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Mahoney Cramahe Township, ONT unknown Catherine Elizabeth (US) m William Henry Buchanan (ONT) 1854, settled Ontario Kathy Miller
Mahoney, Mahony Edwardsburg, Ontario Syracuse NY Cornelius m Frances Regan >> Ontario ca 1840 Jean Eustis
Major Prescott ONT New York Lucile, b NY 1850, m James Flynn 1873 Prescott David Savignac
Mandigo ONT, QC ? Hammond, Macomb Francis b ca 1800 CAN m Harriet Apple Deborah B
Maroney not sure Potsdam, Madrid, St. Lawrence Co. Mary Jane b 1855 adpt by St. Andrews, m Joseph Fabian Needle Labousolliere Linda Lovell
Mars Quebec Michigan, NY John b 1827 m Ada Willett, son Wm L, dgt Mathilda Norm Hamilton
Matthews Hinchinbrooke, Westbrook Watertown Adam, b. 1812, Ireland, d. 1892 Hinchinbrooke. Rebecca, b. 1846, Hinchinbrooke, d. 1928 Westbrook. Charon Jensen
McAndrew Toronto, York? Upstate NY near CAN NYS > Toronto > Staten Island area Lynn
McCombs lower Canada Champion, Jefferson Co 1800-40 Dorothy, her married name, husb-John Dale Samuelson
McDonnell Perth, Ontario Jamestown emig CAN 1848 > WI 1854 > NY Jane McDonnell
McDonald or McNally unknown Ogdensburg not given Diana Hunter
McEachern prob Cape Breton Buffalo and Olean John b Canada 1834-49; m Eliza McLean; chld-Annie, Duncan, John, Archie Trish Jerman
McFarland Edwardsburgh, Grenville County, Upper Canada Plainfield Town, Otsego Co Clarissa b 1801, husb- James Dysart McIlmoyl Joan M Cleghorn
McGarvie Ontario Lewiston,    Niagara Co Peter b Scotland 1829 >>Ontario >>
Lewiston NY
Nancy Hoites
McGlinnen Ogdensbury Oswegatchie Catherine Wilson m Thomas McGlinnen; after 1891 > Ogdcensbury area Terry Perkins
McGraw, McGrah, Magraw, McGraugh, McGrath Fredericksburg, Bay of Quinte, area known as Hays Bay, Lenox, Addington Ont Mohawk Valley (Fort Hunter) Owen & Catherine McGraw in Canada 1783 Hays Bay Area n. Fredericksbg (Sandhurst), Records w/Anglican Church. Patricia Regan
McKeown not given Manhattan b 1858, from Co Longford, Ireland; m James Vincent Hughes Ronnie Lorentz
McKinnon Fergus, Ontario not given Elizabeth b 1853; parents-James, Margaret; m Joseph Garrow in Barrie, ONT from Arthur Gertie Garreau
McLaren married & died in Canada father, John d Hudson River, late 1700s Hugh b. Perthshire, Scotland, m. Mary Bradt? and Eleanor Morden Inez Allen
McLean unknown Buffalo John b 1824 Scotland; to Canada ca 1870; in Buffalo 1870; chld-Mary, Jessie, Eliza, John, Simon, Helen Trish Jerman
McLean prob Cape Breton Buffalo & Olean Eliza m John McEachern; chld-Annie, Duncan, John, Archie Trish Jerman
Mea Smiths Falls, Lanark Co, ONT Waddington, St. Lawrence Co NY Thomas >> NY age 12 (1834), par John, Mary; m Alice Ruth Morgan Eric Halpin
Menard Pnicourt not given not given Agnes
Menard Ormstown, St Louis DeGonzague QC Malone, Herman Gouverneur, St Lawrence Co J Baptiste Menard around 1855, Sauvage m Venier Dit Ladouceur 1839 Shirley Danylyshen
Mercer Ingersoll, ONT Brooklyn NY Harry b Brooklyn 1870; parents George, Angelina d Canada D Dowding
Mersereau, Mercereau Nova Scotia, New Brunswick NYC, Staten Island, Long Island, NJ not given Kathy Wolfe
Miller Cornwall not given Richard, keeper of Internation Bridge early 1700s-1800s; m Ispabella, dgt Nancy Donna C Miller
Miller Quebec, Clinton & Essex Cos MEUNIER in CAN, John b 1780s, m Jane from NYS Gordon Miller
Min(n)iter Trenton, Brighton ONT Rochester, Monroe Co Agnes m Andrew J Wambach ca 1881, par-Patrick, Bridget (Purcell?) Bob Wambach
Minor Ormstown, St Louis DeGonzague QC Malone, Herman Gouverneur, St Lawrence Co J Baptiste Menard around 1855, Sauvage m Venier Dit Ladouceur 1839 Shirley Danylyshen
Minor not given Malone Matilda b 1853 Malone, par-Joseph, par- French Canada, sibs-Joseph, Flora Shirley Danylyshen
Monette [ dit Boismenu ] St Benoit, Deux Montgnes PQ, Curran, Prescott Co Ont Ogdensburg, St Lawrence Co Louise b  St Benoit, Deux Montagnes, mar-Joseph Gareau dit Saintonge in ? date ? Kristin DeCare
Montgomery Ontario Western NYS none given Ron Heimback
Mooney unknown Woodstock, Ulster Co > Seneca Co James & Mary emig from Ireland ca 1803; chld b MA 1803/4 Lola Power
Moriarty Halifax, Nova Scotia Bronx, NY Mathew Moriarty b Halifax NS, par-Timothy & Catherine Sullivan Moriarty; nat US citizen 1915, occup-compressed air worker Patricia Doherty
Morter Ontario, Elgin, Norfolk Cos. NYC Found in Vestry or Town Minute Book of North Walsham 1844-63 Jack Morter
Munro Chapleau, Sault Ste. Marie mostly Jefferson Co Robert par David, Martha McDermid m Clessie Backus 1910 Ellie Flint
Murphy not given Stockholm, Norwood, Potsdam John Murphy m Elizabeth Edgerton in Beekmanton NY & was the immigrant for this line. Would like to know more about whom his daughters & sons married. Jo Hatstat
Nadeau Quebec Mooers, Clinton Co Francois m Helene LaVallee 1826 Virginia H Daley
Nealon, Nelson Hastings Co ONT Brooklyn & Oswego Co Denis m Mary Hunt ca 1843; ch-James, Mary, Ellen A & V Garner
Nichols Barrows ONT not given Robert, m Emma, child-Maria, Beverly Nancy N Tamir
Nichols Burnt River, ONT not given Robert, b ca 1860-70 Burnt River, m Rebecca Maria Nancy N Tamir
Nolan, Nollan, Nowlan Lansdowne, Brockville ONT Jefferson, Lewis, St Lawrence Cos William Henry b 1892 Brockville ON; par-Charles, Jennie Matthews; m Lulu Tanney Mike Booth
Noonan, Nunan unknown Allegany Edward, b Co Clare 1825 m Mary O'Hara, 7 chld b USA, 1 chld b Canada Barbara Santora
O'Connor Delta, Leeds Co, Ontario Auburn Patrick m Mary, child- Charles, Alice.  served in the Civil War. Margaret Brennan
O'Connor Toronto Buffalo Stephen m Eileen, son TV, brushmaker Eileen
O'Connor Hamilton New York Patrick  b.1790-1815 sibs John, Mary, Catherine, Ellen Anne Lynch
Ostrum Thurlow, Sidney Twp, ON Duchess Co Roeliff & Gilbert Ostrum present ca 1800 and missing from Dutchess Co aftre 1790.  Many intermarried in Canada with Whites Jackie Crerar
Peer Halton Co, Nelson Twp? unknown trying to locate m of Jacob & Mary ca 1825 in CAN, + b 4 chld:  Hannah, John, William, Richard ca 1826-33 Pat Bush
Penpeck unknown Oswego John, b Poland 1888, left Oswego poss for Canada mid 1940s Cheryl Gilroy
Peltier Napierville Moores Forks not given Pearl Sauer
Planck Maitland, Nova Scotia Brooklyn, NY Myrtle Beatrice B 1900, par-Charles Herbert & Myrtle Blanch Dunn Donna Dotts
Pollock Welland, ONT Niagara Falls, Lewiston From Co Monaghan, IE; some of family stayed in Welland, some moved to Orange Co NY, some to Niagara Co NY Donna Johnson
Pomeroy Northumberland Co, ONT Clinton, Franklin, St Lawrence Cos. Abner Pomeroy & sons Silas & Abner II, to Plattsburgh post Revolutionary War; Silas and descendents to Canaaa early 1800s, Abner II stayed in NY Judy A Toporcer
Potts Niagara Buffalo Walter, Eliza,
Frederick, William, Calvin given names.
Lawrence W. Potts
Power Toronto ONT not given Helena b 1892 Dublin IE m 1916 Toronto Helen Cranmer
Powers Quebec Buffalo Patrick b 1819 m Mary Ann O'Neil, 4 sons Norm Hamilton
Prespare not given Lyon Mt not given Dawn
Prevost Apple Hill, ONT Tupper Lake NY Rosalie m Oscar LaLonde 6/20/1881 St Lukes, Current, Prescott, ONT Lynn
Prosser Iroquois Village, Williamsburg, Dundas Co Franklin, St Lawrence, Onondaga Charles, m Martha Brouse betw 1861-1871 Rikki Martin
Pugh Ernestown Utica, West Schuyler, Herkimer Richard Pugh m. Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Sterling 1868, child- Edgar, Ada, William Elizabeth Bernard
Pverre', Pervier ONT, QC Macomb, Rossie, St. Lawrence Co Prentiss b ca 1820 CAN m Anna Watson Deborah B
Quigley McNab, Ont Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence Bridget B.Ire. Mar- Domnick Roddy Nov.8,1841  Bytown. Gayle Hilchey
Reed Montreal Whitehall, Washington Co George b 1832 Orphaned as a child  sib-William, Charles and Elizabeth who may have lived near Malone, NY Marjorie Anderson
Regan Edwardsburg, Ontario Syracuse NY Cornelius Mahoney m Frances Regan >> Ontario ca 1840 Jean Eustis
Roberge St Culhbert unknown Roberge, Monfils-St Culthbert Leon Roberge
Roberge or Robarge Quebec Franklin & Clinton Co Urbain Roberge, Jean Baptiste Roberge & Joseph Roberge-1800-50 Bob Robarge
Roberts Hallifax, Nova Scotia Brooklyn NY b Margaret Ward 1833 Halifax; m (1)Wm Keyburn(e), moved to Brooklyn; m (2) Mr Roberts aft 1850 bef 1892; d 1919 B Harrison
Robertson Edwardsburg Ontario Stillwater, Albany Co Joseph b 1732, dgt Mary marr Mr Watson lived Bastard, Leeds Co Ontario Patricia Regan
Robinson Huntington, Lacolle Rouses Point; Champlain; Clinton Co. none given Sue
Rookey, Routhier Quebeck Waddington, Madrid or Oswego Joseph Routhier/Rookey b 1792 m Julia 1824; moved to US; looking for par of Joseph; chld-Eliza, Joseph, Henry, Flora, Rosanne, Edward Dawn Ann Faris
San Jule Dundee, Quebec No. Lawrence E San Jule (St Jules) applied for US citizenship 1896 at age 62, bec citizen 1900; resided in No. Lawrence NY; d 1917 Dean San Jule
Sauberan Welland area Niagara Falls wife Josephine Worden b ca 1898 London ENG, bro Albert Thomas Brian Worden
Sauberan, Sabrin Quebec, Wainfleet ONT Tonawanda, Erie, NY not given Ron Heimback
Savage Quebec Gouverneur Edward m Matilida Minor 1868, Hermon NY; 13 chldn Shirley Danylyshen
Sa(u)vage Ormstown, St Louis DeGonzague QC Malone, Herman Gouverneur, St Lawrence Co J Baptiste Menard around 1855, Sauvage m Venier Dit Ladouceur 1839 Shirley Danylyshen
Sayer, Sears Quebec Ogdensburg Caroline m Edward (Edouard) LaPointe ca 1869 in Ogdensburg Ray LaPointe
Seale Missisquoi Que not given grandfather b ca 1875-85 Ken Seale
Schreiber Toronto, Ontario Buffalo in 1880 census Valentin, m Caroline Bittman Carol
Seaman Elizabethtown ONT not given not given David Smith
Serviss Iroquois ONT Watertown Gordon, could b Cardinal Bill Rezak
Serviss, Serves Whitchurch, ONT Niagara Falls Charles b ca 1810-1825, m Margaret, son Walter George b Niagara Falls 1849 or 1855, m Euphemia Howden. He d 1915 Orillia, ONT Richard Serviss
Serviss, Servoss Osnabruck Gouverneur lot 4, Stormont County Robert L Serviss
Shea Tyendinaga, Hasting Co, ONT Rochester Daniel & Hannah, Co Limerick >> Canada ca 1830 Virginia Humphrey
Shutler, Shetler unknown Madrid, Waddington John b.c1804 Can, child Jemima, Samuel Pat Folkers
Smith Quebec, Eastern townships not given Michael, b ca 1813 poss ME; m Susan b ca 1824; both b NY state; chld-Mary A, Charles, Carlos, Albert Dora Cuerrier
Snide, Snyde, Snider, etc Quebec Moores, Clinton family tree at: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/~butchrose Al Rose
Stafford Covey Hill Mooers Dorus fo Covey Hill m Sarah Perry of Mooers Bob Walters
St Andrews Gananoque Ogdenburg, St. Lawrence looking for others researching this surname Donna Bickell
St Onge Beauharnois, Quebec Governeur, Ogdensburg, St Lawrence Co Andrew St Onge m Sophia Laureau Rollins, some decendants lived in Meriden,  New Haven CT Teresa Saj
Stevenson Huntingdon Co., Hemmingford, Covey Hill, Franklin Centre, Sherrington not given not given Rob Stevenson
St Jules Dundee, Quebec and surrounding area No. Lawrence, and Bombay, NY had the 'dit' name of Aveline until early 1800's Dean San Jule
Stratton ONT, prob Belleville Oak Point, Hammond, St Law. Co Mary Ann, b Belleville 1824, m James Thrasher 1847 Belleville, d 1902 Hammond Jean Given
Sweeney Montreal NYC Ireland to NYC c. 1850 NYC to Montreal c. 1855 M G Kelly
Tanney Agusta Township, Grenville County unknown Stephen Tanney, son-William Tanney, gr son-Truelove Tanney Richard N Tinney
Tanney Augusta ONT ? Oscsola, Lewis Co; Redfield, Oswego Co David b ca 1820 ONT par Stephen, Mabradabul? m Ellenor Deborah B
Taylor Halifax Brooklyn, Long Island Margaret Ward b 1833 Halifax m Wm Keyburne 1850 Hfx, moved to Brooklyn, m Isaac B Taylor ca 1855 m Mr. Roberts, d 1919 Brooklyn Chicoyne
Taylor unknown Syracuse Patrick, settled in Syracuse 1840s, son Thos Kathy Brown
Therrien, Terrien, Terien Midland, Ont. not given not given Jerry Therrien
Thornhill Kingston, Ont De Kalb, Gouveneur, Hermon, De Peyeter, St. Lawrence Co William & Frances,  Eng >>Kingston betw 1828 and 1831.  son William, b 1832 in Ottowa.>>St. Lawrence County, NY son Samuel, b 1834.  Elizabeth Brown
Thrasher, Thresher Hastings Co, ONT Coxsachie went to Canada 1787, looking for m Zadock Thrasher; birth place of John 1785, William 1783, Cornelius 1784 Patrick Thrasher
Tierney Neapon, Fallowfield, ONT Ogdensburg adoption of May Lapointe by Tierney family, Ontario 1880s Jerry Tierney
Tittemore St Armond QC Dutchess Co John b 1776 Rhinebeck NY m Margaret Toff Barbara Hancock
Tobin Madoc, ONT Buffalo NY Joseph, son of Patrick b ca 1839, m ca 1860 Anastasia Walsh; farmer, 12 chld; d 1911 Madoc Patti M Lucas
Tobin not given Coney Island Charles.  b East Prussia, d ca 1960-70 mar,2 dgts. Susan Garber
Toner Hastings Co ONT Caledonia, Scottsville Bernard, m Mary; dgt Mary m Nicolas O'Mealia Annette & Virginia Garner
Tremble, Trombley Quebeck, Ontario Oswego, Buffalo Theophilus Peter b Lucine QUE 1831 > Buffalo, m Mary J Green Jim Tremble
Vary Elgin, Middlesex Cos, Ontario Rensselaer, Wyoming Cos Thomas b ca 1799 Stephentown, NY m Elizabeth (Mary) Adair  Yarmouth, Elgin, 1833. 8 child  Kathy *Vary* Becker
Valentine Montreal? New York City & ? S(arah?) b Canada, mar-Edward Barnett  son, Edward Napoleon Barnett b NYC 1838. T. Barnett
Valentine not given Champlain, Clinton Co James b. 1798/9 NY d Oct 1878 Clinton Co, NY. Mar- Mary Wiley b ca 1804 Canada. Holly sawyer
Vaughan, Vaughn unk Eastern seaboard Manhattan NY Martin, lived in Canada bef NY 1870-80 period James E. Vaughn
Vaughan, Vaughn Eastern Townships, Quebec St. Lawrence Co. 1800's Amos Vaughn and  bros, Canada >> NYS , like to locate distant kin still in Canada. Jerry Vaughn
Waddell Lanark Village, ONT Ogdenburg, St. Lawrence Co Ellen, ca 1810 Scotland, par George; m John Dalton; 10 chld Lynn Gill
Wagar, Wager Ontario NYS not given Judi Ikert
Ward Kings Co., Nova Scotia not given not given Clinton Ward
Ward Hallifax, Nova Scotia Brooklyn NY b Margaret Ward 1833 Halifax; m (1)Wm Keyburn(e), moved to Brooklyn; m (2) Mr Roberts aft 1850 bef 1892; d 1919 B Harrison
Watson New Oswegatchie (Maitland) Town of Augusta Greneville County, Ont Mohawk Valley (Tryon County) Major Watson settled in Concession 1 of the Town of Augusta, son John also received a Land Grant on Concession 3 Augusta Patricia Regan
Watts Ontario, Elgin, Norfolk Cos. NYC Found in Vestry or Town Minute Book of North Walsham 1844-63 Jack Morter
White Thurlow, Sidney Twps, Hastings Co, ON Dutchess Co Josiah White b 1786 NY living in Sidney Twp ca 1807-8, searching for parents.  Also present:  William, 1st son Cornelius White? related? Jackie Crerar
Wilford Quebec Troy not given John E Wilford
Williams Toronto, York Richmond Co, Staten Island 1850 emig Canada West > 1860 NYC Lynn
Wilson Ogdensbury Oswegatchie Catherine m Thomas McGlinnen; after 1891 > Ogdcensbury area Terry Perkins
Wilson Penetang NYC, 1887-90 Joseph Wilson b 1861 Scot/Irel?; Eliza Jane Young b 1865 Scot/Irel?; Edward James Wilson (son) b 1887 NYC Sharon Robb
Wilson Toronto Albany, Buffalo Dorothy Josephine b Toronto 1910 m Frank DeSimone Heather Wilson
Wright Elizabethtown ONT Oswegatchie, Ogdensburg, Russell David H bur Pine Hill Cemetery 1815-79, Oswegatchie NY; father born in VT 1815-79, poss Loyalist Hannah McLellan
Wright ONT ? Jefferson Co William b ca 1779 ? m Sophronia Massey Deborah B
York Quebec, 1780 Albany NY b 1761 Albany, 1783> married, had children > ca 1804 moved Lennox & Addington County Sharon Spears




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