Civil Parish of Kilnamona

Tithe Applotment
July 14, 1827
LDS Film #0256651


Surname First Townland
Arthur Mick'l Cahirbannagh
Barry Den's Ballinakilla
Barry Christ'r Drumbaun
Barry Rich'd Drumbaun
Barry James Knockaherin
Barry John Maheryvernane
Barry Martin Maheryvernane
Barry Peter Rashaun
Barry James Rossconnell
Barry Michael Rossconnell
Benky Martin Knockataumpul
Brew Tomkins Ballymingane
Brew Tomkins Shallee
Brew Tomkins Toureen
Bunce James Rashaun
Bunce Michael Rashaun
Burke Mich'l Knockaherin
Burley Pat'k Cahirbannagh
Byrnes Tim Knockataumpul
Caher And'w Knockataumpul
Caher Pat'k Knockataumpul
Canale Mich'l Raheen
Canale Patt Raheen
Caney James Ballinakilla
Carmody Darby Drumbaun
Carmody Patrick Drumbaun
Carmody Thomas Drumbaun
Cassidy John Raheen
Collins Thomas Knockaherin
Connor Egan Killnamona
Considine Mich'l Ballynoylon
Considine Frank Ballysheen
Considine Timothy Rashaun
Considine ?? Shallee
Considine Patt Shallee
Crowe John Ballymingane
Crowe Thomas Cahirbannagh
Crowe Malachy Clugga
Crowe Michael Clugga
Cullinan Marty Ballynoylon
Cullinan Lott Ballynuck
Cullinan Lott Crohane
Cullinan Mich'l Drumbaun
Cullinan Patt Drumbaun
Cullinan Ralph Drumbaun
Cullinan Dennis Gurteenabeheig
Cullinan John Killnamona
Cullinan Andrew Lougheen
Cullinan Patt Lougheen
Cullinan Ralph Magouna
Cullinan Thady Shallee
Cunnane Michael Ballynuck
Curtin And'w Rashaun
Darcy John Drumbaun
Darcy Nicholas Drumbaun
Darcy Nicholas Gurteenalougham
Donohue Law'ce Drumbaun
Doolan John Lougheen
Doolan Mathew Lougheen
Dooley Edmond Shallee
Falvey Tim Ballynuck
Falvy/Fahy? Tim Knockataumpul
Finncane Den. Cuigacuid
Finnicane Mich'l Knockaherin
Fitzgerald Bridget Cahirbannagh
Fitzgerald Pat'k Cahirbannagh
Fitzgerald John Rashaun
Flanagan John Ballynuck
Flannery John Knocknarien
Flannery John Shallee
Ford John Ballynoylon
Galvin James Cuigacuid
Greene Mich'l Killnamona
Greene Mich'l Toureen
Griffy Ja's Raheen
Griffy John Raheen
Griffy Michael Rossconnell
Heath James Rashaun
Hegarty Mich'l Rossconnell
Hehir Mich'l Ballysheen
Hehir Catherine Knocknarien
Hehir James Knocknarien
Hehir Mich'l Lougheen
Hehir Silvy Rashaun
Hurley Mich'l Lougheen
Hurley Patrick Lougheen
Keane Frank Ballysheen
Keane Mathew Ballysheen
Keane Miles Cahirbannagh
Keane Thomas Cahirbannagh
Keane Dennis Derrolagh
Keane Mich'l Derrolagh
Keane Thomas Derrolagh
Keane Widow Knockataumpul
Keane Miles Shallee
Keating Patrick Shallee
Keating Patrick Toureen
Kennedy James Inchacoolaghty
Kennedy Mau'ce Raheen
Kerin Michael Clugga
Kerin Dennis Drumbaun
Leahy Patk Gurteenabeheig
Leary Patrick Ballynoylon
Leary John Shallee
Linnane Patt Moherane
Lynch James Lougheen
Lynch Patrick Lougheen
Lyons Fran's. Gurteenalougham
Lyons Jno? Gurteenalougham
Mackay Michael Moherane
Mackey Andrew Shallee
Mackey Patt Shallee
Mahony Dennis Cloucaura
Mahony Dennis Drumbaun
Mahony Dennis Illanegar
Mahony Mich'l Knockataumpul
Malone John Killnamona
Malone John Knockataumpul
Malony Patt Drumbaun
Markham Widow Rashaun
Martin Patt Knockataumpul
McCormick Corn. Lougheen
McDonnell Michael Maheryvernane
McDonnell Patrick Maheryvernane
McGannon Mich'l Clugga
McGannon Patt Clugga
McGrath Mich'l Meilagarane
McGuane Martin Ballinakilla
McInerheny Patt Ballinakilla
McMahon Conor Drumbaun
McNamara Mich'l Knocknarien
McNamara John Rashaun
McNamara Mich'l Toureen
McTigue John Gurteenabeheig
Meade James Crohane
Meade Michael Crohane
Mealy Widow Toureen
Meehan Dan'l Ballysheen
Meehan Patt Knockataumpul
Merrett Rich'd Raheen
Merrett Sam'l Raheen
Molloy John Knockaherin
Moriarty Peter Knocknarien
Morony John Lougheen
Moy Mich'l Lougheen
Moy Mich'l Lougheen
Neylon Martin Drumbaun
Neylon Wm Killnamona
Neylon Hugh Knockaherin
Neylon Patt Rashaun
O'Brien John Knockaherin
O'Brien James Knockataumpul
O'Connell Charles Knockaherin
O'Connor Cha's Rossconnell
O'Dea Connor Ballysheen
O'Dea Connor Knockennanamagh
O'Dea Daniel Knockennanamagh
O'Dea Michael Knockennanamagh
O'Donnell Edmond Cloucaura
O'Donnell John Cloucaura
O'Keefe Dan'l Lougheen
O'Keefe John Lougheen
O'Keefe Mich'l Lougheen
O'Keefe Dan'l Toureen
O'Keefe Thomas Toureen
O'Loughlin John Ballinakilla
O'Loughlin Peter Gurteenalougham
O'Loughlin John Lougheen
O'Loughlin Pat'k Lougheen
Or?an John Ballysheen
O'Shaughnessy Rev. J's Knockaherin
Parklonghanes Patrick Ballynoylon
Pilkington John Raheen
Ryme Patt Drumbaun
Ryme Widow Drumbaun
Scanlon Thomas Drumbaun
Shea James Maheryvernane
Stephens John Rashaun
Sullivan James Crohane
Sullivan Michael Crohane
Talty Michael Illanegar
Tathy Michael Derrolagh
Tuthill Patrick Ballysheen
Tuthill Patt Clugga
Tuthill Michael Drumbaun
Tuthill Patrick Knockaherin
Tuthill Patrick Lallaghrim

The above table was transcribed by Pat Connors from the LDS film.  The handwriting was extremely hard to read and the townlands have old spellings.  Remember use this as a resource not a source document.


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