1901 Census of Clare Index
 FHL Film # 0,588,860

Extracted by Ruth Coomey Hakala
Copyright Protected, 2001


 D.E.D.        Townland       Parish

 58/2Kilmoon EastKilmoon

 58/3Kilmoon WestKilmoon






58/9Craggycorridan EastKillilagh





    The following surnames were not enumerated with their immediate families.

 Enumerated with
 NAME the Family of: D.E.D.

 BARRON, Anne (8), Gr. Dau.Sheehan, Denis58/2
  BARRON, Kate (6),Gr. Dau.Sheehan, Denis58/2

 BARRON, Mary (4)Gr. Dau.Sheehan, Denis58/2

BARRON, Mary (30), Dau.Sheehan, Denis58/2

BURKE, Edwin (2), NephewConlon, John58/12

BURKE, Mary Frances (26), NiecePower, Rev. Edmond,P.P.58/4

COLLINS, Mary (12), Gr. Dau.Considine, Margaret58/4
COLLINS, Mary (12), Gr. Dau.Considine, Margaret58/4

COLLINS, Delia (11), Gr. Dau.Considine, Margaret58/4

CONNELL, Mary (2) nieceCurtin, Austin58/5

CONNELL, Patrick (21), Farm Svt.Howard, Thomas58/6

CONNOLE, Catherine (21), SisterConnole, John58/5

CONNOLE, Norah (65), MotherConnole, John58/5

CONOLIN, Nora (13) ServantMarrinan, John58/4

CONSIDINE, Michael (35) S-I-L  And wife, Catherine with 2 children  CANNY, Thomas58/12

CONSIDINE, Patrick(74), FatherConsidine, Bridget58/4

CULHANE, Mary Margaret (5) Gr.Dau.Howard, Michael58/9

CULLINAN, Mary (50), SisterCullinan, Connor58/8

CUSACK, Bridget (31), ServantO'Brien, James (b. Limerick)58/6

CUSACK, John & wife KateCusack, Margaret58/12

CUSACK, Mary (3)Cusack, Margaret58/12

DANAGHER, Austin (30), SonDanagher, Mary (84)
DANAGHER, John (15), Gr. SonDanagher, Mary (84)

DOHERTY, Mary (10) Gr. Dau.Dillon, Michael58/12

DOYLE, Patrick, LodgerJordan, Michael58/3

FINN, Mary (60)M-I-LDanagher, William58/12
FITZGERALD, Anne (75), MotherFitzgerald, Patrick58/1

FITZGERALD, John (80), FatherFitzgerald, Patrick58/1 

FITZGERALD, Mary (40) VisitorHillary, Michael58/10

FITZGERALD, Michael (29), BrotherFitzgerald, Patrick58/1

FLAHERTY, Honora (62), MotherFlaherty, Michael (37)58/3

FLAHERTY, James (35), BrotherFlaherty, Michael (37)58/3

GARDINER, George P. (44), Brother, Journalist  Gardiner, James58/6
GARDINER,John (48), Brother  Gardiiner, Thomas58/7

GARDINER, Sarah (40), SisterGardiner, Thomas58/7

GLYNN, Bridget (50), Visitor,  Born in Co. Galway  Wrightson, Margaret58/4

GLYNN, John (16), ServantCarley, Timothy58/11

GLYNN, John (16), ServantCarley, Timothy58/11

GLYNN, Patrick (18), Farm Svt.Sheedy, Catherine58/12

GRIFFIN, Margaret (40) S-I-LDillon, Michael58/12

HAWES, Catherine (3), CousinCurtin, Andrew58/5
HAYES, Michael (33) son and wife,  And 4 Hayes Children Hayes, Thomas (80)58/8

HILLERY, Catherine (78), AuntWhite, John58/10

HOWARD, Bridget (42), ServantFinn, MARTIN58/2

KELLEHER, Bridget (74), MotherKelleher, Michael58/10
KERIN, Ellen, (7), Stepdau.McMahon, John58/2

KERIN, John (8) , StepsonMcMahon, John58/2

KERIN, Thomas (16), StepsonMcMahon, John58/2

LAHIFF, Margaret, VisitorDunleavy, Anthony58/4
LINNANE, Norah (90), MotherLinnane, Michael58/6

MARRINAN, Nora (23)S-I-LConsidine, Bridget58/4
McGRATH, Anne (50), CousinO'Keeffe, Michael58/12

McKEEN, Thomas (28), ServantWilliams, Peter58/12

McKEENE, Patrick (22), BrotherMcKeene, Michael58/5

McMAHON, Bridget (74), MotherWrightson, Bridget58/4

MITCHELL, Catherine (68) M-I-L   Widow & U.S. Pensioner, Daughter born in USA. McMahon, Michael58/8

MOLONEY, Margaret (49) M-I-LHillery, Thomas58/5

O'BRIEN, Bridget, (78), MotherO'Brien, Terence58/5
O'BRIEN, Bridget (60), VisitorKillourhy, Patrick58/12

O'CONNOR, Catherine (23), ServantPower, Rev. Edmond, P.P.58/4

O'KEEFFE, Bridget (80), MotherO'Keeffe, Michael (34)58/12

SAMMON,Margaret, 32D-I-L,  And 4 Children (Grandchildren) Sammon, Michael58/4
SHANNON, Mary (62), M-I-LCusack, James58/12

STACK, Bridget (20), ServantFitzgerald, James58/1

TIERNEY, Martin (22) S-I-LKelly, John58/5
TIERNEY, Mary (1), Gr. Dau.Kelly, John58/5

WHITE,Richard, VisitorMarrinan, John58/4
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