St. Mary's Church
Clogheen Parish
County Tipperary

Assorted Baptisms
See Research Notes below

Surname First Fath First Moth Last Moth First Sponsor Sponsor Bapt Date
Burk Ellen Thomas Flynn Mary Patrick Coghlin Ellen Canoce? 9/11/1855
Cagney John Michael Flynn Elizabeth William Connors Bridget Butler 10/6/1867
Flynn Margaret Andrew Mule? Mary Thomas Condon Ellen O'Brien 1/19/1865
Flynn Margaret James Stockler Mary Helen O'Brien Patrick Cooke 10/16/1856
Flynn Mary James Moachs Mary Patrick Fennessy Bridget Corbet 4/4/1865
Flynn Catherine James Mickler? Mary Michael Williams Mary Fitzgerald 9/9/1867
Flynn Honora William Sullivan Mary Michael ?ash Mary Flynn 1/13/1856



Above data was gathered October 2003 at the National Library of Ireland.  Film number Pos 2453 was used for St. Mary's Church of the Clogheen Parish which covers Baptisms from 1778-1880 (with gaps) and Marriages 1714 to 1851.  However, I did not search all the years.  I searched 1856, 1865-1868, 1870 for Baptisms.  I wrote down all instances for the following surnames:  Flynn.  It should be noted all first names were in Latin and at times hard to translate.  REMEMBER:  This data should be used as a reference or a clue in your family research.  Always, refer back to the document yourself when using as a source document.


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