Tithe Applotments

 Errigal Trough Civil Parish 1827


Cavanleckagh Derrygola

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Clogher & Monaghan Poor Law Unions    

Trough Barony


Research Notes:  The Tithe Applotments entries were transcribed for this parish by Pat Connors from film images from the Family History Film #1279323. They were donated to the ConnorsGenealogy website by Dave Sherry.  This is an index of the applotments. Only the occupiers and their townlands are included.  There is more info on the film having to do with the land and what is produced on the land, however, the complete entry was not transcribed.  Plus, the area and net annual value of the occupied property was not included.  Since the applotments are in old time handwriting and filmed from the original books, at times they are very difficult to read and caution should be taken.  One should go to the film if you want to use this data base as a source for your documentation.
1.  The handwriting was very confusing with capital Ts and Fs.  The enumerator wrote the Ts in such a way that his loops crossed the T, hence, making them look like Fs.  The surnames Trenor looked like Frenor and interpreted as Trenor. 
2.  The ink was very smeared on many pages and probably lead to some mistakes. 
3.  There were lines that named a man and a woman together, probably husband and wife, they were listed separately in the transcription. 
4.  Surnames and first names were spelled differently, sometime on the same line.  They were transcribed as written.
IT SHOULD BE NOTED:  This civil parish spreads into two counties, both Monaghan and Tyrone.  Names were only transcribed for the County Monaghan section.  Checking the County Tyrone tithes, one name cited in Edinmore, County Tyrone was:  Owen McElroy.  This the only townland listed in both counties where names were found.


Andy to McKenna, Jas


McKenna, John to Wright



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