Tithe Applotments

 Shrule Civil Parish 1825

Shrule Town map
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County Mayo
 Ballinrobe Poor Law Union
    Kilmaine Barony

Research Notes:  The Shrule CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256685 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Surname First Townland
Berne Dan'l Rostaff
Berne Ed'd Shrule Plots
Berne James Rostaff
Berne James Shrule Plots
Berne Nick's Rostaff
Berne Patk Rostaff
Berne, jun Pat Rostaff
Biggins Dennis Tourard
Biggins Edmond Rostaff
Biggins James Ballinalty
Biggins James Clougmoine
Biggins James Cooldisheen
Biggins James Rostaff
Biggins Pat Rostaff
Biggins Patk Clougmoine
Biggins widow Rostaff
Blake Wm Clougmoine
Blake, Esq Chas Kilroe
Brady widow Shrule Plots
Brammick, Esq William Mocorrow
Brown, Esq Arthur Monifolistron
Burke John Ballycurran
Burke Martin Ballinalty
Burke Redmond Cloonbanane, Middle
Burke Redmond Cloonbanane, North
Burke Thomas Gurtatubber
Burke unk Monifolistron
Cahill Martin Cloonbanane
Cane Anthony Ballinalty
Cane Edmond Brodolough
Carroll John Cloonbanane, South
Carty Patk Cahirnabrock
Cassidy Patk Clougmoine
Cavanagh Martin Cahirnabrock
Chrisham Martin Cahirnabrock
Christian John Cahirnabrock
Cohen Martin Rostaff
Cohen Mathias Brodolough
Cohen Patk Graffey
Collins Js Graffey
Commons Mat's Rawmelin
Commons Ned Shrule Plots
Conhile Daniel Brodolough
Connel Pat Mycolga
Connel Daniel Mycolga
Connell Hugh Brodolough
Connell Hugh Rawmelin
Connell Patk Mycolga
Connell Stephen Cahirnabrock
Connell Thomas Brodolough
Connor Edmond Cooldisheen
Connor Edmond Rostaff
Connor John Boherbuee
Connor Michael Cooldisheen
Connor Pat Rostaff
Connor Thos Rawmelin
Connor William Rostaff
Conry Simon Curhinane
Corbitt Mic'l Bradoon
Corbitt Patrick Ahanalakagh
Craddock James Ahanalakagh
Cunningham Anthony Cahirnabrock
Curran John Shrule Plots
D'Arcy Francis Brodolough
D'Arcy John Clougmoine
Davin James Bradoon
Davin John Bradoon
Davin Mic'l Bradoon
Devany John Cahirnabrock
Dodd James Ballinalty
Donaghue Wm Bradoon
Donoghue Thos Bradoon
Dooly James Cloonbanane, Middle
Dooly John Glasbally
Dooly Peter Cloonbanane, North
Duane John Cahirnabrock
Duane Mic'l Cahirnabrock
Elwood Patrick Ballinalty
Fagan Thos Shrule Plots
Fahy Wm Shrule Plots
Fahy, Esq Malachy Duane
Fallon Danl Mycolga
Fallon Mark Mycolga
Fallon Mary Shrule Plots
Fallon Patk Mycolga
Fallon Patrick Brodolough
Farragher Mark Mycolga
Farragher Mic'l Mycolga
Farragher Patk Mycolga
Fitzgerald John Mocorrow
Flaherty Martin Cahirnabrock
Flaherty Roger Cahirnabrock
Flannery John Bradoon
Flood Patrick Ballinalty
Flynn Danl Tourard
French, Esq T Shrule Plots
Gallaher Philp Shrule Plots
Garvey Anthony Church Park
Garvey Anthony Rostaff
Garvey An'y Tourard
Garvey James Shrule Plots
Garvey John Bouley
Garvey Mic'l Glasbally
Garvey Patrick Gurthbrack
Garvey, sen. James Shrule Plots
Gavin Thady Cloonbanane, South
Geraghty Martin Brodolough
Geraghty Thos Gurthbrack
Gibsy John Tourard
Gibsy unk Monifolistron
Gilligan Tim'y Shrule Plots
Golding Anne Shrule Plots
Golding, Esq John Moyne
Golding, Esq Thos Shrule Plots
Guinnan? John Bouley
Haddican Wm Kilough
Haire John Rostaff
Haire Patk Rostaff
Hardiman Patk Glasbally
Hart Edmond Tourard
Hart Mic'l Graffey
Herward Thos Clougmoine
Higgins Cormack Rostaff
Higgins John Mocorrow
Hogan John Rostaff
Jameson Ed'd Cullagh
Jameson, Esq Wm Meeneen Park
Jennings Martin Shrule Plots
Joyce Martin Shrule Plots
Keaghey James Ballinalty
Kearney Edmond Cooldisheen
Kelly Michl Island
Kelly Wm Mt Henry
Kenny Martin Tourard
Kenny Ant'y Mycolga
Kenny, Esq Courtney Cahirard
Kenny, Esq Courtney Kilroe
Keville Thomas Church Park
Keville Thomas Cooldisheen
Keville Thomas Kilroe
Kine Mic'l Cloonbanane, South
Kine Mic'l Rostaff
Kirwan Martin Dalgan
Kirwan Patk Shrule Plots
Kirwin, Esq Martin Cahirard
Kirwin, Esq Martin Rawmelin
Knight John Shrule Plots
Laffy Mich Mycolga
Laffy Michl Glasbally
Laffy Mic'l Brodolough
Laffy Patk Mycolga
Laffy Patrick Brodolough
Larkin John Bradoon
Lawless Patk Balinagh
Leonard Owen Mycolga
Lydane Bar'w Brodolough
Lydane Thady Ballinalty
Lynch Peter Ballycurran
Lynch, Esq Peter Wood Park
Lynskey Patk Rawmelin
Madden Patk Brodolough
Madden Patk Brodolough
Maghan Anthony Ballinalty
Mahon James Graffey
Mahon Pat Tourard
Mahon Peter Graffey
Mahon Thomas Tourard
Mahon Thos Cahirnabrock
Mahony Morgan Mycolga
Mahony Owen Mycolga
Mahony Pat Mycolga
Mahony Tim'y Mycolga
Malloy James Ballinalty
Malloy James Curhinane
Martin John Balinagh
Martin Thos Cloonbanane, Middle
McDermott Thos Clougmoine
McDonough Tony Shrule Plots
McGah Hugh Ruanlaughler
McGrath James Brodolough
McGrath James Shrule Plots
McGuff Wm Bradoon
McTige Patk Graffey
McTige Patk Island
McTige Thos Cloonbanane, Middle
Meenagham Patk Cahirnabrock
Millett Daniel Brodolough
Moghan James Bouley
Moghan Peter Bouley
Monaghan Michael Ballinalty
Moran Mic'l Moyne
Moran Pat Rawmelin
Morris Wm Shrule Plots
Murphy John Cahirnabrock
Murphy Patk Mocorrow
Nally Garret Shrule Plots
Naughlin Patk Rostaff
Naughtin John Rostaff
Naughton James Mycolga
Naughton John Brodolough
Naughton John Mycolga
Naughton Mic'l Mycolga
Nelson John Glasbally
Newile Patk Curhinane
Nolan Mic'l Cloonbanane
Nolan Thomas Brodolough
Noone Anthony Mocorrow
Noone James Tubbersharrow
Noone Thos Cahirnabrock
O'Boyle unk Dalgan
OBrien Stephen Cahirnabrock
OBryan John Bouley
Petty Dominick Ballinalty
Petty George Monifolistron
Phew James Bouley
Phew James Clougmoine
Phew James Rostaff
Phew James Stradnagh
Phew Naughton Cooldisheen
Purcele Martin Cloonbanane, Middle
Quin Mic'l Rostaff
Ralph Martin Shrule Plots
Ralph widow Shrule Plots
Reepa Pat Clougmoine
Rock James Clougmoine
Rorke Redmond Cahirnabrock
Rorke widow Cahirnabrock
Rowland Wm Cahirnabrock
Ryly widow Moyne
Ryly William Moyne
Scahile Edmond Clougmoine
Scahile Patk Clougmoine
Scahile Thos Cloonbanane, North
Shaughnessy Andrew Shrule Plots
Smyth widow Shrule Plots
Spelman John Rostaff
Staunton Walter Graffey
Sullivan Mic'l Clougmoine
Sullivan Pat Rostaff
Sullivan unk Mt Henry
Sullivan widow Cooldisheen
Sweeny Bryan Shrule Plots
Sweeny James Brodolough
Sweeny John Shrule Plots
Sweeny Peter Glasbally
Sweeny Philip? D Shrule Plots
Sweeny widow Shrule Plots
Tethey Mic'l Shrule Plots
Tige Patk Bouley
Toole Austin Cahirnabrock
Toole Patk Cahirnabrock
Toole, jun. Austin Cahirnabrock
Varrilly Wm Ballinalty
Verdan Francis Moyne
Verdan Patk Moyne
Walsh John Brodolough
Walsh John Brodolough
Walsh Patk Cloonbanane
Walsh Paul Brodolough
Walsh Peter Brodolough
Walsh Walter Brodolough
Walsh William Cloonbanane
Walsh William Cloonbanane, North
Ward Wm Shrule Plots


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