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First Name Parents Born Spouse Yr Emig
Place, etc.
Place, Year
Children Contact
Martha Phillips 1831 Jones not given not given Evan Davies, John Bright Dominique Coze
Mary Phillips 1837
Co Cork, Ireland
1. Hugh Dolan
2. Philip Ryan
1854 or 1856 4 Jul 1893 4 chld with Dolan; 10 with Ryan Janie Smith
Mary George Phillips, Sarah 1832
Port Eynon, Glamorgan, Wales
William Roach n/a ca Mar 1897
Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
William, Elizabeth, Thomas, George, Harriet, Catherine, John, Sarah Cherie Norton
Mary Elizabeth Thomas Phillips 9/27/1824 Yaxley, Huntingdonshire Edward Balls (Bauld Stone) c 1855 to Bedford Sackville NS, CAN 1/20/191
Bedford NS
Edward, Robert, Alice, Benjamin, Thomas, George, Rebecca, Charles, William Toni H
Mary Ellen Phillips 1868 Robert Pearson not given 1944-47 chld-Arnold, Fred, Florence, Ethel, Ada Carol
Mason Phillips 1800
South Carolina
Debbie Kendricks Lauderdale Co TN >
Morgan Co IL >
Benton Co AR
Benton Co
chld: John, Mary, Branson, Benjamin, William, Mason, Rebecca, Deborah, Robert, Amanda, Seaborn, Susan Margaret Phillips
Michael John Phillips, Margaret Power Colliers,
Nfdld & Labr.,
not given n/a Jan 12, 1985 chld-Ellen, Margaret, Michael, Maxwell, Blair, Cherylanne, Cyril D, Gerard, Gay, Gail, Nora, Bonita Nora Phillips
Nancy Levi Phillips 1800 Alford Hinesley unknown unknown Alford Jr, Thomas H, & others Earline White
Peter Phillips bef 1873 Ester Barter unknown after 1901 chld-Mary, Peter Francis, Wilfred, Mary Jo Ashley Phillips
Pinkney G Phillips 1812
South Carolina
Jane Smith n/a 1869
Cherokee Co, Texas
married Jan 16, 1840, Butler Co., Alabama; chld Willis S, Clarissa Ellen, Annie, Caroline, Dorcas Adealine, William Pickney, Calvin Constantine Lynda Langston Fredendall
Richard Thomas Philips, Mary 1858
Elton, Cheshire UK
Annie Mitchell not given 1896
Richard, Mary J, Alice, Ada, Agnes, Francis, Annie, Jack Susan Pemberton
Richard Phillips 1731
Shewsbury, Shropshire
Jane Edwards not given 5/26/1787 Richard, Elinor, Mary, Robert, Amias, Rebecca, Laetetia, Edward, Jane, Sarah Carole Bolard
Richard William Samuel Phillips, Maria Brennan 1840-5
Sydney AUST
Jane Gumbleton n/a Bega NSW Ada, Samuel, Maria, Richard, William, Henry, Arthur Colleen Danes
Robert Robert Phil(i)p, Jean Paterson 11/30/1862
Auchtermuchty, FIF, SCT
Annie Comben ca 1885
Ontario CAN
12/12/1948 William, Robert, Annie, Jane, Lilly, Adelaide, Jimmy June Campbell
Robert George Phillips 1901 Hilda Webb Defford, Worcestershire 1971 not given Rob Phillips
Robert John Phillips ca 1763 Martha Weaver unknown after 1803 Thomas Robert, Moses, John R, Jane, James M, David Mike Clement
Rodney Richard Phillips, Evelyn Summit NJ Yvonne n/a not given none R Phillips
Samuel Robert Phillips, Mary Greenslade 1827
Devonshire UK
Charlotte Culelton 1832 to
PEI, Canada
after 1861 Patrick, Angus, John, Mary, Sarah, William Carol Mackinnon
Samuel Philip Phillips, Rosetta 1814
London, England
1. Eliza Pratt
2. Caroline Pratt
n/a 1854 chld-Philip, Ellen, Eliza, Mandville, Alexander Leonie Langl
Samuel unknown Phillips, Nancy M Beaver Apr 12, 1845
Athens Co, Ohio
Mary Catherine Jarvis IN 1873
IA 1874-92
OK 1892
Oct 28, 1873
Okeene OK
chld-Marion, James, Annie, Rhoda, Rosa, Oscar, Charles, Lois, Samuel A Kim Randolph
Samuel Floyd Phillips Richmond, VA
ca 1849
not given n/a not given not given Faith Perue
Sara(h) Phillips 1760 Joel White not given not given Marvin, Phoebe Joan DeVour
Sarah Phillips 1805 Gilbert Clapp not given 1865
Stuyvesant NY
not given Diana N
Sarah Richard Phillips, Jane Edwards 1777 Shrewsbury, Shropshire George Vaughan not given unknown Edward, Richard, Elizabeth, John Carole Bolard
Shirley Jimmy Houston Phillips 1908 Edna Sue Davis not given not given Shirley, Lonnie, Raymond, Thomas, Edward, Fred, Charles, Barbara, Jimmy Shirley Ragsdale
Sylbert Phillips Jamaica Patsy 1976 not given chld-Glenroy, Patrick, Margaret, Donna Glenroy Phillips
Thomas Phillips ca 1738
place unknown
Elizabeth Gretorix did not emig 1780
Rugeley, Staffordshire ENG
chld-Sarah, b 1760, George b 1762, Elizabeth b 1765, Phillip b 1768, John b 1771 Louise Coakley
Thomas Phillips 1809 PA Rossanna (poss Goff) n/a bef 1880
b Steubenville OH
lived in Eldersville PA; chld-Catherine, Rebecca, Sarah, Elizabeth, Cornelius, Abigail, James Regina Kenney
Thomas John Phillips, Sigismunda Scoltock 1802 not given not given not given Thomas, Harriet, Philip, Andrew, Sackeverell, Louisa, Arthur, Herbert, Cornelius, Eliza Sue Baker
Thomas Phillips 1808
Ann Margaret Cannon n/a after 1891 Thomas, Joseph, Mary Ann, Jane, Benjamin, Ellen, Louise Sheila Mullins
Thomas Phillips ca 1740
Margaret Buchanan n/a after 1794 Susannah Nancy Sicotte
Thomas James B Phillips, Alice O'Brien Ireland Johannan Tracy unk date
Niagara Co, NY
Middleport NY
Margaret, Allecia, James, John, Catherine, Mary, Martin, Anna, Jennie Philip Brousseau
Thomas Thomas Phillips, Mary ca 1802
Ramsey? Hunts
Mary Roberts
1823 Yaxley Hunts
n/a after 1851
Mary Toni H
Thomas Phillips 1831 Mary J SC > AL > TX last resided TX Robert, Gideon, Hannah, Abner, Zilman, Rhoda Martha Phillipss
Thomas Robert Robert Phillips, Martha Weaver ca 1795 Martha Ann Gates unknown 1832? James M, John, Anna, Thomas, Charles, Martha, Robert, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane Mike Clement
Thomas James Phillips, Angelina Davies 1824
Rhoda Mitchell moved to Glamorgan Wales 1913
Tondu, Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales
children-Oliver, James, Minnie Sabina, Henry T, Arthur David Tooley
Thomas Turton Leonard Phillips, Ann Williamson Clitheroe, England Joanna Lott unknown 1924
Orange Co NY
Charles, Martha, Caroline, Robert, Richard, Margaret, Alvord, John, Joseph, Westwell, William, Nelson Sandy Merritt
Tracy (Tray) Tracy Phillips, Brenda So Carolina n/a n/a not given none Tracy E Phillips Jr
Velma Solon Phillips, Fannie 28 Nov 1885 Alonzo D Robinson not given 17 Oct 1967 Lena, William, Katherine, Marie, Nolen, Hulet, Hugh, Margaret, Joyce Jim Robinson
Welcome Phillips ca 1815
New York
Louisa Angell n/a ca 1869
Caroline, Phoebe, Kleber, Charlott, Larina, John Julie Biola
William Phillips b 1728 Phoebe Wheeler   1798 Living in Woodstock Ct for 1790 census; son Wheeler Phillips Julie Quinn
William Phillips 1828 Wales Mary not given ca 1911 chld-Alexander, Jemina, Mary A Patrick Phillips
William Charles Phillips, Hannah Huckvale (or William, Ann) 1819
Kingham, Churchill area
1. Josephine DeBiernacka
2. Margaret Mitchell
journeyed to Ohio, India etc ca 1890s civil engineer; father-surgeon;  chld: William, George, Arthur, Grace; Mel Erskine-Richmond
William Phillips 1834
Sarah Bright New Zealand 6/9/1882
New Zealand
James, Elizabeth, William, Benjamin, Thomas, Henry John Phillips
William Isaac Phillips, Ruanza Kelley 1820
Warren Co OH
Mary Kepler 1700s
Defiance Co OH
Sarah, James, Rachel, Samuel, Robert, Libbie, Josiah, Isaac Mary Ann Phillips
William James Phillips,
Blanch Maclean
Swansea, Wales
Margaret Owen ca 1850
New Rochelle NY
Margaret, Georgenia, Clara, Mary, Lily Pat Connors
William William Phillips ca 1790 Catherine Henry 1842
ca 1891 William, David, Eliza Jane Jerry Scott
William, "Burl" William Phillips, Sarah 7/16/1847 Rebecca Anglin not given Oct 1884 Rossa, Sara, Rena, Jennie, Nellie, Burle, Henry, John, Julia Kitty Kilverman
William B William V Phillips, Elizabeth Ann 1829
Pauline Roland 1939
from Shrewsbury
Walla Walla WA
chld-Charles W, 7 more sibs Ned Phillips-Jones
William H William H Phillips Oct 1872 Alice L Mapas ENG > CAN >
1949 chld-Donald, Barbara, Margaret Kathy B McMillian
William Henry Phillips 1855 Athens, OH Ida Belle Hudson n/a 1911
Appanoose City, Iowa
chld-Rosetta, William, Alice, Frank Mike Lynn

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