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Full Name Spouse Date of Marriage Place Married
Smith, A. Bradner Cushman, Katherine Ritter 10/26/1839 New York City
Smith, A. Hyett Esq. Kelley, Ann C 4/7/1838 New York City
Smith, Abby Lockwood Husted, Mills Hobby 1885 Greenwich, CT
Smith, Abraham Frasher, Margaret 8/19/1802 Knox County, KY
Smith, Abraham Logan, Mary 9/4/1800 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Abraham R Gilhon, Anna 4/9/1836 Maranham, Brazil
Smith, Adam C Baker, Mary 4/1/1797 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Additon C Lee, Calpurnie 8/5/1860 Franklin County, AR
Smyth, Albert Israel Ryan, Jennie 12/24/1892 Cook County, IL
Smith, Albert W Henning, Priscilla 6/4/1836 Ellsworth, CT
Smith, Alfred P Winchester, Maria 11/2/1839 New York City
Smith, Amos Giles, Kate E 9/20/1871 Fulton Co., IL
Smith, Andrew Madison Carter, Marie 2/8/1874 Adams Co., IN
Smith, Benjamin B Worthington, Laura 2/5/1819 Raleigh NC
Smith, Charles Woodruff (Burbridge), Mary Jane 4/8/1875 Fulton Co., IL
Smith, Charles Backus Canfield, Mary 11/22/1836 New York City
Smith, Charles T Ryer, Mrs Ann 12/3/1836 New York City
Smith, Charlotte Williams, Isaac F 3/27/1831 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Charlotte Blackman, ELijah 10/26/1806 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Charlotte Flannigan, John B 10/9/1811 Knox County, KY
Smith, Charlotte Ann J J Wheeler 1885 not given
Smith, Chas. E Egerton, Mary 2/11/1837 New York City
Smith, Clarissa Moodie Bouton, George Warner P. 12/3/1853 Mariner's Church, NYC
Smith, Coddington Lathrop, Nancy M 9/21/1852 Bozrah Twp, CT
Smith, Cyrus Orr, Sarah 11/7/1877 Hudson, McLean Co, IL
Smith, D. Walter Brace, Clarissa 10/14/1837 New York City
Smith, Daniel Kennon, Polly 5/20/1799 Henry County, VA
Smith, Daniel E Greenlaw, Julia Ann 11/14/1840 New York City
Smith, Deborah Brewster, Comfort 12/2/1736 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Drury Murphy, Polly 4/14/1814 Knox County, KY
Smith, Ebenezer Graham, Betsy 3/4/1800 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Edmund Lockwood (1st) Scofield, Susan Ann 11/18/1830 ?Wilton, CT
Smith, Edmund Lockwood (2nd) Ritch, Adaline 10/15/1862 Greenwich, CT
Smith, Edwin, Esq. McIntyre, Adelia O 9/10/1836 New York City
Smith, Edwin A Vail, Harriet M 12/20/1870 Wayne County, MI
Smith, Elisa Farris, Hezekiah 12/10/1805 Knox County, KY
Smith, Elizabeth Lyman, Samuel Jr 1/13/1723 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Elizabeth Phelps, Elijah 3/2/1769 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Elizabeth Wright, Benoni 1/7/1742 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Elizabeth Lindsey, Henry 11/26/1791 Henry County, VA
Smith, Ellsworth C. Hoyt, Ethel (Levonia) 1909 Fairfield CT
Smith, Eunice Lisdale, Elijah 11/6/1743 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Fanny P(r)ichard, Wm 9/11/1805 Knox County, KY
Smith, G.G. Whitfield, Ann 10/15/1836 New York City
Smith, George Rockwell, Amanda M 5/21/1836 Watertown, NY
Smith, George Earls, Elizabeth 6/8/1775 Granvill County NC
Smith, George Arthur Treewiler, Elizabeth Augusta 1/26/1906 unknown
Smith, George W Talman, Elizabeth L 7/14/1838 New York City
Smith, Gideon Hirston, Mary 4/27/1780 Henry County, VA
Smith, Giles C Elizabeth 9/29/1839 Lismore, Ireland
Smith, Hannah Pain, Clark 3/19/1809 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Hanson W Williams Rachel Ann 12/12/1840 Peekskill, NY
Smith, Harriett Leffear, George 2/25/1800 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Henry Weaver, Elizabeth 3/11/1821 Brooklyn, NY
Smith, Houston Mattingly, Sally 10/16/1902 Knox Co., KY
Smith, Isaac H Smith, Phebe 3/4/1837 White Stone, L.I., NY
Smith, J. Lee Harsell, Catharine 6/6/1840 New York City
Smith, James Brownlee, Mary Ann Jan 1, 1809 New York City
Smith, James Dotson, Malhady Jane 2/26/1857 Franklin AR
Smith, James C Lethe Brown June 6, 1827 Guilford Co, NC
Smith, James Lillie Laura A Bishop July 22, 1841 New York City, NY
Smith, Jane Barton, Litton or Litton, Barton 8/19/1802 Knox County, KY
Smith, Jane Daugherty, Thomas 9/27/1796 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Jerusha Neill, Abraham 9/1/1748 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Joanna West, Joseph Sep 12, 1822 unknown
Smith, Joanna Webster, Pelatiah not date given Lebanon, CT
Smith, Rev John Hinckley, Susanna 1643 Barnstable,  MA
Smith, John Smith, Sarah 11/1/1860 Franklin County, AR
Smith, John Lay, Hannah 4/26/1810 Knox County, KY
Smith, John Collins, Jane 3/5/1796 Shelby County, KY
Smith, John F Simpson, Eliza 3/6/1845 Wayne County MI
Smith, John O King, Abby J 8/25/1841 Franklin Twp, CT
Smith, John R Steel, Sarah 6/19/1855 Franklin County, AR
Smith, John Rigby Quinn, Emma Almira 8/18/1869 Providence RI
Smith, Jonathan Laskey, Catherine June 1823 NY
Smith, Joshua Smith, Maria 7/23/1814 Norwich, CT
Smith, Lorinda Gees, David Jr 3/27/1844 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Lucia Field, Bennett 12/18/1734 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Lucia Brewster, Wm W 4/7/1836 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Lucretia Brewster, David 2/2/1775 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Lucy Tackett, Lewis 3/31/1811 Knox County, KY
Smith, Lucy Dodge, Rev Nehemiah 6/15/1794 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Lucy (widow) Blackman, Elisha Jr 3/22/1753 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Malinda Frances Euckley, Abraham 8/12/1860 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Maria Calkins, John K 8/3/1848 Saratoga County NY
Smith, Maria Smith, Joshua 7/23/1814 Norwich, CT
Smith, Margaret Johnson, John 6/24/1858 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Martha Buel(l), Wm 4/23/1794 Lebanon, CT
Smythe, Mary Rutherford, James ca 1825 Belfast, IRE
Smith, Mary Clark, Wm 1/31/1695 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Mary Lyman, Chester 1809 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Mary Ann Patrick Matthews ca 1889 Co Cavan, IRE
Smith, Mary Jane Thomas T Hendlen July 10, 1879 Manhattan, NY, NY
Smith, Mary Muriel George Reid Kennerley 8 Jun 1938 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
Smith, Melissa Eaton, Chas 11/28/1822 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Michael J Keely, Charlotte A 5/3/1883 New York, NY
Smith, Nathan Smith, Clementine 10/14/1830 Belmont Co, OH
Smith, Obie Flannery, Cleda Mae 4/13/1926 Knox Co., KY
Smith, Oliver Williams, Isaac 11/1/1753 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Oron Rufus Jackson, Emma May 3/31/1900 Memphis, TN
Smith, Patman Loomis, Sarah 6/21/1781 Dresden, NH
Smith, Polly Wright, James 9/7/1809 Knox County, KY
Smith, Prentice O King, Eliza J 4/29/1840 Franklin Twp, CT
Smith, Robert Nevil, Elizabeth 4/16/1799 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Robert H Eliza Gardner King 10/16/1854 NYC, NY
Smith, Ruth Ann Paterson, Jonathan 10/18/1858 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Sally Simmerman, John 11/11/1813 Knox County, KY
Smith, Samual Church, Betty 1/7/1731 Colchester Twp, CT
Smith, Sarah Peters, George W 5/4/1862 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Sarah Nyde, Charles Jr 1/13/1723 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Sarah Smith, John 11/1/1860 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Sarah Ann Sanders, Jesse 4/21/1859 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Simon Wilson, Rebecca 3/14/1798 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Stephen Lynch, Milly 12/18/1798 Shelby County, KY
Smith, Susan M Reed, Elsie Jane 9/15/1859 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Susan Hunter, John 6/16/1852 Franklin County, AR
Smith, Thankful Lyman, Isaac not date given Lebanon, CT
Smith, Theophilus Hunter, M.J. 1/24/1861 Franklin County, AR
Smith (Smyth?), Thomas Elizabeth Bleakney 9/13/1806 Kilfinnance, Co Limerick, IRE
Smith, Thomas Jane Hindes 4 May 1830 Liverpool, England
Smith, Thomas Charlotte Lottie Moody 26 Jan 1860 Edge Hill, Lancashire ENG
Smith, Thomas Hubbard, Mary 3/4/1874 Clay Co., KY
Smith, Thomas Alexander, Betsey 5/13/1795 Henry County, VA
Smith, Thomas Cunningham, Milly 3/29/1798 Henry County, VA
Smith, Thomas Carr Mary J? not given Providence RI
Smith, Walter Edwin Agnes not given Providence RI
Smith, Washington West, Margaret 11/28/1837 New York City, NY
Smith, William Besty 1775 Liverpool, England
Smith, William Henry Judith Ellen Hebb 4 Oct 1895 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
Smith, William Marion Watley, Minerva "Minnie" 8/10/1887 Escatawpa, Jackson Co., MS
Smith, William Marion Maria ca 1816 Brooklyn, NY
Smith, William Martin Moore, Martha Ann 1/18/1866 Montgomery Co., AL
Smith, William Oliver Pointer, Nancy Jane 6/19/1861 Franklin County, AR
Smith, William P Eichenberger, Mary Ann 9/30/1860 Franklin County, AR
Smith, William Watson Jeal, Martha Jane 3/4/1866 Brooklyn NY
Smithe, Genevieve Costello, Theophylus P 1876 Toronto, ONT,  Canada

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