Spinning-Wheel Premium Entitlement List, 1796

As part of a government scheme to encourage the linen trade, free spinning-wheels or looms were granted to individuals planting a certain area of land with flax.  The lists of those entitled to the awards, covered almost 60,000 individuals, and were published in 1796.  They recorded only the name of the individual and the civil parish in which he lived.  Some names appear in every county except Dublin and Wicklow, however, 64% of the total were in Ulster.

Index entitled "surname index for the 1796 spinning wheel premium entitlement lists of Ireland"    --       FHL microfilm # 6341104

A list of persons to whom premiums for sowing flax-seed in the year 1796 have been adjudged by the trustees of the Linen Manufacture   --  FHL microfilm # 1419442


First Surname County Parish
Andrew Flinn Down Kilcoo
Ann Flinn Louth Faughart
Bartholomew Flyn  Leitrim Mohill
Bartholomew Flinn Meath Killallon
Bartholomew Flyn  Sligo Toomour
Bryan Flinn Louth Mullary
Bryan Flyn  Roscommon Kilkeevin
Bryan Flyn  Roscommon Tibohine
Bryan Flyn  Sligo Emlaghfad
Catherine Flyn  Leitrim Kiltubbrid
Charles Flinn Down Loughinisland
Charles Flyn  Leitrim Cloone
Charles Flinn Longford Ardagh
Charles Flin  Louth Ballybarrack
Charles Flin  Louth Ballybarrack
Charles Flin  Louth Barronstown
Charles Flin  Louth Barronstown
Charles Flyn  Mayo Crossmolina
Daniel Flinn Longford Ardagh
Daniel Flynn Mayo Caslemore
Edmund Flinn Offaly Gallen
Edmund Flinn Offaly Tisaran
Edward Flin  Down Loughinisland
Edward Flin  Down Loughinisland
Edward Flyn  Leitrim Cloone
Edward Flyn  Roscommon Kiltullagh
Elizabeth Flin  Louth Faughart
Elizabeth Flin  Louth Faughart
Francis Flynn Cavan Munterconnaught
George Flinn Longford Longford
James Flinn Down Loughinisland
James Flynn Leitrim Cloonlogher
James Flyn  Roscommon Tibohine
James Flyn  Sligo Toomour
John Flynn Cavan Munterconnaught
John Flinn Donegal Urney
John Flinn Down Annaclone
John Flyn  Galway Kilconla
John Flyn  Kerry Kilgarrylander
John Flinn Leitrim Annaduff
John Flyn  Longford Granard
John Flinn Longford Longford
John Flinn Louth Mayne
John Flynn Mayo Addergoole
John Flyn  Mayo Addergoole
John Flynn Mayo Meelick
John Flinn Meath Killeagh
John Flynn Roscommon Kilcorkey
John Flinn Westmeath Foyran
Laurence Flyn  Leitrim Kiloghert
Laurence Flyn  Leitrim Mohill
Laurence Flinn Louth Termonfeckin
Laurence Flynn Roscommon Kiltullagh
Laurence Flyn  Roscommon Kiltullagh
Laurence Flyn  Roscommon Tibohine
Luke Flynn Cavan Munterconnaught
Luke Flinn Longford Longford
Luke Flyn  Mayo Kilmore
Luke Flyn  Westmeath Mullingar
Mary Flinn Galway Tuam
Mathew Flyn  Leitrim Mohill
Michael Flyn  Leitrim Mohill
Michael Flyn  Mayo Addergoole
Michael Flinn Meath Killallon
Michael Flinn Offaly Gallen
Michael Flyn  Roscommon Kiltullagh
Michael Flyn  Sligo Drumcliff
Michael Flyn  Sligo Emlaghfad
Michael Flyn  Sligo Kilmorgan
Murtagh Flynn Longford Ardagh
Nicholas Flinn Louth Mayne
Owen Flynn Cavan Munterconnaught
Patrick Flinn Down Loughinisland
Patrick Flinn Leitrim Annaduff
Patrick Flynn Leitrim Cloone
Patrick Flyn  Leitrim Fenagh
Patrick Flinn Leitrim Inishmagrath
Patrick Flinn Longford Granard
Patrick Flin  Louth Creggan
Patrick Flin  Louth Creggan
Patrick Flinn Louth Faughart
Patrick Flinn Louth Mullary
Patrick Flinn Louth Termonfeckin
Patrick Flynn Mayo Ardagh
Patrick Flyn  Mayo Ballynahaglish
Patrick Flinn Offaly Tisaran
Patrick Flyn  Roscommon Tibohine
Patrick Flyn  Sligo Kilmactranny
Peter Flinn Cavan Ballintemple
Peter Flinn Louth Drumshallon
Peter Flyn  Mayo Crossmolina
Peter Flyn  Roscommon Kilglass
Peter Flyn  Roscommon Kilkeevin
Peter Flyn  Westmeath Mullingar
Richard Flin  Louth Roche
Richard Flin  Louth Roche
Richard Flyn  Mayo Ballynahaglish
Robert Flyn  Cavan Kilbride
Robert Flyn  Roscommon Kilkeevin
Roger Flin  Down Killyleagh
Roger Flin  Down Killyleagh
Roger Flin  Louth Roche
Roger Flin  Louth Roche
Roger Flyn  Roscommon Dysart
Roger Flyn  Roscommon Kiltullagh
Roger Flinn Westmeath Noughaval
Thady Flinn Longford Granard
Thady Flynn Mayo Addergoole
Thady Flyn Roscommon Kiltullagh
Thomas Flynn Leitrim Cloone
Thomas Flyn  Leitrim Drumlease
Thomas Flyn  Leitrim Mohill
Thomas Flinn Louth St. Peters
Thomas Flynn Mayo Kilmeena
Thomas Flinn Meath Kells
Thomas Flinn Westmeath Noughaval
Walter Flin  Louth Carlingford
Walter Flin  Louth Carlingford
Widow Flynn Mayo Addergoole
William Flynn Galway Musickfield
William Flinn Meath Oladcastle
William Flynn Roscommon Kiltullagh
William Flyn  Roscommon Kiltullagh
William Flinn Westmeath Foyran


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