1865 New York State Census for Kings County

5th ward
1st Electoral District


Transcribed by:  Pat Connors


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***REMEMBER:  This is not a source document.  It is merely an index.  If you think you find an entry of one of your ancestors, remember to go back to the original document to check the accuracy of the entry.  This ward was very difficult to figure out the writing so you will find some ??.  First of all, the enumerator used large swirls for the capital letters and they crossed over both the above and below entries at times.  Secondly, he could not spell surnames and given names.  Then, of course, ink smears and such also hindered our transcribing.  The numbering of dwellings and families also was skewed and some of missing. 


ABBREVIATIONS used:  dgt=daughter, bdr=boarder, svnt=servant, IL=in law, moth=mother, fath=father, neph=nephew, stp=step, adpt=adopted, gr=grand (like gr son= grandson), sis=sister, bro=brother

RELATIONSHIPS:  There were more than one enumerators for this ward.  Some put child instead of daughter or son, others put father and/or mother instead of head of household and wife.  When the sex of the child was clear, dgt or son was entered.  Sometimes the enumerators got the relationships very wrong and you will find SIC near what was entered.  This means the transcriber recognized the mistake but entered the erroneous relationship.

NUMBER OF CHILDREN:  Instructions for this census was that the question was to be asked of the mother and entered on the mother's census line.  However, at least one of the enumerator put the number of children for the husband and not the wife. 

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Instructions to the enumerator was to put county of birth, if born in New York State, put state name only if born out of NYS but within the USA, and put country only if born outside of NYS.  Therefore, Washington=NYS county, WA=state of Washington, DC=Washington DC, Albany=Albany county, NYC=New York County (Manhattan).  Of course, like anything else, at times the enumerator put in a city and/or town.  If he did, we also used it.  Also, at times he put in NY, which could be city, county or state.

DISTRICTS:  5-1-3, a portion of the 3rd district 5th ward of city of Brooklyn, bounded by Gold Waters St & Navy Yard Wall & the East River

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  You will find many ?? in my transcription.  They are there because I was not 100% sure of the entry but interpreted them to the best of my ability.  Also, you will find a number of (sic), this means we recognized the enumerator made a mistake but we are transcribing exactly as written.   Always refer to the film or original census for accuracy.

TABLE HEADINGS:  C-number of children born to women; X-number of times married; S-current marriage status (w-widow, m-married, s-single); N-citizenship of foreign born (NA-naturalized, AL-alien); W-ward; D-dwelling number; F-family number; *IM PG-image page on the FamilySearch website; *CEN PG-census page number  *these two categories were not recorded until the end of the ward


Dwelling Family Ward-Dist im pg cen pg Surname First Age Relation Born  C X S Occupation N
165 601 5-1-3 6 74 Smith Cath. 50 mother Ireland 5 2 w store keeper
165 601 5-1-3 6 74 Smith Ed 13 son NJ
124 453 5-1-3 16 55 Smith Wm 40 head Ireland 1 m laborer AL
124 453 5-1-3 16 55 Smith Mary 40 wife Ireland 1 m
100 339 5-1-3 22 42 Smith Geo. 40 head Germany 1 m laborer AL
100 339 5-1-3 22 42 Smith Barbary 38 mother (sic) Germany 3 2 m
100 339 5-1-3 22 42 Smith Edward 15 son Germany
100 339 5-1-3 22 42 Smith George 4 son Kings
100 339 5-1-3 22 42 Smith Francis 3mo son Kings
58 195 5-1-3 31 25 Smith Thos 40 head Ireland 2 m labourer NA
58 195 5-1-3 31 25 Smith Mary 40 mother (sic) Ireland 2 1 m
58 195 5-1-3 31 25 Smith Mary A 7 child Kings