Vital Records Notices
Troy NY Newspapers
Various Years

Surname First Age Event Spouse date source
Flynn (Mrs) Anastasia 78 death 5/13/1879 Troy Daily Times
Flynn Alice R marriage Charles Eddy McCarthy 10/12/1904 Troy Times
Flynn Anna 22 death ca 8/14/1884 Troy Budget
Flynn boy death ca 8/6/1857 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Catherine 46 death 9/2/1901
Flynn Charles infant death 4/19/1902
Flynn Christopher death 2/6/1901 Troy Press
Flynn Daniel death ca 10/1/1869 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Edward death ca 2/21/1869 Troy Budget
Flynn Edward 22 death ca 2/21/1869 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Elizabeth death ca 11/13/1875 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Elizabeth death 7/18/1902 Troy Budget
Flynn Ellen 40 death ca 1/8/1884 Troy Budget
Flynn female infant death ca 7/4/1873 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn female death 6/3/1880 Troy Daily Times
Flynn Herbert 25 death 6/8/1901
Flynn James H 27 death ca 5/13/1865 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn James H death ca 4/30/1874 Troy Daily Whig
Flinn Jennie R marriage Fred B Brouard 9/16/1885 Troy Budget
Flynn John 1 death 7/4/1873 Troy Daily Times
Flynn John 60 death ca 11/15/1871 Troy Budget
Flynn John 1 death 7/4/1873 Troy Daily Times
Flinn John 65 death 4/7/1881 Troy Daily Times
Flinn John 76 death 10/17/1881 Troy Daily Times
Flynn Joseph death 9/16/1904 Troy Budget
Flynn male death ca 7/10/1866 Troy Daily Whig
Flinn male death ca 7/9/1881 Troy Daily Times
Flynn Margaret, Miss death 11/19/1902 Troy Budget
Flynn Matt. J death 6/24/1901 Troy Budget
Flinn Matthew death ca 7/7/1858 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Matthew death 7/7/1858 Troy Budget
Flynn Michael death ca 1/19/1865 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Michael death ca 10/9/1869 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Mrs death ca 3/13/1875 Troy Daily Whig
Flynn Mrs death 3/24/1876 Troy Daily Times
Flinn Mrs Juliet marriage Joseph Bassett 8/12/1848 Troy Daily Whig
Flinn Mrs Lydia 78 death ca 10/30/1855 Troy Daily Whig
Flinn Patrick death 11/19/1846 Troy Post
Flynn Patrick marriage Ellen Sullivan 3/2/1880 Troy Daily Times
Flynn Thomas death 1/29/1904 Troy Record
Flynn Thomas D death 12/11/1902 Troy Budget
Flyn Turbell death Tom ca 7/2/1851 Troy Post
Flinn William 32 death 11/2/1881 Troy Daily Times
Flynn William Jr marriage Emily Smith 9/9/1864 mix*
Flynn William P death 1/23/1904 Troy Record


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