1870 Federal Census


The records that you find have been transcribed by volunteers.  Because the handwriting at times was very hard to read, and the enumerators had a hard time understanding the emigrants, let alone spell their names, you should try every variation of the spelling of the surname you are searching.  At times, you will find ?? and (sic) in the record.  The ?? means we could not read the writing and the (sic) means we recognize the enumerator made a mistake but have transcribed the record exactly has written.

(see below for census description before clicking on names)

Abbott to Blivernich

Blizzard to Clapp

Clark to DeGroot

Delany to Fisher

Fitzgerald to Guesler

Guest to Irons?

Iselin to Konkle

Kraff to Marshall

Martin to Mullins

Mulvey to Pugsly

Purcell to Seacole

Seacor to Taylor

Thomas to Yetter


Census pages:  All pages will load in a new window.  They are big databases, with over 600 lines in table format.  They take time to load  even after your browser says, 'document done'.

The last names are in alphabetic order but not the first names because they have been kept in family groups (see page #).

Headings:  Born is the state or country the person was born in.  Under Father and Mother:  y=born outside USA, a blank space or n=born in USA


Transcribers:  Carol Lofton, Marita Gladson, Laura Lawson, June Howard, Bob McConihe, Kay Brearton, Pat Connors


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