkt. St., Providence (Scranton) Pa. George Knowles
Frances John Joseph Flynn, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Castleplucket
Co Roscommon
not given 1891
Norristown PA
1920-45 moved to Phila. Pa., sibs-Margaret, Mary, Celia, James, Patrick J Kauker
Francis Flynn 1862-72
County Leitrim
Catherine Gilhuly ca 1880s
New Haven CT
unknown date
chld-Joseph, Anna both born New Haven CT S Flynn
Francis Frank Michael Flynn, Maria Mary Carroll 1827; Cork, Ireland Catherine Kavanagh before 1851 1885 11 children born betw 1851 and 1875 Gerald Flynn
George Harold L Flynn, Frances Robinson 1896
Scranton PA
not given n/a 1951
Scranton PA
gfather-Martin P, yardmaster of Erie Lackawana George Flynn
Harry Flynn PA? Alice n/a unknown dgt Marian moved from Luzerne PA > Brookline MA ca 1925 Jen Harte
Henry Michael Flynn, Anne Hennigan 1827 Mary Boyle did not emig 1904 not given Mary Levers
Honora O'Flynn ca 1680
poss Co Kerry
William Logsdon
ca 1702
ca 1700
ca 1742-50
poss kidnapped from Ireland, dgt of King O'Flynn Linda H Radcliff
Harry James Flynn, Margaret Parents: Co Sligo Julianna Schoenbachler From Co. Sligo ca 1852-1860 1932 Louisville, KY sibs-Anne, Margaret, Catherine, James, Mary Paul E. Mullett
Helen, Lena John Flynn ca 1893
Co Cork?
John J Madden Liverpool UK 1944 Liverpool UK One of 13 chld, may have been b Co Roscommon or Liverpool Marion Japuki
Hugh John Flynn,
Bridget Lennon?
ca 1856
Cloone, Co Leitrim?
Mary Cumminsky to New York State ca 1859 1908 Troy NY sibs-Bridget, Mary E, Annie James and unknown more Pat Connors
Jack Flynn 1910 Pauline not given 1980 had butcher shop in 17 Georges St, Waterford; may have married in Lismore 1933
Pauline Flynn
James Flin ca 1752
Elizabeth n/a ca 1752
Some info from book abt Indian massacre involving family & Daniel Boone, son John Flin survived and died in Ohio Brenda
James Flinn, Flin unknown Agnes (Agna) Priest not given not given married in Miami Co, Ohio 1811; children-Nancy, Mary, John, Chloe, Amos; first found in Green Briar, VA, before REV WAR, killed by Indians Robt R Thomas
James Laughlin Flyn, Elizabeth probably VA
before 1736
unknown possibly Rutherford Co NC, 1794 unknown James, in Lunenbury & Mecklenburg Cos, VA records until 1791.  Made land grant entry in Rutherford Co 1791 but not found there after. Another entry in 1794 but unknown if same James. Jeaneane Williams
James Flinn ca 1833
London ENG
Lavinia Grace Rowe bef 1857
Melbourne Victoria
poss 1870
Melbourne Gaol
boot/shoe maker by trade, chld-George William, James Peter, Alfred Henry, Agnes Augusta Malcolm Sears
James George Flynn, May 1835
Broadford, Co Kildare
Anne Kennedy 1865
Queensland, Australia
1899 looking for living relatives in Broadford Linda Barnhart
James Patrick Flynn, Mary Mangan 1869
Ballandine, Co Mayo
Catherine Toomey to Oldham, Lancashire,  England poss 1950s sibs-Mary Ann, Honora, Margaret all b Oldham Margaret Martin
James James Flynn, Ann Keaveney Sligo
not known May 1906
Ellis Island NY
unknown bro-John in Philadelphia 1906 Kathleen Flynn
James John Joseph Flynn, Hanoria Annie Cuttle Castleplucket
Co Roscommon
not given 1891
Norristown PA
1920-45 moved to Phila. Pa., sibs-Margaret, Mary, Celia, Patrick, Frances J Kauker
James Myles Flynn, Catherine ca 1858
Co Leitrim IE
Mary Kilkenny bef 1881
Ontario CAN
Chatham, Kent Co ONT
not given Brian U
James John Flynn, Catherine Egan Mar 1820
Banagher, Co Offaly, IRE
Sussanah Hill 1849
Civil War
Prisoner of War, 1864; Andersonville Prison when last heard from Gerry Flynn
James Flynn 1915? not given Newark 1940-50 not given son Michael in Ireland Charles Eddleston
James Flynn No. Ireland?
ca 1822
Elizabeth Maxswell 1839 ca 1900 PA or AR Lived Fayette PA
bro Myles, Thomas in AR
Elizabeth Bailey
James Flynn 1842 Caroline England betw 1865-67 betw 1884-1901 From Dublin, 7 child, buried in England Bev Hurst
James A.B. Flinn 15 Mar 1814 Georgia Eliza Hearin unknown 14 Dec 1859 Barlow Bend , Clarke Co AL m 2 March 1841. Came as a young child to Al. w/ parents Gladys Dieckmann
James O'Flynn 1834 or 1835 Susanna Jones 1852 Cork > Manhattan 1895 chld-Flynn/Flinn; dropped O in NYC F.X. Flinn
James unk Flynn Ireland Catherine Dolan 1830s unknown settled Albion, Peel Co, CAN 1836, son-Edward m Mary Ann Garvey,  Huron Co Kathy O'Leary
James unknown 31 Dec 1936 Joan Patricia  Willis unknown not deceased His first memory is of  an orphanage, pos Tasmania, Au Kelly Flynn
James unknown Dublin/ Wicklow area circa 1813 Janes Frances Wybrant 1850 - McDonough Co, Illinois 1854 - Hancock Co, Ill. Child-John, Thomas, Ann, Andrew, (b Irel) James, Mary (b Ill) Gretchen Flynn
James John Flynn, M ? Dwyer 1863 in Philadelphia, PA Johanna (Josephine) McCarthy n/a 1944 in Brooklyn, NY child-Lily, Ethel, James Jr., Grace, Ruth, Regina, Dorothy, Gladys Joanne McGrath
James John Flynn,
Bridget Lennon?
ca 1857
Cloone, Co Leitrim?
Rose to Akron OH ca 1875 aft 1910 sibs-Bridget, Mary A, Annie, Hugh, chld-Mary, John T, Veronica (Moneypenny) Pat Connors 
James A James E Flynn, Mary Ann Cushman Feb 27, 1896
Binghamton NY
Mildred Violet Kail n/a Oct 12, 1956 none given Mary V Willcox
James A.B. Flinn 15 Mar 1814
Eliza Ann Hearin Davis n/a 14 Dec 1859
Clarke Co AL
looking for parents Gladys Dieckmann
James Henry Thomas Flynn, Bridget Duffy Mar 15, 1872
Co Mayo
Nora Conway USA bef 1897 12/21/1940
Chicago IL
child: William, Anna Marie Lynda Flynn
Jane Edward Flynn, Mary ca 1832
Co Cork, Ireland
William Davies 1839-54 London after 1881 Married in City of London Sheila Axton
Jane William Flynn, Mary Massy ca 1832
Co. Tipperary
1. John Dill
2. Marcus Higgins
1910 NSW chn: Arthur, John
sibs: Susan, Mary
Vicki Houlbrooke
Jennie Patrick, Mary Traynor 1863 in Sheboygan Co, WI not given not given not given not given Barbara Maxwell Krall
Jerry Lawrence O'Flinn, Blanch 1941 Sylvia Patricia not given 1996 not given Sean O'Flinn
Joanna Flynn 1890 Thomas n/a not given lived in Limerick; chld-Ellen, Thomas, Michael + more unk names Helen Ronan
Joanna Flinn 1820
John Gill 1840
Melbourne AU
unknown chld-Margaret b 1844 Melbourne Robyn Starkey
John Peter Flynn, Bridget Rorke 1839
Co. Leitrim, Ireland
Alice 'Nora' Barry 1855
Westchester Co. NY (now NYC)
unknown none given Stephen Flynn
John Flynn unknown Mary Haly did not give unknown in Fermoy Union Workhouse, Diocese of Cloyne, Co Cork, Ireland, marr Feb 13, 1839, poss father of Daniel H Flynn b ca 1842 W. Patrick Flynn
John Owen Flynn, Bridget 1879 Celia McDonnell Fitchburg MA 1963 none given Kevin J Flynn
John John Flynn, Bridget Docherty 1865-6 Ireland Mary Eliza Cowan, Mary Reynolds Scotland not given Mary E Cowan d; remar Feb 5, 1899 in Kilsyth, Scot; their last child b 1908; not w/family in 1911 census; Mary got divorce 1918 Norma
John Flynn 1860 Laughkerin, Swineford, Co Mayo, Ireland Ellen Sheehan not given Oct 1902 resided in Chicago IL; chld-Genevieve, Helen, Lawrence, all b betw 1897-1902; bro-Thomas P; 2 sis; all lived in Chicago IL Cynthia Ward
John Flynn ca 1840 Ann Boyle did not emig not give loved in Cloontubbrid, Co Mayo, Ireland; dgt-Anne Julia m James F Durcan who lived in Lahardane, Co Mayo Sheila Doyle
John Flynn ca 1868
Annie prior 1911
London ENG
not given worked as printer, 2 sons, 1 dgt in 1911 census Tricia
John Charles O. Flynn, Briget Barrett 1813
Co Mayo
Mary Mullen ca 1829
almost 100 yr
Illinois 1845, Rusheba MN 1865;looking for children/parents Sandra Estes
John James Flynn ca 1846
Mocollop are on borders Waterford & Cork, IRE
Catherine Foley m 1873
Doon, Araglin (near Ballyporeen)
n/a 1917, Doon
Co Tipperary
sis Mary m John O'Brien; chld-James, Margaret, Catherine, Hannah, Nano, John, William, Bridget, David Sheila Flynn
John Peter Flynn, Mary 1870
Martha Lindsay not given
from Mayo?
ca 1840s father from Ballindine, mother Tipperary Zara
John Michael? Flynn ca 1854
Co Mayo
Mary Ann Scanlan ca 1886
Lawrence MA
not given not given J Brochu
John John Flynn Feb 1825 Catherine Foley Parker Kerr 1862
W Australia
not given not given Michael Flynn
John James Flynn, Mary Cahir
Co Tipperary
Mrs Catherine Hogan, nee Foley W. Australia W. Australia emig on "Norwood" as pensioner guard Lorraine
John John Flynn, Margaret Hyland ca 1819
Campbelltown, NSW, AU
Mary Ann Connolly n/a 2 Jun 1883
Jugiong NSW, AU
parents listed on death cert by son Robyn McMellon
John Edmund Fling, Josephte McGraw 1789
Dungarvan, Waterford
Catherine Henley unknown Bonaventure Island?
(Quebec CAN)
Origin in Dungarvan certified by marriage register in Quebec John Le Garignon
John John Lyng, Ann Shallow May 23, 1852
New Ross
Co Wexford
Mary Riley bef 1885
Nevadaville CO
June 17, 1912 from Oldcourt, New Ross, Co Wexford Suzanne L Lenahan
John unknown Flynn, Catherine Sept 1887
Burton upon Trent
not given 1896
1956 was in workhouse in Stroke on Trent Jocelyne Brochu
John James Flynn Feb 1825 widow Catherine Foley Hogan 1865
W Australia
m Shanrahan 1855, Church of Ireland Lorraine
John Patrick Flynn, Mary Healy 1883
(Castletown) Ballycastle, Co Mayo
Sarah Loughney 1907 to
Pittston PA
>> CA aft 1930
4/18/1872 chld: Peter, Martin, Francis, Rita, Joseph Martin Flynn
John Michael Flynn ca 1790
nee Flynn
ca 1860s
Plainfield NJ
1878 chld: Peter, John, Margaret, Bridget, Marie; bros; Vincent, Michael John J Flynn
John Catherine Flynn? June? 1887 1. Virginie Moreau
2. Rena Boyer
Ile Perrot, Montreal, CAN
1956 Left Stoke-on-Trent workhouse sent by Liverpool Cath. Cldrn Protect. Soc. Richard Flynn
John Patrick Flynn Co Roscommon? Delia Verdon ca 1889 not given bro Joseph Maureen Flynn
John Edmund Flynn, Eleanor Hanley 1834- St Agathe de Lotbiniere Quebec Mary Murphy did not emigrate June 2,1901- Carroll NH not given Jeanne Flynn
John unk Flynn ca 1786, Strokestown, Co Roscom. Sabina Dailey 1840's to Litchfield, Ct. >> Iowa 1893 child-Luke, Festus, Anthony, Ann, Thomas Joe Bradt
John John Flynn, Margaret Burke Whittington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England Eliza Jane Pride to England early 1850s unknown parents b Co Galway ca 1820s, father & son coal miners Dave Mann
John Robert Flynn, Mary  Laverty 1844 Scotland Agnes McGiveron Wigtown Scotland >> N Zealand 1877 1936 par-b Co Down, NI sibs-Margaret,Patrick, Robert, Catherine, James, Mary Maggie Flynn
John john flynn, julia dalton 1851 england mary ann ball U.S. to Prov RI area 1924 Fall River,Ma siblings: christopher, marcella, others? tom flynn
John unk Flynn Dublin, Ireland M ? Dwyer bef 1858 NYC
1860 Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
ca 1890-92
child: Molly, Margeurite, James, Christopher, plus unk others Joanne McGrath
John unk Flynn Ireland
ca 1807
Bridget?? to New York State ca 1850 1881 Troy NY child-Hugh, John, Ellen, Ghomas, Bridget, James and many more Pat Connors
John E John Flynn, Mary April 1880
Louisville KY
Emma Knight parents emig to KY betw 1920-1930 none given Flynn Warmington
John E Flynn ca 1884 Bessie Mae Vert unknown Jun 14, 1916 wife from Montana; barber; chld-Kenneth 1909 in Paco WA might have been from Stevens Pt, WI Daria Grimm
John Edward Flynn Mar 28, 1842?
Nancy Mitts ca 1852 Feb 23, 1917 last name could also be Flyng, Flinn James Flynn
John Edward Flynn unknown Louvica E Jennings lived in Holdenville, Wynnewood OK unknown m 2X, 2 cld w/1st, 3 cld w/2nd all b OK John Flynn
John J Flynn unknown Mary Sweeney not given Worcester MA, possibly doctor, dgt Kathryn b 1909 Worcester John Hayes
John J. John Flynn, Bridget Haley 1856
Co Mayo
Catherine Reddington 1880 20 July 1918
Cleveland OH
buried Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland Christopher Radek
John James Michael Flynn, Catherine June 1863 or 64 Catherine McManus ca 1885 1906
New Jersey
from Roscommon?to Yonkers NYto Jersey City NJ; chld-John, Ann, Catherine, Michael Dru Powers
John James Michael Flynn 1864 Catherine McManus ca 1885 Nov 15, 1906
Jersey City NJ
from Roscommon, an iron moulder; m 1891 NY; lived Jersey City NJ;chld John, Catherine, Ann, Francis John James
John James Flynn Ireland Annie Jarman 1880s not given m 1878 District of Castleblayney, IE, cld Edgar, Daisy, Thomas, Aloyisius Bill Flynn
Johannah Michael Flynn Ireland? not given Ireland > Australia not given not given Claire McMulkin
John Joseph Thomas Flynn, Johanna Leary 2/25/1859, Ballylanders, Co Limerick Mary Kinnane NYC, 5/2/1882 1919 looking for more info M S Flynn Garretson
John M Flynn ca 1817
Baltimore, Maryland
Elizabeth G Chandler bef 1810 bet 1856-60 bro-Edward, 7 chld, parents b Ireland Sharon Dunning
John Michael Flynn ca 1860
Co Clare
Martha Ellen Cummy ca 1880
not given son-Vincent b 1893 Bev Flynn
Joseph Michael Flynn 1865
Mary Ryan not given not given m 1896 NY; after Mary d, he may have remarried Patrick O'Flynn
Joseph Flynn unknown Sally Dickinson unknown after 1945 8 child, wife died w/birth of #9, all NYC Donna Adamo
Joseph Henry F Flynn unknown Adelaide New Zealand 1935 4 children, dgt Ruth m Howard Kippenberger Mary Kippenberger
Joseph Lawrence Edmond O'Flynn, Mary O'Callaghan 10/8/1870
Cork, Ireland
unknown possibly to NY ca 1905 2nd eldest of 14 children Geraldine Innes
Joseph Patrick Flynn not given Eleanor prob ca 1850, lived in York & Knaresborough not given deserted 5th W Yorkshire Militia 1859; chld-Joseph, John Steve Jubb
Julia Daniel Flynn, Margaret 1838
John Dempsey did not emig 1875 NY buried in Calvary Cemetery Marion Walter
Kenneth Edwin John E Flynn, Bessie Mae Vert Apr 10, 1909
Pasco WA
Alma Richardson Grimm lived in Deer Lodge MT Oct 29, 1989 fath b ca 1884 d Portland OR 1909; poss traveled from Steven's Pt WI Daria Grimm
Laughlin unknown Flynn before 1700
Elizabeth 1718, Virginia 1759
Lunenburg Co, VA
Laughlin Flyn (sic)  1739 proved his importation from Ireland, Amelia Co, VA, also in records of Prince George Co, VA 1727 Jeaneane Williams
Laurence Flynn not given Mary Meeney not given not given origins near Thurles, Co Tipperary Michael Flynn
Lucy Ellen James Flynn ca 1880 Thomas McGlynn bef 1901
Manchester ENG
not given bro-Nicholas Brian Wray

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