Cullinan(e) Baptisms
Kilreedy, Inchicronan (Crusheen) &
Beagh Parishes

See below for research notes...

Surname First Father's First Name Mother's surname Mother's first Baptism date Parish Townland Godfather Godmother
Carney Michael Pat Cullinan Bridget 1845 Kilreedy Martin Malley Cecily Glynn
Crowe Mary James Cullinan Mary 1843 Kilreedy John Joyce Bridget Mullins
Cullinan Catherine Daniel McMahon Bridget 1843 Kilreedy Mary McMahon
Cullinan Mary Denis Laughney Margaret 1844 Kilreedy Pat Cullinan Honor Loughney
Cullinan Johanna James ?? Catherine 1/12/1866 Crusheen Michael Tierney CatherineTierney
Cullinan John James MacMahon Mary 9/10/1870 Crusheen ?? Martin Mitchell Anne Stapleton
Cullinan Mary Anne James McMahon Margaret 2/10/1873 Crusheen ?? Michael Maloney ??
Cullinan Mary James Sweeney Mary 8/26/1856 Beagh Patt Grady Mary Homes
Cullinan Patt James Sweeney Mary 2/16/1862 Beagh Gortavoher Patt Cullinan Mary Cullinan
Cullinan Margaret John Butler Bridget 5/13/1866 Crusheen Crusheen Thomas Scanlon ??
Cullinan Michael John Kennedy Mary 10/3/1863 Crusheen Sranagalloon Martin Kennedy Bridget Kennedy
Cullinan Mary John Kennedy Mary 7/11/1866 Crusheen Sranagalloon Thomas Kiernan Honora Kennedy
Cullinan Patrick Martin Kiernan Bridget 10/??/1865 Crusheen Sranagalloon
Cullinan John Martin Kiernan Bridget 4/25/1867 Crusheen Sranagalloon Martin Mullins Mary Garrity??
Cullinan Michael Martin Kiernan Bridget 11/28/1873 Crusheen Sranagalloon Pat O'Donel Bid Linnane
Cullinan Ellen Martin Kiernan Bridget 11/28/1873 Crusheen Sranagalloon Pat O'Donel Bid Linnane
Cullinan Johanna Martin Kiernan Mary 3/10/1875 Crusheen Sranagalloon John O'Brien Mary Morrissey
Cullinan James Martin Kiernan Bridget 2/12/1877 Crusheen Sranagalloon Bartholomew Geraghty Mary Donlon
Cullinan Michael Martin Kiernan Bridget 3/12/1879 Crusheen Sranagalloon Michael Cullinan Bridget Downes
Cullinan Margaret Martin Kiernan Bridget 5/??/1864 Crusheen Sranagalloon John Fahey Honora Kennedy
Cullinan Patrick Martin Kiernan Bridget 11/??/1864 Crusheen Sranagalloon ?? ??
Cullinan Martin Martin Kiernan Bridget 10/18/1868 Crusheen Sranagalloon Pat Casey Mary O'Brien
Cullinan Bridget Martin Morrissey Biddy 3/??/1872 Crusheen Sranagalloon ?? ??
Cullinan John Michael Carr Bridget 1843 Kilreedy John Carr Nancy Cullinan
Cullinan Michael Michael Carr Bridget 1844 Kilreedy Pat Cullinan Bridget Neylon
Cullinan John Michael Cullinan Mary 6/2/1860 Beagh Gilroe John Cullinan  Anne Karnean
Cullinan Patt Michael Cullinan Mary 2/17/1862 Beagh Gilroe John Dolan Mary Cunningham
Cullinan James Michael Kerrigan Mary 3/26/1863 Beagh Gilroe Patt Cullinan Mary Cullinan
Cullinan Ann  Pat Howard Bridget 1846 Kilready Michael O'Brien Ann Cullinan
Cullinan Patt Patt  Heher Catherine 12/7/1860 Beagh Knocktoly Michael Fogerty Mary Cullinan
Cullinan  John Pat Howard Bridget 1854 Kilready John O'Brien Mary O'Brien
Cullinane Bridget James Sweeney Mary 9/26/1856 Beagh Gortavoher John Cullinane Winnie Cullinane
Cullinane Michael Michael Kerrigan Mary 3/19/1874 Beagh Gilroe Michael Flannagan Bridget Cullinane
Cullinane Thomas Michael Kerrigan Mary 8/25/1879 Beagh Gilroe Thomas Welsh Catherine Linnane
Cullinane Anne Patrick Heher Catherine 4/18/1855 Beagh John Cullinane Mary Cunningham
Curtin Mary Patrick Cullinan Honora 4/26/1866 Crusheen Crusheen Patrick Halloran Maria Halloran
Curtin Joseph Patrick Cullinan Honora 7/19/1864 Crusheen Crusheen James Hogan Catherine Hogan
Fitzpatrick Mary Patt  Callinan Margaret 1865 Kilkeedy Connor O'Brien Mary O'Brien
Flannigan Mary John Cullinan Margaret 6/25/1865 Crusheen Cloneen Denis Fogerty Bridget Hogan
Fogarty Bridget Pat Cullinan Mary 1855 Kilkeedy Pat Fogarty Ann Cullinan
Kearney Pat  Pat Cullinan Peggy 1841 Kilkeedy Mike McCarthy Judy Cullinan
Kearse Tim Pat Callinan Biddy 1841 Kilkeedy Michael Kearse Honor White
Kearse James Pat Callinan Bridget 1844 Kilkeedy James Callinan Nancy Keaffe
Kesney Bridget Pat Cullinan Peggy 1843 Kilkeedy Pat O'Brien Honora Mally
Loughney John Pat Cullinan Kate 1858 Kilkeedy Edmund Loughney Mary Kelly
Malley Pat Martin Cullinan Joan 1852 Kilkeedy John Nestor Mary O'Brien
Mally John Martin Cullinan Jane 1843 Kilkeedy Mary Malley
Research Notes:  All data was obtained from research at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin in May 2001 from the following microfilms:

Inchicronan (Crusheen) Parish, County Clare
POS 2472
Baptisms:  February 1860 - December 29, 1880

Beagh Parish, County Galway
POS 2442
Baptisms:  January 14, 1855 - April 3, 1881

Kilkeedy Parish (Tubber), County Clare
POS 2473
Baptisms:  1855 - 1866, December 24, 1870 - December 31, 1881

NOTE:  Some of the parish records were extremely hard to read due to the condition of the original records and the handwriting.  Therefore, some of the names may be incorrectly spelled.  ?? have been inserted when record could not be read.

The method of my search was to write down all records where I found surname Cullinan(e).  I also copied records where they were godparents.  I have no other information, other than what is in the above chart relating to these records.