1854 Kings Co. Williamsburg Directory


Thanks to Judy Herbert for this contribution.  Here are her research notes:  from LDS Film #0824073

All Williamsburg entries appear first, followed by Smith in the Williamsburg Appendix (fire companies, civil positions, etc.) and then Smith in the Greenpoint & Bushwick sections (combined)of the directory.

The following abbreviations are used in the directory, and listed in a page at the front: n. = near, c = corner (of), Br = Brooklyn, h. = home

Note that names appearing all in caps indicate that the individual took out
advertising space in the directory. Where I was able to find the ad, I
transcribed it. All ads appear at the very bottom of this email.

I was unable to determine what an asterisk preceding the name indicated.
Note that for some reason, the names are not correctly alphabetized by given
name/initial in certain spots.

Things were spelled a bit differently back then, and I transcribed them just
as spelled (such as "segarmaker"). Also, often no space was left between
multiple words in the person's occupation, so I have typed them just as they
are on the film.



Smith, A. Fourth n. Broadway
Smith, Aaron "Daily Times" 145 Grand, h. 106 South 1st
Smith, Adam bootmaker 165 Grand
Smith, Abel liquoricemanufacturer Devoe c. Lorimer, h. North 2d c Lorimer
Smith, Ai grocer Leonard c. Ainslie
Smith, Alonzo carpenter 228 North 2d
Smith, Amos tailor 100 Fourth
SMITH, ANDREW carriage and wagon maker 90 South 7th, h. N.Y.
Smith, Andrew carpenter 229 Grand
Smith, Andrew C. boatman 229 South 3d
Smith, Arnold butcher North 7th n. Fifth
Smith, Barney laborer Fifth n. North 7th
Smith, Caleb, M.D. 142 North 9th
Smith, Caleb L. housecarpenter 162 Fourth
Smith, Charles pilot 46 South 5th
Smith, Charles B. printer 42 Boerum
Smith, Charles D. housecarpenter 76 North 7th
Smith, Charles L. grocery 202 Grand
Smith, Christian segarmaker Sixth n. North 5th
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER C. butcher 182 Grand, h. 189 South 1st
Smith, Daniel clerk 68 South 3d
Smith, David agent 170 Taylor, Br.
Smith, D. & G.B. drygoods 194 Grand
Smith, Edward clothmerchant N.Y. h. 42 South 9th
Smith, E. shipcarpenter Powers n. Graham av.
Smith, E.F. shoemaker 23 South 2d
Smith, Edward F. carpenter b. 128 South 2d
Smith, Floyd jr. clerk 171 Second
Smith, Frederick B. engraver Broadway n. Fourth, Br.
SMITH, FRANCIS E. & CO Genesee flourmills 8 & 10 S. 7th
Smith, Francis S. editor 220 South 9th
Smith, Frederick shipkeeper 95 North 3d
Smith, George blacksmith 43 South 1st
Smith, George engineer and fancy store 97 Grand
Smith, George brush manf. Bartlett n. Throop av Br.
Smith, George carpenter 320 Broadway
Smith, George M. agent 47 South 1st
Smith, George O. silversmith 62 Seventh
Smith, George W. wood and willowware N.Y. h. South 6th c Fifth
Smith, Gilbert calker Broadway n. Sixth
SMITH, GILES grocery 98 North 2d c Fourth
Smith, Henry carman 311 Fourth
Smith, Henry blacksmith 128 First
Smith, Henry ropemaker Bushwick av. n. church
Smith, Henry printer's brassrulemaker 86 South 7th
Smith, Henry brushmaker 308 South 6th
Smith, Henry sawyer First n. North 5th
Smith, Henry C. stairmaker Eighth n. Ainslie
Smith, H.A. grocery North 2d n. Seventh
Smith, Hiram 176 Second
Smith, Howell bookkeeper 114 South 4th
Smith, Isaac shoemaker 173 North 2d
Smith, Isaac paper business 21 South 2d
Smith, Isaac printer 2 Sixth
Smith, Isaac sawyer Fourth n. North 2d
Smith, Jacob tailor 59 Ewen
Smith, James coalmerchant 9 South 2d
Smith, James drygoods 187 Grand
Smith, James dyer 198 Grand
Smith, James shoemaker 54 North 4th
Smith, James jeweller 141 Third
Smith, James laborer Remsen c Smith
Smith, James porterhouse 91 North 4th
Smith, James 5 South 5th
Smith, James H. pilot 83 South 7th
SMITH, JAMES H. butcher 182 Grand, h. 96 Seventh
Smith, John b. 66 South 6th
Smith, John silverplater 104 South 6th
Smith, John laborer 39 Sixth
Smith, John carpenter b. 5 Dunham pl.
Smith, John laborer North 5th n. Third
Smith, John furnishingstore 255 Grand
Smith, John porter North 7th n. Fifth
SMITH, JOHN grocer First c. South 5th
Smith, John E. shipbuilder 62 North 6th
* Smith, John Powers n. Union av.
Smith, John mariner 237 South 4th
Smith, John H. shipwright 41 North 3d
Smith, John H. mariner 275 South 5th
Smith, John L. shipcarpenter North 7th n. Fifth
Smith, John M. clerk 139 Third
Smith, John W.F. painter 77 Seventh
Smith, John S. Fourth c. Sixth
Smith, J.H. carpenter Eighth n. Second
Smith, J.R. butcher North 1st n. Tenth
Smith, Jeptha segarmaker North 6th n. Fourth
SMITH, JOSEPH blacksmith North 3d n. First, h. 214 Second
Smith, Leonard tailor Union av. n. Skillman
Smith, Maria widow 153 First
Smith, Martin baker North 1st n. Union av.
Smith, Martin laborer 244 South 4th
Smith, Mary widow 132 South 8th
Smith, Mary Ann 170 North 8th
Smith, Mary L. tailoress 80 North 1st
Smith, Mathew porter South 4th c. Twelfth
Smith, Michael North 2d n. Union av.
Smith, Michael Oldroad n. Smith
Smith, Michael moroccodresser 219 Grand
* Smith, Mrs. Miles 279 South 4th
Smith, Norman sailmaker 54 Ninth
SMITH, O.H. physician 73 Fourth c South 5th
Smith, Patrick blacksmith 48 Ninth
Smith, Patrick mason 288 South 1st
Smith, Patrick laborer Smith n. Wyckoff
Smith, Patrick blacksmith 48 Ninth, rear
Smith, Peter laborer 301 South 4th
Smith, Peter laborer Withers n. Smith
Smith, Peter laborer 254 Smith
Smith, Peter 10 Townsend row n. Ann, Br.
Smith, Philip laborer 17 North 8th
Smith, P. shoemaker 5 South 5th
Smith ____ (just so) lookingglasses 243 South 2d
Smith, Richard shipcarpenter 17 North 7th, rear
Smith, Robert ropemaker 145 Lorimer
Smith, Robert North 6th c. Sixth
Smith, Robert D. captain 227 Ewen
Smith, Robert R. engineer North 2d n. Fifth
Smith, Samuel inspector 54 Devoe
Smith, Samuel laborer 53 Ninth
Smith, Samuel provisions N.Y. h. 49 South 4th
Smith, Samuel B. blacksmith 379 First
* Smith, Samuel J. porter 260 South 2d
Smith, Samuel S. carman 10 North 2d
SMITH, SARAH J. & M. millinery and drygoods 66 Grand
Smith, Sebastian shoemaker Sixth n. Grand
Smith, Sophia teacher 4 Fifth
Smith, S.V. architect and builder Ewen c. Devoe, h. 164
SMITH & STOHR butchers 82 Grand
Smith, Sylvester T. carpenter 141 Seventh
Smith, Thomas engineer 14 South 6th
Smith, Thomas granitestonecutter North 6th n. Sixth
SMITH, THOMAS shipcarpenter 168 North 8th
Smith, Thomas shipmaster 121 Ainslie
Smith, Thomas bricklayer Broadway bt. Fifth & Sixth, Br.
Smith, Thomas fruitbusiness Third n. North 7th
Smith, Thomas, jr. grocer Grand c. First, h. 204 First
Smith, Thomas liquors Eighth c. North 2d
Smith, W. salesmen 44 North 2d
Smith, T.R. bookbinder 65 Eighth
Smith, William sexton Union av. c. South 1st
Smith, William strawhatpresser 144 South 1d
Smith, William shipwright 315 First
Smith, William cartman North 7th n. First
Smith, William carpenter North 2d n. Union Av.
Smith, William E. plate printer 111 South 6th
Smith, William H. shipcarpenter 373 First
Smith, William H. moulder 169 North 2d
Smith, William H. gold pencilcasemaker 114 Remsen
Smith & Whatoff fruitstore 128 Grand
Smith, Zopher hatter 37 North 6th
Smythe, William F. printer 15 South 6th

From the Appendix:

Smith, Joseph - Second Ward Alderman (one of 4 aldermen in 2nd Ward
Smith, Joseph - Street Committee
Smith, Joseph - Police Committee
Smith, Joseph - Stages Committee
Smith, Giles - Second Ward, 1st Dist. Inspector of Elections (one of 3
inspectors in 1st Dist.)
Smith, Jesse C. - County Surrogate
Smith, John H. - Fire Dept. Board of Representatives, Engine Companies (3rd
Engine Co. located at Fourth St. bt. South 1st & Grand)
Smith, John F. - Fire Dept. Board of Representatives, Engine Companies (9th
Engine Co. located at So. 1st near Eleventh St.)
Smith, Rilance - Fire Dept. Board of Representatives, Engine Companies (10th
Engine Co. located at Sixth St. c. of No. 2d)
Smith, J.Y. - Board of Trustees, Fire Dept. Fund, Engine Companies (9th
Engine Co. - note, could be the same as John F. listed above, but with a
typo on the middle initial here???)

Smith in Greenpoint & Bushwick Section of the Directory:

Smith, Daniel guilder 1st n. Union av.
Smith, David shipcarpenter 1st n. Washington
Smith, Edmund R. shipjoiner 4th st bt Meserole & Union av.
Smith, F. shipcarpenter 1st c. Washington
Smith, George carman 5th St. n. Bushwick av.
Smith, George mason and builder H st n. Franklin
Smith, Hewlett 4th st n Calyer
Smith, Isaac carpenter F st n Liberty
Smith, James foreman H st n Union av
Smith, James guilder Adams st n Washington
Smith, James shoemaker Devoe st n Bushwick av
Smith, Jeremiah ropemaker Forrest st n Bushwick av
Smith, John 3d st n Meserole
Smith, John shipcarpenter 1st n Franklin
Smith, John Smith's Hotel Franklin st bt F and G sts
Smith, Levi shipcarpenter F st n Franklin
Smith, Mrs. Catherine H st c. Franklin
SMITH, WILLIAM & SON timber dealers foot of K st
Smith, William ropemaker Flushing av n. Morrell st

Ads in Directory - note that the title pg. shows that all names in full caps
(above) would have been those who took ads out. Only some were included;
perhaps the others weren't microfilmed.

Carriage and Light Wagon
No. 90 South Seventh Street,
Williamsburgh, L.I.
N.B. - Carriages repaired, trimmed, and repainted, in the neatest manner, at
the shortest notice
Residence, 2 Tompkins St., N.Y.

Genesee Flour
Nos. 8 & 10 South Seventh St.
Near Peck Slip Ferry
F. E. Smith & Co.
Fresh Ground
Extra Genesee and Family Flour
Choice Brands of Ohio and Southern Flour, for
Baker's Use, Constantly on Hand
Meal, Mill Feed, Middlings, Ship Stuff, Etc.
always on hand. Dealers in Flour and Feed liberally supplied.
for making Bread, Biscuit, Rolls, Cakes, Puddings,
&c. without Salt or Yeast.

Goodman & Baldwin's Patent Organ Melodeons
with Two Banks of Keys
A Sweet and Powerful Instrument
Prices from $75 to $200
S.D. & H.W. Smith's
Well-Known and Justly Celebrated Melodeons
Prices from $60 to $150
The above makes are the only ones tuned in the equal temperament.
Melodeons Of All Other Makes Of All Styles And Prices
Martin's Unrivalled Guitars
Prices from $25 to $60
Flutenas, from $5 to $25 Accordeons from $2 to $20
Violins from $3 to $25, Flutes from $5 to $40
Brass Instruments, & Others, Or All Kinds

William Smith & Son
Timber Dealers
and Proprietors Of The
Eagle Steam Saw Mill
at Greenpoint,
Foot on K Street


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