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June 4, 2019


Family Year Moved to NR Last known NR address Contact
Ailor, Robert Frank & Maimie 1890 - 1952 245 Huguenot St Robert F Ailor Sr
Burke, Thomas J 1872 114 Church St Patti Crispo
Christie not given Bayview Ave Elaine
Colombo late 1800s to 1900s 129 4th St Judy
Cotter 1940-2013 Lincoln Street Sue Wood
Cuneen unk yr to present New Rochelle Linda Brown
Cron, James & Margaret 1920-50s b IA 99 Fen..? Rd Afton Olsen
Degrushe, Margaret 1840-1850s w/John Haslett family Carol Wakeley
Farmer, Charles W b NR 21 Davis Ave-d 1933 Pat Connors
Farmer, Margaret b NR Elm St-d 1946 Pat Connors
Farmer, Mildred b NR 21 Davis Ave-1901 Pat Connors
Frerichs, Andreas not given 42 Winthrop Ave Colleen
Geronimo, Jack & Madeline 1920-90s Drake Ave Janice Clauer
Grace ca 1900-1960 5 Cottage Place (1936) Bryan Healy
Griffin Ossining 1836-42 Ireland T Newmark
Healey early 1900s Park Place? Larchmont Pat Connors
Herrmann, Herman 1857-present Mayflower Ave, early 1940s Kathy
Jacobus ca 1900-1960 5 Cottage Place (1936) Bryan Healy
Kenney prior to 1930 130 Liberty Ave Ann Marie K Durgin
Koch, William F ca 1863 204 Main St Fran O'Brien
La Count 1700-1888 Brooklyn, New Rochelle Donald Sass
Larkin, Martin 1853 not given Jean Barber
LeCount 1700s to 1830 Ironwright Shop, LeCount Pl & Fifth Donald Sass
LeRoy, Herman ca 1805 corner Main & Center St Newbold LeRoy
LeRoy, Newbold 1905 122 Elm St Newbold LeRoy
McClelland 1925 21 Spruce St Sanford McClelland
McGuire prior to 1930 Taymil Road Ann Marie K Durgin
Milton, Ella, Alice, Theodora 1910 to unknown Belami Rd (1920) Janice
Maund ca 1905 43 Ellington Ave (1930) Bryan Healy
Murphy, Joseph J Bronx>NR 1980 111 Franklin Ave Rita K Murphy
Murphy, Rita Quinn Bronx>NR 1980 40 Willow Dr Rita K Murphy
Neumann 1949-1961 5 Fairview Pl Vivian N Kahn
Nichols 1906 220 Pelham Rd Colleen A Smith
Phillips, William Wales>>NYC>>NR 1861 d NR 1893 Pat Connors
Roswell ca 1900-1960 5 Cottage Place (1936) Bryan Healy
Rundell, Margaret Stahl b NR NR>>Jackson, Mich - 1946 Pat Connors
Schureman 1667 Quaker Cross Rd till ca 1895 MaryJane S Sisk
Smith, Augustine from Yonkers, ca 1880 170 Winyah Ave - 1925 Pat Connors
Smith, Edna Mapes b Rye 176 Woodland Ave-1905 Pat Connors
Smith, Henry T from Yonkers, after 1880 176 Woodland Ave-1905 Pat Connors
Smith, James H from Yonkers, ca 1880 23 Fairview Pl - 1910 Pat Connors
Stahl, Harvey Edwin b NR d 1960 Pat Connors
Stahl, Mildred Farmer b NR Pintard Apartments, d 1964 Pat Connors
Tansey 1850s-present New Rochelle Linda Brown
Tinto (Tinchettella) early 1900s to CT Judy
Todd, Clara b NR Elm St - 1890 Pat Connors
Todd, Irving R b NR 39 Franklin Ave-1901 Pat Connors
Todd, Walter H b NR 20 LeCount Place-1901 Pat Connors
Walz, Johanna mid to late 1900s Drake Ave Janice Clauer

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