Tithe Apploments

 Moynoe Civil Parish


 Scarriff Poor Law Union
   Tulla Upper Barony


Griffith's Valuation, OS Map #20 Griffith's Valuation, OS Map 21

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Research Notes:  The Moynoe CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS Family History Film #256670 by Pat Connors.   All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.  Some of the original records are not in good condition and some are very difficult to read, so if you should check the film yourself to be sure.
MORE NOTES:  This film had two books of tithes for this parish, both dated the same.  The first was in poor condition, bad handwriting and each entry was assigned a number.  The second book was a neater exact repeat of the first book which helped with the spelling of names and townlands, however, the entries were not numbered.  So this transcription is a combination of both books.


Surname First Number Townland
Beston John 88 Ballyboy
Blache Thomas 127 Eastern Shean
Bleach Dennis 122 Eastern Shean
Bolan Daniel 99 Ballyglass
Bolen Anthony 120 Eastern Shean
Bolton Patk 37 Carhumore
Bolton Patk 45 Carhumore
Bolton James 94 Ballyglass
Bolton Patk 105 Knockbrody
Bolton John 106 Knockbrody
Bolton Michl 110 Deerpark
Brien Benjamin 11 Moynoe
Brogan Stephen   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Brogan Michl   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Brogan James   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Brogan, Jr Michl   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Brogan? Michl   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Burke Patk 96 Ballyglass
Bush Thomas 49 Callahan Land
Bush Michael 50 Callahan Land
Butler, Esq W 89 Tubbornagoth
Butler, Esq W 90 Prospect
Butler, Esq W Turkenagh Mountain
Butler? Patt 128 Eastern Shean
Callahan John 4 Moynoe
Callahan John 28 Modeens
Callahan Dennis 42 Carhumore
Callahan John 43 Carhumore
Callahan Dennis 57 Meenross
Callahan Dennis 66 Meenross
Carty Michl 74 Killycormick
Carty John 79 Killycormick
Clancy Michl 80 Killycormick
Collins John 93 Ballyglass
Collins John Curhal? Division of Mountain
Collins Patk Curhal? Division of Mountain
Conroy Danl Curhal? Division of Mountain
Cravan Thos   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Davis Joseph 95 Ballyglass
Delane Dennis   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Delane Daniel   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Dillon John 118 Middle Shean
Durick widow 62 Meenross
Durick Laurence 76 Killycormick
Durick Patk   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Farrel Thos 22 Knockinseeah?
Farrel Mich'l 31 Gorroshe?
Farrel James 81 Ballyboy
Farrel John 85 Ballyboy
Farrel James ?? Ballyboy
Flanagan Patk 51 Callahan Land
Flanagan Michl 52 Callahan Land
Flanedy John 30 Gorroshe?
Flanery Patk 19 Gonanecraggy
Flanery Michl 25 Knockinseeah?
Flanery Michl 32 Urlin
Flanery Dennis 36 Carhumore
Flanery Dennis 38 Carhumore
Flanery John 91 Prospect
Flanery John 104 Knockbrody
Flanigan John 47 Barnagruss
Flannery Patk 7 Moynoe
Flannery Daniel 8 Moynoe
Fletcher Francis 44 Carhumore
Frassy Dan'l 40 Carhumore
Garvey John Curhal? Division of Mountain
Gleeson William 2 Moynoe
Gleeson Martin 3 Moynoe
Gleeson Wm 26 Knockinseeah?
Gleeson Patk 27 Knockinseeah?
Gorman Patk 63 Meenross
Guerin Patt 12 Moynoe
Guerin John 29 Modeens
Guerin Martin 33 Mornane
Guireen John 58 Meenross
Guireen Dennis 59 Meenross
Guireen Patk 60 Meenross
Guireen James 61 Meenross
Guireen Dennis 64 Meenross
Guireen James 65 Meenross
Halloran Patk 39 Carhumore
Halpin Thomas 123 Eastern Shean
Haren Michl   Curhal? Division of Mountain
Haren Ned Curhal? Division of Mountain
Hart Patt 126 Eastern Shean
Hart Tim 129 Eastern Shean
Hart Denis Curhal? Division of Mountain
Hasset Patk 17 Gonanecraggy
Hobran? Patk 101 Ballyglass
Holran Robt 86 Ballyboy
Holran widow 87 Ballyboy
Jones James 111 Deerpark
Malone John 41 Carhumore
Maloney James 103 Ballyglass
Mason Chas 117 Middle Shean
McGrath John 70 Meenross
McHannaran John 16 Gonanecraggy
McInerny Michl 48 Kilerefane
McMahon widow 56 Meenross
McMahon widow 67 Meenross
McMahon Danl 68 Meenross
McMahon Thos 72 Meenross
McMahon widow 75 Killycormick
McMahon Michl 83 Ballyboy
McMahon John 84 Ballyboy
McMahon Priest 124 Eastern Shean
McNamara Michl 24 Knockinseeah?
McNamara Michl 71 Meenross
McNamara Tim 82 Ballyboy
McNamara Michl 121 Eastern Shean
Meaney Patk 9 Moynoe
Meeney Luke 18 Gonanecraggy
Minague widow 55 Meenross
Minague Thos ?? Ballyglass
Minogue John 78 Killycormick
Minogue Michl 113 Western Shean
Minogue Anthony 115 Western Shean
Minogue Patk 116 Middle Shean
Minogue John   Cappabane Mountain Farm
Molony Joseph 107 Knockbrody
Molony Daniel 114 Western Shean
Moroney Michl 100 Ballyglass
Moroney Michl 102 Ballyglass
Moroney John 125 Eastern Shean
O'Brien John 13 Gonanecraggy
O'Brien Conner 14 Gonanecraggy
O'Brien Cornelius 15 Gonanecraggy
O'Brien John 20 Gonanecraggy
O'Brien Arthur 119 Middle Shean
Quin James 35 Carhumore
Reade, Sir John 1 Moynoe
Reade, Sir John 34 Carhumore
Reade, Sir John 46 Barnagruss
Reeves William 108 Knockbrody
Roonan? Denis 130 Eastern Shean
Sampson, Es D 131 Cappabawn Park
Sheedy Denis 92 Prospect
Sheedy Dennis 109 Deerpark
Sheedy Dennis 112 Deerpark
Slatery Patk Curhal? Division of Mountain
Sullivan Owen? 21 Gonanecraggy
Torpy John 53 Meenross
Torpy Thomas 54 Meenross
Torpy Joseph 69 Meenross
Treasy Anthony 5 Moynoe
Treasy widow 6 Moynoe
Treasy Edward 77 Killycormick
Tuohy Patk Curhal? Division of Mountain
Vaughn Wm 23 Knockinseeah?
Whelan James 10 Moynoe


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