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updated  October 28, 2019

First Name Parents Born Spouse Yr Emig
Place, etc.
Place, Year
Children/other data Contact
Abel Russell Samuel Phillips, Lydia Allen 1805
Herkimer Co NY
Rachel Bristol n/a 11/27/1883
Hastings NE
8 children Sally Young
Adam not given 1762
Frederick Co, Maryland
Hannah Bailey n/a 1858
No Carolina
sons migrated to Texas Diane Smith
Albert C Thomas Phillips, Althea 1846
Perth Amboy NJ
Sarah C Seguine (Segoine) n/a 1913 chld-John T, Catharine, Blanche, Maude Theresa Perry
Andrew Samuel Phillips, Eleanor Pepple ca 1830
Ross Co., OH
Julia Ann Thompson n/a ca 1875
McDonald Co., MO
chld-William, Cora, Doctor, Andrew, John, James, Margaret, Nancy, Victoria Laura P Adcock
Ann John Phillips, Gwen Evans ca 1867
Elias Kyffin Australia 1903
chld: MaryAnn, John Owen, Robert, David Ernene Smedley
Arthur William Phillips, Kathleen Murray not given not given not given not given only data given:  Vancouver, BC, Canada Carol Phillips
Arthur William Phillips, Jane Ann Boulter 1844
Devises, Wiltshire
Hillaria Cockcroft ca 1860
South Africa
East London, South Africa
none given Carol Davis
Benjamin Phillips 1806 Laura not given Cayuga Co, NY not given Donna Whitcomb
Benjamin Carroll Phillips 9/23/1828
1. Christena Blankenship
2. Margarett Risenhover
3. Sallie Bryan
TN > MO > TN 1907
Caddo OK
William, Nancy, Adneyann, Gilbert, Benjamin, Missouri, James, Henry, Joseph, Martha, margaret, Sarah, Rebecca Gene Phillips
Charles James Phillips,
Blanch Maclean
Swansea, Wales
Mary A. ca 1850
last residence
Brooklyn NY
Charles, Frank, Carrie, Homer, Emma Pat Connors
Charles David Charles Golden Phillips Sep 29, 1929 Elizabeth Sellers not given Nov 1993 Robert, Charles, Tomas, Pamela Charles Phillips
Clifford John Phillips, Sarah Fry 1907 Marjory Edwards not given 1973 Donna, Elsie Donna Hull
Daniel James Charles Phillips, Mary Sutton 1893
Ettie Olive Jane Henery New Zealand 1938
Christchurch, New Zealand
chld-Patricia, Dennis, Terence Sharryn McAuliffe
David John Phillips, possibly Jenette 1871 Abedare Ellen Rees n/a unknown chld-David John, Janet Tegwen, Tudor Rees, Evan Oliver, 3 unknown Zane Gough
David Lewis Phillips Mar 1824
Preble OH
Hannah Cantrell n/a 17 June 1893 chld: Lews, William, Joshua, James, Mary, George, Levi and? Karleen L Phillips
Dudley Phillips bef 1799 CT Minerva Ferguson n/a not given Dulley, Lodema Earle Wollam
Edward Phillips Oct 5, 1790
Bo'ness, Linlithgowshire, Scotland
Mary Bailey St Johns, New Brunswick CAN July 21, 1845-50
Uxbridge ONT
chld:  Mary Charlotte, Mary Jane, John, Benjamin, Frances, Ann, James, Charles, Robert, Susannan Marcia P Locher
Edward Hobart Phillips 1855
Phoebe E Hobart n/a not given chld-Edward R Cynthia Thomas
Elizabeth Ann Thomas Phillips, Rosanna Goff 29 Apr 1844
Eldersville PA
John Tidball Hamilton n/a 15 Nov 1927
b Steubenville
chld-Thomas, Katherine, John, Rosanna, Charles, Robbie Regina Kenney
Ellen, Nelly, Neill Thomas Phillips, Julia Hooley 1889 Michael Phillips not given not given not given Mary Mizzi
Emma Sarah Will M Phillips, Mary A Hazelwood Dec 1871
Brooklyn NY
Curt Stem(m)ler n/a Feb 1938 chld: Curt, Emma, Nannette Nannette
Enoch Ellis Phillips, Elizabeth Parry 27 Mar 1817
Denbighshire, Wls
Mary ca 1845
Bilston, Staffordshire
not given chld-John, Edwin, Ellis, Dinah, Mary, Thomas, Enoch Liz
or Frank
George Phillips, Eliza 1840? Ann(ie) maybe Wales 1885? chld-William Serina Sherring
Francis Francis, Susan ca 1800
Rockcorry, Co Monaghan, Ireland
Jane Donnelly 1861
Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
betw 1855-61, all chldren emig to Australia; occup-teacher Wendy Lindsay
Francis unknown Phillips ??
White Co, IL
Mary E Daniel n/a 1862
Civil War
Trenton TN
Wiley M, Margaret Jane Kathy L Phillips
Francis Francis Phillips, Hannah Travis?? ca 1760
Dutchess Co NY
Mary ? n/a aft 1832
White Creek NY
or Iowa
Jennie, Rufus, Thomas, William Kevin Pemrick
Francis E (Frank) Frank Phillips Jun 1845 Kate Valentine not given Orlando FL chld-Harriet E, Thomas B, George W, Oliver V Patricia L Rivero
Francis Newton Phillips Sep 1849
Harriet Tompkins n/a after 1920
Vesta, Walter, Francis, Hugh, Cecilia, Chester, Theodore Arlene Williamson
Franklin Phillips 1812 Evelina Campbell not given 1898 Laura, William, Evelina, Franklin, Pleasant, Ethel, Lessie, Alice, Leola, Lewis, Edgar Faye P Pierce
Frederic Louis Levi Phillips, Barbara May 2, 1884
Sanborn, N. Dakota
1. Grace E Sullivan
2. Bessie M ?
n/a May 9, 1954
Harrison, Arkansas
chld-LeRoy, Harry Julie Phillips Minor
Gabriel Phillips unknown Hannah Brower n/a 1809
Doyle Phillips
George W Abram Phillips, Elizabeth Murphy 1830
Wolf Co KY
Ellen Lacy n/a 1887
Wolfe Co KY
John, Frances, Abram, Sarah, Mary, Lydia, Axie Tina Vance
George Wesley Phillips 6 Apr 1831
Margaret Melvina Ashe n/a 12 Jul 1922
Canada township, NC
John, Ellen, George, Mariah, Wilborn, Wellington, Otis, Rachel Vickie Ashe
Gideon Thomas Phillips, Mary J 1850 Georgia Hale Alabama, TX last resided Bosqueville TX Eddie, Robert, Mary Martha Phillips
Golden Phillips ca 1900 Maudie UK 1986 Francis, Charles, JD, Bill, Robert, Ruth Shirley, Betty Charles Phillips
Hannah Philip Phillips, Rosetta 1817
London, England
James Neill n/a 1866 chld-Louisa, Robert, Thomas, Charles, James, Arthur, Philip, Hannah Leonie Lang
Henry Phillips 1812-14
prob NY
Jane Ann Brown n/a 1900? m Ulster Co NY; chld-Henry, James, Caroline, Mary E, John S, George Lloyd H.S. Wolters
Henry Leo Joe Phillips 16 May 1905 unknown unknown poss 1979 unknown Linda Lanish
Henry Thomas Thomas Phillips 1837 Elizabeth Ellen Lathan not given March 1878 chld-Richard, Lucinda, William, Jasper, John, Nancy, Charles Nancy P Dilger
Herbert George Phillips 1893 Helen Shelton not given 9/19/60 chld-Mary, Herbert, JoAnn DeAdra Phillips
Hezekiah Phillips 1740-56 Catherine Lybrook from England 1811 chld-Daniel H, Elizabeth, William, Henry, Hezekiah, Catherine, Lewis, Christina, Lydia, Sarah/Sally, Rebecca Suzanne P Culp
Hezekiah ?? Phillips, Catherine Frahm 1756
Catharine Lybrook
Preble Co, OH
William, Daniel H, Elizabeth, Catharine, Lewis, Christina, Sarah, Rebecca Marlene Creech
Horace Phillips Jan 1817 Sarah Van Valkenburg not given Jan 3, 1893 James, Livina, Alfred, James, Adelbert Diana N
Hugh William Phillips, Elizabeth Withiel 1812
Illogan, Cornwall
1. Elizabeth Donnithorne
2. Priscilla Ellis Ladner
1842 Grant Co, WI >
1846 Iowa Co WI
Mineral Point, WI
chld-Mary E, Edith E, Hugh E, Edward A, William F, Sarah G, Robert W, Annie S Meli Moore
Ivy James Phillips
Martha Ann Jones
Aug 25, 1913
Nant-y-Moel, Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales
Harry Wilmot Tooley Jan 1849
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Jan 11, 2001
San Diego CA
sailed to US on Queen Elizabeth I, arrived in New York, lived in West Allis WIS for awhile, 2 chld., moved to San Diego, CA 1960 David Tooley
James Phillips 1824
Risca, Monmouthshire, ENG
Angelina Davies did not emig not found after 1871 census son, Thomas b 1853 David Tooley
James Phillips Jul 21, 1879
Tondu, Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales
Martha Ann Jones July 9, 1929
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mar 22, 1936
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
sailed to US on SS Pres. Roosevelt, dgts-Minnette, Olwen, Ivy David Tooley
James Philips 1766 Marie Hoose (Van Hoesen) bef 1806
Sorel, Quebec, CAN
1847 chld-John, James, Mary, Emelie, Marie-Felix, Catherine, Lucie, Edourad, Sophie Marie Philippe
James Samuel Phillips, Letitia MacIver Kingston On Canada Ruby Prickett n/a 1991 chld-Terry, David Terry James Phillips
James James Phillips, Amelia Munger Apr 13, 1802 Deborah Birdsall not given Aug 15, 1872 George W, Charles H, Mary Louisa, Cordelia H, Phoebe A, Jane E, Minerva H, Clarkson G George Phillips
James Phillips, Mary Morse Allen 1815 Mary Evans not given 1868 chld-John, Hannah, James, William, David, Joseph anonymous
James Edward Phillips, Mary Bailey Feb 24, 1826
New Brunswick CAN
Mercy Elizabeth Card n/a Aug 31, 1892
Uxbridge ONT
chld:  Levi, Mary, John, James, Jessia, Mercy, Alexander Marcia P Locher
James Phillips 14 Nov 1727 Alice Brown not given not given not given William Homer
James James Phillips,
Mary Williams
Feb 2, 1775
St Euny, Redruth, Cornwall, England
Blanch Maclean betw 1815-1820 to Swansea, Wales bef 1851
Swansea, Wales
James, Mary, Caroline, John, William, Charles Pat Connors
James Jeremiah James Phillips, Letitia Reese 10/12/1814
Worcestershire ENG
1. Hannah Lea
2. Jane McBride
3. Jane Carson
Dec 1842
Mar 2, 1893 chld: 1. James, John, Sarah; 2. William, George, Lewis, Richard, Letitia, Abraham, Nelson, Mary Catherine Fleming
James M Thomas Phillips 4/20/1845
Manchester ENG
Polly Reddout not given 5/14/1898
Oregon Township MI
not given Mike Clement
John John Phillips, Sarah ?? ca 1816
Margaret Grace n/a unknown children:  John, Edward, Margaret E., Thomas J., William, Patrick, Sarah Nora Phillips
John John Phillips betw 1705-1719
Prince George Co., Virginia USA
not given n/a not given brother-George b ca 1700; children-Joseph b Nov 1726, Mary b Apr 1731, John b Aug 1740, George B b May 1743  Rex Phillips
John John & ? ca 1700-04
Hertfordshire, Eng
Anne ca 1705-1719
Pr. George Co. VA, USA
Pr. George area, ca 1770 married ca 1725, son John b 1705-19 Rex Phillips
John James Phillips, Susannah Lucas 1840
Dartford, Kent
Lydia Clement 1860
Sydney, N.S.W.
chld-13 Robert John Phillips
John Phillips unknown 2 wifes, only one proven: Diannah (Hicks?) none 1801
check tree at:
Doyle Phillips
John Phillips ca 1840, maybe Kingston on Thames Mary Helena Evans 1868
Christchurch NZ
unknown not given Edwina Kohler
John Phillips unknown Martha Birch not given 1810 Mary, John, William, Ann, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Charles, Richard, Joseph, Henry Sue Baker
John William Phillips 1767
Birmingham ENG
Sophia Yates (2nd wife) Sydney AU
1820 "Janus"
1902 chld: Sophia, John, Emily, Isabella, George, Charlotte, Henry Rosemary Phillips
John Jesse Phillips, Mary (Polly) Reatherford 1819 Julia Ann Taylor TN 1819, MO 1847, OR 1852 May 20, 1907 Jesse, Cinderella, Rilely, John, Mary Barbee Hodgkins
John Phillips 10/25/1852 Ellen Clark(e) Birmingham ENG >> NY 12/23/1900 George, Ada, Arthur, William, Alfred, Charles, Clara Diane Slaninko
John Phillips bet 1783-90 Catherine Smith unknown ca 1851-6 John, Mary A, Joseph, Smith, Phoebe, Benjamin Carol McNerney
John Bawdrip John Phillips, Matha Birch 1770 Sigismunda Mondayer Scoltock not given 1832 John, William, Thomas, Ann, Mary, Emma, Eliza Sue Baker
John Chamberlain William Phillips ca 1816 Louisa Allen bef 1800 May 1901 Susan, Mary, Nancy, William, Dora, Elizabeth, James, Ann, Benjamin, Mattie, John Harry S Phillips Sr
John Clark John T Phillips, Sarah Sep 1834
Cornwall ENG
near Lands End
Elizabeth Ann Terrill ca 1843 1921
Riverside Co, CA, USA
chld-Sarah F, Anna E, Amelia J, John T, Charles S, Ethel M Shay
John James Phillips Feb 14, 1800
Susannah Webb n/a Aug 11, 1865
Greene Co, MO
chld-John, Mary, James, Charles, Robert Delena Dexter
John Patrick John Phillips, Margaret Grace 1851
Colliers, Newfoundland
Margaret Grace n/a 1934
Colliers, Newfoundland
children:  John Thomas, Mary F., Margaret J., Patrick, Bernard, Gregory Nora Phillips
John T Phillips 1819
Merthyr Tydfil,
Charlotte Parker 1850 USA 1890
chld-Jeannett, Thomas, Charlotte Kris Judd
John Thomas John Phillips, Ellen McGrath 1881
Colliers, Newfoundland
Margaret Power n/a 1955
children:  Ann, Ellen, Gregory, Rita, Patrick, John, Mary, Bernard, Michael Cyril, Florence Nora Phillips
John Wesley James Phillips, Mercy Card Sep 14, 1858
Scott Co ONT
1. Jane Whitney
2. Elizabeth Spencer
3. Georgia Hickey
n/a Oct 8, 1931
Yreka CA, USA
chld:  Ella, Myron, Norman, Elmer, Georgia, John Marcia P Locher
John Wilson William Phillips, Mandy Sisk unknown Annie Susie Ross not given May 11, 1947
McKinley, Marengo Co, AL
d @ age 67, chld-Pinkie M, Mae, Jim Gale Kirkpatrick
Jonathan Philips 1781 Elizabeth Job 1806 in
Shanandoah Co. VA
Page Co., VA
chld-John, William, Andrew, James, Thomas, Rebecca, Mary John Phillips
Josh William Josh Phillips, Olive Aug 11, 1926 Roberta Ensor n/a Feb 14, 1947 chld-William Ray Phillips Tisha Phillips
Josiah James Phillips 1853
St Angnes,
Wheel Rose ENG
Elizabeth Carlon not given 1915-17 James J, Sylvester Jacqueline P Root
LeRoy Phillips Frederic Phillips, Grace Dec 22, 1908
Las Vegas, New Mexico
Minnie Esther Williams n/a May 16, 1942 chld- Dale (adopted), Frederick Oscar, Charles Williams, Patricia Ann Julie Phillips-Minor
Levi Allen William Phillips, Lucy Cross 1895? 1. Doroa Wilcox
2. Ethel Pratt
n/a February 1877 Doris, Mildred, Jerry, Dorothy, Robert Dario
Levi Ricket Phillips 11 Nov 1843 Elizabeth Melissa McNaught not given 7 Feb 1935 chld-Levi, Francis, Sadie, Isaac, Perl, Charles Rosanna
Levi S James Phillips, Mercy Card 1853
Ontario, Scott, CAN
Barbara Imarie (Emery) 1882
Fargo, Cass, North Dakota
Oct 24, 1928 chld-Nellie, George, James, Frederic, David, Effie, Oscar Julie Phillips Minor
Leonard Cummings Phillips 1858 Edna Owens unknown 12 Apr 1930 chld-Scott, Mace, Yancy, Burns, Havanah Joshua W Phillips
Lewis Philip Phillips, Rosetta 1811
unknown unknown unknown unknow Leonie Lang
Lucy Samuel Phillips, Mary 11 Jun 1813
Warren, Herkimer NY
Cheney B Van Buren n/a 17 Feb 1887
Orangeville, UT
Mary, William, Samuel, Elmer, Andrew, Edwin, Lucy, Lydia Cynthia Johnson

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