Tithe Applotment

 Kilmovee Civil Parish 1825


County Mayo
 Swineford Poor Law Union
    Costello Barony

Research Notes:  The Kilmovee CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256650 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  Where names are found without first names, something next to the surname looked like '& Co', but no first name was given. This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Surname First Townland
Beirne Pat'k Kelmore
Bolon James Aghadiffin
Bones Mich'l Derragh
Bones Laur'ce Linvollane
Boyle Eggoole
Breheny Will'm Derryhorey
Brenan James Raherolus
Brennan James Barcoill
Brennan Wm/Mr Magheraboy
Cafferky Dom'k Aghadiffin
Cafferky Pat Aghadiffin
Cafferky Aghadiffin
Cafferky Owen Orlor & Cloonrow
Cafferky Pat'k Raherolus
Carroll Patrick Cloonclara, Ballyglass
Carroll Mary Knockbrack
Caufield John Carrolacky
Caufield Cashilaheny
Caufield Pat Magheraboy
Connor A. Barcoill
Costello James Shammerbane
Cox Mich'l Aghadiffin
Cox Cloonfalis
Cox Thomas Cloonfeighry
Dalton James Aghadiffin
Dalton James Aghadiffin
Dalton Rich'd Cashilaheny
Dalton Henry Cloonerin
Dalton Oliver Cloonerin
Dillon? Luke Ballure
Donlevy James Linvollane
Donlevy Pat Shammerbane
Dougherty James Cashilaheny
Dougherty Terr'ce Cloonclara, Pulboy Village
Dougherty Edm'd Raherolus
Doyle Aghadiffin
Doyle Pat'k Derragh
Doyle And'w Gowellwee
Duffy James Aghadiffin
Duffy John Aghadiffin
Duffy Andr'w Carrolacky
Duffy Cashilaheny
Duffy Mich'l Cloonclara, Pulboy Village
Duffy And'w Cloonerin
Duffy Thom Cullagh
Duffy Curgarriff
Duffy Luke Glan Travane
Duffy Pat'k Glan Travane
Duffy Mich'l Orlor & Cloonrow
Duffy Skehan
Durkin John Shammerbane
Dyre James Cullagh
Filan Wm/Mr Curgarriff
Fitzgerald Messr? Leveelock
Flanary Bryan Killcahill
Flanary James Magheraboy
Flatity Mich'l Aghadiffin
Flemming Curgarriff
Forkan James Aghadiffin
Forkan John Aghadiffin
Forkan Math'w Linvollane
Forkan Hugh Raherolus
Frain Ballure
Frain Mich'l Cashilaheny
Frain Eggoole
Frain Anth'y Magheraboy
Gallagher James Derragh
Galligher Martin Killiclare
Gara John Barcoill
Gara Cloonclara, Ballyglass
Gara Curgarriff
Gavaghan Pat Aghadiffin
Geraghty John Shammerbane
Giblan Dan'l Raherolus
Gordon And'w Aghadiffin
Gordon James Cullagh
Grady Dan'l Ballure
Grady Patrick Ballure
Grady Mich'l Carrobeg
Grady Mr/Wm Cloonfeighry
Grady Laghlin Eskermore
Grady John Glan Travane
Grady Thomas Graffy
Grady Mr F Tavrane
Green James Linvollane
Griffen Martin Killiclare
Grinham Edmond Aghadiffin
Grunnin John Orlor & Cloonrow
Grunnin Pat Orlor & Cloonrow
Gurren Neal Raherolus
Gurrin Charles Gowlane
Gurrin Pat Kilkelly
Henry Thom's Derragh
Henry Thomas Gowlane
Heveran John Knockbrack
Higgins Cashilaheny
Higgins Barthy Cloonclara, Ballyglan
Higgins Thom Cloonclara, Ballyglan
Higgins Pat'k Cullagh
Higgins Mich'l Glan Travane
Higgins/Kiggins Pat Aghadiffin
Hobin John Orlor & Cloonrow
Horan Mich'l Carrolacky
Horan Mich'l Cashilaheny
Horan Curgarriff
Horan Pat Glan Travane
Horan Thom's Glan Travane
Horan And'w Lough Hill
Hunt Martin Ballure
Hunt? David Sraheens
Jourdan James Knockbrack
Jourdan David Orlor & Cloonrow
Kean Mich'l Derrinea
Kelly William Barcoill
Kelly James Derrynalick
Kenny Owen Carrolacky
Kenny James Orlor & Cloonrow
Kenny Mich'l Orlor & Cloonrow
Kenny Mich'l Orlor & Cloonrow
Knox Mr Kilmovee
Leech John Gowlane
Loree? Pat Shamerdoo
Lyden Martin Gowlane
Lyden Mark Orlor & Cloonrow
Lyden Rev Luke Orlor & Cloonrow
Marinoe David Gowlane
McCorm'k James Orlor & Cloonrow
McDermot Patrick Aghadiffin
McDonogh Mich'l Raherolus
Merinan? Bryan Cashilaheny
Moran And'w Linvollane
Moran John Orlor & Cloonrow
Mullen Cashilaheny
Mullen Cloonclara, Ballyglass
Mullen Pat Magheraboy
Mulligan Dan'l Aghadiffin
Mulligan Francis Aghadiffin
Mulligan Mich'l Aghadiffin
Murphy Barthy Linvollane
Naree Aug'tine Orlor & Cloonrow
Noon Dom'k Craig Village
Phillips Eggoole
Phillips Pat Orlor & Cloonrow
Prendergast James Gowlane
Prendergast Pat Kilkelly
Prendergast Luke Knockbrack
Reed Pat'k Cloonamna
Regan Pat'k Cloonamna
Regan Dan'l Glan Travane
Regan Martin Sraheens
Regan Thomas Sraheens
Reynolds John Barcoill
Robinson P. Cloonfeighry
Rush Pat'k Killiclare
Sullivan Will'm Orlor & Cloonrow
Taaffe William Kilkelly
Towey Mark Aghadiffin
Towey Magheraboy
Towey Francis Raherolus
Towey Skehan
Traverse Barcoill
Waldron Pat'k Linvollane
Waldron A. Magheraboy
Walsh James Shamerdoo


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