The SMITH Family Crest & Coat of Arms


Early New York Naturalizations
Smith/Smythe 1715-1775


These records were redacted from the book:  DENIZATIONS, NATURALIZATIONS, AND OATHS OF ALLEGIANCE IN COLONIAL NEW YORK, compiled by Kenneth Scott and ken Stryker-Rodder

Surname First Residence Occupation Date Remarks
Smith A. Matthias Bedford, West. Co. hatter 5/18/1775
Smith A. William New York City blacksmith 4/21/1774
Smith A. Zechariah Dutchess Co. yeoman 5/26/1773
Smith Adam Meichel Albany Co. 4/27/1716
Smith Barent New York City tailor 7/27/1768
Smith Christoher New York City 5/3/1755 took oath 10/24/1755
Smith Coenraad 9/11/1761
Smith Coenraed Albany Co. 1/17/1715-16
Smith Conradt 1/27/1770
Smith Daniel New York City labourer 4/21/1748
Smith Daniel New York City bondsman 11/8/1798
Smith Henry 12/31/1768
Smith Henry 3/8/1773
Smith Johan  3/8/1773
Smith Johan Adam Albany Co. 1/17/1715-16
Smith Johan Christ Albany Co. 1/3/1715-16
Smith Johan Georg Ulster Co. 9/?/1715
Smith Johan Hendrick 9/11/1761
Smith Johan Nicholas 9/11/1761
Smith Johan Willem 11/16/1739
Smith Johannes 9/11/1761
Smith John baker 11/24/1750
Smith John 12/31/1768
Smith John 2/16/1771
Smith John Conradt 3/8/1773
Smith Johnathan Hempstead 1673
Smith Lambert Tappan yeoman 8/22/1715
Smith Martin 7/3/1759
Smith Matthias New York City 5/3/1755
Smith Michael labourer 11/24/1750
Smith Niccolas Albany Co. 1/17/1715
Smith Nicolas Ulster Co. 9/8/1715
Smith Peter Albany Co. 11/22/1715
Smith Peter Albany Co. 1/17/1715-16
Smith Philip 12/31/1768
Smith Philip 3/8/1773
Smith Poulus Ulster Co. 9/8/1715
Smith Wilhelmus 9/11/1761
Smith William New York City blockmaker 9/22/1761
Smith William Ulster Co. blacksmith 10/18/1750 Dutch Reformed
Smith Zacharis     10/29/1730

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