Vital Records in
Troy NY Newspapers

Various Years

Surname First Age Event Spouse date source
McGinty Catharine marriage Jonathan Brooks 12/24/1820 Troy Post
McGinty female death ca 12/8/1861 Troy Daily Whig
McNamee James death ca 7/6/1862 Troy Daily Whig
McNamee John death ca 10/5/1869 Troy Daily Whig
McEntee John death ca 9/7/1869 Troy Daily Whig
McAttee John death ca 3/27/1877 Troy Daily Whig
McAtee John Lind marriage Ella McMurray ca 10/5/1870 Troy Budget
McAtee John Lund marriage Ella McMurray 10/5/1870 Troy Daily Times
McAtee male death 10/17/1876 Troy Daily Times
M'Ginty Margaret marriage Nathaniel Purdy 2/2/1835
McEntee Matthew death ca 10/30/1865 Troy Daily Times
McEntee Matthew death ca 10/27/1865 Troy Daily Whig
McAttee Michael death 10/18/1876 Troy Daily Whig
McEntee Mrs death 6/30/1881 Troy Daily Times
McGinty Mrs Sarah 94 death ca 8/23/1862 Troy Daily Whig
McGinty Nancy marriage Jesse Moore 10/8/1835 Troy Daily Whig
McIntee Rev. male 27 death ca 12/20/1858 Troy Daily Whig


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