1865 New York State Census for Kings County
for SMITH, SMYTHE and all other spellings found


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***REMEMBER:  This is not a source document.  It is merely an index.  If you think you find an entry of one of your ancestors, remember to go back to the original document to check the accuracy of the entry.  The wards were very difficult to figure out the writing so you will find some ??.  First of all, the enumerator used large swirls for the capital letters and they crossed over both the above and below entries at times.  Secondly, some of the pages were very light and hard to read.  Then, of course, ink smears and such also hindered our transcribing.  The numbering of dwellings and families also was skewed and some of missing. 



ABBREVIATIONS used:  dgt=daughter, bdr=boarder, svnt=servant, IL=in law, moth=mother, fath=father, neph=nephew, stp=step, adpt=adopted, gr=grand (like gr son= grandson), sis=sister, bro=brother

RELATIONSHIPS:  There were more than one enumerator for the census and for the wards.  Some put child instead of daughter or son, others put father and/or mother instead of head of household and wife.  When the sex of the child was clear, dgt or son was entered.  Sometimes the enumerators got the relationships very wrong and you will find SIC near what was entered.  This means the transcriber recognized the mistake but entered the erroneous relationship.

NUMBER OF CHILDREN:  Instructions for this census was that the question was to be asked of the mother and entered on the mother's census line.  However, at least one of the enumerator put the number of children for the husband and not the wife. 

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Instructions to the enumerator was to put county of birth, if born in New York State, put state name only if born out of NYS but within the USA, and put country only if born outside of USA.  Therefore, Washington=NYS county, WA=state of Washington, DC=Washington DC, Albany=Albany county, NYC/New York=New York County (Manhattan).  Of course, like anything else, at times the enumerator put in a city and/or town.  If he did, we also used it.  Also, at times he put in NY, which could be city, county or state.

DISTRICTS:  Each ward is divided by districts.  When a new district starts the dwelling and family numbers start with 1.  Some of the wards did not distinguish between one district from another.  They didn't give the boundaries and the transcriber could only know they were in a different district by the dwelling and family numbers.  Each ward has descriptions of what they thought were different districts.

WARDS:  Each ward was or is being transcribed by a different person, and will have different information so please check the individual notes for each ward.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  You will find many ?? in our transcriptions.  They are there because we were not 100% sure of the entry but interpreted them to the best of our ability.  Also, you will find a number of (sic), this means we recognized the enumerator made a mistake but we are transcribing exactly as written.   Always refer to the film or original census for accuracy.

TABLE HEADINGS:  Each transcriber transcribed different data so their headings will be different.

NEEDED:  More help with this project.  If you would like to transcribe a ward, contact Judy Herbert.


(as separated on the FamilySearch site)
(5-1 = 5th ward, 1st distrist)

1 2 3 4 5
5-1 5-2 5-3 6 6, Flatlands
6, Flatbush
6, Flatbush Eastern
6, Gravesend 6, New Utrecht 6, New Lots 7
8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 16-2
17 18 18-2 19 20


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