1851-County Formed with the following townships and their communities
1.  Bertie: Bertie Bay, Buffalo Heights, Crystal Beach, Fort Erie, Oakhill Forest, Ridgemount, Snyder, Stevensville, Thunder Bay 2.  Crowland:  Cooks Mills, Dain City, Welland 3. Humberstone:  Bethel, Brookfield, Gasline, Humberstone, Port Colborne, Sherkston, Sugar Loaf Hill 4.  Pelham:  Effingham, Fenwick, Fonthill, Pelham, Pelham Centre, Pelham Corners, North Pelham
5.  Stamford:  Clifton, Drummondville, Niagara Falls, Stamford, Stamford Station 6.  Thorold:  Allanburg, Allanburg Junction, Black Horse Corners, Centreville, Port Robinson, St. Johns West, Thorold, Turners Corners 7.  Wainfleet:  Beckett Bridge, Longbeach, Marshville, Marshville Station, Ostyhon Corners, Perry Station, Sugar Loaf Hill, Wainfleet, Wainfleet Station, Willow Bay, Winger 8.  Willoughby:  Chippewa, Douglastown, Netherby, White Pigeon



1970-became Regional Municipality of Niagara, now includes West Lincoln County
1.  Grimsby 2.  Lincoln 3.  St. Catherine 4.  Niagara-on-the-Lake
5.  Niagara Falls 6.  Thorold 7.  Pelham 8.  Welland
9.  West Lincoln 10.  Wainfleet 11. Port Colborne 12.  Fort Erie




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