Register of Deaths, Liber No 4, Aug 17th 1820 to Apr 18 1824, LDS film #0,447,545
1820 Surname First Address Born Age at Death Cause Buried
Aug 28 Smith Betsy Almshouse NY 24 typhoid fever Potter's Field
Aug 29 Smith William penetentiary NJ 43 dropsy of chest Potter's Field
Smith Susan Greenwich NY 7m dysentery African Zion
Sep 7 Smith William H Gold St New London 72 inflamed lungs Trinity
Smith William 125 Flymarket NY 8m infantile flux Lutheran
Sep 14 Smith Betsy 53 Lombardy St NY 28 fever Potter's Field
Sep 18 Smith Charity Broome St NY 1y6m Sprue Bethel Baptist
Sep 24 Smith Betsy 582 Broome St NJ 23 Dropsy    Potter's Field
Smith Nancy Bedford St NY State 22 consumption Potter's Field
Sep 25 Smith Abraham penetentiary NY 14 fever Potter's Field
Oct 2 Smith William Almshouse NY 49 fever Potter's Field
Oct 5 Smith Mary penetentiary NY 24 syphilis Potter's Field
Oct 24 Smith Zeri Flymarket Bridgeport CT 35y10m inflamed lungs Dutch Middle
Nov 3 Smith Fanny Bancker St Orange Co 19 childbirth Potter's Field
Smith Maria Almshouse NY 10m marasmus? Potter's Field
Nov 7 Smith Thomas Broadway NY 54 dropsy chest African burial ground
Smith Rosanna Almshouse NY 24 consumption Potter's Field
Nov 20 Smith William Almshouse NJ 48 fever Potter's Field
Smith William hospital NY 27 fever Potter's Field
Dec 3 Smith John A. Watt St NY 26y6m consumption Trinity
Dec 13 Smith Elizabeth Delancy St NY 3y dropsy head Presbyterian Rutgers St
Dec 14 Smith William Henry St England 35 palsy Trinity
Dec 18 Smith Elizabeth Provost St NY no age given not given Lutheran
Dec 21 Smith Caleb 47 Greenwich St Rye 1y3m10d measles Bethel Baptist
Jan 4 Smith Nicholas Bedford St NY 14 hemiphelia African burial ground
Jan 9 Smith John   Moore St NY 22 consumption African burial ground
Jan 15 Smith Ch's L's girl Division St NY 1d convulsions Bethel Baptist
Jan 15 Smith Joseph 29 Henry St Orange Co 26 fever Potter's Field
Jan 22 Smith Charles 231 Mulberry St NY 1y8m27d inflamed brain Presbyterian Pearl St
Jan 30 Smith Alvin's girl Grand St NY 1m6d convulsions Bethel Baptist
Feb 2 Smith Sally 70 Bancker St NY State 32 consumption Potter's Field
Feb 12 Smith Mary hospital NY 1y dropsy head St Patricks
Feb 14 Smith Andrew 37 Mulberry ST NY 5m measles Presbyterian 1st
Feb 25 Smith Prosper Almshouse NY 7d convulsions Potter's Field
Feb 28 Smith Eliza Caroline Mott St NY 5m14d inflamed liver St Stephens
Mar 25 Smith Lavinia Mulberry St NY 1y6m consumption Abyssinian Baptish
Mar 30 Smith Shipley F's girl Chrystie St NY at birth still born Dutch Middle
Apr 24 Smith Maria 39 Thomas St NY 24 consumption Asbury African
May 4 Smith David 5 Burling Slip NY 44 consumption Baptist Fayette St
May 8 Smith Clarissa 45 Walnut St NY 30 suicide Potter's Field
May 22 Smith George 25 Oliver St NY 2y8m hives Baptist Fayette St
May 23 Smith George 143 Pump St NY 2y2m by a fall Associate refd 2nd
May 27 Smith O's dgt Heston & Mott NY at birth still born St Pauls
May 31 Smith Ann Lombardy St NY 53 consumption African burial ground
Jun 9 Smith Ann 75 Mott St NY 6m inflamed lungs Asbury African
Jun 20 Smith Betsy 112 Duane St NY 1y14d hives Potter's Field
Jun 22 Smith Ann Ann St NY 17 inflamed lungs Asbury African
Jul 13 Smith Ja's son Mott & Spring NY at birth still born St Patricks
Jul 15 Smith Andrew Coffeehouse Slip NY 3m head dropsy Lutheran
Jul 18 Smith Nancy Almshouse NY 70 dysentery Potter's Field
Jul 20 Smith Elizabeth Governeur St NY 25 consumption Trinity
Jul 18 Smith Matilda 46 Pike St NY 1m14d Sprue Potter's Field
Jul 20 Smith John Herring St NY 2d convulsions Potter's Field
Aug 3 Smith Charles hospital NY 46 apoplexy Potter's Field