Surname Registry

Updated January 26, 2019

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Surname Redruth Area, year If emigrated, where? Contact
Allan Redruth, Stithians 1960s?-1980 not given David Allan
Allen Carharrack Victoria AU Margaret
Andrew Redruth 1900-1907 Australia Kristine
Andrew b 1841 Australia Graeme
Andrew Carharrack, 1841-1891 America, Idaho & California Ronald Andrews
Andrew Carharrack, Gwennap, 1851 Australia Selwyn Hawken
Andrew Gwennap 1900 Canada Bob Hocking
Angove Redruth 1759-1889 CT, USA Eleanor B Doyle
Annear Redruth, St Day, Gwenap, Probus Australia, US, S Africa, Canada Jackie Deas
Annear pre 1835 Prince Edward Island, CAN Gail Watkins
Annear Treleigh 1860-82 Australia Pam Holmes
Arthur pre 1860 Mineral Point, Wisconsin USA Mark Batesel
Austin 1837 Australia Rhonda Brown
Bailey Cambourne not given Polly Toye
Bailey 1946 USA, Dodgeville Wisconsin Sharon Pollard
Bailey 1800-1900 did not emig Jan Bailey
Balwin 1850 South Australia Cousin Jack
Banfield 1750-1850 Sydney NSW Australia Sandra Arrell
Bargwanna 1840 Orange, NSW, AUS Kay Williams
Bastard Redruth, 17th-18th century not given N D Nicol
Bastion, Bastin 1830-80 New Zealand Suzy
Bate 1889-1929 Michigan USA Diane Thompson
Bawden 1800 not given Jenny
Bawden Redruth, St Agnes 1800s did not emig Gail Ford
Bawden 1800s-1900s unknown June
Bazeley 1860-1870 Wisconsin & Wigan Ray Bazley
Beard 1600 to present Australia Robert Beard
Beer Redruth So Australia Teresa A Drewett
Bennallack 1800-45 Swansea, S. Wales Colin Andrew
Bennett 1850-66 California USA Phyllis J Pengilly
Bennetts not given not given Johnson
Benney 1861 Chester Co., PA, USA June Harper
Berryman 1895 Michigan Bonnie M Kane
Berryman 1849 Gwennap Australia Heather
Beskeen 1860 NY > California Mark Beskeen
Binney, Benney Carharrack 1837 America Carol Binney
Bishop 1700-1900 not given Bob Sanders
Blakeway 1994 California USA Deanna Michele
Blamey 1800s not given Jan Neuman
Blamey 1840s - 1860s USA Wisconsin, Michigan Jan Neuman
Blamey 1849 Gwennap Australia Heather
Blewett 1800-1900 St Agnes, Illogan Canada Marilyn Sellenkowitsch
Bodil(l)y 1621-1875 Michigan, California USA Pamela Cranston
Bogwell 1840-60 Australia Greg Davis
Bolt 1830s late Avon > SA, AU > Vic. AU Andrew
Bond(s) 1860 Grass Valley CA, USA Bill Jenkins
Bone Redruth, 1700s-1900s not given John Manning
Bone 1700s England Stuart Boone
Bosanko Crowan 1853 Moona, South Australia Kay Hinnrichsen
Bottrell 1860 USA Michael Bottrell
Bowden, Bawden before 1853 Victoria AUS Janette McLeod
Bullock 1700-1785, Camborne USA Richard Bullock
Bray 1800 to 1899 Charters Towers, QLD, Australia Tricia Steer
Bray Redruth 1891 Michigan Dawn
Bray Camborne 1847-2001 not given Tom Cory
Bray Cambourne Australia 1858 Janette Childs
Bray 1750-1850 Australia, S.A. Lorraine
Bray Redruth 1759-1889 CT, USA Eleanor B Doyle
Brown prior to 1850 not given Kris D Riera
Bryant 1890 Michigan Kay
Buckingham 1830s - 1860s Clinton Co NY> Lackawanna Co PA Susan Kastan
Bullen 1830 NY state, USA Jean Eustis
Burns East end Redruth, 1900 not given Bridget
Burns 1800s NY Lisa Lorenzen
Burrows 1800s Australia Carol
Carkeek 1700s not given Gail
Carlyon Redruth 1860 moved to Illogan Selwyn Hawken
Carpenter 1800s Camborne Perth, West AU Wendy Quayle
Carter Stithians, Wendron, Gwinear not given Linda Rowland
Carter Redruth, Camborne Victory AU ca 1864 Melanie
Carvolth 1890 UK Heather
Champion Illogan 1800-1876 not given Val Bell
Champion prior to 1850 not given Kris D Riera
Champion 1685 not given Linda
Chapman 1821 St Agnes 1870 Dodgeville WI Judy Temby
Chapman, Chipman Illogan > Redruth late 1800s unknown Pam
Chappel 1800-70 Australia Greg Davis
Chapple, Chappell 1850-60s Australia Roger Size
Clifton Redruth, Camborne 1750 on Philadelphia PA John W Clifton
Clymo, Clemo etc. Redruth, Cambourne late 1700s AU-1869, USA-1860 Raelene Prosser
Cock 1840 Adelaide AU Steve Cocks
Cocking 1640 onwards not given Catherine
Collins White Style, 1800s Victoria AU Margaret
Cook 1851-1924 not given Nadine Harmon
Coombe, Coom etc. Redruth 1794 Australia 1869 Raelene Prosser
Cornelius up to 1847 Dodgeville, Wisconsin Sharon M
Cornelius 1800s Adelaide, So Australia Kerrie Beaton
Cornelius 1800s? South Australia Mike Hanisch
Cornish unknown Australia Susie
Cory Camborne 1840-1987 not given Tom Cory
Cowling early 20th century on not given Ed Bassford
Craze, Crase Cornwall Michigan USA Tom Wagner
Curnow 1910 Australia Gordon Curnow
Curtis 1806-1847 Canada, Detroit MI, Guilford IL Judy Talley
Dabb Skinners Bottom, Mt Hawke 1855 New Zealand Gary N Wilson
Dalley 1850 not given Dave Dalley
Davey Redruth not given Jackie Deas
Davey 1800-1840 Australia Faye Davidson
Davies 1846 Dodgeville, Wisconsin Sharon M
Davies Camborne 1847 Dodgeville, WI, USA Jen Green
Dawe 1750-1950 not given John Manning
Dawe Redruth 1759-1889 CT, USA Eleanor B Doyle
Dawe 18th century onwards not given Ed Bassford
Dower 1800s not given Jan Neuman
Dudley 1840s & earlier N.S.W. Australia Jenny King
Duncalf Gunwalloe, Redruth 1681 on not given Catherine
Dunstan Gwennap Victoria, Australia Lynette Stead
Dunstan pre 1867 aft 1867 Ulverston Michelle Iddon
Dunstan East End 1860s Australia Judy Duckett
Eade Redruth, Gwennap, St Agnes 1700s-1800s not given Blanche Charles
Eathorn(e) Gwennap 1780-1860 not given Doug Nicol
Edwards Redruth 1813-1870 Waterdown, Ontario CAN Megan Richardson
Edwards Camborne 1848 Bendigo, Victoria AUS Jen Green
Elmes Truro after 1915 did not emig V & C Elmes
Eusits, etc 1820 1835 Jean Eustis
Fauckner bef 1770 lived locally to 1930 Dave Steer
Ferrell, Farrell 1850 onwards not given Sylvia Trevena
Foot Carnbrea, 1925 b Poole, Dorset Joyce Riddick
Ford 1820s-mid 1840s Burra, South Australia, 1847 Leandra Ford
Gail 1830s > not known Tom Wagner
Garrity 1900 Johannesburg, So. Africa Heather Coombe
Gaul 1830s > unknown Tom Wagner
George Breage pre 1870 Upper Peninsula MI Heather
George 1800-1900 unknown Tricia Steer
George b 1845 > USA 1855 New Jersey USA Sally Wasielewski
George 1770s St Agnes, Redruth, Illogan Australia Lyn H
George 1800s So. Australia Nori
Gilbert 1790-1850 Australia Greg Davis
Gilbert Redruth to Marazion 1714 not given Bernard Gilbert
Gilbert 1800-2000 Australia John Manning
Gill Redruth, pre-1890 Ironwood, Michigan USA > Butte, MO Steven G Bradbury
Glasson 1790, 1870 Houghton MI Bill Glasson
Gluyas 1860 Grass Valley CA, USA Bill Jenkins
Goldsworth Clinton Tce, 1861 NZ & Australia Selwyn Hawken
Goldsworthy 1800s Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia Laurette Gerhold
Goldsworthy Redruth 1831-1851 Australia Jean Jackson
Goldsworthy E Turnpike Rd, 1841 So. Australia Selwyn Hawken
Goodman 1822-47 Redruth Adelaide AU Bruce Goodman
Goodman 1800s not given Gail
Googh 1800-1900 Redruth, Illogan Canada Marilyn Sellenkowitsch
Goldsworthy 1851 Australia Jean Jackson
Goldsworthy Redruth 1700s-1900s not given John Manning
Goldsworthy 1800s not given Gail
Goodman 1880 not given Rhonda Brown
Grandjean Redruth 1891 did not emig V & C Elmes
Gray Redruth 1700-1800s Dunedin, Otago, NZ Ronald Gray
Gray Redruth, 1860s Creswick, Victoria AUS Les
Gray Redruth 1800s Australia Caroline
Green Redruth 1768 not given David Smetham
Gribble 1800 Australia and New Zealand Gribble
Gribble prior to 1850 not given Kris D Riera
Gribble 1840s So. Australia Patricia Moosman
Hall 1825 Burra, Sth Australia Kerry Foster
Hall(s) Redruth 1864 Australia Carolina
Hammill Gwinear > Redruth > Illogan (18, 19, 20 centuries) Luzerne County, PA N D Nicol
Hammill Illogan 1780-1900 not given Doug Nicol
Hammill 1880s Michigan Scott Christy
Hammill 1750-1850 Sydney NSW Australia Sandra Arrell
Hancock pre 1809 UK Ann Callaghan
Hancock St Day, Gwennap, Redruth 1850-1900 not given Carol
Harper ca 1810 Bathurst NB, CAN Emily
Harris bef 1850s, Camborne Australia Liz Blight
Harris Redruth Ballydehob, Ireland 1852 Susie Dixon
Harris dob 1830 USA Kathleen Soden
Harris St Agnes, Redruth Camborne 1800-1900 not given Jenni
Harris 1800 Illogan, Redruth Canada & US Yvette David
Harris 1800s-1900s South Africa June
Harris 1800 not given Jenny
Harris 1700s and 1800s did not emigrate Ernene Smedley
Harry 1880s NY, USA Lisa Lorenzen
Harvey Redruth possibly St Austell not given Jackie Deas
Harvey 1800s Kea, Kenwyn Marilyn Sellenkowitsch
Harvey 1853 Chacewater Maldon, Victoria, Australia Richard F Harvey
Harvey Redruth 1857 Chile Virginia Harvey
Harvey 1700-1900 not given Janice Nevill
Harvey Redruth 1860 New Plymouth NZ Lily
Harvey early 1800s So Australia AU Nori
Haughten, Houghten Redruth, 1826 Ishpeming, Negaunee, MI Cheryl Guzman
Head 1853-1870 Australia Graham Wilson
Heming 1871 Port Elizabeth, So Africa Brian Stacey
Hicks 1850 South Australia Cousin Jack
Hill 1890 onwards CAN, MI & MT USA Lynne S
Hockin 184> Upper Peninsula, Michigan Tom Wagner
Hocking Falmouth Rd farm, 1866-1930 Darenth, Kent UK Alan Hocking
Hocking Fore St 1850-1920 Canada Bob Hocking
Hodge Carharrack Liverpool Dorothy Hodge
Hodge 1800s not given Dorothy K Hughes
Hodge 1860s - not given Ed Bassford
Hollow 1848 Illogan UK Pamela Rose
Holman Camborne, Roscroggan 1890 United States Nigel
Holman 1760-1840 not given Coral Jennings
Honey Redruth 1870s not given Lily
Hore Redruth, St Austell, all areas not given Jackie Deas
Hosking 1775 to 1900 some to NZ & Australia Meli Moore
Hosking Gwennap 1820s not given Bev Beazley
Houghton Sandowes Row 1860s Australia Judy Duckett
Huddy Gwennap, b ca 1856 1879 South Australia Karen Nelson
Huddy Redruth 1759-1889 CT, USA Eleanor B Doyle
Hugo 1700's - 1800's did not emigrate Jenny Willetts
Husband bef 1850 NJ, USA > CAN Janet Thomson
Hutchinson 1901+ Canada Kathy Thomas
Jacka 1841 St Day Wisconsin USA Alan Jacka
Jacka Redruth 1900 Eveleth, MN, USA Darlene Ahlstedt
Jacobs Redruth b 1790 Penzance Graham
James Redruth, 1840 onwards not given Nicky
James Gwennap 1600 onwards not given John Manning
James 1821-1901 not given Nadine Harmon
Jeffery 1730s-1870s Victoria, Australia, 1870s Wendy Tingley
Jeffery 1700s not given Philippa Sankey
Jeffrey 1827 British Hollow, WI, Galena IL Maggie G Wachter
Jenkin 1800-1878, Redruth Mineral Point, Wisconsin Suzanne D Spencer
Jenkin 1750-1850 Sydney NSW Australia Sandra Arrell
Jenkin 1925 Detroit, Michigan William T Jenkin
Jennings 1700-1850 Australia Coral Jennings
Jewell 1809-1901 did not emigrate Wendy Tingley
Jewell 1854 not given Chris L
Johns Perranzabuloe, ca 1720-1825 did not emigrate Meli Fry Moore
Johns Redruth, pre 1775 UK: St Hilary, Cornwall Sarah Johns
Johns Cambourne, Redruth 1820 ca 1874 Victoria, AU Elizabeth
Johns 1800 Camborne Perth, West AU Wendy Quayle
Johns Redruth, 1770 onward NSW, SA & VIC, Australia Dorothy Mulholland
Johns Redruth 1759-1889 CT, USA Eleanor B Doyle
Johns Redruth not given Shirley Brewer
Johns Redruth 1800-83 USA >>  AU Maureen
Jolly Camborne 1866 Dodgeville WI, , Nevada, USA Jen Green
Jones 1840 Port Adelaide AU Bronwyn
Jones 1855-6 Ballarat, Australia Ron Jones
Jones 1830-40 St John, New Brunswick, CAN Donna
Jory, Jewry 1840 Orange, NSW, AUS Kay Williams
Jurey Redruth Ballarat AU Lilian Jurey
Keast Illogan 1860-1900 not given Val Bell
Keast any where, any time not given Philip Keast
Kemp 1822-23 did not emigrate Susan
Kemp Redruth 1820-56 Beechworth, VIC, AU Pat Morgan
Kent 1806-1830 New Brunswick CAN Emily
Kinsey St Day Canada Carolyn Morrison
Kitto 1700 to present some stay, others to VIC, SA, TAS, NZ, SAF, Chile Ken Stewart
Kneebone Gwennap, Redruth to 1900 Ballarat, Eldorado, Beechworth, Victoria AU Andrea Kloeden
Kneebone Redruth 1887 Manitoba, Canada Barry Kneabone
Kneebone Gwennap, Redruth to 1850s not given Nicky
Kneebone Redruth not given Shirley Brewer
Kneebone 1854-96 USA-PA Doc Holliday
Knight 1800 unknown Ed Bassford
Knotwell Gwennap 1700s not given John Manning
Knotwell 18th century onwards not given Ed Bassford
Knuckey Cambourne, Illogan, Tuckingmill not given Noeline Mullins
Laity 1850 Bendigo, Australia Sally Laity
Langdon 1890-1909 Calumet, Michigan USA David Langdon
Langdon 1890 Tolgus Place Michigan Kat King
Lannin, Lanning etc St Day, Gwennap, Treleigh New Zealand Ron Lanning
Launder pre 1700 not given Lynn
Lean Redruth, St Day, Gwennap not given Jackie Deas
Lean Carharrack, 1841-1891 America, Idaho & California Ronald Andrews
Lean Gwennap 1880-1900s AU, New Zealand John Manning
Leatham St Uny, 1860-1930 Michigan USA Sean Leatham
Lee early 1800s Morris Co, NJ, USA George Hellerman
Lemin 1700 onwards not given John Manning
Lemin 1831 Yackandandah, VIC, AU Yvonne Doornekamp
Letcher Redruth 1836 to 1860 Nova Scotia, Canada Walter
Leverton St Day, 1860-1900 not given Doug Nicol
Lidgey 1860 USA, Australia Ruth Lidgey
Lightfoot 1909 USA Jill
Loam 1800s on not given Dorothy McKay
Long Gwennap South Australia Terry Carter
Luke 1700s Redruth not given Doug Nicol
Luke 1600-1800 not given Tina
Luke 17th & 18th century not given Linda
Maclean, McLean Mandron, early 1800s Swansea, Wales Pat Connors
Maddern Carn Brea 1931 not given Joyce Riddick
Mann early 1900th century South Australia Patricia Wall
Martin 1700 onwards not given John Manning
Martin ca 1844 South Australia > New Zealand Patricia Moosman
Martin Camborne, early 1800s not given Tom Wagner
Martin ? 1800s South AU 1865 Kay Cavanagh
Martin Gwennap 1900 Canada Bob Hocking
Matthews Devon, St Day, Gwenap not given Jackie Deas
Matthews Blights Row Port Adelaide, So. Australia Carlene Yarlett
Matthews 1800s-1900s South Africa June
Mathews St Michael Mount 1800 on not given John Manning
Mathews 1800 not given Jenny
Mayne 1750-1900 So Australia & So Africa Peter Mayne
Mayne Illogan 1800-70 Pennsylvania, California USA John McGregor
McKenny Redruth 1855 Houghton Co, Michigan USA Ross Garner
McKenny Redruth 1837-48 El Cobre, Cuba Ross Garner
McLean,McLean 1880 - present Butte, Michigan Maurice McLean
Medlin Redruth, Wendron 1540-1670 Charles Towne (Charleston) SC Kevin Medlin
Merrifield 1891-1913 Cleveland OH & Port Orange FL USA Mary Cannady
Merrin prior to 1850 not given Kris D Riera
Michell bef 1935 Timmins, Ontario CAN Rebecca Bohner
Michell 1750-1850 Sydney NSW Australia Sandra Arrell
Michell Redruth 1665-1850 Barraba, N.S.W. Australia Kerry McDonald
Mill Roscroggan, Illogan 1800-50 South Australia John McGregor
Mills Cornwall, early 1800s not given Tom Wagner
Mitchell Gwennap Canada Carolyn Morrison
Mitchell 1800s AU > Moonta SA > Newcastle NSW Jenny Willetts
Moon 1800s not given Patricia A Taggett
Moore late 1800s unknown Pam
Morcom 1825-1860 not given Marta Metcalf
Morgan Redruth, Pleinanquarry, 1800-66 Australia Beverley MacLeod
Morley 1900 USA Peter Knott
Moyle 1840 Moonta, So. Australia Sue Rice
Mumford Penzance did not emig Glynis Millett-Clay
Mutton 1800-1880 Australia Michael Mutton
Nancarrow Illogan, St Agnes, 1712 on New South Wales Jenny Nancarrow
Nancarrow Camborne 1850-71 Bendigo, Victoria AUS Jen Green
Nancarrow Illogan, 1711 on NSW, Australia Catherine
Newsom 1822 'Routh' 1881 Durham UK Cyril Newsome
Nicholas Camborne 1800 Mike Doyle
Nicholas 1600-1800 St Agnes, Mount Hawke New Zealand Fay Warwick
Nicholls 1800 onwards not given John Manning
Nicholls Redruth not given Shirley Brewer
Nicholls 1600s-1800s Canada, Wales Margaret
Nicholls 1645-1800s not given Linda
Noell Redruth not given Shirley Brewer
Northey 1846 USA Terri Oberan
Northey 1780 to 1840 did not emig Barry Smith
Notwell Gwennap 1700s not given John Manning
Oats Gwenap 1815 Victoria AU Bev Beezley
Oats 1825-1860 not given Marta Metcalf
Odgers Illogan 1890-1944 not given Val Bell
Odgers 17th-19th Century, Stithians? Mineral Point, Wisconsin USA Patricia Wall
Oppy, Opie 1700-1900 not given Janice Nevill
Oppy, Oppie 1600-1900s not given Sharon Symons
Orchard Redruth 1857 Chile Virginia Harvey
Orchard 1850 not given Melvin E Orchard
Parkyn 1840-1898 Canada Bob Parkyn
Parnell Redruth 1880s daughter to Michigan USA Debra Ryan Lobo
Parsons Redruth,St Austell not given Jackie Deas
Pascoe Redruth 1860s Australia Pamela Hardy
Pascoe St Agnes 1821 Australia Rhonda O'Keefe
Paul 1700 onwards not given John Manning
Paull Illogan-Redruth 1840-1890 Australia Roger Size
Paull Sandows row 1850 Eastern Pennsylvania Ralph
Paull Plain-an-Gwarry, 1800s Australia Robin
Paynter late 1800s unknown Pam
Paynter 1700s Anglesey WLS Betty A Pace
Pearce Redruth 1720-1948 New Zealand, USA, Australia 1860s Neville Price
Pearce 1824 Australia Beth Venning
Pearce Redruth 1858 Australia Lurl
Pearce, Pearse, Pierce Redruth 1827 not given Jean Graham
Pearce 1800s Christchurch, NZ Neville Price
Pearce 1800 Michigan USA Sandy Pearce
Pearce Stithians, Gwennap 1800s unknown Heather
Pearce Constantine 1700s unknown Heather
Pearce 1750-1900 Christchurch NZ Neville Price
Pearce 1800s Hancock MI, USA Betty Quigley
Penberthy 1800s Redruth, Illogan, St Ives California USA Kathy Fowler
Penberthy Truro 1808 USA Doris Greaves
Pengilly 1858 USA Phyllis Pengilly
Penglase, Polglase 1700s and 1800s Australia Ernene Smedley
Penhall Redruth 1800-40 Victoria AU Selwyn Hawken
Penrose Redruth 1700-1800 not given Neville Price
Penrose 1848-68 Beetown, Wisconsin Patrice Mitchell
Perkins early 1800s Dodgeville, Iowa Co WI Pat Clarke Fogel
Perks 1700s Anglesey WLS Betty A Pace
Peryam 1844-1865 United States Jan Turner
Peters Redruth, Falmouth, Gwennap Gloucestershire UK John Peters
Peters Stithians, Ponsanooth, Gwennap, Breage pre 1870 Houghton MI, NV, Mutte MT & Gympie AU Heather
Phillips Redruth & Illogan, 1775-1900 Wisconsin USA > Chile > NZ, others stayed Meli Moore


b 1818 US, Upper Peninsula, Phoenic Mine, Phoenix MI Barbara Salazar
Phillips Redruth 1837 Australia Graham D Neilson
Phillips 1790-1825 prob did not emig P Harland
Phillips 1800-1900 unknown Margaret Mundy
Phillips 1800 Australia June Phillips-Smith
Phillips Stithians, 1930 Costa Rica Mendoza Jorge
Phillips St. Euny, 1600-1800s Swansea, Wales >> NYC Pat Connors
Philp Illogan 1864-72 New Zealand Morice Wolland
Polkinghorne 1828 Redruth Redruth John R Williams
Polkinghorne 1700s not given Gail
Polkinhorn 1840s Iowa County, Michigan USA Doris Akin
Pollard Cury, Constantine, Redruth 1800-1900s not given John Manning
Pollard 1800-1840 Australia Darryl
Pollard 1800s Australia Carol
Pollard Redruth 1820-1900 So Africa, Brazil Selwyn Hawken
Pope 1790 unknown D. Beck
Pope 1800s not given Stephen Pope
Price not given not given fdonna
Prisk 1852-73 Pennsylvania USA Edythe Prisk Feazel
Prisk 1800 Michigan USA Sandy Pearce
Priske, Prisk Redruth 1840 did not emigrate Raelene Prosser
Prouse pre 1835 Prince Edward Island, CAN Gail Watkins
Provis St Day 1841-61 unknown Alan Jacka
Prowse Scorrier, Skinners Bottom, late 1800-1900s Nevada City, Mt Bullion  CA William Prowse
Raby 1851 Victoria, Australia Sally Rafty
Ralph Redruth not given Shirley Brewer
Rashleigh Creed 1871 not given Noeline Mullins
Rashleigh Cambourne, Illogan, Tuckingmill not given Noeline Mullins
Rayl Illogan 1500s Chester Co., PA Eleanor Rayl
Reed before 1853 Victoria AUS Janette McLeod
Reed late 1700s to mid 1800s ca 1850 Victoria AU, some stayed Bev Beazley
Reed Wendron, Constantine 1750+ unknown Heather
Reynolds 1846 South Australia Fred Reynolds
Reynolds 1850 Canada Yvette David
Reynolds 1851 Australia Jean Jackson
Richards Carnkie, Redruth, 1876 Littlehampton, New Zealand Frank Richards
Richards Carnkie, Redruth, 1920 Michigan USA Frank Richards
Richards 1861 not sure June Harper
Richards 1800-1900 Australia Gordon
Rickard 1700s not given Philippa Sankey
Rickard 1700-1900 not given Janice Nevill
Rickard 1700 on Michigan USA Tom Wagner
Roberts Redruth, Illogan 1814-80 not given Nicky
Rodwell 1894 onward not given Terry King
Rogers bef 1850s Camborne Victoria, Australia Liz Blight
Rogers 1850 United States Donna L Samuelson
Rogers 1780-1850 Australia Coral Jennings
Rogers 1800 onwards Adelaide, So. Australia John Manning
Rogers Gwennap 1840 Calstock Graham Rogers
Rogers 1850 not given Melvin E Orchard
Roscrow, Roscow, Roskrow 1800 unknown Ed Bassford
Roskrow 1700-1950 onwards not given John Manning
Rough Cornwall 1700/1800s California Rough-Soliz
Rough 1900 onwards South Australia John Manning
Rouse b 1830 emig 1855 New Jersey USA Sally Wasielewski
Rowatt Redruth 1860s Australia Pamela Hardy
Rowe Cornwall? pre 1870 Virginia City NV Heather
Rowe Gwennap South Australia Terry Carter
Rowe 1700-1785, Camborne not given Richard Bullock
Rowe 1750-1800 not given Tina
Rowe 1700 onwards South Australia John Manning
Rule 1800s Houghton, Michigan Stacie Montoya
Rule 1750-1850 Sydney NSW Australia Sandra Arrell
Rule Redruth, Lelant, Camborne not given Jackie Deas
Rule 1790s Michigan USA Tom Wagner
Rule Truro, Blackwater 1900-1923 USA 1923 Dorothy Dixon
Rules Redruth, Camborne, Lelant, St Ives, St Day, Gwenap Australia, US, Mexico Jackie Deas
Ruse b 1847 Methven, S Island NZ Robyn
Sandey 1860 not given Tom Wagner
Sandoe 1799-1847 Adelaide SA AU Denis Sando
Sandow 1929 New York NY B A Jackson
Sarah 1600-1920 Ispeming, Michigan, USA Kirt Knutsen
Sarah 1885-1895 Arizona USA Marta Metcalf
Scoble St Day, Gwenap not given Jackie Deas
Scoble 1865 not given Sue Jones
Sennet Gwennap 1700-1880s not given John Manning
Simons St Agnes, 1740+ did not emig Rhonda O'Keefe
Simmons Gwennap UK Annette
Sincock 1838 not given Jean Conwell
Sincock 1855+ Australia Ruth Murray
Skewes b 1830 Moonta, South Australia Cheryl Luxford
Smetham Redruth 1789 not given David Smetham
Smethram 1700s Australia Kay De Weger
Smithem 1840 to 1860 USA, Pennsylvania Jean Ellis
Snell Redruth, all area not given Jackie Deas
Snell 1848 Australia Val Wells
Snow Redruth, 1825-56 Beechworth, VIC, AU Pat Morgan
Solomon 1850s-1874 New Zealand Anne Dunn
Sowden 1869-1906 not given Nadine Harmon
Spry 1871 Devonport Amanda Pickering
Stephens 1903 United States Patricia S Ptaszynski
Stephens 1838 and 1861 Australia Jennette Stephens
Stephens Redruth 1750-1800s UK, US, ENG, AU Skurrie
Stevens, Stephens Redruth 1800 not given Maureen
Stevens 1800-1850 PA > Wisconsin & Iowa Grace Keir
Stevens 1800- Australia Judi Kercher
Stuthridge 1800-1900 not given Jill Stuthridge
Sweet 1920 Michigan USA Laurie
Symonds 1840s Cornwall Mary Coon
Symons 1870 not given Robert Symons
Symons Cambourne not given Polly Toye
Symons Stithians, Wendron, Gwinear not given Linda Rowland
Symons Helston, Truro New Zealand, AU Noeline Mullins
Symons 1800s n/a Sharon Symons
Taggett Redruth 1849-70 Victoria AU Patricia A Taggett
Tangye 1854 Australia Geoff Tangey
Tangye 1830-1875 not given Lois
Tangey 1854 Portland AU Chris Tangey
Taylor 1880s Hibbing, Minnesota USA Kathy Buck
Taylor ? 1800s So Australia 1865 Kay Cavanagh
Teague 1800s Redruth UK Pamela Rose
Teague 1826 Victoria, Australia Marie Barton
Teague 1700 to 1900 unknown Tricia Steer
Temby 1804 Camborne 1839 Schuylkill Co PA, 1845 Linden, WI Judy Temby
Temby 1840s Iowa County, Michigan USA Doris Akin
Terrill Redruth, Cambourne, Beacon 1838 Pennsylvania USA Julie Signor
Terrill Redruth 1800s not given Geoff
Thomas St Agnes 1864 New Zealand Keith Thomas
Thomas Illogan Australia Keith Thomas
Thomas 1912 USA JoAnn Postert
Thomas St Day, Swennap 1850s Gympie, Queensland AUS Ray Thomas
Thomas Camborne, Caraharrack, Gwennap Australia Margaret Hope
Thomas 1833 Australia Sue
Thomas Cambourne 1850s Australia Margaret Hope
Thomas pre 1700 not given Lynn
Tippett 1889 and prior Grass Valley, CA, USA Jamie Tippett
Toms, Thoms Illogan 1901 unknown Lois
Tonkin Camborne did not emigrate Glynis Millett-Clay
Tonkin 1813 1845 Pawel Rawicki
Tonkin 1850-70 Queensland > Orange NSW, AU Olga Rumble
Towan 1700-1900 not given Bob Sanders
Toy Breage not given Polly Toy
Trebilcock not given not given Gretchen Baca
Trebilcock Bargwanna Gwennap, b 1857 Chile Maria Trebilcock
Treloar Truro, Blackwater up to 1921 USA in 1921 Dorothy Dixon
Trembath 1800-80 Pennsylvania USA Donna Sud
Tremellen/in/ing Rest, St Uny, St Austell n/a Tom Tremellen
Trenberth 1800 not given John Mitchell
Trenerry 1920 Michigan USA Laurie
Treseder 1867 Onwars Burnley, Lancashire M S Demaline
Trestrail 1923 Detroit MI, USA John H Trestrail III
Trestrail 1800-1900 New Zealand Margaret Mundy
Trestrail 1700s and 1800s Australia Ernene Smedley
Trevena 1700s onward all over Jon Rees
Trevena 1800s Redruth not known Pamela Rose
Trevena 1700 onwards not given John Manning
Trevena Redruth 1800-70 Pennsylvania USA Donna Sud
Trevena Redruth 1700-180s Australia Skurrie
Trevena 1860-80 Queensland AU Shane Trevena
Trevethan 1860 Illogan United States Bernie Trevethan
Trevorrah 1770-1900 Redruth New Zealand, USA, Australia 1860s Neville Price
Treweek 1600 onwards not given John Manning
Trewren 1832 1860 Australia Joanne Marston
Trevillyan 1850-1910 no given Marta Metcalf
Trewartha 1800 Australia June Phillips-Smith
Trewartha 1870s onwards not given Kay Trewartha
Trounson 1854 onwards not given Ed Bassford
Trowern, Trouern 1800-1870s Toronto CAN Glen Warner
Truan, Truen 1870s-80s Orangeville, Ontario, CAN Michael
Truran 1891-1913 Cleveland OH, Port Orange FL, USA Mary Cannady
Truscott Bond St 1950 not given Gyn Horn
Uren 1800-1951 1923 Raymond G Uren
Uren Cheltenham England Shaun
Uren Chacewater Detroit MICH Raymond G Uren
Varcoe 1600s - 1800s Canada Margaret
Veal, Veale 1838 d Redruth; b London?; m Wales? Elaine Powell
Verran Illogan ca 1750-1800 did not emigrate Meli Fry Moore
Vincent 1870 Moonta, South Australia Chris Mellier
Vincent 1850 not given Melvin E Orchard
Wales 1860 Australia Mike Wales
Wales 1869 New Zealand Mike Wales
Wallis 1790 USA D. Beck
Ward not given not given Paul Ward
Watkins 18th, 19th century not given Linda
Watkinson 1830-1910 Victoria AUS Patricia Watkinson
Waters East End 1962 Ireland Carol Waters
Watters Redruth 1961-78 Derbyshire Steve Watters
Watts 1868 New Zealand Julie
Wear Buller Tce, Redruthe 1960s not given Heather
Webb 1800-1850 1848 PA > Wisconsin & Iowa Grace Keir
Webber 1800s Michigan > New Jersey Stacie Montoya
Webber 1818 Australia Carol Kittson
Webster 1800s unknown Stacie Montoya
Webster Redruth 1856 Victoria AU Helen
Wedlake 1800s East Coast (CT, NJ, NY), USA Beverly Reardon
Wedlake 1817 not given Greg Davis
Welch 1883 Redruth USA, eventually NH Vanessa
White not given Devon Hannah
Whitford 1850-1868 Dodgeville, Iowa Co WI Pat Clarke Fogel
Wilkin(s) St Agnes 1777, Redruth 1807 unknown Heather
Wilkinson 1700s-1800s not given Margaret
Williams Carharrack, Redruth 1800-1960 not given Doug Nicol
Williams 1750-1850 Sydney NSW Australia Sandra Arrell
Williams Camborne, Illogan, 1796-1896 Melbourne AUS Val Bell
Williams 1775? Georgia, Charleston SC Billy D Williams
Williams 1826-1923 Australia Jan West
Williams 1783-1881 South Africa Nadine Harmon
Williams 1822 Redruth Kansas, USA John R Williams
Williams 1800-54 Australia Carol Ingram
Williams Redruth 1826 onward South Africa Mike
Williams Redruth 1759-1889 CT, USA Eleanor B Doyle
Williams 1700s on Geelong AU Gail
Williams St Gluvias 1795, Redruth 1806 unknown Heather
Willoughby 1851 1856 USA Dolores W Smith
Wills after 1881 Transvaal, So Africa after 1888? Teresa Lear
Wills 1800s not given Sylvia Trevena
Wilson 1932-33 UK Daphne Yates
Witton 1800-20 not given Greg Davis
Woodward Four Lanes 1870 Moonta, South Australia; America Chris Mellier
Woolcock not given Canada Kathleen
Woolcock 1825 Redruth ca 1874 Victoria, AU Elizabeth
Woolcock 1700s not given Gail
Wooff 1948 South Africa Belinda Dovey
Woolf 1851 Southampton Lynne Woolf
Yeo Camborne, Cornwall 1700s on 1900s, Michigan US Mary Tanner
Youlten Redruth 1814 Australia Graham D Neilson


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