Tithe Applotments

  Kilturra Civil Parish 1834

Doocastle Flughany
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County Mayo
Swineford Poor Law Union
Costello Barony



Research Notes:  The Kilturra CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256654 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  This civil parish borders another civil parish with the same name in County Sligo.  The tithes stated the following townlands were in County Mayo:  Cloonthicumy, Coolcravebeg, Coolcravemore, Cooladoomore, Doomre, oocastle, Cludeohinane, Toormore, Curnagullagh, Bruckloonagh, Eskragh, Lagadoon, Flughiny, Cloonakilliny, Cloonfaughtrim.  So, while some of these are listed as being in County Sligo in the 1851 Townland Index, they have been transcribed as the tithes listed them.  Townlands now listed as County Sligo have * after their names.

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Surname First Number Townland
Allen Patt 255 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Boyle John 163 Cloonthicunny*
Brennan Mark 253 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Brennan Math'w 251 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Cain Andw 292 Cloonfaughtrim
Canavan no first 266 Flughiny
Cawley John 225 Curnagullagh*
Cawley Patt 216 Toormore*
Cawley Richd 178 Cooladoomore*
Coane Lacky 175 Cooladoomore*
Coane Lacky 189 Doomore*
Coane Michl 243 Brackloonagh*
Coane Patt 196 Cludeohinane*
Coane Thos 201 Cludeohinane*
Coinne James 280 Cloonakilliny
Collery Js Davy 195 Doocastle
Conlon John 284 Cloonakilliny
Connor widow 291 Cloonfaughtrim
Conway J 222 Toormore*
Conway Owen 234 Curnagullagh*
Cosgrave wid'w 181 Doomore*
Cunnane J 213 Toormore*
Cunnane Jno 246 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Cunnane Js 246 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Cunnane Peter 250 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Davy Bartly 197 Cludeohinane*
Davy Jno 182 Doomore*
Davy Jno 182 Doomore*
Doddy M 229 Curnagullagh*
Doddy T J? 229 Curnagullagh*
Doyle Andw 265 Flughiny
Doyle M 219 Toormore*
Drury Bartly 261 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Duffy Bartly 187 Doomore*
Duffy Bartly 252 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Duffy no first 213 Toormore*
Duffy Owen 231 Curnagullagh*
Duffy Owen 249 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Durkin John 184 Doomore*
Durkin Patt 269 Flughiny
Dylr? no first 276 Flughiny
Fahy Davy 273 Flughiny
Fahy Michl 273 Flughiny
Ferrall Bartly 267 Flughiny
Fieghny Andw 183 Doomore*
Fieghny Dennis 288 Cloonfaughtrim
Fieghny no first 272 Flughiny
Fieghny no first 274 Flughiny
Fieghny no first 276 Flughiny
Fieghny Thos 243 Brackloonagh*
Fieghny Thos 170 Coolcravemore*
Fitzgerald Mr 294 Cloonfaughtrim
Flannery Bryan 164 Cloonthicunny*
Flannery Domk 224 Curnagullagh*
Flannery Patt 203 Cludeohinane*
Flannery Thos 202 Cludeohinane*
Gallagher Danl 185 Doomore*
Gallagher Js 186 Doomore*
Gallagher P 232 Curnagullagh*
Gallagher Patt 276 Flughiny
Gallagher Wm 194 Doocastle
Gallagher (little) Js 173 Coolcravemore*
Gallagher, Sr Js 172 Coolcravemore*
Gannon J? 241 Brackloonagh*
Giblin J 266 Flughiny
Giblin Jack 242 Brackloonagh*
Healy John 283 Cloonakilliny
Henery John 205 Cludeohinane*
Henery PJ? 222 Toormore*
Henery Thos 207 Cludeohinane*
Hunt Frank 286 Cloonakilliny
Hunt Mathw 278 Cloonakilliny
Hunt Patk 279 Cloonakilliny
Hunt Thos  281 Cloonakilliny
Kaenagh P 241 Brackloonagh*
Kaleher G 227 Curnagullagh*
Kaleher James 194 Doocastle
Kaleher P 225 Curnagullagh*
Kaleher Patt 223 Curnagullagh*
Kaleher Terence 226 Curnagullagh*
Kaleher wid 237 Brackloonagh*
Kaleher widow 236 Brackloonagh*
Kearn B. 272 Flughiny
Kennedy P 238 Brackloonagh*
Killoran Michl 254 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Kilmartin Thos 217 Toormore*
King Stephen 259 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Lacey Frank 235 Brackloonagh*
Leonard Martin 248 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Lovrie Michl 168 Coolcravebeg*
Mangan B 274 Flughiny
Marren Dk 220 Toormore*
Marren Larry 214 Toormore*
Marren Michl 233 Curnagullagh*
Marren no first 271 Flughiny
Marren no first 274 Flughiny
Marren no first 276 Flughiny
Marren P 229 Curnagullagh*
Marren P 232 Curnagullagh*
Marren Pat 212 Toormore*
Marren Patt 209 Toormore*
Marren Peter 218 Toormore*
Marren Thos 179 Cooladoomore*
Marren Thos 180 Doomore*
Marren Thos 260 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Marren Thos 212 Toormore*
Marren Thos 220 Toormore*
Marron Math'w 247 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Martin Lewis 161 Cloonthicunny*
McCabe Thos 160 Cloonthicunny*
McDermud John 200 Cludeohinane*
McDermud Js 206 Cludeohinane*
McDermud Mr 287 Cloonakilliny
McDermud Thos, Mr 263 Flughiny
McDermud Thos, Mr 277 Flughiny
McDonnell Michl 293 Cloonfaughtrim
McDonnell, Esq J.M. 245 Brackloonagh*
McDonnell, Esq J.M. 174 Coolcravemore*
McDonnell, Esq J.M. 193 Doocastle
McDonnell, Esq J.M. 192 Doomore*
McDonnell, Esq J.M. 262 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
McDonough Mat 270 Flughiny
McDonough P 239 Brackloonagh*
McGiever Js 293 Cloonfaughtrim
McGowan Jas 230 Curnagullagh*
McGuire Jno 204 Cludeohinane*
McHugh Michl 258 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
McIntire Wm 176 Cooladoomore*
Meay Augustine 228 Curnagullagh*
Meay M 238 Brackloonagh*
Moran Danl 191 Doomore*
Moran no first 273 Flughiny
Murray James 159 Cloonthicunny*
Murray Jno 210 Toormore*
Murray Michl 162 Cloonthicunny*
Murry J 270 Flughiny
Neary Thos 188 Doomore*
Niland James 165 Cloonthicunny*
Niland Jas 177 Cooladoomore*
Niland Js 227 Curnagullagh*
Niland Ml 190 Doomore*
Niland Thos 190 Doomore*
O'Donnell Dick 244 Brackloonagh*
O'Donnell Js 244 Brackloonagh*
Phelim no first 237 Brackloonagh*
Roe Dudly Morris 290 Cloonfaughtrim
Rogers Loughlin 264 Flughiny
Rogers Thos 282 Cloonakilliny
Rush Connor 268 Flughiny
Rush John 289 Cloonfaughtrim
Rush Mark 221 Toormore*
Rush Martin 166 Coolcravebeg*
Rush Mathew 167 Coolcravebeg*
Scanlon Jno 215 Toormore*
Scanlon Js 240 Brackloonagh*
Scanlon M 225 Curnagullagh*
Scanlon Morris 275 Flughiny
Scanlon no first 219 Toormore*
Scully Martin 199 Cludeohinane*
Scully Math'w 198 Cludeohinane*
Scully Math'w 211 Toormore*
Scully Philip 208 Toormore*
Spelman Dudly   171 Coolcravemore*
Spelman Jas 285 Cloonakilliny
Spelman Michl 290 Cloonfaughtrim
Tanzy Law'ce 169 Coolcravebeg*
Tanzy Patt 158 Cloonthicunny*
Tanzy Thos 157 Cloonthicunny*
Tivnan Bartly 256 Eskragh & Lugadoon*
Tivnan John 257 Eskragh & Lugadoon*



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