County Clare, Inchicronan Parish, Sranagalloon

Baptisms 1860-1880

Sranagalloon - (Sraith na Gealbhain) - The holm of the sparrow.
Old Name - Shraghnagalloon
New Name - N. Gortaficka and Sranagalloon

Extracted from John O'Donovan's Descriptive Remarks on theTownlands of Inchicronan..."Field Name Books" Original Ordnance Survey of 1839-42

Proprietor:  Ausgustine Butler Esq., Ballyline, Crusheen
No Agent
Middleman:  James Blake Butler Esq., Drummaneen, near Crusheen

Let to 16 occupying tenants on leases of years, from 6s. to 8s. per acre yearly rent.  Co. cess from 3s. 4d. per acre.  tithes 6d. per acre, soil, rocky limestone and gravelly.  Usual crops, wheat, oats, barley and potatoes.  No bog.

Pervailing Names:  O'Brien and Cullinan

A small lake called Poulrandan in the south of this townland.  Luchid river and bridge on the north boundary.  Trout, perch and eel in this lake and river.  Ruins of an old mill at Luchid bridge in this townland, and a tuck mill here.  Four forts in this townland.

Authority:  Michael Butler, Towd., Drumminacknoo, or Garlic Hill

See below for research notes...
Surname First Name Father's First Mother's Surname Mother's First Baptism Date Parish Godfather Godmother
?? ?? John Morrissey Margaret 3/??/1868 Inchicronan Michael Cahill Mary Cahill
Cullinan Michael John Kennedy Mary 10/3/1863 Inchicronan Martin Kennedy Bridget Kennedy
Cullinan Mary John Kennedy Mary 7/11/1866 Inchicronan Thomas Kiernan Honora Kennedy
Cullinan Patrick Martin Kiernan Bridget 10/??/1865 Inchicronan
Cullinan John Martin Kiernan Bridget 4/25/1867 Inchicronan Martin Mullins Mary Garrity??
Cullinan Michael Martin Kiernan Bridget 11/28/1873 Inchicronan Pat O'Donel Bid Linnane
Cullinan Ellen Martin Kiernan Bridget 11/28/1873 Inchicronan Pat O'Donel Bid Linnane
Cullinan Johanna Martin Kiernan Mary 3/10/1875 Inchicronan John O'Brien Mary Morrissey
Cullinan James Martin Kiernan Bridget 2/12/1877 Inchicronan Bartholomew Geraghty Mary Donlon
Cullinan Michael Martin Kiernan Bridget 3/12/1879 Inchicronan Michael Cullinan Bridget Downes
Cullinan Margaret Martin Kiernan Bridget 5/??/1864 Inchicronan John Fahey Honora Kennedy
Cullinan Patrick Martin Kiernan Bridget 11/??/1864 Inchicronan ?? ??
Cullinan Martin Martin Kiernan Bridget 10/18/1868 Inchicronan Pat Casey Mary O'Brien
Cullinan Bridget Martin Morrissey Biddy 3/??/1872 Inchicronan ?? ??
Donnellan Teresa Pat Fahey Mary 7/11/1879 Inchicronan John Donnellan Honora Meany
Donnellan ?? Patrick Fahy Mary 5/??/1866 Inchicronan John Fahy Mary Mahony
Doogan John Em?? Kennedy Honora 9/10/1874 Inchicronan John O'Brien Anne O'Brien
Duggan Michael Thomas Kennedy Honora 7/2/1871 Inchicronan Patt Fahy Brid Kennedy
Duggan Pat Thomas Kennedy Mary 7/6/1872 Inchicronan Michael Donlon Bridget Kennedy
Fahy John Pat Marony Mary 5/25/1877 Inchicronan
Fahy Bridget Mary Patrick Marony Mary 11/14/1870 Inchicronan Michael Marony Kate Donnellan
Fitzgibbons John Edmund Fitzpatrick Mary 4/30/1868 Inchicronan Pat Connors Ann Connors
Fitzgibbons Mary Edmund Fitzpatrick Mary 6/18/1869 Inchicronan James Fitzgibbons Mary Connors
Fitzgibbons Edmund Edmund Fitzpatrick Mary 12/9/1878 Inchicronan Cornelius Connors Bridget Fitzgibbons
Fitzgibbons Kate Ned Fitzpatrick Mary 6/4/1871 Inchicronan Thomas Fitzpatrick Mary Connors
Fitzgibbons Michael Ned Fitzpatrick Mary 12/15/1874 Inchicronan Pat Fahy Mary C??
Fitzgibbons Mary Thomas Barry Honora 2/17/1869 Inchicronan John Fitzgibbon Mary Fitzgibbon
Fitzgibbons Honora Thomas Barry Honora 5/21/1871 Inchicronan Richard Curran Maria O'Donnell
Fitzgibbons Honora Thomas Barry Anne 9/??/1873 Inchicronan Michael Mc?? Anne Connors
Fitzgibbons Honora Thomas Barry Annie 10/??/1874 Inchicronan Michael ??
Fogarty Mary Martin Hogarty Margaret 2/15/1873 Inchicronan John Fitzgibbons Bridget Fitzgibbons
Halloran Pat Thomas Downes Bridget 8/6/1870 Inchicronan John Kennedy Mary Kennedy
Hassett Ann James Morrissey Mary 10/1/1863 Inchicronan Michael Fitzgibbons Catherine Fitzgibbons
Hassett Martin James Morrissey Mary 1/4/1869 Inchicronan Michael Hassett Mary ??
Hassett Bridget James Morrissey Mary 1/29/1870 Inchicronan Michael Hassett Anne O'Brien
Hassett Thomas James Morrissey Mary 12/1/1872 Inchicronan John Hassett Maria McNamara
Hassett Margaret James Morrissey Mary 8/21/1873 Inchicronan John Hassett Mary Hassett
Hassett Margaret James Morrissey Mary 9/21/1874 Inchicronan James Hassett Mary Hassett
Joyce Martin Michael O'Brien ?? 10/12/1872 Inchicronan ?? O'Brien Mary ??
McNamara Bridget John Morrissey Mary 2/12/1864 Inchicronan James Hassett Mary Morrissey
McNamara Elizabeth John Morrissey Mary 2/10/1866 Inchicronan Pat O'Brien Ann O'Brien
Research Notes:  All of the above information was gathered at the National Library of Ireland in May 2001.  The microfilm name and number are Killaloe Diocese, POS 2472.  Data is from the dates February 1860 to December 29, 1880.

The items microfilmed were of the original Parish record.  They were extremely hard to read due the old handwriting and many of the pages were frayed around the edges, which deleted much information including the date, surname, etc.  There are sure to be mistakes over the spelling of surnames due to the handwriting and the condition of the records filmed.  If ?? is in a box, it means the data could not be read.  Also, there is a gap from 3/10/1875 to 2/12/1877 where the pages were completely unreadable.

The method of my search was to write down all records where I found that mentioned the townland, Sranagalloon.  I have no other information, other than what is in the above chart relating to these records.

Excerpts on Sranagalloon from, "The Parish of Inchicronan (Crusheen)" by Thomas Coffey, published by Ballinakella Press, Whitegate, County Clare, Ireland in 1993.