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First Name Parents Born Spouse Year of Emigration
Place, etc.
Died Comments Contact
Andrew McEntee 1825 Anne did not emig Jun 1901
Co Cavan IRE
m 1847 in Enniskeen, Co Cavan; resided in Cornama, Enniskeen, Co Cavan; chldn emig to USA David McCormick
Anna John McEntee, unk Murphy May 18, 1869
Dublin, IRE
Michael Herbert 1881 USA Jul 25, 1926
Dallas TX
buried: Sacred Heart Cemetery, Rowlett TX Bridgett DeMassio
Ann(e) McEntee pos Co Monaghan Patrick Brannigan 1920s USA not given bro-Barney, dgt-Nancy Anne Brannigan Nanci Brannigan
Annie Owen McEntee, Katherine Hand 1857
Kearneys Cross, County Louth
George H Wilson Mansfield, Tioga Co PA July 17, 1924 no comments William McEntee
Bridget Matthew McEntee, Mary Brown 1843 Ireland John Sherwood not given 1933 dgt-Bridget Sherwood b Lic Bla, County Westmeath Judy Barker
Charles McEntee ca 1768
Co Monaghan IRE
Mary ca 1795
Oneida Co. NY
Aug 27, 1808 had five sons Thomas MacEntee
Charles McEntee 1768
Mary ca 1794
Oneida Co. NY
27 Aug 1808
Salina, Onondaga Co, NY
father's name possibly Matthew Todd Walker
Edward Patrick McEntee, Bridget ca 1830
Bridget O'Donnell before 1850
West Troy NY
March 1891
Troy NY
sibs: Thomas, Mary Ann, Peter, Patrick, Michael     Chld:  Rose, John, Catherine, Mary Pat Connors
Edward Salisbury Patrick McEntee, Mary Stebbins 1842
Perry, Wyoming Co NY
Jane 'Jennie' Donaldson moved to Almont MI 24 Nov 1880
Port Colborne, ONT, CAN
none given Todd Walker
Edward Salisbury Edward S McEntee, Jane Donaldson 14 May 1877
Almont, Lapeer Co MI
Clara G Leibold resided Butler, PA 27 Dec 1928
Butler PA
adoped by father's sister & husb, Gertrude A McEntee, Louis D Perrin Todd Walker
Ellen Andrew McEntee, Anne 1874
Co Cavan?
not given 1890 not given mother d 1887, both par d Co Cavan; moth sis-Mary (1825-97) emig 1851 Wheeling WV David McCormick
Francis (Frank) James McEntee, Mary Duffy 2 May 1841
Co Monaghan
Elizabeth Kane 1870 16 Jun 1913
Philadelphia PA
m 1871 prob Phila; 6 chld Richard McEntee
George Samuel Sanders McEntee Georgia not given n/a Dec 31, 1952 looking for relatives Charles S McEntee
Henry Samuel McEntee, Mary Ann Taylor Co Clare
Daisy Hubbard bef 1859 unknown name also called McTee, McAndee Shelly M Cassidy
Hugh McEntee b ca 1839
Co Cavan IRE
not given not given not given looking for him Norman McEntee
Jack Kevin McEntee, Karen Atkins Berri
Holly J Anglin n/a not given not given Jack McEntee
James McEntee 1824
Bellanode, Co Monaghan, Ireland
Mary Connolly 1862
Fremantle, Western Australia
Port Pirie
So Australia
left UK 1862 as "Pensioner Guard' on convict transport "Norwood"/ had 11 chld, move to SoAu 1866-Yankalilla > Peterborough > Port Pirie Ruth
James McEntee 1792 Lucy n/a 1877 lived in County Monaghan in Carrickmacross & Monaghan Town Timothy Scanlan
James Joseph McEntee (mother) Mar 30, 1929
Barbara M Williams n/a 1996 b NYC Foundling Hosp, later adopted Melissa Clark
John Patrick McEntee, Mary Ann Greer 16 Dec 1897
nr Glasgow, Scotland
Jeanie Ramsay post 1922
Wollongong, NSW
not given Arthur Jones
Joseph McEntee Apr-May 1865 Catherine Morley n/a Sep 17, 1900 Lived in Cheyenne WY 1891 > Columbus OH; d of gunshot would in Spanish American War Amy Tyack
Joseph McEntee 1921
Agnes n/a 1993 looking for his ancestry Pauline Kennedy
Judith Eugene McEntee, Anne Hedderton (possibly) 1819 James Duffy n/a unknown m Jan 13, 1845 in Kingscourt, Co Cavan; poss birth cert gave Castlerhan as birthplace Martin Sheerin
Margaret Owen McEntee, Katherine Hand August 1848
Ardee Parish
Co Louth, Ireland
Friedrich Priset ca 1852
Leroy, NY
April 15, 1917
Mansfield, Tioga Co, NY
none given William McEntee
Margaret McEntee ca 1823 Maurice O'Connell bef 1845 1892
Ottawa CAN
chld-John, Johanna Margaret b US, Boston MA?; Alice, Michael, Peter, Thomas b Lanark Co., ONT Pat Robinson
Mary Owen McEntee, Katherine Hand 1848
Co Louth,
Nicholas Clemens unknown July 1, 1889
Batavia, Genesse, NY
none give William McEntee
Mary McEntee, Cunningham 1841 Edward M Hewsen Ireland > Canada > USA not given called Molly, from Co Mayo, m in US, 1st child b 1872 Kathleen Consolo
Mary Michael McEntee, Anna Brogan 1852
Lecanvy, Co Mayo
William Horrigan ca 1866 1931
Dover, Strafford NH
lived with uncle in PA after arrival in US bef moving to Newmarket NH Kathy Busch
Mary Hugh McEntee, Susan Smith Feb 6, 1907 Dominic Urciuolo Sept 1925
Ellis Island > Boston
Nov 15, 1996 emig with 1st cousin, Philip McEntee; cousin m-Michael McManon Mary Fay Shannon
Mary Ann Thomas McEntee, Ann Co Cavan
Jan 1874
Philip Horn 1883-86
New York City
18 Jul 1917
sibs-Rose b Jun 1878 ?Shercock, IRE emig NYC 1896 m James lived in Brooklyn Ken Oliver
Mary Ann Patrick McEntee, Bridget ca 1848
James O'Connor bef 1865
Troy NY
Dec 1891
Troy NY
sib:  Edward, Thomas, Peter,  Patrick, Michael; possibly born in somewhere else with Connaught in name Pat Connors
Mary P McEntee May 1856
Co Clare, Ireland
Patrick Ward
b 5/1856 Co Clare
New Jersey
Jan 17, 1931
Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Interested in info on both Mary and husband, Patrick Ward Patricia Marlen
Michael Patrick McEntee, Bridget ca 1851
Mary Crosby bef 1865
Troy NY
betw 1890-1900
Troy NY
sibs: Thomas, Mary Ann, Peter, Patrick   chld:  Rose, Mary, Catherine, Anna, Margaret Pat Connors
Noel Francis MacEntee 1916 Mary O'Connell not given not given not given Noel MacEntee
Norman Lawrence Henry McEntee Dec 14, 1921 Patricia Lindblom not given Feb 4, 1997 none given Norm
Norman McEntee 8/31/1897
Hamilton, Ontario
may be Catherine Detroit ca 1953 wife d Detroit 1997; chld-Joseph N, Edward J Jennifer McEntee
Owen McEntee London, England not given n/a London, England may have moved to New Zealand, sisters-Winifred, Elizabeth to New Zealand in 1875, bro Daniel to NZ back to ENG where he died Colleen Petricevich
Owen McEntee ca 1819
near Ardee,
Co Louth, Ireland
Katherine Hand ca 1852
Leroy, Genesee Co, NY
Mar 20, 1895
Corunna, Michigan
father of 9 children, 4 born in Ireland William McEntee
Patrick McEntee 1792
Bridget bef 1864
Troy NY
Nov 29, 1884
Troy NY
chld-Edward, Thomas, Mary Ann, Peter, Patrick, Michael (maybe more) Pat Connors
Patrick Charles McEntee, Mary 10 May 1791
Co Monaghan IRE
Mary Stebbins ca 1794 Oneida Co NY 19 May 1794
Perry Center, Wyoming Co NY
none given Todd Walker
Patrick Edward McEntee, Alice ? ca 1855
Elizabeth Garrity Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co, PA 1900 chld-Bridget, Barnard, Mary, Patrick, Annie, John, Susan; all b Ireland Kelly J McEntee
Peter McEntee ca 1838
Co Louth, Ire
Ellen Loughran/Loughlan ca 1871 England 1893
West Hartlepool, Durham, ENG
looking for info for both, Peter & Ellen in Dundalk, Co Louth area of Ireland Yvonne
Stephen Michael McIntee, Rose Ireland Eleanor Matherson Ca 1837-40
Grey Co, CAN
Meeker Co
moved to Minnesota, Meeker county ca 1872 Robert McIntee
Valentine William McEntee, Catherine Burchell 16 Jan 1871 1. 1890 Elizabeth Crawford
2.  1920 Catherine Windsor
not given 11 Feb 1953 Created Baron McEntee 1951, MP for Walthamstowe West 1922-4 & 1929-50; peerage extinct on his death Janine Macdonald
William Owen McEntee, Katherine Hand ca 1851
Ardee Parish
Co Louth, Ireland
Nancy Adams ca 1852
Leroy, Genessee Co, NY
Feb 8, 1893
Tioga Co, PA
none given William McEntee

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