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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Abraham Smith ca 1753
Albemarie NC
Joanne Bateman n/a aft 1799
Tyrrell Co. NC
m ca 1793 NC, chld: Nancy, Joanna, Issac, Ananias, Zilpha, Ephriam, Absala, Elizabeth, Joseph, Loes Sandra Kimbell
Adam not given not given not given not given not given named in will of Archibald Smith's will, 1729 as a cousin living in the Glebe in Urney Parish, Strabane Barony, Northern Ireland Jackie Helmke
Adam Smith, George; Maxwell, Mary Blackburn, England Beatrice ? Jun 26, 1925 unknown brother, James, also in USA David Smith
Addison Lewis unknown Smith, Mary 1834
Franklin Co. TN
Fanny Butts n/a 1901
Dallas TX
not given Kim R Dixon
Albert James Smith, b Eng; Mary A Brownlee, b Ire 1822
New York City
Lucretia B n/a April 6, 1882
Brooklyn NY
chld-Mary B, Ann S, Albert, Robert H, Caroline, Sarah, James, Walter Pat Connors
Albert Israel James Smyth(e), Elizabeth Fogarty 7/6/1863
Hamilton, Ontario CAN
Jennie Ryan 1906
Cook Co. IL
Cook Co. IL
wife b Co Limerick, m 12/24/1931 Cook Co IL; chld-Vivian, Hazel, Shirley, Edmond, Olive, Francis Paul D'Archangel
Alexander Smyth not given Janes Downes
m ca 1855, Northern Ireland
not given not given chld: Thomas, William, John, David, Alexander, Joseph, Margaret, Rachel Thomas Smyth
Alexander Bruce Alexander Smith, Mary Simpson Oct 20, 1831
Turriff, Aberdeenshire
Sarah Louise Rowntown 1833
Tasmania on ship, Thomas
New Zealand
parents mar in Turriff Aug 1828, father emig w/2 sons-George b 1829 but w/o wife Arthur Turner
Alexander Victor Alexander Smyth, Mary O'Donohue 1894
Portumma, Co. Galway, Ireland
Kathleen I Martin not given 1927 Anglican clergyman; known chld-Irene, Alexandra, Rosemary, Terance Catherine
Alexander William Alexander Smythe, Margaret Elliot 1885
Louise not given Buenos Aires
MC, served France, Macedonia, became Major; married Grace
Alfred Peter Smith, Mary E Dailey Mar 11, 1853
Logan Co, OH
Mattie McComsey n/a Sep 23, 1913
Torrington WY
buried Valley View Cemetery, Torrington, Goshen Co NY Mary Conklin
Alfred H Alfred Smith, Anna Aug 9, 1822
New York City
Hannah Knapp n/a Dec 19, 1895
West Bend WI
possibly raised outside NYC; sons, Augustus & Elias b Peekskill NY; purchased land Kent, Putnam Co NY 1844; moved to WI 1848 Bob Van Hees
Amanda Caleb L Smith, Ann Fowler 1828
Flushing NY
1. Thomas Smith
2. Lorenzo Vail
n/a Jan 13, 1904
Bay Ridge NY
descendent of the Smithtown Smiths, unknown Fowlers; chld-Amelia, James, Henry, Emma, Augustin, Thomas, George, Isabel, Maud, Lillie all with Thomas Smith Pat Connors
Amelia James Smith, b Eng; Mary A Brownlee, b Ire 1829 NYC, NY unknown n/a Sept 14, 1862
Manhattan, NYC, NY
unknown Pat Connors
Andrew M Smith April 29, 1853
Van Wert OH
Marie n/a 1933
Tulsa OK
sons-Oron R, Aurthur P, Clifton R Pat Sibley
Annie Helena Smythe 1858
James Whiteford 1880s
Cooktown Nth Qld AU
Brisbane AU
not given Anne Whiteford
Archibald Smith Northern Ireland? Isabella unknown when he emig to Colonies Nov 27, 1729
Lewes, Sussex Co, DE
doesn't appear to have any children, birthdate unknown Jackie Helmke
Augustine Smyth ca 1671
Woodbridge, Suffolk ENG
none n/a 1686
Woodbridge, Suffolk ENG
only child Cornelia Warner
Barry George Smythe, Margaret Manchester UK Dianne n/a not given not given Barry Smythe
Bernard Bryan Smith, Christina Brady 1851-5
Moynalty, Co Meath, Ireland
Rose Matthews n/a Jun 26, 1906 sibs-James, Margaret, Fr. Thomas went to Boston; other sibs-MaryAnne, Bridget Marian
Catherine E Giles C Smith, Eliza 1842
Co Waterford IE
Warren O Dammon 1844-48 from Ireland 1874 had uncle, Edward who emig with father Dorothy Dammon
Charles Smith ca 1760-1777 Hannah Congdon unknown 1820
Kingston RI
12 children; after 1820
family moved to Scranton PA
Charleen Steed
Charles A Smith/Schmitt ca 1822
Bavaria, Germany
Mary Wilhelmina Sauer 1848
Jul 1860
cigar maker
chld-Margaret, Leonard, Catherine, George, Charles Martin
Elizabeth W Knowlton
Charles Backus James Smith b England
Mary A Brownlee b Ireland
New York City
Maria Canfield n/a Aug 16, 1891
Kings Co, NY
Father b England of Scottish descent, mother b Ireland; printer by trade/ child-Walter, Ozias, Catherine E, Charles H, Ester A, Stephen C Pat Connors
Chauncy Smith ca 1826
New York state
1. Mary Walker
2. Sarah J Cumming
to ONT mid 1880s > MI ca 1865 19 Mar 1886
Onekama MI
Enniskillen Twp., Lambton Co. ONT; St. Clair Co., MI Jerry Jasper
Clarence Rufus Smith, Phoebe Schooner 1866
Camesteo, Steuben NY
Laura B Perry n/a 1951 looking for parents' records Barbara Smith
Clarissa Moodie Edmund L Smith, Susan Scofield 1835
George W P Bouton n/a 1896
sons: Edmund, Eugene, lived KS;sibs-Harriet, Emma, Abbie, Willis, Horace Clarissa Leheny
Clinton Cecil George Clark Smith, Elizabeth Jane Wood March 4, 1900
Brooklyn, NY
unknown if married n/a unknown what became of him last known location of Clinton was 1940 living in Paterson, Passaic, NJ Marie Drummond
Daniel Smith 8/24/1774 CT, or Kent, Litchfield Co. Claris Curtis n/a 4/11/1828
Ruggles OH
m 12/7/1796, Warren, Litchfield Co., CT Cecilie Gaziano
David Smyth not given 1. unknown
2. Sarah Stuart
not given betw 1814-25
Washington Co, VA
dge w/1st wife-Hannah m William Worsham; w/2nd wife-Jonathan m Elizabeth Edmiston VA Jane S Parks
David Cramond Smith 1850
Coupar Angus,
Perthshire, Scotland
not given 1867
Jones Co, Iowa
not given emigrated with father, Robert & 7 siblings, other family members already in Iowa Luciann S Bell
David Miller James Smith, Abigale Atwood Sep 3, 1834 Sarah C. J. Simmons TN, MO Oct 20, 1915 looking for David's parents Gary Abbott
Ed Smith 1859
poss TN
1. ??
2.  Birdie London
n/a unknown poss sig: Joe
lived in TN and MO
Vickie LeBlanc
Edmund Lockwood William Smith, Abigail Lockwood 1807
Greenwich CT
1. Susan Scofield
2. Adaline Ritch
n/a 1886 sibs: Himan, Washington, William, Merrit, Morris;
brush mfgr
Clarissa Leheny
Edward B William H Smith, Harriet or Eliza 1819 Caroline Smith not given 8/16/1864 wife from ENG, d wound Deep Bottom VT as pvt 2nd NYHA Clarissa Leheny
Edwin Agustus George W Smith, Mary Slinger 1855
Wayne Co, MI
1. Harriet Vail
2. Clara Stoneburner
n/a 1915
Wayne, Wayne Co, MI
chn: May, Lou, Edwin, George Melissa Levy
Edwin Bathurst William D Smith, Julia L Terrell 1858 Catherine C Moncure not given 1939 not given Betty S Collins
Elenor Smith 1806 VA Samuel Farnsworth n/a 1860
Woodbine IA
m 1827 OH, chld: Samuel, Nancy, Mary, James, Emaline, David, Rose Sandra Kimbell
Elizabeth, (Eliza M) Gilbert Smith,
Mary Valentine
Aug 31, 1837
Peekskill, NY
Henry A Marsh n/a Nov 13, 1923
Trinity Ave, Bronx, NY
father-Gilbert Smith (farming Somers/Cortland/Peekskill, Westchester Co 1820-50), b ca 1806, looking for where Corinne A Beveridge
Emma Frances Edmund Smith, Susan Scofield 1849 Marcelin Rontey n/a 1915 may have lived in R.I.; 1910 census in Bronx NY Clarissa Leheny
Enock, Everett Smith 1884 Dixie Wilson did not emig 1912
Vernon Parish LA
Enock/Everett aka Joe was killed in a sawmill accident Harold Gosnell
Esther Smith ca 1735
Pelham, Hampshire, MA
Oliver Selfridge n/a not given m 28 Dec 1756 Pelham MA; son, Oliver Jr b 1759 Cornelia Warner
Esther Smith 1772 Richard Durrett Jr not given ca 1830 prob d Bedford Co, VA Joy Durrett
Evelena E William Smith, Eliza Smith 1836 1. Charles O Roome
2. Horace Manuel
not given 8/4/1880 1st m 2 chld-William W S, Francis; 2nd m several chld Clarissa Leheny
Francis Smith ca mid 1600s Lucy Meriwether not given unknown in military and government Betty S Collins
Franklin Thomas Smythe Mar 1905 Clara Hensley unk USA or SCOT Mar 1957
parents from SCOT; m Idaho, move to Spokane WA, 5 chld Pamela An
Frederick Edwin William Smith, Emma Hickman Mar 11, 1875
Curbridge, Oxfordshire, ENG
Charlotte Bessie Foot Nov 7, 1907
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
August 2, 1947
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
arrived on 'Ophir' port of dep-London Eng, bur in Toowong Cemetery, Toowong, taxi drive in Eng carter in Australia, religious followed teachings of William Irvine Leila Muller
George Smith not given Isabell Cunningham? not given not given mar-Tynemouth; dgt Isabell b 1780 m William Grier 11/17/1807 Joyce Grier Hollett
George Arthur John Rigby Smith, Emma Quinn/Whipple 25 Sep 1879 Elizabeth A Treewiler n/a 1951 none given Rita Smith Cornell
George H Joseph Smith 1820
Bethel, Sullivan Co, NY
Olive Cannon na/ 1872
(Damascus, Wayne Co. possibly)
known sisters:  Julia Ann b 1811, married David Sutliff; Maranda b ca 1814, married Calvin Marks; both lived in Wayne Co, PA Ruth Huggler
George R George A Smith, Elizabeth Treewiler 9 Jan 1910 Margaret G Gadwood n/a 30 Aug 2000 none given Rita Smith Cornell
George W unknown June 20, 1819
Chenango or Tompkins Co, NY
1. Priscilla Hoyt
2. Almyra Edwards
none Mar 2, 1890 lived/buried in Owego NY; chld-Julius, Judson, Eddie, Ella Mike DeMott
George W John F Smith, Letitia Hubbard 1829
Wayne Co MI
Mary Slinger did not emig 1916
Wayne Co, MI
saw mill owner, town clerk; chld: Sylvia, Edwin, Gilbert, Albert, Jennie Melissa Levy
George W (IV) Charles W Smith
Jessie Mandana Farnsworth V
Mar 23, 1887
Columbus, Franklin Co, OH
Gabrielle Jean deLattagnant n/a Feb 28, 1919
aboard SS Rochambeau
Died of influenza while on active duty during WWI, docked in NYC Sandra Van Benschoten
Giles C Smith Ireland Elizabeth Raleigh 1843-44 1874
Emfield Plantation
bro Edward D, child-Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Walter Dorothy Dammon
Hanna Smith 12 Dec 1785
Colcheter, Essex, ENG
Joseph Cross Oct 23, 1843
NY on 'Panther'
30 Aug 1874
Navarre, Stark OH
settled in Lancaster PA; chld-Joseph Aubrey, Maria Ann, William, John, Hannah Lydia, Josiah Cornelia Warner
Harmonious Smith Sep 27, 1905
Saratoga Co or Livingston Co NY or poss Canada
Ann Eliza Davenport 1824
Feb 11, 1894
Ionia Co, MI
none given Linda Hopp
Harriet Edmund L Smith, Susan Scofield 1837
Charles Cook n/a unknown husband was a dressmaker Clarissa Leheny
Helen Smythe ca 1863
Co Tipperary
Joseph Omo unknown unknown husb b Ft Wayne IN Robyn Hansen
Henry Smith 1799-1900
Westchester Co., NY
Elizabeth Weaver n/a 1876
Brooklyn, Kings Co NY
Resided Williamsburg, Kings Co NY; rope maker; Methodist-Episcopal Judy Herbert
Henry Smith/Schmidt 1827
Hesse Darnstadt,
Elizabeth Albany (Delaware, McCarty, 2nd Ave) NY unknown son Frederick Wm b 1863 m Kittie Emma Craft Lauri Mosall
Honora David Smith, Johanna Dempsey Jan 26, 1825
Co Tipperary IRE
1. Edward Sweeney
2. Thomas Hickey
Sep 6, 1870
Oct 26, 1889
Worcester MA
emig w/3 dgts as a widow; sis-Katherine Glasgow, Ellen Scanlon; sis 1st to Surrey ENG > Worcester Helen DiPilato
Howard H Robert Smith, Mary Eliz. Symington 1894
Manchester CT
unknown n/a unknown adopted son of Bernhart family, Astoria NY Jill Villatoro
Hymen, Himan William Smith, Abigail Lockwood 1803/4 Margaret Lockwood (1st cousin) not given 7/27/1888 brushmaker w/bros; chn-Himan, Eliza, Hattie, Edward Clarissa Leheny
James Smith not given note given not given not given named in Archibalds Smith's will, Nov 27, 1729, Lewes, Co Sussex DE, as Archibalds's cousin Jackie Helmke
James unknown Smith 1922
Frances Loveridge Aston,
Birmingham ENG
Sep 1963
Birmingham ENG
chld-John, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, James John Smith
James Thomas Smyth, Elizabeth Spencer 1803 Margaret Breuls SFK, ENG > Whitchurch Twp, ONT, CAN 1832 1887
Dickson's Hill Cem., ONT, CAN
farmer; at least 5 dhild:  John, Thomas, Hannah, Julius, Elijah Dawn Smyth Hicks
James Lillie Smith 1818
England, parents b Scotland
Mary Brownle b England of Scottish descent March 15, 1840
New York City
printer in NYC, cld: Charles Backus, Nathaniel, Thomas, James Lillie, William E, John H, Albert, Mary Jane maybe more...all born NYC, Pat Connors
James H George Smith, Elizabeth Rae Apr 18, 1853
Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Mary H Milne May 22, 1873
New York
Jul 9, 1917
Alberta, CAN
buried in Winchester IN Lynne Pistillo
James H Hugh Smith, Mary Hutton bef 1785
Prudence McGee unknown 1827
cld: Mary, James, Prudence, Ephraim, George, John, Margaret, Hugh, Jane Judy Smith
James Lillie James Smith, b Eng; Mary A Brownlee, b Ire 1818
New York City
Laura A Bishop n/a Apr 14, 1892
Brooklyn NY
chld-William B, Mary M, James, Hanry E D, Isabel, George S, Ada Bartlett Pat Connors
James Newton Smith ca 1841
St John,
New Brunswick
Elizabeth Hayes Priest Australia Dubbo
after emig, lived in Wellington & Dubbo; 12 children Pamela Samuels
Jane Smith 1829-31
Patrick Treston n/a aft 1880
dgts-Anna Sarah, Jane, Rosanna Anna Park
Jeani Otilia Alexander Smythe, Margaret Elliot b 23/10/1882 Charles Wall not given Valparaiso, Chile older bro, Harry, d UK, mustard gas; bro-William Grace
John Smith May 12, 1846 Mary Margaret Simons 1854 from Germany Dec 22, 1902
Wentworth, Ontario
sons-Robert, John; any information on either spouse welcome Gail
John James Smythe, Mry Dowsley 1812 Elizabeth Codd ca 1821-24 11 May 1893
Perth, ONT
buried-Elmwood Cemetery, family from Buncloudy, Co Wexford, IRE area S Smythe
John Smith ca 1805 Mary Gordon not given unknown child-William Gordon Betty Boustead
John Smith 1760-1700
not given n/a Feb 4, 1839
Jackson Co. AR
m in KY; lived in Martin & Miami Cos IN; wife d 1834; moved to AR 1835; wounded in War of 1812 Jim Smith
John John Smith, Mary McDonald Ardnamurchan Invernessshire (Argyll) SCOT Mary McEachern 1839
Syndney AU
on 'George Fife'
1870-90 couple left Weeping Springs Mull with Lachlan, Roderick, Hugh, George, Mary, Margaret; moved to Hunter Valley NSW Anne Whiteford
John Smyth Cavan, Ireland Mathilda MacCabe ca 1832 Ontario CAN not given not given Maureen Moore
John Smith
1824 Mary E Spears n/a unknown father from Scotland, lived in Allen Co KT as adult Shirley Benner
John Thomas Smith, Joan Doan 1614
Susanna Hickley 1632 1710
Reverend John Smith Jeanette S Goodfield
John George Smith/Smyth, Elizabeth McCallum 1906 not given 1920s-1930s
looking for siblings and any other info on him Joan Bourgeois
John E James Smith, b Eng of Scottish parents; Mary, b Ireland 1823
New York City, NY
Agnes A Hay n/a May 24, 1899 chld-Agnes S, Amelia W, Emily, Robert Pat Connors
John F Smith not given 1. Letitia Hubard
2. Eliza Simpson
3. Rebecca?
did not emig 1859
Sumpter Twp, Wayne Co, MI
physician, town clerk; chld: George, Sophia, John, Ida, Atlas, Albert, Harriet Melissa Levy
John Frederick George A Smith, Elizabeth Treewiler 27 Oct 1908 Inez Theresa Lockwod n/a 4 Apr 1974 gr son-John Rigby Smith Rita Smith Cornell
John J Smith/Smyth Ireland Margaret A Doyle may be from Cootehill, Co Cavan IRE not given chld-John, Theresa, Agnes Neil
John James Smith, Hugh; Mary ? 1852
Cootehill, Ireland
Elizabeth Jane 1882
Tuxedo Village, Orange Co, NY
not given ran courier business, Tuxedo Express; uncle of Pepper family in Sterling Jonathan Smyth
John Menhenitt Thomas Smith
Mary Anne Menhenitt
Sept 21, 1853
Quethiock, Cornwall
Mary Ann Dinah LYONS 1871
New Zealand
May 23, 1913
came on Ship, Harvest Home with sister, Louisa Jan Howell (nee SMITH) Peter
John Moore Smith Tennessee Mary E Conyers father from Scotland n/a fath d enroute to Scot, chld sent back to TN to moth, fath b Ireland Shelvy Dean
John Paterson Alexander Smyth, Anne Paterson 1873
Jane Tully Liverpool, Lancashire 1956 occupation, Mariner on the Warsdale Kristina Cameron
John Rigby Thomas B Smith, Ann Pilling 1846
Falls River MA
Emma A Quinn parents from England 8/15/1907 sons: Thomas, Walter, George, Will; b1871-82 Rita Smith Cornell
John S Thomas Smith, Elizabeth Stacy 1813
Abigail Minard not given 1862
Elgin Co, ONT
not given Susan
John S Smith 1827
New York
Anna E. ? n/a unknown Marine Engineer; chld-Ella, Franklin, Edwin, Augusta, Hiram W Clarissa Leheny
John William Smyth/Smith 1834
Susan McDermott par-Ire > CAN Dec 6, 1898
Marion, Oregon USA
buried in St Paul Cemetery-Marion OR; child-Elizabeth ca 1868, William ca 1873 D Wiggins Gunderson
Joseph Frank Edward Smyth 7/27/1939 Charlene n/a 1/3/2011 fath-Joseph Holmes Smyth b 1915 Baltimore MD m Grace M Baum of Baltimore; relative names-Keane/Caine Joseph A Smythe
Joseph Joseph Smith, Elizabeth Hughes 1827
Kilmore, County Monaghan, IRE
1. Margaret Connelly
2. Catherine Condon
not given not given joined army 1849, lived in Gibraltar & England; used SMYTH Eileen Bates
Joseph B George Smith, Rebecca Johnson Feb 3, 1810
New Jersey USA
Almira Brown n/a Mar 13, 1891
Pompeii, Gratiot, Michigan
fath d 1841 moth d 1881 both in Middletown NJ; spouse b 1815 NYC d 1896 North Star MI Karen Peterson
Joseph D William Smith,
Jerusha F
ca Feb 1831
Northampton, MA
1. Lucy M Knight
2. Delia Murphy
3. Sarah A Heath
n/a Dec 3, 1901
Springfield MA
chld w/Sarah Heath: Charles Henry 1877-1951, William D 1885-?, Mary Ann, 1873-1891, Hiram, 1880-1882;  Pvt 34th MA Infantry, Co D 1864-65 Laurence J Smith
Julious 'John' H. Smith 1/11/1826
Baltimore MD
Armeta P Feltz n/a 2/12/1907
Milam Co, TX
chn: Jonas, Nonnie, WM Samuel Michelle Seifried
Kathern Smith Central? Ireland Thomas James Christie GA or SC ca 1861? unknown son William b Omagh Ire 1863 Nanci Stephenson
Letitia Smijth Bt, Sir Edward Bowyer; Weyland, Letitia ca 1818
Essex, England
Robert Campbell ca 1839 husband and son to Canada ca 1842 ca 1840 m & d Ireland, husband & son > Peterborough ONT N Garvey
Marcus Smith 1830 Roseanne ? 1870?
Troy NY
Troy NY
chld: Harriet, Elizabeth, Emma, Samuel, Thomas, John, Celina, Mary Kristine Cooney-Ayotte
Margaret Smith Dalziel,
Archibald Davie ca 1798 17 Aug 1852
New York City
m 1798 Dutch Reformed Co NYC, husb from Dalziel & was a merchant in NY Dawn Pratt
Margaret Smythe Loughrea James Foy n/a not given m 1815 Loughrea; lived in Lancashire ENG early 1800s Margaret
Maria Henry Smith,
Elizabeth Weaver
Williamsburgh, Kings Co, NY
Harvey Brundage n/a 1899
Sea Cliff
Nassau Co NY
not given Judy Herbert
Maria Smith 1822
James Hall Jefferson Co 1914 possibly
Lauri Mosall
Maria Richard Smith, Charlotte Thompson 1828
Ballston Spa NY
John K Calkins n/a 1900
Hamilton Co. IA
sibs: Daniel, Lavina, Richard, Savira, Andrew, Martha, Emily, Elijah, anna Mary Ann C O'Brien
Martha Smith ca 1605
John Cheney ca 1633 ca 1684
Newbury, Essex, MA
son Daniel b ca 1633 ENG; he m Sarah Baley 1665 in MA Cornelia Warner
Martha Smith unknown William Mason not given not given m 1 May 1796 Batley, Yorkshire ENG; may have emig USA Cornelia Warner
Martha Smith 1707 Jacob Chissimore when?
unknown none given Lauri Mosall
Martha J Thomas Smith, Mary 'Polly' Medearis 1815
Solomon Durrett n/a 1885
Dallas Co, TX
chn: Rice, Thomas, Richard, Mary, Virginia, Sarah Joy Durrett
Mary Smith prob Northern Ireland Theophilus Simonton before 1737 1765
Rowan County, NC
bro-Archibald (in his will); lived in Lancaster Co, PA, 1737-1754 Jackie Helmke
Mary unk Smyth, Nellie Shields NYC Thomas NY, USA not given gr grandfather b ca 1860, looking for more info Elizabeth Schmeelk
Mary Smythe Belfast James Rutherford n/a unknown not given Wal
Mary E Marcus Smith, Roseanne 1854 James mcGregor n/a 1899
Troy NY
chld: David, Elizabeth, Mark, Samuel, Martha, Emma Kristin Cooney-Ayotte
Mary Jane James Smith, b Eng; Mary A Brownlee, b Ire 1825
Thomas T Hendlen n/a March 1, 1900
Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY
was a widow since 1887, took care of aging mother for many years, no children Pat Connors
Mary Jane Montgomery Smythe, Elisabeth 14 Feb 1865
Lucan, Middlesex, Ontario CAN
Dugald McMillan
George Kaufmann
n/a 26 Nov 1942
Moose Jaw
Saskatchewan CAN
1891census: parent b Ireland; child: Robert, Annie, Kate, Frederick, George Del Christien
Matthew Smith ca 1800 Elizabeth Douglass NSW
Australia both convicts; Elizabeth m Finlayson bef, poss m Shelley after Matthew's death Michelle Conaghan
Matthew James Matthew J Smith, Katherin? 1873
Austin MN
Amanda Gulk n/a 1953
Newell SD
m 1908 SD, chld:  Viola, Thomas, Mary H Sandra Kimbell
May Ethel Edwin A Smith, Harriet M Vail 1881
Huron, Wayne Co, MI
Burton A Craft n/a 1963
Detroit MI
child: Laura Elizabeth Melissa Levy
Merrit William Smith, Abigail Lockwood 1812 Hannah ? not given ?6/12/1857 an oil painter Clarissa Leheny
Morris, Maurice William Smith, Abigail Lockwood 1794 unknown did not emig cholera served War 1812, d during war Clarissa Leheny
Nathaniel James Smith
Mary A Brownlee
New York City
unknown n/a unknown Father b England of Scottish descent, mother b Ireland; printer by trade Pat Connors
Nathaniel Smith not given not given not given ca 1839
Henry Co. IN
m Clementine, dgts-Mary Ann, Sarah Evaline Mary Stuart
Nathan Mead Smith Nov 22, 1827
Pontiac, Oakland Co, MI
not given n/a Feb 7, 1914
Shiawassee Co, MI
none given Willett
Patrick Thomas Smith, Bridget MacBrian ca 1820
Mary Smith 1838
Sydney AU
on 'Jessie'
1892 lived in Hunter Valley NSW, worked as a carrier, wife from Ardnamurchan SCOT Anne Whiteford
Patt Smyth 1833 Ellen McCaule not given not given living Arvagh, Co. Cavan IE, 1867, dgt Margaret Albert Nickerson
Percy Smythe 1917 Cynthia not given 2001 faught in WW2, worked at Travis Perkins 25+ yrs Tyler Smythe
Peter Andrew Richard Smyth, Honora Rice 1893 Mary Ellen Hedrington early 1900s 7/25/1955 m 1915 East Boston, MA, USA Barbara
Phillip Smith England Rose unknown unknown son, John H b Boston MA 1852 Sandie Houle
Richard Richard Smythe 1613
Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Folger ca 1635
17 Mar 1692
Smithtown LI, NY
founder of Smithtown, Long Island NY; nicknamed, "Bull", chld-Johathan, Elizabeth, Richard, Job, Adam, Obadiah, Samuel, Daniel, Deborah Connie Curts
(desc via son, Job)
Robert Robert Smith, Margaret 1626 Kirton,
Lincolnshire, ENG
Mary French 1638 Aug 30, 1693
Boxford, Essex, MA
may have emig as apprentice to Mr Whittingham; Tailor @ Boston MA; 1661-Ipswich, 1664-Topsfiend MA; gr grfather of Joseph Smith, Jr, Mormon Prophet Diana Chapman Owen
Robert Smith, Robert (Major General) England Mrs Elizabeth Lunsford Virginia ca 1687 looking for Elizabeth's maiden name Janelle Cobb
Robert H James Smith, b Eng; Mary A Brownlee, b Ire Sept 1829
Eliza Gardner King n/a Oct 10, 1911
Brooklyn, NY
chld-John S, Robert H, Mary G Pat Connors
Robert Joseph Kidd Love David O Smith, Jean Thomson Stevenston, Ayrshire SCOT Agnes Byer Nesbitt Aug 1887
Liverpool ENG > Baltimore MD
Glendale CA
m 25 Jun 1908 Mineral Co. WV; buried Valhalla Cemetery, San Fernanda Valley CA Cindy Lorenz
Samuel James Smith, b Eng; Mary A Brownlee, b Ire 1833
unknown unknown unknown probably a printer Pat Connors
Samuel Smythe 1870s not given either to Chile or Colombia not given his offspring became a medical doctor R.D. Fell
Simeon George Smith
Sarah Coleman
poss Orange Co, NY
Hester Helm not given 1851
Parke Co, IN
not given Judy S Mitchell
Simeon Wainwright Smith, Mary 1864 Mary Ellen 1906
unknown chld and wife emig 1907 Jean Foster
Steven Smith 1855 Emmalee Catlin unknown 1898 lived in Marion Co, KY; chld-Robert McCord, Rubylee, John, Stevie M Brinley
Susan James Smith
Mary A Brownlee
New York City
unknown n/a unknown Father b England of Scottish descent, mother b Ireland Pat Connors
Sydney Alfred John Smyth(e), Elizabeth Codd Oct 25, 1864 Amelia Leach ca 1903
Canada-SF CA, USA
Nov 23, 1947
Los Angles CA
siblings:  Melissa b 1845, Hester Ann b 1847, Isaak b 1848, Ann b 1850, Issak (2nd) b 1851, Isaak (3rd) b 1852, William b 1853, Albert b 1856, Melvina b 1864; chld-Gordon b 1890, Leonard b 1892, Stanely b 1895 Staci A Smythe
Temple Calhoun Smith 1805
Adair KY
Prescilla Crossley n/a not given chld: Temple, Elizabeth, Mary, Lyola, John, William, Jefferson Coleen Coleman
Thomas Thomas Smith, Julia McDonald 1864
Robbinson, ME
Mary Toner n/a date not given
Derien, CT
Wife b 1865 Northern Ireland, buried in St Joh's RC Cemetery in Derien CT Kathy Usher
Thomas Thomas Smith, Jean Crichton ca 1757
Tynron, Dumfries, Scotland
Janet Chalmers or Chambers n/a date unknown
mar Apr 29, 1773 in Tynron, chld-Catherine, Robert, Agnes, John, William all b Tynron Kirk betw 1774-1786, all died Tynron Vivienne Smith
Thomas Smith County Cavan
Elizabeth Reilly 1849-50 unknown bro-Bernard b 1849-50; settled in Pawkeepsie/Peekskill area, blacksmiths C. Hodges
Thomas Thomas Smyth possibly
Liverpool ENG
Jane Wynes bef 1851 Australia 1903
Port Adelaide,
Sth Australia
father's occupation-carvery & gilder Paul Smyth
Thomas Smith 1826 1. Margaret A Brown
2. Catherine F Stevens
London Twp, MID Co. ONT
London, Ontario, CAN
emig with mother and gparents; child-Margaret, A, Mary J, Crowell W, Thomas, Caroline, Marie, Rosie A. Hugh Brown
Thomas James Smith, Elizabeth Ann Bazendale 1901 Janet Lydia 1911 Home Child, Canada May 1964 from Kirkdale, Liverpool; looking for descendants Dawne Dawe
Thomas Thomas Smith, Mary Smith ca 1832
Sheffield, Yorkshire
Agnes Morrison England >
Lanarkshire, Scotland mid 1860s
26 Jun 1914
father-knife blade forger; also union with Agnes Morrison; raised 7 chld in Wishaw Lindsay Smith
Thomas William Smith, Hannah USA
poss Long Island NY
Elizabeth Stacy not given 1812
not given Susan
Thomas Nicholas Smith, Bridget Co. Meath
Bridgett Heffernon ca 1847 1908 naturalized 1856 Bruce A Sherwood, Sr
Thomas Thomas Smyth 1826 Martha Wall n/a unknown m 1851, St Mary's RC Church, Newport, Wales Kay Lane
Thomas Nicholas Smith, Bridgett ? 1827
Co Meath, Ireland
Bridgett Heffernan 1847
Broome Co NY
Feb 11, 1908
Glen Aubrey
Broome Co NY
child: Nicholas, John, Mary, Anne, William, Charles, Ellen, Catherine Bruce A Sherwood
Thomas James Smyth, Margaret Breuls ca 1844
Whitchurch Twp, York Co, ONT, CAN
unknown n/a unknown poss living East Gwillimbury Twp, ONT, bro of John, Elijah Dawn Smyth Hicks
Thomas Smyth ca 1769 Elizabeth Spencer SFK, ENG > 1832 Whitchurch Twp, ONT, CAN 1847 Farmer, child: Mary, Jas., John W Dawn Smyth Hicks
Thomas Vetren Smith 1818
Sarah Burke unknown 1897
Inwood LI, NY
lived Williamsburgh 1815-70; Cedarhurst 1880 Janet Ritz
Thomas James Smith b England,  Mary Brownle, b Ireland 1816
Amanda Smith did not emig
Yonkers NY
printer, journalist: chld-Amelia, James, Henry, Emma, Augustine, Thomas, George, Isabel, Maud, Lillie Pat Connors
Thomas Andrew Smith 1870
Boone Co, Arkansas
Frances Price n/a 1936
Dryden Cemetery
Hollis OK
10 chld, lived Caddo, Bryan CO > Hollis Harmon Co OK Ed Smith
Thomas F Edward Smyth, Elizabeth Oct 26, 1893 Anna Whaley not given July 7, 1932 not given James J Smyth
Thomas Stephen Thomas Smyth 1825 Jane Wynes unknown 1903
Pt Adelaide
So Australia
m in Albany, Western AU 1851 Julia Sharpe
Thomas Whitehead John Smith, Ruth Gildersleeve 1795
New York
Abigail Brayton not given 1877
not given Judy S Mitchell
Thomas William Portland Robert Smith, Barbara May 15, 1841
At Sea
Jeanette Mary Dunlop 1863 New Zealand 1907
Tokomaru Bay, New Zealand
mother born Ireland, came to NZ with 18th Royal Irish Regiment, married in Gisborne, NZ 1872, lived at Kaitaia, NZ Jeanette de Montalk
Thorbin W Smith unknown unknown unknown unknown Listed Probate Rec-Nathaniel Smith, 1839, Henry Co IN Mary Stuart
Valerie Robert Edward Smythe Oct 31, 1919 Elsie Taylor Nov 1944 Sep 1, 1992 Father was a Canadian soldier, Elsie d 1992 Sally Smythe
Virgil David Larken H Smith 1876 Bessie Ogles n/a 1926
Denton Co, TX
8 children; son Jewel S lived in Aubry, Gainsville TX area Shelvy Dean
Washington William Smith, Abigail Lockwood 1810?
Margaret West n/a 1863 potter, made sewer pipes, glass containers Clarissa Leheny
William John Smyth, Isabella not given Margaret Dinah Styles not given not given lived in Peterborough CAN in 1920s Isabelle Launchbury
William B James Smith b Eng, Mary Ann Brownlee b Ireland 1815
New York City, NY
Susan n/a unknown printer, lived in Yonkers 1860
chld:  Samuel, Mary, Charles, Jennie, Lawrence F, William B
Pat Connors
William David John Smith, Mary Smith 1790 Elizabeth Roberts VA, NC, AL, MS, LA, TX 1881 From 1770s to 1820 went from VA to TX Kathi Freistat
William G Smith 1831
Catharine Logan n/a 1880
Lancaster Missouri
chld:  James, Samuel, Mary, William, Ralph, Emma Lola Angell
William H William Smith, Abigail Lockwood 1798 Harriet?
not given 7/14/1880 chn: Edward, Evelena + ? Clarissa Leheny
William Thomas Charles Smythe, Martha 15 Mar 1879
Benton Tshp, WI
Ada Nix n/a 8 Sep 1879
Benton WI
chld-William, Verne, Charles, Norma (Symons), June (Johnson) of E Dubuque IA Jessica Symons
Wellington Smith 1806 Nancy Kentucky > Arkansas unknown looking for place/date of death and parents names Sandy
William Smythe ca 1944/1945 not given not given not given was in RAF (medical) used to live in Falls Rd, Belfast Liz Jardine
William B James Smith
Mary A Brownlee
New York City
Susan n/a unknown Father,  b England of Scottish descent, mother b Ireland; printer by trade Pat Connors
William Clark Jermiah Smith, Mary Thurber Nov 17, 1824
Suffolk County, NY
1.  Hannah C Wicks
2. Mary J Rose
n/a November 26, 1912
Craigsville/Blooming Grove
Orange Co., NY
moved from Kings Co to Brookyn and then to Orange Co, NY Marie Drummond
William M John or Thomas Smith, Elizabeth Batchelor 15 March 1844
Britton or Warwickshire
Martha Mosingo 1855-6 1 Nov 1928
Oklahoma USA
wife from Maryville MO Caral
William Patton John Pilson Smith, Jr., Elizabeth Hurt 1735
Hanover, Hanover, Virginia
Elizabeth Betsy Massey n/a Dec 29, 1839
Jamestown, Russell Co, VA
DNA match to Elizabeth Massey, through the Smith line Mary Knight McGarr
William Trigg Smyth ca 1827
Whitley Co, KY
Mary Ann Eubank(s) n/a Aug 30, 1890
Newtonia MO
Mexican War Vet, 'Kentucky Smyth', chld-Robert, Margaret, Frances, Joseph, Florence Lisa
Wm C David Smith, Rebecca Rice KY Mary Jane Fultz n/a 1927
at 73 yr old
live with Brines family of MO; spent most of life in IL, Wabash Co, Lick Prairie Tracy Johnson

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