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Full Name Parents/Spouse/Remarks Date of Death or Notice, Age Place of Death
Smith ?? Abijah, spouse 7/4/1798, 77 yrs Lebanon, CT
Smith, Abigail Lockwood dgt of Thaddeus & Sarah Lockwood 11/23/1833, age 61 48 Orchard, NY
Smith, Abijah not given 9/13/1800, 70 yrs Lebanon, CT
Smith, A.J. Co. A, 117th Vol.;  Cynthia A, spouse 1924, b 1840 Danville, IN
Smith, Albert b 1822, par:  Mary Ann Brownlee, James Smith
wife:  Lucretia B
April 6, 1882, 60 yr Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY
Smyth, Albert Israel b 7/6/1863, Hamilton ONT CAN 12/24/1931, 68 yrs Cook Co. IL
Smith, Amasa (Amzy, Amaza, Amza) Caleb & Hannah Drake Smith/ Saphronia Sweetland 1859 Knoxville, Tioga Co., PA
Smith, Amelia parents:  James Smith, Mary Ann Brownlee Sept 14, 1862, 33 yr Manhattan, NYC, NY
Smith, Austin M not given 5/18/1872, 80 yrs Danville, IN
Smith, Azariah Amasa & Saphronia Smith/Abigail Burlingame 8/7/1889 Parkers Prairie MN
Smith, Bernard son of Brian & Christian Brady Smith Jun 26, 1906, approx 51 Co Meath, IRE
Smith, Caleb B son of Israel H & Emily J 12/1/1864, 1 mo Putnam Co, IN
Smith, Charles Backus son of Mary Brownlee, James Smith
husband of Maria Canfield
Aug 16, 1891
80 yr
Kings County, NY
Smith, Charley L son of W.A. & Viola 3/21/1888, 4mos Danville, IN
Smith, Charlie b 3/7/1908 2/12/1955 Knox Co., KY
Smith, Cynthia A A.J. Smith, spouse 1897, b 1820 Danville, IN
Smith, Edmund Lockwood son of William & Abigail Smith 4/17/1886, age 79 Portchester NY
Smith, Elita not given 1916 Knox Co., KY
Smith, Eliza Mrs. 8/19/1792 Lebanon, CT
Smith, Eliz'h Sam'l Smith, taylor, father 8/19/1792, 1 yr 1 mo New York City
Smith, Ellen b 5/21/1898 8/1/1961 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Emily b 11/16/1887 7/15/1946 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Emily J. Israel H, spouse 1882, b 1841 Putnam Co., IN
Smith, Ethel b 1917 1962 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Ezekiel not given Mar 1825, 70 yrs Lebanon, CT
Smith, Frank not given d 1932 Knox Co., KY
Smith, Geneva b 9/24/1888 8/31/1890 Knox Co., KY
Smith, Giles C. not given 10/14/1874 Elmwood Plantation, LA
Smith, Hannah James, spouse 9/4/1872, 72 yrs Danville, IN
Smith, Henry John & Jane Sheppard Smith (parents),
Katherine Appel (wife)
2/6/1940 Sharon, PA
Smith, George par-Robert & Polly, Elizabeth Earls, spouse 4/30/1838 Ashe Co., NC
Smith, Hazel Rev. Abe Smith July 8, 2003 Knox Co hospital
Smith, Hazel not given 1931, b 1894 Danville, IN
Smith, infant son of H.A. & Alice T 4/16/1887, 2 days Danville, IN
Smith, Israel H Emily J., spouse 1886 b 1838 Putnam Co., IN
Smith, James Mary Brownle, spouse, children include:  Charles Backus, Nathaniel, Susan, William B, Thomas, James Lillie, William E, Amelia, Robert, Albert, John E, Mary Jane Smith Hendlen Born April 13, 1785, England of Scottish parents

Died March 15, 1840

New York City
Smith, James John & Jane Sheppard Smith, parents 2/25/1938 Pittsburgh, PA
Smith, James not given 9/23/1874, 81 yrs Danville, IN
Smith, James D Sabina, spouse 8/25/1911, 79 yr Danville, IN
Smith, James Lillie parents:  James Smith, Mary Ann Brownlee
wife:  Laura A Bishop
Apr 14, 1892, 74 yr Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY
Smith, Jane b 1961 1962 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Joe L b 3/18/1903 12/29/1971 Knox Co., KY
Smith, John Jane Sheppard, wife 1/14/1906 Pittsburgh, PA ??
Smith, John b 2/17/1862 9/22/1927 Knox Co., KY
Smith, John E parents:  James Smith, Mary Ann Brownlee
wife:  Agnes A Hay
May 24, 1899
age:  76 yr
Bronx, NYC, NY
Smythe, John Spouse #1, Margaret Stevenson: #2, Mary E Stevenson 16 Oct 1908 Ballymena, Co Antrim NI
Smith, John A b 9/19/1866 11/29/1949 Perry Co., KY
Smith, John W b Morgan Co., VA 2/23/1890 Astoria, IL
Smith, Katie M. James & Catherine Heenan Smith (parents), William J Harley (spouse) Allentown, PA  
Smith, Kermit Alonzo Spouse #1, Mary Angeleri; #2, Adelina Bringas 6/23/1980 San Diego Co., CA
Smith, Laura John A, spouse 2/19/1957, b 1893 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Leon O Katherine, spouse, m 3/10/1945 1968, b 1912 Danville, IN
Smyth, Margaret John Smyth, father 1/20/1841, 29 yrs New York City
Smith, Margaret S John D & Delia, parents 7/23/1851 Danville, IN
Smith, Marion Herr not given 1965, b 1900 Daviess Co., KY
Smith, Mary m. Calkins, par-Richard Smith, Charlotte Thompson Mar 11, 1900 Iowa
Smith, Mary 4/4/1806 3/8/1886 Putnam Co., IN
Smith, Mary James Smith, father of Philadelphia 5/6/1937 New York City
Smith, Mary Ann (Brownlee) b Feb 20, 1790
father:  Thomas Brownlee
spouse:  James Smith
d Jun 6, 1872
15 children
Brooklyn NY
Smith, Mary J. not given 10/14/1863, 23 yrs Putnam Co., IN
Smith, Mary Jane parents:  James Smith, Mary Ann Brownlee
husband:  Thomas T Handlen
Mar 1, 1900
75 yr
Kings Co, NY
Smith, Mary Muriel George Reid Kennerley 27 Mar 1960 Manitoba, Canada
Smith, Michael not given 6/13/1840, 36 yrs New York City
Smith, Michael John William Smith, Ann Brady (parents),
Charlotte Dean Keely (2nd wife)
2/12/1895, 60 yrs New York City
Smith, Morris William & Abigail Smith 7/6/1827 48 Orchard, NY
Smith, Nancy Ann not given 1976, b 1926 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Naomi C. Hanford Smith (father) 10/7/1837, 7yrs 4 mos New York City
Smith, Nelson b 5/13/1888 1/23/1975 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Othniel not given 8/27/1836, 49 yrs New York City
Smith, Parilee not given 1944, b 1906 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Pauline not given not given Knox Co., KY
Smith, Pearl John A & Laura, parents 1930, b 1919 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Perry b 6/4/1805 6/18/1890 Putnam Co., IN
Smith, Peter from New Orleans, steam boat explosion 5/6/1839 Mississippi River
Smith, Peter W not given 1/16/1876, b 1826 Daviess Co., KY
Smith, Rachael B not given 10/24/1839, 48 yrs New York City
Smith, Robert not given 2/17/1884, 63 yrs Danville, IN
Smith, Robert H parents;  James Smith, Mary Ann Brownlee
wife:  Eliza Gardner King
Oct 10, 1911, 82 yrs Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY
Smith, Roy Lee Steve & Mildred, parents 1966, b 1966 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Gen. Samuel native of Lancaster Co., PA 4/27/1839, 86+ yrs Baltimore, MD
Smith, Sabina James D, spouse 3/21/1894, 63 yrs Danville, IN
Smith, Samuel Jenks 'Sunday Morning News', editor, NYC 4/18/1840 at sea, to England
Smith, Sarah not given 1937, b 1921 Perry Co., KY
Smith, Simon not given 10/23/1959, b 1896 Daviess Co. KY
Smith, Sophia Joseph Smith, spouse 5/21/1839 Manlius, NY
Smith, Susan Scofield 1st wife of Edmund L Smith 7/29/1861 Portchester NY
Smyth, Father Thomas Brian & Christina Brady Smith 9/14/28, 80 yr Srpingfield MA
(Sacred Heart Church)
Smith, Thomas parents:  James Smith, Mary Ann Brownlee
wife:  Amanda Smith (same maiden name)
Aug 21, 1874, 58 yr Yonkers, NY
Smith, Thomas Charlotte Lottie Moody Jan 1900 Liverpool, England
Smith, Thomas Jane Hindes 16 Dec 1864 Liverpool, England
Smith, Thomas not given 2/26/1841 New York City
Smith, Thomas Whitehead John Smith, Ruth Gildersleeve
spouse:  Abigale Brayton
January 29, 1877 Iowa
Smith, Rev Thomas G Reformed Dutch Ch, Tarrytown, pastor 4/10/1837, 80 yrs Tarrytown, NY
Smith,  Thomas R not given 8/20/1836, 49 yrs New York City
Smith, Viola not given 1923, b 1862 Danville, IN
Smith, Judge William former US Senator from Alabama 6/25/1840, 76 yrs Huntsville, AL
Smith, William William 1804, 44 yrs England
Smith, William not given 1977, b 1908 Knox Co., KY
Smith, William not given 1/27/1840, 64 yrs New York City
Smith, William A not given 1953, b 1858 Danville, IN
Smith, William Henry Judith Ellen Hebb 25 Sep 1924 Manitoba, Canada
Smith, Woodson b 8/7/1900 1/27/1950 Knox Co., KY

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