Above picture is of the Dempsey Funeral Home on Staten Island. Dempsey operated from the mid 1850's through 1947. They had offices on Staten Island and in Bayonne, New Jersey. The original burial books as well as cemetery plot deeds can be accessed by contacting Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Staten Island SICemetery@aol.com or 917-545-3309.

Dempsey & Sons Funeral
Record Books

Dempsey Book 1950

Contribution of these records are the courtesy of Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. Staten Island.   For copies of the original record, send a request. The original record indicates what the burial was, example, type of coffin, did they buy gloves, how many pallbearers, candelabra, chairs, coaches, etc. Some records have more than others. A great deal of information can be found in who actually paid the bill, addresses of those people, what church the service was out of, etc. etc.  the following was taken from the actual burial books. Please note that there is more information on each page, church, type of funeral, who paid the bill, etc:

The below records will eventually cover about 45 books and new records are being added gradually until all the books are completely transcribed.  Check back for updates.  Eventually, there will be an index created for easier searching.

Calvary Cemetery burials, Queens NY
DOD: Date of Death
POD: Place of Death

January 2, 1919
Daniel H. MacGready
DOD: 12/31/1918
POD: 30 West 48th St., Bayonne
Grave: 5-8, name of grave: Mrs. Eliz Fishbourne
No. 3000, May 3, 1893
Plot 326 Section 13, grave 5, 6, 7, & 8
Aged: 66, Occupation Engineer, Married, birth New Jersey
Father: John MacGready - Ireland
Mother Frances Rapau(?)

April 3, 1920
Honora Flaherty
DOD: 4/1/1920
POD: 930 Broadway, Bayonne
Grave 19 plot S, section 42, Range 11, Aug. 1, 1917, name of grave Patrick Flaherty
Aged: 9 months 26 days, single
Father: Patrick Flaherty
Mother: Mary McAleary(or McAleavy)

October 19, 1920
Raymond Maher
DOD: 10/18/1920
POD: 14 West 11th Street, Bayonne
Grave 9 plot BB, section 1 West, location of grave, range 10, Dec. 23, 1874 Marten Bryone(?)
Aged: 9 years, 7 mths, single
Father: John D. Maher
Mother: Catherine Burns born NYC

February 16, 1921
Mary Kelleher
DOD: 2/14/1921
POD: St. Ann's Home
Grave 14 plot 6, section 1 south, range M., Mary Walsh 1000, 3/31/1877
Aged: 79 years, widow, Ireland
Father: James Reilly, Ireland
Mother: ? Ireland

March 14, 1921
Margaret A. Clancy
DOD: 3/10/1921
POD: 92 West 23th St Bayonne
Grave, section 8 range 46, plot V.w grave is 9.10.11 William Frawley, 11/25/1871
Aged: 76 years
Birthplace Loudou (?) England
Husband: Patrick
Father: Willaim Frawley - Ireland
Mother: Catherine Daly - Ireland

November 19, 1921
John Miller
DOD: 11/18/1921
POD: 43 West 8th St., Bayonne
Grave 14 plot 66 section 51 range, location No 178, David J. Miller
Aged 4 years, born Oct. 4, 1917 baby
Father: David J. Miller, NYC
Mother Julia Faulkner - Ireland

June 7, 1922
Catherine McHugh
DOD 6/5/1922
POD: 52 West 27th St, Bayonne
Deed No 751, Name of deed John McHugh
Born 6/2/1922 3 days old, baby
Father: John McHugh - Ireland
Mother: Cassie Mullin - Ireland

December 19, 1922
Patrick Clancy
DOD: 12/16/1922
POD: St. Ann's Home Jersey City
Grave, plot V3 grave 9.10/11, deed to Mrs. Michael Reilly
Aged: 77 years, retired, widower
Birthplace: Ireland

January 23, 1923
Ellen Murphy
DOD: blank
POD: Laurel Hill Secaucus NJ
Aged 59 years, married, Ireland,
last residence: 32 Cottage St, Bayonne
Father: John McNainee (?)
Mother: unknown
Ordered by Phillip Murphy
(this records has the original funeral bill enclosed)

January 5, 1924
John H. Guilfoyle
DOD: 1/2/1924
POD: Bayonne Hospital
Grave or lot # 11, section 7
Aged 25 years, married, Dentist
Father: John H. Guilfoyle - NY
Mother: Julia Howe, Ireland
(this records has an original letter from an attorney)

February 8, 1924
Mary A. Poole
DOD: 2/5/1924
POD: 346 Boulevard, Bayonne
Aged 64, married, Ireland
Husband: Charles H. Poole
Father: John Drumgool - Ireland
Mother: Unknown - Ireland

Nov. 25, 1899
Cathrine Howard
Lafayette Ave. Port Richmond, S.I.
Cook, born Ireland
Aged 64
Ordered by Thomas Fitzgerald

Dec. 30, 1901
Hannah O'Connell
John St. West Brighton S.I.
72 years of age born Ireland
Father: Thomas Sheehan - Ireland
Mother: Cathrine Sheehan - Ireland
Goods ordered by J. F. Smith, bill charged to Real Estate

March 7, 1902
Daniel O'Connor
6 Houseman Avenue, S.I.
Aged 31 years, born US
Father: Daniel O'Connor - Ireland
Mother: Mary - Ireland
grave 6, section 5, plot 4

July 18, 1902
William J. Breen
Aged 30 years, 5 months, born US
Father: Michael Breen - Ireland
Mother: Cathrine Breen - Ireland

Feb. 8, 1913
Annie Hart
18 Franklin, S.I.
Aged 6 years
Father: Daniel Hart - Ireland
Mother: Annie - NY

Feb. 28, 1903
Thomas J. Breen
Greenridge Road, S.I.
Aged 37 years 5 mths. born US
Father: Michael Breen - Ireland
Mother: Cathrine Breen - Ireland

March 2, 1903
Ellen Collins
Franklin St., S.I.
Aged 78 years, born Ireland
Father: Michael Collins - Ireland
Mother: Mary Collins - Ireland
Note: Death notice to: Wm. C. Pool, Hart, EJ Parkers, sisters, goods ordered by Mrs. Kelley

February 26, 1904
Joseph McElray
Died St. Vincent's Hospt. S.I.
lived John St. West Brighton
Aged 35 years, born US
Father: John - Ireland
Mother: Lusie - Ireland
(existing grave)

March 14, 1904
William Joyce
7208 Avenue 13 Port Richmond
Aged 84 born Ireland
Father: Michael Joyce - Ireland
Mother: Sophia - Ireland
(existing grave) ordered by Mrs. Geegen sister

March 17, 1904
Bridget Skellie (or S. Kellie)
Lafayette Avenue, S.I.
Aged 79 years, born Ireland
Father: Cornelius - Ireland
Mother: Bridget - Ireland
Mass from St. Mary's Port Richmond SI - (existing grave)

April 6, 1911
James McGartean
DOD: 4/2/1911
Aged 75 - Ireland

April 11, 1911
Mary Scully
DOD: 4/8/1911
POD: 23 Silver Street Jersey City
Aged 62 years

September 27, 1911
William Devlin
DOD: 9/24/1911
POD: St. Vincents Hospital
Aged: 40 years
Place of Res: 389 Jewett Avenue, S.I.
Chief NY Fire Dept.
Burial, marker national #1571
Removed Catherine A Devlin from old grave in Calvary to new grave
Father: Peter Devlin - Ireland
Mother: Catherine

November 27 1911
Patrick Bannon
DOD 11/24/1911
POD: 259 Broadway, Bayonne
Aged 38 years
Father: John - Ireland
Mother - Ellen O Grady - Ireland

December 6, 1911
Rose A. Mullan
POD: 22 E 51st St Bayonne
Aged 66 years
Father: O. John Mullan - Ireland
Mother - Rose Doran - Ireland
Cemetery plot: Mrs. Emily Vanderot, 505 West 147th Street, Washington Heights NY

Dec. 28, 1911
Lillie Fay
DOD: 12/27/1911
POD: St. Vincent's Hospt.
Aged 35 years, single, Cook, born Ireland
Parents: Unknown

Feb. 10, 1912
Mary McNamara
DOD: 2/8/1912
POD: 12 West 18th St Bayonne
Aged 60 years, widow, housekeeper born Ireland
Father: Loughlin O'Beirne - Ireland
Mother: Mary Bohan - Ireland

July 9, 1915
Kate Aikens
DOD: 7/7/1915
POD: Alms House
Aged 41 years, married born Ireland
Ordered by Mary McGovern, Barron St., NYC

October 17, 1916
William Fraher
DOD: 10/14/1916
POD: 21 Sisson Ct. Bayonne
Section 8, range 39, location 8/30/1873, plot N., grave 2, deed delivered to Miss Anne Fraher
Laborer - born Ireland
Father: Thomas Fraher - Ireland
Mother: Unknown - Ireland

June 11, 1917
Mary Sheekey
DOD: 6/7/1917
POD: City of New Bedford
Lot 22 plot G., Sect 42, range 5, 8/29/1911 Arther Sheekey
Aged 42 years, married
Husband: Arther
Father: John Flinn - Ireland
Mother: Unknown

January 18, 1894
Daniel Dougherty
448 West 47th St., NYC
Aged 49 years, 10 mths, 1 day
Cause: Delirium Tremers
DOD: 1/18/1894
Grave 15, section 17, plot 9
Born Ireland
Wife: Bella
Father Patrick - Ireland
Mother: Mary - Ireland
Notes: Died in Bellevue Hospital NYC, burial from residence of daughter, Mrs. Leathem

February 2, 1894
Jane Sheridan
First Street
Aged 70
Cause: Pulmonary Adema
DOD: 2/2/1894
grave #13, section 17, plot 5
Lived in NJ 17 years born Ireland
Died Bayonne Hospital
Aunt of Mrs. Long, 83 Linnet Street, deed to Mary Long
Father: Dennis Sheridan - Ireland
Mother: Mary Sheridan - Ireland

April 23, 1894
John Green's child
12a West 52nd St., Robert Edward
Aged 1 year 9 months
Cause: Pertussis morbilli, meningitis
DOD: 4/23/1894
born US
Father: John - England
Mother: Mary - Ireland

July 10, 1984
Terisa Connolly
33 E 14 St.
Aged 5 months
DOD: 7/10/1894
Father: Timothy - Ireland
Mother: Mary

December 12, 1895
Timothy Dooner
Castleton Ave & Caroline St, Staten Island
born Ireland
DOD: 12/10/1895
Aged 52 years

December 14, 1895
John McCarthy
47 West 25th St
DOD: 12/12/1895
Aged 22 years
Phthisis Pul.
Bill to Michael McCarthy
Father: Martin
Mother: Catherine

December 19, 1895
Martin J. Colahan
397 Avenue D
DOD 12/16/1895
Congestion of the lungs
Aged 36 years
Father: Keran - Ireland
Mother: Elizabeth - Ireland
Bill sent to Mrs. Colahan, Mrs. Matthew Burns to pay $40.

Jan 12, 1896
John Hillis child Catherine
Summerfield Avenue, P.R. S.I.
DOD: 1/10/1896
Aged 7 years, 2 mo's
Bill to Mr. Jno Hillis
Father: John
Mother: Mary

February 18, 1896
Peter Nolan
20 West 19th St., Bayonne
DOD: 2/16/1896
born Ireland
Aged 26 years
Father: Michl Nolan - Ireland
Mother: Cath. Nolan - Ireland
People who paid the bill: Mr. Kribs, Robertson & Demarest

July 17, 1896
John Francis Joseph
Cary Avenue S.I.
DOD: 7/17/1986
Aged 19 y, 7 days
Father: Antonio - Portugal
Mother: Margaret - Ireland

August 10, 1896
Patrick Nevins
Cottage Street
DOD: 8/8/1896
Aged 41 years
Bill sent to Mrs. Patric J. Nevins

July 26, 1892
Timothy Murphy
W 12th St
DOD: 7/26/1892
Aged 61 years

Nov. 16, 1892
Patrick Connolly's child Mary E
DOD: 11/16/1892
aged 1 month born US
Father: Patrick - Ireland
Mother: Virginia - Ireland
Died at Alms House, Snake Hill
Render bill to estate of Pat. Connolly - open grave which means it is an existing grave)

Dec. 31, 1892
Bernard Malone
198 Orient Street
DOD: 12/31/1892
Aged 54 years
Bill sent to estate of Bernard Malone - existing grave
Coaches for: Owen Malone & James Shanahan, Richard Homes & Family, Mrs. Keegan & Family, Mrs. Woods & Family, Mr. Jennings

June 27, 1893
Mary Ahern
81 Evergreen Street
DOD: 6/27/1893
Aged 41 years born Ireland
Father: Michael Connor - Ireland
Mother: Mary Connor - Ireland
Bill to Mr. Ahern
Pillow of flowers: Our Mother

August 15, 1893
John Kiltey's Child, Thomas P
124 W 25th Street
DOD: 8/15/1893
Aged 2 years, 10 mths, Eclampsia Infanta born USA
Father: John - US
Mother: Elizabeth, Ireland


January 21, 1908
Thos. W. Fitsgerald
POD: Hotel Kensington, Mul(?) & Park St, Newark
Res: Lafyette Avenue, Pt. Richmond, SI
F: Thos – Ireland
Mass: St. Mary’s

April 26, 1908
James McManns
POD: 218 Richmond Terrace, New Brighten, SI
Occupation: Food Dealer
B: Ireland
F: James McManns – Ireland
M: Catherine Johnson
Notes: Advertisement in NY Herald

July 15, 1908
Jeremiah Bradley
POD: 39 West 18th Road
Res: 39 West 18th Road
B: Ireland
F: Patrick – Ireland
M: Mary – Ireland

August 6, 1908
Dorothy Conroy
POD: 30 Nickolas, New Brighten, SI
B: United States
F: Michael O’Brian – Ireland
M: Bridget Fay

September 29, 1908
Edward Carlin
POD: Bay (?)
Res: 63 W 26 St
B: US – Cleveland
Occupation: Boiler maker
F: John – Ireland
M: Bridget

October 1, 1908
Elizabeth Dempsey
Occupation: Housewife
B: Ireland
F: Thomas Dempsey – Ireland
M: Elizabeth Ger(?)

October 4, 1908
Mararet Cullimore
POD: 1484 Richmond Terrace
F: Jim – US
M: Mary

November 7, 1908
Catherine O’ Devlin
POD: Jewitt Ave, New Brighten, SI
F: Michael Divyer – Ireland
M: Ellen Haggerty

October 29, 1908
Jospeh O’Conner
POD: Mit Hos Berwse (?) Island, US
F: Sam O’Conner – Ireland
M: Cath

October 20, 1904
Michael A Breen
POD: Fresh Kill Road
Occupation: Farmer
F: Michael Breen
M: Cathrine

January 1905
Patrick Byrues
POD: St. Vincents, West Brighten
B: Ireland
F: John Byrues – Ireland
M: Mary Murphy
Burial Lot: Edward Ryan

May 11, 1906
Sister Iguatiut Rosanne Miller
POD: St. Vincents Hospital
Res: St Vincents Hospital
Occupation: Sister of Charity
F: Thomas Miller – Scotland
M: Mary McGaware – US

September 24, 1906
Rose Farley
POD: St Vincents Hospital
Res: NY
B: Ireland
F: Thomas Carroll – Ireland
M: Catherine Fat – Ireland

January 20, 1907
Rose Baylaw
POD: West Brighten, SI
Occupation: House work
B: Ireland
F: Bernard Baylaw
M: Mary McK(?)

February 12, 1908
Michael Breece
POD: Frest Kill Road
B: Ireland
F: Thomas Breece – Ireland
M: Cathrine

January 19, 1909
Bernard Reilly
POD: West Brighten R.R. Station
Occupation: Retired Hostler
B: Ireland
F: Thomas Reilly – Ireland
M: Mary Evers – Ireland

October 13, 1909
Walter Maffat
POD: Giffords Lane
F: Walter Maffat – US
M: Margret Mar(?)– US
December 29, 1909
Maurice Keaner
POD: St Vincents Hospital
Res: Broadway, West Brighten
F: John Keane – Ireland
M: Mary Barri – Ireland

April 28, 1910
Bridget Joyce
POD: 8 Ave. B, Port Richmond
Res: 8 Ave, B
B: Ireland

August 15, 1919
Michael J. Collins
POD: Richmond Road
Res: 58 Lex(?) Ave.
F: Michael Collins – Ireland
M: Lizzie Hearby – Ireland

September 3, 1910
Timothy McAuliffe
POD: St. Vincents Hospital
Res: 481 Broadway, West Brighten
B: Ireland
F: Michael McAuliffe – Ireland
M: Mary Egars – Ireland

February 19, 1917
Julia Dauohoan
POD: Henderson Ave, West Brighten
Res: Henderson
B: Ireland
F: Michael Donovan – Ireland
M: Julia Marrion – Ireland

September 24, 1911
William Devlin
POD: St Vincents Hospital
Res: 389 Jewitt Ave.
Occupation: Fair Chief NY
F: Peter Devlin – Ireland
M: Cathrine – Ireland
December 27, 1911
Jillian Fay
POD: St Vincents Hospital
RES: 197 St Marks Place
F: Michael Fay – Ireland

July 8, 1909
Anna McArdle
POD: 9 W 15 St.
F: Pat – Ireland
M: Maryann

December 22, 1909
Rose Lynch
POD: 586 Ave. C
Res: 586 Ave. C
B: Ireland

DOD: June 23, 1891
Robert Ryan's boy Michael
200 Avenue E
Bayonne, NJ
Aged 17 years
Father: Robert Ryan
Mother: Mary both of Ireland
(no burial location noted)
(the bill was paid by Michael Bannon)

DOD: March 29, 1892
Joseph P. Stanton's child Sarah
472 Avenue D
Bayonne, NJ
Aged 3 months
Father: Joseph P.
Mother: Mary

DOD: April 16, 1892
Patrick Connolly
East 16th Street
Bayonne, NJ
Aged 28 years
Birthplace: Ireland
Father: Daniel
Mother: Kate
both born Ireland
(bill paid by Ellen Whalen
(burial location not noted)

DOD: April 24, 1892
Patrick Collins
7 West 11th Street
Bayonne, NJ
Birthplace: Ireland
Aged 58 years
Cause: Acute Gastritis
Father: Patrick
Mother: Annie
Both born Ireland
(burial location not noted, but it was an existing grave)

DOD: Nov. 8, 1903
Cornelius Sullivan
17 Dodge St.
Bayonne, NJ
Aged 51 years
Birthplace: NY
Father: Timothy Sullivan - Ireland
Mother: Mary McIntyre - Ireland
(no burial location noted)

DOD: Feb. 26, 1904
Joseph McElroy
John Street, West Brighton
Staten Island, NY
Aged 35 years
Birthplace: NY
Father: John McElroy - Ireland
Mother: Susan McElroy - Ireland
(no burial location noted)

DOD: March 14, 1904
William Joyce
8 avenue B
Port Richmond, Staten Island
Aged 84 years
Birthplace: Ireland
Father: Michael - Ireland
Mother: Sophia - Ireland
(no burial location noted)

DOD: March 17, 1904
Bridget Kelly
Lafayette Avenue
Port Richmond, Staten Island NY
Aged 79 years
Birthplace: Ireland
Father: Cornelious Hanrahan - Ireland
Mother: Bridget Buck - Ireland
(no burial location noted)

DOD: Sept. 6, 1904
John Riley
Bayonne, NJ
Aged 6 months
birthplace: US
Father: John - Ireland
Mother: Mary - Ireland
(no burial location noted)

DOD: Oct. 1904
Michael A. Breen
Fresh Kills Road, S.I.
Aged 24 years 6 months
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: US
Father: Michael
Mother: Catherine

DOD: Dec. 22, 1904
John H. Kenny
21 Ave C
Bayonne, NJ
Birthplace: Ireland
Aged unknown
Parents: Unknown

DOD: January 7, 1905
Patrick Byrnes
St. Vincents Hospital, SI
Aged 62 years
Birthplace: Ireland
Parents: Unknown
Occupation: None
(paying for the burial was: Rev. Father O'Brian & Rev. Jas Byrnes)

DOD: Aug. 14, 1905
Catherine McMahon
East 15th St
Bayonne, NJ
aged 1 month, 23 days
Birthplace: US
Father: Jas. - Ireland
Mother: Margaret - Ireland
Burial info: John Booth, grave No 3, Plot BB, Section #19, range to 6 deed delivered to Maggie McMahon, 244 Central Park West

January 23, 1901
Ellen Fay
aged 65 years
Place of Death, #1 Cottage
Birthplace: Ireland
Father: Nicholas Cantwell or Cautwell - Ireland
Mother: Winifred
New grave

February 11, 1901
Mary Cavanagh
Aged 80 years
Place of Death: 13 W 9th Street, Bayonne
Born: Ireland
Father: Pat Bergen - Ireland
Mother: Margaret
Existing grave - bill sent to: Rev. Whelan and Mrs. Dooley

June 20, 1901
Bridget Scully
Place of Death: 11 W 10th St, Bayonne
Aged 48 years
Father: Unknown - Mother: Unknown
Existing grave

July 2, 1901
Lawrence Conkran
Place of Death: Avenue K, lower Hook, Bayonne
aged 68 years
Nothing else is known
Existing grave

August 18, 1901
James Mills
Place of Death: 14 E 28th St., Bayonne
Aged 38 years
Father: William - Ireland
Mother: Sara - Scotland
Existing grave

August 3, 1888
Joseph Slaunton child name Esta
Lived: 245 Ave E, Bayonne
aged 2 mo, 7 days

Sept. 3, 1888
Mrs. Margaret Ryan child Cornelius
Lived: 269 Ave D, Bayonne
aged 5 years, 10 mo, 3 days
Born: Bayonne NJ
Father: Patrick Ryan - Ireland
Mother: Margaret - Ireland

December 1, 1888
Mrs. Daniel Sweeney
192 Ave E, Bayonne
Aged 33 years
Born Ireland, 8 years in NJ, 17 years in US
Father: Edmond
Mother: Ellen
Existing grave

December 13, 1888
Mary M. Ryan
Lived Ave D, Bayonne
aged 9 years, 1 month, 13 days,
Policeman Ryan's widow born NY
Father: Patrick - Ireland
Mother: Margaret - Ireland
Advertised in Sun newspaper

February 6, 1889
McKenna Child aged 1 week
464 Ave D, Bayonne

February 22, 1889
Stephen P. Darcy
Lived: Lower Hook
Aged 80 years, born Ireland
Lived 20 years in NJ, 39 years in US
Existing grave

March 9, 1889
Mary White
Aged 64 years born Ireland
2 years in NJ, 20 years in US
Lived 23 Dodge St
Father: John Hogan
Mother: Bridget
New grave

September 16, 1889
James Fitzgerald
died at 30 Silver Street, Bayonne
Aged 50 years, born Ireland lived 24 years in US State of NY
Father: Michael
Mother: Johanah
New grave

Nov. 7, 1889
Catherine Daly
Died at 22 1/2 W 1th Street, Bayonne
Aged 69, born Ireland in US 30 years
Father: Flonna McClean - Ireland
Mother: Mary - Ireland
new grave

January 2, 1940
Jeremiah D. Lynch
64 First Avenue, Bayonne
Aged 61 years, 6 mo, 19 days, married
Occupation: Assistant Postmaster
Birth: US
Father: John Lynch - Ireland
Mother: Julia Sullivan
Born July 14
Grave 8 section 11 West, range C. plot 24 - Thos. Hinchey
Notices in NY Times and Journal

February 27, 1941
Edward M. Smith
Lived: 812 avenue C Bayonne
Church: St. Henry's
Aged 61 yrs, 2 mo, 24 days, married to: Margaret Scott
Occupation: Engineer Tide Water Oil Co. (?)
Birth: NY
Father: Edward Smith - Ireland
Mother: Margaret
How long at residence: 50 years
How long in US: Life
Grave or lot #2, section 3, plot A, No 1 Avenue 11

May 6, 1941
John Burns
14 West 11th Street, Bayonne
Church: St. Mary's
Born Feb 5th
Aged 76 years
Occupation: Retired Railroad
Birth: US
Father: Martin Burns - Ireland
Mother: Alice Loughlin
How long a residence here: 70 years
How long in US: Life

November 27, 1946
Thomas Walsh
176 Avenue C, Bayonne
Church: St. Andrews
Aged 64 years, 6 mo, 24 days
Birth: NY City
Father: Michael Walsh - Ireland
Mother: Maria Hamill (?) - Ireland
How long here: 40 years
How long in Us: 64 years
Grave or lot #7 section 17, range 21 - deed to Marie Walsh

November 30, 1896
Loraine Clancy
Late Residence: 86 W 12 St
Aged: 13 years
Born: U.S.
Father: Patrick Clancy - Ireland
Mother: Margaret - Ireland

December 6, 1896
Ann Dey
Late Residence: Port Johnson "Steaks"
Funeral at: St. Mary's Church
Aged: 78 years
Father: Patrick McEnroe - Ireland
Mother: Mary - Ireland

February 9, 1897
Michael Burns
Late Residence: 75 E. 23 St.
Aged: 65 years

April 16, 1897
Catherine Loughlin
Late Residence: 207 Avenue E
Aged: 60 years

April 17, 1897
Edward J. Gleason
Late Residence: Morning Star Road, Elm Park, S.I.
Aged: 40 years
Father: Joseph - Ireland
Mother: Hanorah - Ireland
Send bill to: Mrs. Gleason
Died at Bellview Hopsital

May 1 1897
Timothy Connolly
Last Residence: 33 E 14th Street
Born: Ireland
Aged: 43 years
Father: Dan - Irleand
Mother: Cath - Ireland
Bill to: Mrs. Timothy Connolly

July 27, 1897
Julia Donovan
Last Residence: Franklin St., West Brighton, SI
Aged: 76
Parents: Unknown

August 27, 1897
John J. Dawkins
Late Residence: 66 W 14th Street, Bayonne, NJ
Aged: 57 yeaers
Born: Ireland
Father: John

September 24, 1897
William Kielty
Last Residence: 76 W 25th Street
Aged: 5 years
Father: John
Mother: Elizabeth
Bill sent to: James Kielty

October 20, 1897
John Bannon
Late Residence: 18 Cottage Street
Aged: 51 years
Father: Patrick - Ireland
Mother: Marcella - Ireland

November 15, 1897
Kate McCarthy
Last Residence: 47 W. 25th Street
Aged: 10 years, 8 mo
Father: Mike
Mother: Mary

February 7, 1917
Martin McNamara
DOD: Feb 4
POD: St. Vincent's Hospital SI
Aged: 28 years
Born: US
Occup: Chauffeur
Father: Patrick - Ireland
Mother: Hellen McMahan
Location of grave: 132, 147
Ordered by: Matt Taylor, Cary Ave SI

February 16, 1917
Edward Keenan
DOD: Feb. 14
POD: 1648 Richmond Terrace, SI
Born: Sept. 17, 1837 - Ireland
In US 52 years
Father: Patrick - Ireland
Mother: Elizabeth Gallagher

November 17, 1917
Mary A. Foley
DOD: Nov. 15
POD: 52 St. Marks Place, New Brighton, SI
Aged: 82
Born: US
Father Thomas Foley - Ireland
Mother: Ellen Flynn - Ireland
Mass: St. Peter's S.I.

January 4, 1918
Elizabeth Ford
DOD: Jan. 4
POD: 214 Charles Avenue, S.I.
Aged: 57, 12 days
Born: US Dec. 23, 1860
Father: Daniel Skellie - US
Mother: Bridget Hanrahan - US

August 29, 1918
Bridget O'Brien
DOD: August 26, 1918
POD: Sea View Hospital
Last Residence: 181 Decker Ave
Aged: 66 years
Born: Ireland, in this country 50 years
Father: Patrick O'Brien - Ireland
Mother: Bridget Kennedy - Ireland
Paid by: John O'Brien

October 12, 1918
John Regan
DOD: Oct. 9, 1918
POD: St. Vincents Hospital SI
Last Residence: 59 William avenue
Aged 35
Born: Ireland
Father: Thomas Regan - Ireland
Mother: Catherine Cassidy - Ireland

Oct. 20, 1918
Lillian Koppel (or Kappel)
DOD: Oct. 16, 1918
POD: SI Hosptial
Aged: 22 years 1 mo, 14 days
Born: US
Father: James Lanigan - Ireland
Mother: Elizabeth Hillis - Ireland

December 16, 1918
Annie Carlin
DOD: Dec. 12, 1918
POD: 219 Watchog Road
Aged: 59 years
Born: Ireland
Father: Tomas Wearren - Ireland
Mother: Annie Dargan
Paid by: Thomas Wearren - brother

July 15, 1919
Thomas Regan
DOD: July 13, 1919
POD: Farm Colony S.I.
Aged: 78
Lived US: 70 years
Born: England
Father: John Regan - England
Mother: Margaret Claine - Ireland

DOD: August 30, 1919
Catherine Grey Lynch
POD: 226 Hamilton Avenue, S.I.
Aged: 86
Born: Ireland
in US: 50 years
Husband: Patrick Lynch
Father: Thomas Grey - Ireland
Mother: Ellen Grey - Ireland

DOD: Nov. 28, 1919
Minnie Donohue
POD: St. Vincents Hosptial SI
Aged: 45 years
Born: US
Husband: John Donohue
Father: Daniel Callaughan - Ireland
Mother: Julia Fitzgerald - Ireland
Killed by Auto

DOD: January 23, 1920
Mary O'Connor
POD: 46 Band St, S.I.
Born: Ireland - May 1828
aged: 91 years
Father: John Murphy - Ireland
Mother: Mary Murphy - Ireland
Paid by: Mrs. Michael Maden

February 28, 1888
Joseph Foy
Died at:  Central Park
Aged:  59
Paid by:  Mr. McLarney
May 12, 1888
Ella Sullivan
Died at:  237 Avenue F Bayonne
Aged:  35
Father:  James Jackson
July 18, 1888
Charles Finnegan's wife Elizabeth
Died at:  4th St, New Brighton, S.I.
Aged:  36
August 3, 1888
Joseph Stanton
Died at:  245 Avenue E, Bayonne
Aged 2 months
August 7, 1888
Charles Finnegan's child
Died at:  4th Street New Brighton, S.I.
Aged:  21 days
August 18, 1888
Daniel Healey's wife Catherine
Died at:  Water St, West Brighton, S.I.
Aged 38 years 17 day
(note this was a big funeral)
September 4, 1888
Mrs. Ryans child Cornelious
Died at:  Avenue D. Bayonne, NJ
Aged: 5 years, 10 mo.
December 1, 1888
Daniel Sweeney
Died at:  192 Avenue E., Bayonne, NJ
Aged:  33 years
December 14, 1888
Mrs. Ryan's child Mary
Died at:  Avenue D. Bayonne, NJ
Aged:  1 month, 13 days
February 6, 1889
McKenna's child
Died at:  464 Avenue D., Bayonne, NJ
February 22, 1889
Stephen P. Darcy
Died at:  Lower Hook, Bayonne, NJ
Aged:  80 years
(note, son will pay bill)
March 8, 1889
Mary White
Died at:  23 Dodge St, Timothy's house
Aged:  64
April 1, 1889
Daniel Haley's child John
Died at:  Water Street, West Brighton, S.I.
Aged:  10 years, 3 months 21 days
July 7, 1889
James Fitzgibons
Died at:  Central Avenue
Aged:  77 years
(note moved to 355 7th Avenue, Brooklyn)
July 11, 1889
Hanorah Sheehan
Died at:  Mike Fitzgerald's house Castleton, S.I.
August 8, 1889
Catherine Connolly
Died at:  Pointers House near Britton's, S.I.
Aged:  34 years, 8 months, 28 days
September 16, 1889
James Fitzgerald
Died at:  Silver St
Aged:  50 years
(note in 1892 another bill was sent to:  T.W. Fitzgerald)
Nov. 7, 1899
Catherine Daly
Died at:  W 11th Street, Bayonne NJ
Aged:  22 1/2
March 6, 1898
Alice Burns
Last Residence:  14 W 11 St., Bayonne, NJ
Aged:  57 years
March 13, 1898
Catherine Curtin
Last Residence:  7 Ave, New Brighton S.I.
Aged:  45 years
Father:  Wm. Lambert - born Ireland
(Paid by P.J. Murphy)
March 21, 1898
Michael Skylly
Last Residence:  11 West 10th Street, Bayonne, NJ
Aged:  50 years
Father:  Unknown - Ireland
Mother:  Unknown - Ireland
May 9, 1898
John Dooner
Last Residence:  Castleton Avenue, S.I.
Aged 23 years
Born:  U.S.
(remarks:  Dan'l J. Roach made subscription up from Young Men's Catholic Union - paid)
July 2, 1898
Margaret Nevins
Last Residence:  2 Cottage St., S.I.
Aged 34 years
Father:  Timothy Fay (or Fray)
Mother:  Ellen - Ireland
(bill rendered to:  Mrs. Moore)
September 23, 1898
Cathine Regan
Last Residence:  91 West 20th St
Aged:  6 months
Born:  U.S.
Cause of death:  Colitis
Father:  Wm Regan - Ireland
Mother:  Ellen Regan
October 13, 1898
Patrick Shanahan
Last Residence:  33 Jersey St, New Brighton, S.I.
Aged 42 years
Father:  Mike
Mother:  Unknown
Cause:  Killed on 21st Railroad crossing - Central RR will pay)
October 15, 1898
Marie Kelly
Last Residence: 35 St. Marks Place, S.I.
Aged: 45 years
Born:  Ireland
Bill to:  Mrs. Biglow, 35 St. Marks Place, S.I.
October 21, 1898
Mary Shanahan
Last Residence:  341 East 74th St., New York
Aged:  46 years
Birth:  Ireland
Father:  Mike Mannix
Mother:  Johanah Mannix
(Central RR will pay - see burial record for Patrick Shanahan)
January 11, 1899
Patrick Keenan
Last Residence:  467 Avenue C, Bayonne, NJ
Aged:  43 years
Birth:  Ireland
Father:  Unknown - Ireland
Mother:  Unknown - Ireland
March 5, 1899
John Shanley
Late Residence:  133 Avenue F
Aged:  27 years
(remarks:  Court Winfield of American pays the bill.  Mrs. Delia Shanley 122 W 20th St NY is his sister)
May 8, 1899
Margaret Bradley
Late Residence:  87 W 19th St
Aged:  45 years, 7 months
Father:   Owen Mullen
Mother:  Ellen Mullen
July 1, 1899
Joseph McCarthy
Late Resident:  2 New Street, between 27th & 28th
Aged:  3 months
Born:  U.S.
Father:  Michael McCarthy
Mother:  Mary McCarthy


First Name Last Name
Last Residence 
Birth place
Other information/notes

Child Anderson
513 W 57t St NY
Howard Calvary

Michael Breen
Fresh Kill Rd

Margaret Bryan
25y Ferry St. PR 
John Ashell/Ire

Child Burnes
30th St. 

Rev. Daniel Corkery
St. Peter's Church 
Calvary Pastor of St. Peter's NB
died at parsonage

Jane Daly
5 Elm St, SI

Cornelius Desmond

Nellie Enright
Rich. Terr 

John Finley
New Dorp

John James/Ire
Parents lived: 529 Lafayette Ave Bklyn

Daniel Ford
Lafayette St  SI

Hanorah Gleason
60y Morning Star Rd

Daniel Hart
Franklin St. N.B., SI

Catherine Healey
Prentice Farm 
Died at Prentice's farm Town of Castleton
bill to: Eugene Blanc, 253 Bdwy NYC

James Thomas Heffron
24y, 6m,15d
Simonson Ave EP

Charles Heron
Rich. Terr/John St

Child Hurley

Mary Joyce
Bdway W.B.
Mike Levenia

Mary Kirwin
Market St. WB 
Sylvester Kirwin/Ire

Catherine McCarthy
Mecanic Ave PR

Thomas McDermott
43y Bdway W.B.
cause: cancer of bladder, exhaustion

Bridget McEllarney
Grand St. Elm Park 
Farrell McNary
Calvary plot I, grave 12, sec. 8, range 39
John McAnnally

John McElroy
McSorley's Lane WB
Calvary bill to: N. Muller

John Murphy
Lafayette St 
Calvary bill to: Mr. Rich

John Roach
Hospital at Clifton
Calvary grave 7&8, plot S, sec. 8, range 51

Francis Rossell
Davis Ave
Calvary TB

John C. Smith

Catherine Sullivan
Winegan Pl, MA
Joseph Keefe/Ire
Ann/Ire Calvary
Margaret Sullivan
672 3rd Ave NY
James J

Elizabeth Young
Bdway W.B.
Bernard Curley


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