1st Methodist Episcopal Church of Brooklyn

(Popularly referred to as Sands St. Methodist Episcopal Church)
 FHL Film 0017531

Transcribed & Contributed by Judy Herbert

Sorted by alpha by Smith grooms, then alpha by Smith brides. 
Instances of the Smith surname are highlighted.

Smith, Abner C. Marshal, Hope 04/01/1826 Thos. Burea 106
Smith, Alfred Banister, Allice Wilhelmina 08/03/1845 H.F. Pease Both of Brooklyn 71
Smith, Andrew Baggott, Matilda 12/30/1849 W.H. Norris Both residing in Brooklyn 80
Smith, Aquess [witness to an 1885 marriage in this Church] index p.201
Smith, C.C. [witness to an 1878 marriage in this Church] index p.201
Smith, Arthur Lammason, Martha Ann 08/15/1835 B. Creagh 56
Smith, Carman Combs, Phebe 02/08/1832 John C. Green 115
Smith, Charles Hanning, Margaret 10/13/1869 Geo. F. Kettell He of N.Y. and she of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  Mrs. S.N.F. Odell & Henry Smith. 118
Smith, Charles Watson Ward, Mary Frances 01/19/1870 Geo. F. Kettell Both of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  Ellen Early & Mary A. Kettell 118
Smith, Edward M. Crook, Mary E. 04/16/1874 F.P. Tower Witnesses:  Abel Crook & Warren S. Crook. 124
Smith, George [witness to an 1852 marriage in this Church] index p.202
Mrs. George A. Smith [witness to an 1880 marriage in this Church] index p.202
Smith, Geo. Alf. Olliffe, Henrietta F. 04/23/1878 Lindsay Parker Witnesses:  Chas. P. Woodroff & F.A. Nash 133
Smith, George D. Manning, Emma C. 11/04/1868 G. DeLaMoty Both of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  W. Duboise & N.O. DeLaMoty 115
Smith, George W. Brown, Georgiana 11/27/1877 Lindsay Parker Witnesses: 'bride's father and mother'.  Shows "81 Middagh St." - can't tell what address this is - place of marriage, or residence of one of the participants. 131
Smith, George W. Davis, Margaret 07/05/1841 Peter C. Oakley Both of Brooklyn.  Marriage in Brooklyn, L.I. 65
Smith, Henry Bunce, Elizabeth 08/22/1844 H.F. Pease Both of Northport, L.I. 70
Smith, Henry Weaver, Elisabeth 03/11/1821 Henry Chase 98
Smith, Hiram F. Goodfellow, Adaline 05/30/1859 J.B. Hagany 94
Smith, Isaac Betts, Nancy 10/09/1843 L.M. Vincent Both of Islip, L.I. 69
Smith, J. Oliver Walters, Hannah T. 08/08/1877 Lindsay Parker Witnesses:  Jacob T. Reyder & Henry O. Walters.  [Note:  J. Oliver did not appear in the index of Smith marriages, although Hannah did.] 131
Smith, Jacob Southard, Jane 04/19/1806 S. Merwin Pg. heading states, "Black People" 88
Smith, James Spragg, Hannah 03/30/1822 Lewis Pease "Brooklyn" 99
Smith, James E. Pool, Martha 09/26/1855 R.M. Hatfield He of Brooklyn, she of English Neighborhood, N.J.  Marriage in parsonage. 87
Smith, Jarvis Jadwin, Catharine 02/08/1836 B. Creagh 57
Smith, John McLeod, Margaret 02/03/1862 B.H. Nadal Witnesses:  Minister's family 98
Smith, John B. Degraw, Sarah 04/29/1828 S. L. Stillman 111
Smith, John G. Farrington, Elizabeth 12/31/1837 W.H. Norris Both of N.Y. 59
Smith, John H. Wyckoff, Catharine 07/14/1851 J.W.B. Wood Both of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  Mrs. Janette A. Smith & Mrs. Jane C. Smith. 83
Smith, John N. Doxsey, Susan C. 12/25/1837 W.H. Norris Both of Brooklyn 59
Smith, Jospeh C. Morris, Sarah 05/11/1852 J.W.B. Wood He of N.Y., she of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  the families 86
Smith, Moses A. Carpenter, Sarah E. 11/25/1868 G. DeLaMoty He of Brooklyn, she of Flushing.  Witnesses:  Marvin Richardson & Sarah J. Patterson. 115
Smith, Nehemiah G. Sands, Dency 01/30/1851 J.W.B. Wood He of Babylon, she of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  Br. Bedells family & William Mott. 82
Smith, Robert Polson, Ann 09/23/1860 B.H. Nadal 96
Smith, Roswell B. Redfoth, Miss Lizzie M. 05/31/1880 S. Breckenridge Witnesses:  Mrs. M.J. Redfoth & Miss E.J. Croak.  Marriage at 24 Ormund Pl. 136
Smith, Stephen S. Prentice, Jennie 05/31/1869 G. DeLaMoty He of Emporium, PA and she of Nunda, N.Y.  Witnesses:  Mr. & Mrs. Chapman. 117
W.H. Smith [witness to an 1875 marriage in this Church] index p.202
Smith, William Vandine, Magdalene 06/16/1839 F. Reed Both of Brooklyn. 63
Smith, William C. Lawrence, Margret 11/16/1815 N. Emery 93
Smith, William D. McCoun, Sarah J. 11/04/1834 Thomas Burch 119
Hatten, Wm. Thos. Donnell, Alice O. 11/19/1883 L.R. Streeter Witnesses:  Edward P. Smith & Sadie S. Smith.  Marriage was in the parsonage. 145
Ayers, David Smith, Ann M. 09/03/1815 Nathan Emery 93
Perego, Alfred Smith, Anna A. 07/07/1858 John B. Hagany Witnesses:  Both families 92
Williams, Seth C. Smith, Annie A. 12/26/1864 C. Fletcher He of N.Y. and she of Brooklyn.  Witnesses: "in the Church" 106
Rendells, John Smith, Caroline Matila 06/04/1834 Thomas Burch 119
Baker, James A. Smith, Clarrissa Ann 09/15/1841 Peter C. Oakley Both of Brooklyn, married in Brooklyn. 66
Watts, Samuel Smith, Deborah 01/03/1836 B. Creagh 56
Arason, John J. Smith, Eliza 10/16/1831 John C. Green 115
Piercy, Henry R. Smith, Eliza B. 05/22/1819 Wm. Ross "Brooklyn" - "NOTE:  This marriage is testified to by Mrs. Ross widow of Rev. Wm. Ross and others - But was not recorded at the time, as Mr. Ross left the place early next morning, and did not return to the station as was expected.  Saml. Luckey" 103
Booth, George Butler Smith, Elizabeth 09/24/1835 B. Creagh 56
Brown, Levi Smith, Elizabeth 03/11/1822 Lewis Pease "Brooklyn" 99
Cook, Benjamin Smith, Elizabeth 12/11/1808 Danl. O. Elder 89
Leech, William Smith, Elizabeth 01/03/1828 S. L. Stillman 109
McLaughlin, James Smith, Elizabeth 05/04/1851 J.W.B. Wood He of N.Y., she of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  "In Church" and "the congregation". 82
Pague, Anktiell Smith, Elizabeth 08/20/1830 N. Levings 113
Barclay, Henry A. Smith, Emily 03/20/1869 G. DeLaMoty He of N.Y., she of London, Eng.  Witnesses:  N.O. DeLaMoty & Lizzie Smith. 117
Biggart, Henry Smith, Harriet H. 05/27/1856 L.S. Weed Both of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  M.F. Odell 89
Hartshorne (or Hartshome) Smith, Jane 03/26/1842 Peter C. Oakley Both of N.Y. City, married in N.Y. 66
Rustin, Wm. George Smith, Jane Augusta 12/31/1867 E.G. Andrews Both of Brooklyn.  Witnesses:  friends of parties. 114
Mrs. Jane C. Smith [witness to an 1851 marriage in this Church] index p.202
Janette Smith [witness to a marriage in this Church in 1851] index p.202
Janette A. Smith [witness to a marriage in this Church in 1851.  This is the same marriage that Jane C. Smith witnessed.] index p.202
Hulet, William Smith, Jenny 04/16/1812 Wm. Thacher "Colored" 91
Keables, Thomas A. Smith, Lottie H. 10/08/1865 C. Fletcher He of Brooklyn, she of Conn.  Witnesses:  friends & M.F. Odell. 108
Somerville, James Smith, Maggie 04/02/1884 L.R. Streeter Witnesses:  Henry Davidson & Maggie Davidson.  Marriage in parsonage. 146
Young, Timothy C. Smith, Margret 10/01/1832 John C. Green 116
Burritt, Benjamin Smith, Mary 07/20/1811 Wm. Thacher 90
Carpenter, Thomas Smith, Mary 08/25/1827 Saml. Luckey 109
Russel, Benjaman Smith, Mary 12/26/1807 Mr. Elijah Woolsey, Minister in Bklyn. 89
Vandevere, Cornelis Smith, Mary 04/09/1826 Thos. Burea 106
Williams, George W. Smith, Mary Abigail 04/06/1841 Peter C. Oakley Both of Brooklyn.  Marriage in Brooklyn. 65
Barber, Joseph Smith, Mary Ann 01/04/1829 S. Landon 112
Brown, Alanson Smith, Mary Ann 11/20/1823 Wm. Ross 101
Hosmer, George W. Smith, Mary Ann 04/26/1826 Thos. Burea 106
Bulmer, Jas. Jr. Smith, Mary C. 06/08/1843 L.M. Vincent He of N.Y. City, she of L.I. 68
Blydensburgh, Wm. S. Smith, Mary E. 01/25/1860 J.B. Hagany Witnesses:  my family 95
Powel, Albert Smith, Mary Jane 12/03/1823 Wm. Ross 101
Nellie H. Smith [witness to a marriage in this Church in 1884] index p.202
VanVoorhis, Uriah Smith, Phebe 10/13/1839 F. Reed Both of Brooklyn. 63
Davis, Wright Smith, Sally 02/15/1824 Wm. Ross 102
Wells, Nicoll Smith, Sally 05/13/1812 Wm. Thacher 91
Jacobus, James Smith, Sarah Ann 12/25/1827 Saml. Luckey 110
Leannarda, Walter Smith, Sarah E. 05/26/1849 W.H. Norris He 26 & native of Philadelphia, she 25 & native of OH, both residing in N.Y. 78
Allen, James Seamond Smith, Sarah Emma 05/31/1877 Lindsay Parker Witnesses:  Charles Carpenter & Emma Plawright. 130
Dubois, Edward Snowden, Elizabeth 12/11/1856 Jno. Miley Both of Brooklyn (E.D.)  Witnesses:  Jospeh Smith & Emma Smith. 90


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