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The NY-CAN-NY mailing list is for all those genealogy researchers who have ancestors that traveled from Canada to New York State or New York State to Canada.  It is hopeful that we will get a number of listers from both Canada and New York State to help one another and  listers from other states and countries with information that pertains to their country/state.  This would include census dates and information, civil records, church records, nationalization and citizenships laws and records, counties', cities', towns' and villages' records, etc. etc. 

This is the main site for the mailing list.  It includes instructions on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the list and other addresses that will be helpful for the NY-CAN-NY lister.  There are guidelines for the list, links for both areas, links for Canada, links for New York State and other interesting information.  Once the list gets moving, a surname registry will be added, along with other pages as the need develops.




To subscribe or to unsubscribe from this list,
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Please, do not send subscription/unsubscription commands to the list!  It won't work
and you will not be unsubscribed.
To unsubscribe from NY-CAN-NY, get a password reminder,
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To post a message on the list, send an email to:
(for both L and D subscriptions)

Please remember that it helps to put something in the "subject line". Many people delete
messages without any subject. In addition, a new automated system at RootsWeb will
most likely reject any posting without a subject line.



Accuracy is important and sources are vital. Ancestor lists are worthless
if the information is wrong.

All information need not be accompanied by source citations, but it is recommend
strongly that posts either include sources or a note stating that they
are available on request.  If information is speculation then label it
as such until it is proven or commonly accepted as fact.

When posting your query try to give as much information as you know, i.e. dates and
places of all vital events if known, along with enough other family members so that
the reader can positively identify if they are researching the same family.
"Anyone out there researching SMITHs?" is way too broad and most likely
won't get you any results.

When posting your query it is helpful to make the message as readable as possible.
One paragraph, a page long, full of names and dates, is too difficult to decipher
and most people won't bother to take the time to do so.

Write surnames in CAPITAL letters. They are much easier to read and are the
generally accepted way to write surnames.

Avoid writing your entire message in capital letters. It is very difficult to read
and is also considered "shouting."

When replying to the list (this also can apply to private replies) try to quote some
portions of the previous message so that other readers are reminded what the "thread"
is about. Make it clear what is quoted material and what you are adding. Most mail
readers take care of this for you by inserting greater-than signs ">" at the beginning
of each quoted line or possibly double brackets "<<" before and ">>" after the
quoted piece.

Use standard Windows procedures to "cut" unnecessary material.

Post your query frequently if you have not yet found the information you are
seeking regarding your ancestor. New people are joining the list all the time
and they may have the info you need.

Please send replies to the list, not just to the original poster if you think
that other members may benefit from the data that you provide.


If you need help, contact me, at:

Browse the Archive of Messages for NY-CAN-NY Mailing List at:




This list is for the discussion of the Genealogy, Culture and History of Canada
 and New York State.  Discussion of surnames, migration patterns, immigration, heraldry,
historical sketches, settlements, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records,
web sites, etc. is encouraged.

Do not post test messages, chain letters, political announcements or views, current
events, items for sale, personal messages, etc. If you receive a virus message from
the computer of someone on the list, do NOT post their name and address to the list.
Inform me and I'll unsub them and help them get the help they need to clean
their computer.

For information on Virus Protection:

For information on virus hoaxes and urban legends see:

No rude comments or flaming on the list! No discussion of flaming on the list. For
definitions of flaming and related information see:

Try to keep quoting to a minimum. "Quoting" is repeating text of the message
you are replying to. Some quoting is necessary to remind other readers what
the thread is about but do try to use good judgment. Quoting the previous
writer's signature block or surname list is totally unnecessary.

Sending a list of the Surnames you are searching is okay but please try to limit
them to one or two names at a time. Any more than that and many people just
won't read them. Try keeping several small lists and rotate them with each
succeeding message. By all means do not put "roll call" as the sole subject line. List
the surnames themselves in the subject line. It is also helpful to list the
time frame.



Use the following URL for information on Genealogy lists:

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions, suggestions or problems
you may have regarding the list.


Births: 1869-1905 Marriages: c. 1801-1920 (Note: There are many gaps in 
pre-1869 marriage records) Deaths: 1869-1930   Check out more Archival 
information at:
If you are in Canada you can order these films through Inter Library Loan.  If 
in the US you can order film from the LDS or ask a Canadian Volunteer to 
look it up for you.  
Toronto Library provides street directory lookups online at:
The library is very good and you can keep asking 
them for lookups each time they fill a request but you are restricted to 3 
directory lookups at a time.  You can find where they lived in Toronto and 
how long using these directories. 
Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
The Ontario Locator
Use the search engine and when you find the town and county be sure to 
click on the town name because it will give you much more information on 
that town and it's history.
The Ontario GenWeb sites for other clues.
If you go to their County/District  pages you will find more information on 
each of the Ontario Counties.  
There are hundreds of online lists and links to lists going to Canada at
Olive Tree Genealogy's ships Passenger Lists online for Canada

There are also search engines to search various databases of ships to Canada


This one is a portal to all the Canadian provinces/territories and their own links .


Good info about early transportation inland on sites concerning the Great Lakes.,+with+steamboat+routes+on+the+Great+Lakes.+Drawn+and+engraved+for+Doggett%27s+railroad+guide+%26+gazetteer.+


Early Ontario records are on this site

Immigrants to Canada

Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador

Canadian Privateers:

Newfoundland Genweb site

Newfoundland Grand Banks site:
Gross Ile,  Famine Island, Irish Memorial

The Ontario Vital Statistics Project
  The site has been created to house transcriptions of Ontario Birth Registrations,
and now has a good representation of most Ontario counties and districts.
Daily postings are highlighted at the top of this page 


Archives of Ontario
Bridging the Past, Present and Future