The SMITH Family Crest & Coat of Arms


Early New York Naturalizations
Smith/Smythe 1832-1840


These records were redacted from the book:  NEW YORK ALIEN RESIDENTS 1825-1848, compiled by Kenneth Scott and Rosanne Conway

Surname First Residence Occupation Date Remarks
Smith Andrew New York City merchant 2/17/1837
Smith Bridget Niagara Co. 1/7/1835
Smith Bryan Albany laborer 5/10/1834
Smith Catherine New York City   5/11/1839
Smith Clotilda New York City 1/11/1844 widow of John J
Smith Connay Schodack,Renss Co. 5/7/1833
Smith Cornel Columbia Co. 10/24/1828
Smith Edward Pitcher, Chenango 12/14/1830
Smith Eleanor New York City 4/20/1846 widow of Samuel
Smith Elizabeth New York City 12/9/1846 widow of Andrew
Smith George New York City blacksmith 6/9/1828
Smith George New York City 11/14/1835 late of Scotland
Smith George Collins, Erie Co. 9/20/1842
Smith Hiram Erie Co. 3/3/1835
Smith James Islip, Suffolk Co. farmer 11/11/1847
Smith James Allen Brooklyn, Kings Co. 6/29/1835
Smith John Malone, Franklin Co. 5/3/1832 born U.K.
Smith John Onondaga Co. 3/4/1834
Smith John Oswego Co. 9/28/1837 born England
Smith John M. Lockport, Niagara Co. 1/8/1836
Smith John V. Peekskill, West. Co. 5/2/1840 b Eng, in US 9 yrs
Smith Joseph Onondaga Co. 7/1/1839
Smith Lucy Catskill, Greene Co 7/30/1845
Smith Owen Albany Co. 5/29/1846
Smith Patrick New York City 1/28/1828 born Ireland
Smith Patrick Buffalo, Erie Co gunsmith 12/22/1834
Smith Patrick New York City 12/27/1847
Smith Robert Delhi, Delaware Co. 12/12/1831
Smith Robert Ontario Co. 12/29/1846
Smith Samuel Pendleton, Niagara Co. 9/9/1836
Smith Sarah Elizabeth Allen Kings Co. 1/5/1837
Smith Thomas Buffalo, Erie Co 1/11/1834
Smith Thomas Hudson, Columbia Co. 3/15/1841
Smith Thomas Troy, Rensselaer Co. 9/17/1847
Smith Thomas Clay, Onondaga Co. 12/15/1847
Smith Thomas C. Buffalo, Erie Co 3/11/1843
Smith William Westchester, West. Co 6/28/1830 in NY 8 yrs
Smith William Albany 5/26/1837
Smith William Buffalo, Erie Co 1/30/1847
Smith William New York City 2/12/1848

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