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NY Location
Ireland Location
Earles West Troy, Albany Co. unknown Pat Wood
Earley not given Granard, Co Longford Patricia E Morris
Early Manhattan unknown Roberta Colleary
Egan New York City Co Cork Erica
Egan Manhattan Dromcollogher, Co Limerick Joan
Egan Manhattan not given Catherine Flanagan
Egan Rochester Clare Joan Floegel
Egan NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau Co. Limerick Rosemary E Zimmer
Egan Brooklyn & Manhattan unknown Jinna Mayer
Egan Cohoes, Albany Co. Co. Tipperary Karen Bass
Ellison, Allison Astoria, Queens, Long Island Londonderry, No Ireland Joy E Bold
Elwood Brooklyn & Manhattan not given Carol Spoor
English New York City, Brooklyn Glencairn, Co Waterford Sheila MacAvoy
English Clinton & Essex Cos. unknown Bill Byron
English, Inglish unknown Co Tipperary Sandra J Hawley
Ennis Williamsburgh, Brooklyn Co Westmeath Marianne Bradley
Enright Ellicottville, Norway, Western NYS unknown Dan Ward
Enright Manhattan unknown Tom Donegan
Fagan Brooklyn unknown Ken Gruschow
Fagan New York City Castlepollard,  Westmeath Betty Lou Garcia
Fagin New York City unknown Theresa Heller
Fahey Albany Waterford Catherine Fahey
Fallon Bronx, Manhatton, Queens Roscommon, Belfast Jeb S Rosebrook
Fallon Brooklyn, Winfield, Elmhurst Cork Kevin White
Fallon Clinton Co., Mooers area Co. Armagh David Bell
Fallon Lansingburg, Oneida, Washington, Livingston Co. Roscommon Mary Fallon Richards
Fanning Manhattan, NY Co. unknown Judy Herbert
Fardy Staten Islnd Wexford Bill Sheridan
Farley Smithtown, NY Co Westmeath Laura Farley
Farley Manhattan, Brooklyn unknown Eileen C Werth
Farnan Cayuga Co, Monroe Co Co Wexford/Dublin? Elaine Hall
Farrell Brooklyn Waterford Eileen Chapman
Farrell Manhattan Clare or Cork Al Furman
Farrell Dovertown or Stony Point not given Beverly Balletto
Farrell Brooklyn, Kings Co unknown Wendy Jansen
Farrell Port Chester, Brooklyn, Flushing Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath Ellen M. Hopps
Farrell Lansingburgh unknown Cindy Hoffman
Farrell Greenbush, Rensselaer Co, Albany unknown Geralyn Wood Barry
Farrell Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co.>NYC unknown Peggy Dolan
Farrell Troy, Rensselaer Co. unknown Linda Farrell
Farrell Manhattan, Tuxedo in Orange Co Streete Parrish,Westmeath Kathy Farrell
Farrell NYC, NY Co. unknown Judy Herbert
Farrell Brooklyn, Manhattan unknown T. Barnett
Farren Brooklyn County Donegal Melissa McMahon
Feeley/Feely Manhattan, Bronx, NYC County Leitrim Gerald/Agnes Marvin
Feeney Hornell,  Steuben Co unknown Edward Clancy
Fean Schuylerville, Saratoga Co Co Limerick Trudy F Smith
Fearon New York unknown Karen Hodges
Feely not given Croom Michael
Fehily, Feehilly, Fihily Manhattan, Bronx Coolbeggan, Tallow, Co Waterford Kay Corcoran
Felton Manhattan, Bronx Blackpool, Cork City, Co Cork Matt Falvey
Fennell Far Rockaway, Queens & Yonkers Dungarvan, Waterford Mary Payne
Ferrell Onondaga, Onondaga Co Co Westmeath Pat Ellison
Ferry New York City unknown Mary
Fields Lisbon, St Lawrence Co Northern Ireland Janet Magnuson
Finger Brooklyn, Kings Co. unknown Kathleen Paton
Finlay Perry Cloughs Mill Carolyn McGinnis
Finley, Finly not given Derryherk Howard Finley
Finley Far Rockaway, Queens Meath Anna Park
Finn Tioga Co Dublin Melissa H Fitzkee
Finn Hurley, Kingston, Troy County Laois Bill McGrath
Finn Brooklyn, Kings Co. North County Cork Pat Wood
Finnegan Suffern NY Galway Diane Culhane
Finnegan Manhattan? Rosses Point, Sligo M Hall
Finnegan Lima, Livingston Co Donaghmoyne, Co Monaghan Lisa Swovick
Fitmaurice not given Co Mayo Ciaran Colgan
Fitzgerald Oceanside, Nassau Co Cork Daniel Brooks
Fitzgerald Brooklyn Co Limerick George Madden
FitzGerald Kingston, Roundout, Ulster Co unknown Edward R FitzGerald
FitzGerald Horseheads (Elmira) Co. Cork Pat FitzGerald
Fitzgerald Brooklyn, Manhattan, Buffalo unknown Kate Willoughby
Fitzgerald Chenago Forks or Binghamton, Broome Co. Kerry Gael
Fitzgerald Chemung Co. unknown Ellen Kane Buglewicz
Fitzgerald Troy, Rensselaer Co. unknown Francis Healy
Fitzgerald Elmira, Chemung Co. Kilkee, Co. Clare Anne Green
Fitzgerald Brooklyn, Queens Cos. Limerick, Cork Nora FitzGerald
Fitzgibbons Poart Jervis, Middletown, Orange Co Co Cork Susan Norlund
Fitzgibbons St. Lawrence County County Limerick Robert G. Fitzgibbons
Fitzjarris Randolph unknown Edna Burns
Fitzmaurice Brooklyn Ballygar, Galway Tommy Fitzmaurice
Fitzpatrick Manhattan Drumlane Parish, Co Cavan Deb Woolley
Fitzpatrick Long Island Wexford, Dublin Karen Dame
Fitzpatrick Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co Clare Nancy Roach
Fitzpatrick Manhattan Cork or Kerry? Jo Bennett
Fitzpatrick Bronx County Laois/Leix Barbara Jacques
Fitzpatrick Bronx, Manhattan Carricknashoke, etc Co Cavan Maureen Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick Troy, Rennselaer Co. unknown Carol Waldron
Fitzsimmons Staten Islnd Co Cavan Bill Sheridan
Fitzwilliam Brooklyn, Long Island Co. Wexford? John Fitzwilliam
Flaherty New York City Co Clare Joan Adrian
Flaherty Manhattan Sligo Barbara
Flaherty New York County not given Victoria Strauch
Flaherty Brooklyn, Kings Co. Croom, Co. Limerick
Flahie Olean (Cattaraugus), Syracuse, Buffalo Clare? Genie Flahie
Flahive Manhattan, Brooklyn unknown Rose Mary Neal
Flanagan Red Hook, Brooklyn Laughtavarry Virginia Zelinsky
Flanagan Troy, Rensselaer Co Tipperary Par, Co Tipperary Pat Connors
Flanagan Manhattan not given Catherine Flanagan
Flannagan Manhattan & Brooklyn unknown Dee Larson
Flannigan, etc Yates Co, Manhattan unknown Cathy
Fleming not given Wexford; Co Meath Ursula
Fleming Fabius, Syracuse, Onondaga Co Co Tipperary Pat Ellison
Fleury Brooklyn NY Ireland ca 1834 Joyce Fleury Presnall
Flinn, Flynn Brooklyn, Manhattan, Yonkers, Long Island possibly Co. Cork F. X. Flinn
Flood Herkermer St, Brooklyn poss Legan, Co Longford Kevin P Flood
Flood Mulberry St, and Brooklyn Westmeath Kate Hanley
Flood NYC County Clare Nancy Davis
Flynn East Rockway Co Roscommon Laura Mistretta
Flynn Poughkeepsie Cos Cavan barbara Policastri
Flynn, O'Flynn  Brooklyn, Kings Co. poss Co Cork or Dublin Joanne McGrath
Flynn Manhattan unknown Lucy Burns-Flynn
Flynn New York County not given Victoria Strauch
Flynn Chemung Co. unknown Ellen Kane Buglewicz
Flynn Troy, Rensselaer Co., Ulster Co, Orange Co. Co. Leix Pat Connors
Flynn Hudson, Columbia Co unknown Mary L. Casey
Foley Buffalo Ireland location ?? Mark Foley
Foley Manhattan Lismore, Co Waterford Gary Knecht
Foley unknown Ireland, Scotland Anne
Foley unknown Waterford Sue Betts
Ford Troy, Rensselaer Co. unknown Joan Vooris
Fottrell New York County Dublin Gene Fotttrell
Fox Brooklyn unknown Judi
Fox Manhattan, East side unknown Cathy
Fox Franklin Co unknown Carole
Foy not given Killaden, Coilltemach Foy
Fraher Bklyn to Queens NY unknown Nora B Fraher
Fraher NY state Kildorrery, Co Cork Eileen F Sullivan
Frazier, Frazer Manhattan Co Longford Patricia
Frazier Manhattan, NYC NI/Scotland>Ont, CAN Gerald/Agnes Marvin
Freeman Rochester Area County Galway/Cork Michael Freeman
Friel Ellicottville, Western NYS Mount Charles, Co Donegal Dan Ward
Furlong Brooklyn County Wexford Judy Picard
Fury/Flury unknown unknown Bob Flury
Fury/Furey Jersey City, Eliz., NJ Tuam, Co. Galway Alice Lambert
Gaffney Brooklyn, Manhattan Cavan Mary Pullara
Gaffney Brooklyn Kilronan Par, Co. Roscommon Sharon Murray
Gaffney Newburgh unknown Bob Wilson
Gainey poss Erie or Buffalo Cork Mary Crandall
Galbraith Wash., Saratoga, Onieda  Cos Northern Ireland Tee
Gallagher Queens Co Mayo, Cloonbrone Sandy Wire
Gallagher Marcellus, Onondaga Sligo, Co Sligo John F Quinn
Gallagher So Oneida & Nor Madison Cos Mayo James Gallagher
Gallagher Skaneateles Co Cork Betsy Morris
Gallagher Manhattan, Brooklyn Sligo Barbara
Gallagher Staten Island Limerick, Cork Jan Kenney Fortado
Gallagher Poughkeepsie Castlebar, Co Mayo Kathleen Kilburn
Gallagher Brooklyn Caracastle, Co Mayo Kathleen
Gallagher Manhattan Co. Donegal Theresa Davis
Gallagher Troy, Rensselaer Co unknown Kathleen Brearton
Gallagher Delaware, Orange Cos unknown Winifred O'Donnell
Gallagher Long Island City, Queens Co. County Donegal Sharon Shaffer
Gallagher Brooklyn, Kings Co North co. Cork Pat Wood
Galvin Manhattan unknown Rose Mary Neal
Galvin Bronx Co Clare, Kilkenny?? Gini Galvin
Garraghan Churchville, Monroe Co Tralee, Co. Kerry Marcena Thompson
Garrigan Wappingers Falls Co. Cavan T. Schmidt
Garrity Brooklyn unknown Eleanore K Logan
Gartley Wappingers Falls Donegal Devon
Garvey Manhattan; Patterson NJ Columbkille, co Longford Kim Garvey-Levy
Gately Brooklyn Galway Tom Clougher
Gathen, O'Gathen, Gaffen Middleburg, Schoharie Co not given Carol Lamb
Gaughran Manhattan & Brooklyn unknown Dee Larson
Gavigan New York City? Co. Donegal Ethel B Keith
Geoffroy Bronx Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford Charles H Geoffroy
Geoghan Manhattan Westmeath J Torre
Geoghegan Brooklyn, Kings Co unknown Cathy Harrison
Geritty, Gearity, Garrity Manhattan, Brooklyn unknown Rose Mary Neal
Gartley Long Island NY Donegal Diane Pettigre
Gaughran Manhattan Meath Cathy Hatcher
Gibbons Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Louisburgh, Co Mayo Sheila MacAvoy
Gibbons Brooklyn Castlebar, Co Mayo Diane Crabtree
Gibbons Manhattan Westmeath Melissa Ellis
Gibbons Woodside, Whitesone, Brooklyn Castlebar, Co. Mayo MaryPat Carey
Gilhooley Manhattan Co. Sligo Rebecca Whitmyer
Gillespie Brooklyn Donegal Judi
Gillick Manhattan, Brooklyn poss Westmeath P Adams
Gilligan Brooklyn unknown Tom Clougher
Gilligan Manhattan Westmeath Melissa Ellis
Gillooly Buffalo Ballymoe, Co Galway James Doyle
Gleason Manhattan unknown Melanie Egan
Gleason Owego, Tioga Co unknown Grace Gleason
Gleeson Bronx, Brooklyn Co. Tipperary Henrietta Majeski
Glennon Saugerties, Ulster Co unknown Peggy Dolan
Glinen utica ny oneida co Co. Roscommon? Peggy McKeown
Glinnen Utica, Schaghticoke Roscommon? Michael Glennon
Glynn Manhattan, Bronx unknown Margaret Hyde
Gogerty Orange Co Dundalk, Co Louth Jean Foster
Goggins Brooklyn Galway Michele Easton
Golden Dutchess, Nassau, Queens  Cos. Cos. Sligo, Mayo Rose Mary Neal
Goode Brooklyn, Kings Co Ballyfin, Mountrath, Co Leix/Laois Robert Palmer
Goodwin W 40s, Manhattan Clogher, Co Tyrone Kevin Cassidy
Gordon Allegany Co. Co. Sligo Mary Kate Wozniak
Gorey ??/NJ unknown Linda E. Brown
Gorman Buffalo not given Kathleen Kane
Go(u)lding, Go(u)lden Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester Cork Andrew F Dubler
Grace Hudson, Columbia Co Kilkenny, Co Tipperary Janet G Kingsford
Grafton Brooklyn Co. Cork Marie O Kravette
Graham New York City not given Lynn Brown
Granahan long island not known steve power
Grant NYC, Troy Tipperary Donna Wilson
Grant Manhattan Clonduff, Co. Down Nora FitzGerald
Gray Yonkers unknown Chris Gray
Gray Troy, Rensselaer Co possibly Dublin Patti Smith
Greaney NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau Co. Limerick Rosemary E Zimmer
Greene Brooklyn unknown Ken Gruschow
Greenan E.NY; New Lots; Brooklyn County Monaghan Joan Stinson
Greer Brooklyn, Kings County Longford Elizabeth M Grassi
Griffin Manhattan Dingle, Co Kerry Joan Griffin
Griffin Far Rockaway, Queens Cork, Mayo Anna Park
Grimes NYC Kilfinnane, Co Limerick Jim Regan
Guinan Albany Dromalta, Cappamore, Co. Limerick Nancy Peregrine
Guinane Chemung Co. Ennis, Co. Clare Toni Mason
Gulliver New York City? Co Leitrim Ethel B Keith
Gunn Brooklyn, Kings Mullinahone, Co Tipperary Lisa Dotti
Gunn Herkimer, Fulton, Kings Cos. unknown Pat Wanner


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