Marriages from Ireland

Last updated July 10, 2003


Surname First Spouse First Date County Parish Townland Witness   Witness  
Cullinan Anastasia Butler John 2/19/1846 Tipperary Ballingarry Foyle Cullinane Edmund Cullinan Mary
Cullinan Bridget Kennedy William 2/26/1854 Tipperary Drangan Ballvadl. Walsh John Tobin Anne
Cullinan Bridget Cahill John 11/19/1801 Tipperary Loughmore   Quirk Patrick Cullinan Margaret
Cullinan Bridget Purcell Michael 2/3/1799 Tipperary Loughmore   O'Carroll Thomas O'Connell Darby
Cullinan Bridget Hayes Thomas 2/26/1830 Tipperary Moycarkey   Cullinane Michael Dea Margaret
Quilinane Catherine Leahy James 2/7/1843 Tipperary Bansha   Shiels John    
Cullinan Catherine Touhy William 2/11/1813 Tipperary New Inn   Touhy John Donnell Mary
Cullinan Cornelius Connelly Margaret 2/12/1851 Tipperary Fethard   Ryan John Dunne Bridget
Cullinan Cornelius Sullivan Margaret 8/4/1872 Tipperary Fethard   Hackett Michael Lee Bridget
Cullinan Cornelius Conran Mary 9/17/1895 Tipperary Murroe   McEvoy William Murphy Nora
Cullinan David Morrissey Bridget 1/24/1872 Tipperary Ballingarry Mohober Croak Thomas Ryan Bridget
Cullinan David Murphy Mary 2/18/1884 Tipperary New Inn   Condon James Murphy Ellen
Cullinan Edmond Ryan Margaret 2/5/1815 Tipperary Pallasgreen   O'Brien Patrick Ryan Richard
Cullinane Ellen Ryan William 3/1/1808 Tipperary Anacarty   Quinlan Patrick Dillon James
Cullinan Henry Tobin Ellen 3/4/1831 Tipperary Bansha   MacMorrissey John    
Cullinan Honora Shealy Thomas 1/20/1856 Tipperary Drangan Ballynenn Drew James Cleary Michael
Cullinan James Kennedy Mary 1/9/1858 Tipperary Drangan Cloran Drew James Cullinan Michael
Cullinan Joanna Phelan John 1/25/1807 Tipperary   Carrickbeg Power John Walsh John
Cullinane Johanna Cummins Patrick 2/28/1843 Tipperary Kilteely   Cullinane Patrick Roach Margaret
Cullinan John Hession Bridget 8/6/1874 Mayo Ballinrobe   Moran Martin Murphy Elenor
Cullinan John Reynolds Jane unknown Westmeath? Castlepollard unknown unknown   unknown  
Cullinane Judith Quinlan John 3/6/1810 Tipperary Anacarty   Cullinane Pat Quinlan Patrick
Cullinan Martin Croke Bridget 1/31/1859 Tipperary Ballingarry Mohober Mullally Thomas Cahill Margaret
Cullinan Martin Geagan Catherine 9/26/1898 Clare Kilready Tubber        
Cullinan Mary Walsh Kieran 7/21/1860 Tipperary Ballingarry Mohober Fennelly John Walsh Catherine
Cullinan Mary Fitzgerald Townsend 2/5/1850 Tipperary Bansha   Quillinane James    
Cullinan Mary Harrington James 1/31/1842 Tipperary Drom   Halford James Purcell Mary
Cullinan Mary Spratt Thomas 2/6/1859 Tipperary Knockainey   Fitzgerald Ed  Fitzgerald Ann 
Cullinan Mary Nevin Michael 10/10/1798 Tipperary Loughmore   O'Dwyer Andrew Ryan William
Cullinan Michael Maher Honora 10/11/1846 Tipperary Clonoulty   Dwyer Bridget Day Bridget
Cullinan Michael Quinn Bridget 5/2/1878 Clare Kilready Tubber        
Cullinan Nancy Dea Nicholas 11/7/1846 Tipperary Drangan Crohane Connery Thomas St. John Ellen
Cullinan Patrick Ryan Margaret 2/28/1814 Tipperary Pallasgreen   Beary Thomas Ryan Thomas
Cullinan Patrick Morrissey Elizabeth 9/6/1849 Tipperary Thurles   Long Thomas Dunne Elizabeth
Cullinan Patrick Bradshaw Mary 1/18/1891 Tipperary Tipperary   Daly Thomas Daly Margaret
Cullinan Thomas Connors Mary 1/24/1872 Tipperary Boherlahan   Hayes Anne    
Cullinan Thomas Lynch Margaret 4/26/1837 Tipperary Drom   Shanahan Thomas Hennessy Bridget
Cullinan Thomas Skiddy Catherine 9/24/1806 Tipperary Loughmore   Maher William Magrath Thomas
Cullinan Timothy Kirby Honora 2/14/1854 Tipperary Solohead   Haydon Catherine    

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