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From LDS Microfiche # 6044642
Williamsburgh, N.Y.  1850-1 Reynolds;   Williamsburgh Directory, Village Register and Business Advertiser; for 1850-1.  Sam'l. & T.F. Reynolds, Publishers and Proprietors.  C.F. Bunce, Printer, 89 Fourth Street.
Information entered just as it is listed in the directory.  Abbreviations are most likely:  c. (corner) - h. (home) - n. (near).  Names that appear in caps may have an advertisement for their business in the directory.
All entries for the surname Smith.
Name Occupation Address in Williamsburg, Kings Co, NY
SMITH A I  c. Leonard and Ainslie
SMITH, AARON proprietor of Daily Times h. 371 Grand
SMITH, ADAM shoemaker 185 Grand
Smith, Abraham shoemaker 159 Lorimer
Smith, Albert painter Fourth n. N 8th
Smith, Ainstord steward Varet n. Graham av.
Smith, Amos broker Bowery Bank N.Y. h. 100 4th
Smith, And. J. offi. N.Y. h.c. Bushwick av. & Montrose
Smith, Andrew jr. dry goods 229 Grand
Smith, Andrew carp. 1 Franklin N.Y. h. 229 Grand
Smith, Arnold butcher 315 Grand
Smith, Augustus cooper N 7th c. 5th
Smith, A.J. grocer Ainslie c Leonard
Smith, A.T. sash A blind factory 10 S 7th h. 135 S. 8th
Smith, A. Thos. gas light company 93 S. 7th
Smith, Benjamin dry goods 243 S 2d
Smith, Bonny lab. 47 N. 4th
Smith, Caleb L. h. carp. Seventh n. N 1st
Smith, Charles plumber 3d n. S. 1st
Smith, Charles milkman 101 N. 4th
Smith, Charles D. 76 N. 7th
SMITH, CHARLES L. shoe dealer 226 Grand
Smith, Charles V. printer 42 Boerum
Smith, Christopher C. block maker 166 S 1st
Smith, Colabel liquors N 2d c. Lorimer
Smith, Conrad tailor 32 Montrose av.
Smith, David wool business Powers n. Lorimer
SMITH & DAHLING c. North 5th and Sixth
Smith, Edward merchant tailor 81 Wm. N.Y. h 42 S 9th
Smith, Edward laborer Varel n. Graham avenue
Smith, Eliza Mrs. 204 North 6th
Smith, Frederick ship keeper 10 South 1st
Smith, Francis blacksmith 69 Boerum
Smith, F. engraver 69 South 4th
Smith, George tin ware 159 South 4th
Smith, George shoe maker Powers n. Union avenue
Smith, George blacksmith 74 North 2d
Smith, George engineer 32 South 2d
Smith, George wooden ware 17 Fulton h. 146 First
Smith, George leather merchant 464 Grand
Smith, George weaver 134 Grand
Smith, Gilbert V. ship joiner 253 South 2d
SMITH, GILES grocer 98 North 2d
Smith, G. O.  Liberty N.Y. (silver smith) h. 135 S. 9th
Smith, Henry rope maker Bushwick av. n. North 2d
Smith, Hiram comb maker 34 Water N.Y. h. 15 S. 2d
Smith, Horace G. plane maker 45 South 4th
SMITH, H.A. grocer North 2d june. Union avenue
Smith, Isaac mahogany sawyer Fourth c. North 1st
Smith, James custom house broker 93 South 3d
Smith, James carver and gilder 307 South 3d
Smith, James clerk 41 South 1st
Smith, James painter 250 South 4th
Smith, John painter North 2d n. Union avenue
Smith, John Powers n. Union avenue
Smith, John whitewasher Powers c. Union avenue
Smith, John carman 85 North 3d
Smith, John rope maker North 8th n. Sixth
Smith, John carpenter Smith n. Cook
Smith, John shoe maker 274 Grand
Smith, John tailor Johnson n. Union av.
Smith, John porter house First n. South 5th
Smith, John plane maker 176 Grand
SMITH, JOHN E. ship builder 62 North 6th
Smith, John H. house carpenter 40 North 2d
Smith, John H. mariner South 5th n. Eleventh
Smith, John  W. F. painter 77 Seventh
Smith, Jos. blacksmith c. North 1st and First, h. 24 N. 2d
Smith, Jos. H. shipwright foot of North 2d, h. 41 N. 3d
Smith, Joshua carpenter 94 South 7th
Smith, J. F.  grocer 10 Grand, h. 204 First
Smith, J. L. Sunday Courier publisher Fourth n. N. 8th
Smith, J. R.  butcher Brooklyn, h. Ninth n. North 10th
Smith, Maria Mrs. groceries 274 First
Smith, Mary widow 44 North 2d
Smith, Matthew laborer North 2d n. Union av.
Smith, Nathan 122 North 4th
Smith, Nathan ship carpenter 122 North 4th
SMITH, O. H. physician Fourth c. South 5th
Smith, P. clerk 12 South 9th
Smith, Patrick grate and fender maker 48 Ninth
Smith, Peter tailor Debevoise n. Smith
Smith, Peter steamboat c. Smith and Withers
Smith, Phillip basket maker Moore n. South 6th
Smith, P. W. melodeon maker 201 First
Smith, Richard ship carpenter 17 North 7th
Smith, R. engineer 38 Grand
Smith, Robert ship joiner Eleventh n. Second
Smith, Robert printer 276 South 5th
Smith, Robert D. mariner Ainslie n. Lorimer
Smith, Samuel S. carpenter 10 North 2d
Smith, Samuel blacksmith 168 North 8th
Smith, Sarah Jane millinery and fancy store First c. Grand
Smith, Sidney carpenter 162 Leonard
Smith, Silas C. house agent 84 First
Smith, Thomas well sinker 232 North 2d
Smith, Thomas mariner 109 North 6th
Smith, Thomas porter house Grand n. Third
Smith, Thomas ship wright Fourth n. North 9th
Smith, Thos. printer 81 Second
Smith, Thos. grocer c. Grand and First, h. 204 First
Smith, Thos. ship master 206 South 2d
Smith, T.W. lumber merchant 93 South 3d
Smith, William tailor 24 North 3d
Smith, Wm. carter North 7th n. First
Smith, William 222 Grand
Smith, William carpenter 232 Grand
Smith, William Cook n. Smith
Smith, William E. plate printer 276 Grand
Smith, William H. mariner Powers n. Union avenue
SMITH, W.A. grocer 281 South 3d
Smith _______ pilot on Williamsburgh Ferry h. 95 S. 7th