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Patrick Flynn


PATRICK FLYNN - born March 1860 in Wisconsin
Died 6 Nov. 1938 in Conway, Walsh County, North Dakota

1st wife: Mary Katherine Kelly, born 16 July 1864, Galena, IL
married 29 April 1883 in Minto, North Dakota
died 20 August 1907

CHILDREN: all born in Walsh County, North Dakota
John Flynn, born October 1882
Joseph Flynn, born March 1885
Anna Flynn, born October 1887
(married Peter Joseph O'Hey - one son, Peter junior)
Patrick Flynn, born 30 November 1889
(died December 1968 in Eugene, Oregon)
James Flynn, born 30 October 1891
(died June 1968 in Chicago, Illinois)
Lenore Flynn, born May 1895
Frank Flynn, born 23 May 1897
(died December 1975 in Crete, Illinois)
Katherine Flynn, born 1902
Mary Flynn, born 1905

PATRICK FLYNN: Second Marriage
married Mary Loretta Walker (his niece) 04 May 1910 in Conway, Walsh
County, North Dakota
Mary Loretta Walker, born November 1890, died before 1920

CHILDREN: place of birth unknown but probably Walsh County, North

Edna Flynn, born 1912
Bertha Flynn, born 1915

Mary Loretta Walker's parents were William David Walker and Johannas
Margaret Kelly. They lived in Cavalier Township of Pembina County,
North Dakota

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