Flynn Marriages
Groom Index

New Jersey

Posted to the Flynn-L mailing list
July 10, 2002
by Jim Magner


The dates are not listed other than the marriage took place in New Jersey between June 1, 1878, to Dec. 31, 1900. Next to each name is the "Drawer - Place" and Certificate No.

Groom Bride
A Flynn Ann Flaherty
Andrew Flynn Maria Cuddihy
Andrew Flynn Ellen Dowrich
Arthur Flynn Juliet Murray
Bernard Flynn Mary Gibney
Bernard Flynn Mary Wade
Chal?ley Martha Foster
Charles Flynn Margaret Goodear
Charles Flynn Elizabeth Kenyon
Charles Flynn Mary " McLouglin
Charles Flynn Ida McMary
Charles Flynn Carolina Minor
Charles Flynn Amanda Thurston
Cornelius Flynn Ellen Dillon
Cornelius Flynn Mary Scott
Daniel Flynn Catherine Dunn
Daniel Flynn Abigail O'Keefe
Dano Flynn Matilda Oekenfuss
David Flynn Elizabeth Reid
Edward Flynn Rose Gorigin
Edward Flynn Margaret Tahey
Edward Flynn Catherine Lillia
Egbert Flynn Harriet Davenport
Elwood Flynn Anna Smith
Francis Flynn Selina Davenport
Francis Flynn Selina Doneghy
Francis Flynn Mary Dougharty
Francis Flynn Josephine Heeter
Francis Flynn Elizabeth Lindop
Frank Flynn Catherine Cannon
Francis Flynn Hattie Hill
Francis Flynn Julia Stem
George Flynn Sarah Frank
George Flynn Mary Frisch
Henry Flynn Elizabeth Cronin
Herbert Flynn Theresa Flannery
Hugh Flynn Anna Kanning
Hugh Flynn Margaret Tracy
James Flynn Myra Bacon
James Flynn Fannie Baker
James Flynn Catherine Burns
James Flynn Ellen Cadden
James Flynn Sarah Garion
James Flynn Marcella Donohue
James Flynn Delia Dooley
James Flynn Rose Duffy
James Flynn Mary Duvaul
James Flynn Margaret Ennis
James Flynn Anna Golden
James Flynn Mary Hill
James Flynn Mary Hulse
James Flynn Mannie Johnson
James Flynn Anna Johnston
James Flynn Mary Jones
James Flynn Mary Kairns
James Flynn Marie King
James Flynn Anne Madden
James Flynn Catherine Melony
James Flynn Mary Mullen
James Flynn Elizabeth Murray
James Flynn Ida Nugent
James Flynn Mary Rhoades
James Flynn Margaret Shaw
James Flynn Mary Smith
James Flynn Augusta Venino
James Flynn Margaret Whelan
James Flynn Edith Young
James Flynn Noirie Batson
James Flynn Lillian Bayless
James Flynn Isabella Bennett
James Flynn Catherine Buckley
James Flynn Norah Carlton
James Flynn Maria Connley
James Flynn Ann Curtin
James Flynn Harriet DeKeiper
James Flynn Mary Ellison
James Flynn Jane Glenn
James Flynn Rosanna R(?)unning
James Flynn Albertina Kinzey
James Flynn Catherine LeGrand
James Flynn Josephine Maquirs
James Flynn Mary McDoanal
James Flynn Mary McGlynn
James Flynn Frances McKanus
James Flynn Mary Mulvhill
James Flynn Mary Murphy
James Flynn Mary Murphy
James Flynn Mary O'Donnell
James Flynn Mary O'Donnell
James Flynn Hattie Oliver
James Flynn Jeanatte Sarton
James Flynn Anna Schmitt
Joseph Flynn Enillia Beok
Joseph Flynn Jane Cassidy
Joseph Flynn Mary Palmer
Justice Flynn Jane Donlen
Martin Flynn Alice Burns
Martin Flynn Julia Donohue
Martin Flynn Mary Farrell
Martin Flynn Helena Harrigan
Martin Flynn Margaret Kane
Matthew Flynn Ann Sullivan
Matthias Flynn Sarah Barnes
Maurice Flynn Catherine Forrest
Michael Flynn Mary Bergenback
Michael Flynn Magdalalena Campfield
Michael Flynn Mary Conroy
Michael Flynn Alice Finnigan
Michael Flynn Anna Gormain
Michael Flynn Anna Hannon
Michael Flynn Magdalena Holle
Michael Flynn Bridget Kavanagh
Michael Flynn Hannah Kenny
Michael Flynn Helen Kenney
Michael Flynn Sarah McIntyre
Nicholas Flynn Cecelia Dunbar
Patrick Flynn Hannah Ahearn
Patrick Flynn Isabella Anderson
Patrick Flynn Catherine Callen
Patrick Flynn Ann Cody
Patrick Flynn Bridget Conroy
Patrick Flynn Dollie Karis
Patrick Flynn Mary Holey
Patrick Flynn Anna Harkins
Patrick Flynn Delia Kelly
Patrick Flynn Mary O'Brien
Patrick Flynn Isabella Reid
Patrick Flynn Catherine Reilly
Patrick Flynn Margaret Collin?s
Peter Flynn Catherine McEnroe
Peter Flynn Hannah Sullivan
Peter Flynn Anna Walls
Peter Flynn Anna Woods
Philip Flynn Mary Coyne
Philip Flynn Lena Korn
Richard Flynn Louisa Ransenberg
Robert Flynn Clara Scott
Samuel Flynn Catherina Fosbre
Samuel Flynn Catherine Hopkins
Terrance Flynn Winfred McCarthy
Thomas Flynn Ann Cadden
Thomas Flynn Anna Carter
Thomas Flynn Frances ?usack
Thomas Flynn Magdaline Donohue
Thomas Flynn Reba Estell
Thomas Flynn Mary Fond
Thomas Flynn Mary Hanley
Thomas Flynn Bridget Lee
Thomas Flynn Lillian Manning
Thomas Flynn Catherine Maxwell
Thomas Flynn Margaret McMahon
Thomas Flynn Elizabeth O'Brien
Thomas Flynn Jane O'Donnell
Thomas Flynn Ellen Ryan
Thomas Flynn Anna Scattergood
William Flynn Mary Buckley
William Flynn Delia Clancy
William Flynn Mamie ?razes
William Flynn May Fare (sp)
William Flynn Julia Kiely
William Flynn Mary Klein
William Flynn Rose Lee
William Flynn Mary Mortimer
William Flynn Catherine Odeli
William Flynn Emma Pilling
William Flynn Catherine Rastigan
William Flynn Etta Risinger
William Flynn Ella Warner
William Flynn E--- Wilson


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