Tithe Applotment

 Kilmoremoy Civil Parish 1834


County Mayo
  Ballina Poor Law Union
    Tirawley Barony

Research Notes:  The Kilmoremoy CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256650 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

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Surname First Townland Number
Anderson Jas Knockleagh 155
Anderson Jas Upper Belleck 374
Ardbuckle Jno Upper Belleck 382
Armstrong Robt Knockleagh 157
Armstrong Robt Knockleagh 160
Armstrong Robt Knockleagh 165
Armstrong Robt Upper Belleck 401
Atkinson Chas Upper Belleck 374
Atkinson Chas Upper Belleck 410
Atkinson Doctor Coolcran 180
Atkinson Doctor Reash 175
Atkinson Doctor Ruckeagh Coolcran 185
Atkinson Dr. Upper Belleck 384
Atkinson Edwd Upper Belleck 374
Atkinson Geo Ruckeagh Coolcran 185
Atkinson Jno Knockleagh 164
Atkinson Thos Upper Belleck 358
Atkinson Wm Upper Belleck 411
Barber Jas Gorteen 153
Barrett Anthy Clooneticillue 134
Barrett Michl Cloonticillue, Old Village 141
Barrett Thos Farrino, Lower Belleck 334
Berrown Edw'd Tullyegan 498
Bourk Esq Jno Upper Belleck 418
Bourke Esq Jno Knoxbarrett 186
Branon Edw'd Farinascullogie 240
Breslane Wm Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 307
Brown Anthy Clooneticillue 136
Butler Jno Upper Belleck 380
Cacy Edw'd Upper Belleck 387
Cafferty Patt Farinascullogie 247
Caldwell D Upper Belleck 391
Caldwell Dr. Knockeagan 272
Canning Lau'c Knockleagh 163
Carroll Anthony Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 319
Carroll Jno Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 313
Carroll Peter Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 319
Cavenagh Anth'y Knockenello 266
Cavenagh Darby Knockenello 260
Cavenagh Ja's Knockenello 257
Cavenagh Thos Knockenello 258
Cavenagh Tho's Knockenello 271
Cavenagh widow Knockenello 270
Cawly Michl Cloonagh 126
Cawly Thos Cloonagh 127
Clark Anth'y Farinascullogie 256
Clark Math'w Upper Belleck 377
Clark Tho's Farinascullogie 241
Coninee Patt Croften Parke 109
Coninee Thos Croften Parke 108
Connell Owen Cloonticillue, Old Village 142
Connell Patt Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 315
Connor Mich'l Clooneticillue 132
Coughlin Wm Upper Belleck 397
Coyne And'w Croften Parke 107
Coyne Owen Upper Belleck 413
Crean Wm Clooneticillue 135
Croften Henry Croften Parke 101
Crumer Wm Upper Belleck 417
Cunane Mich'l Upper Belleck 398
Daily Jas Upper Belleck 357
Dally Patt Farrino, Lower Belleck 331
Davis Patt Farinascullogie 242
Dean Esq Hugh Croften Parke 100
Develin Dr. Upper Belleck 386
Devitt Mathew Farrino, Lower Belleck 345
Devitt Wm Math'w Upper Belleck 406
Dogherty Jno Coolcran 179
Durken Jas Upper Belleck 416
Egan Dan'l Croften Parke 111
Egan Dan'l Croften Parke 121
Egan Jno Croften Parke 105
Egan Mich'l Croften Parke 110
Egan Patt Croften Parke 113
Elligot David Lower Belleck 351
Elligot David Upper Belleck 385
Fain Jno Killmore, Lower Belleck 330
Fain Robt Upper Belleck 355
Fawcett Dr. Farrino, Lower Belleck 341
Fenilon Marten Upper Belleck 394
Finlon Edwd Croften Parke 116
Flynn Jno Cloonagh 124
Flynn John Upper Belleck 361
Flynn Marten Upper Belleck 378
Flynn Peter Cloonticillue, Bog Village 145
Folin Jno Upper Belleck 355
Foody Jno Farrino, Lower Belleck 339
Foody? Bryan Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 321
Foody? Bryan Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 322
Fox Mich'l Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 318
Fox Roger Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 317
Gallagher And'w Knockleagh 158
Gallagher And'w Knockleagh 162
Gallagher And'w Upper Belleck 409
Gallagher Mich'l Ruckeagh Coolcran 184
Gardiner Cha's Cloonagh 122
Gaugan Mich'l Farrino, Lower Belleck 335
Gaughan Lower Belleck 349
Gelgan Jno Knockenello 269
Gilaspie Anthy Farrinascullogue 226
Gilaspie Jas Croften Parke 118
Gilaspie Jas Farrinascullogue 224
Gilaspie Mich'l Farrinascullogue 228
Gilaspie Wm Farrinascullogue 225
Gilgan Jno Croften Parke 115
Gillaspie Jno Cloonticillue, Old Village 144
Gillaspie Robt Clooneticillue 133
Gillaspie widow Knockduff, Cloonagh 131
Gillespie Henry Farrinascullogue 222
Gillespie Thos Farrinascullogue 221
Gilvary Mich'l Culleens South 87
Gore Col'n Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 316
Gore Col'n Gurranken, Lower Belleck 353
Gore Col'n Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 325
Gore Col'n Lower Belleck 352
Gore Esq James Upper Belleck 356
Gore Esq James Upper Belleck 364
Goughan Jas Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 321
Grogan Thos Cloonagh 129
Hart Ja's Farinascullogie 244
Havin Rich'd Upper Belleck 383
Havy And'w Knockenello 264
Henegan Thos Farrino, Lower Belleck 340
Henigan Patt Reash 167
Henry Wm Jno Upper Belleck 404
Herrigan Jas Farinascullogie 232
Higgins Jas Knockagarry, Lower Belleck 328
Higgins Jas Upper Belleck 375
Higgins Jas/Jno Farrino, Lower Belleck 346
Hillas? Gardner Upper Belleck 400
Hilman Wm Upper Belleck 408
Hogan William Farrino, Lower Belleck 343
Howly Edwd Lower Belleck 347
Howly Edwd Upper Belleck 363
Howly Marten Upper Belleck 370
Hugh Edw'd Croften Parke 106
Hughs Mich'l Croften Parke 112
Hughs Thos Upper Belleck 357
Hume Wm Croften Parke 114
Hume Wm Croften Parke 117
Jackson Jno Lower Belleck 348
Jennings Patt Cloonticillue, Old Village 146
Jennings Thos Cloonticillue, Old Village 148
Jennings widow Cloonticillue, Old Village 147
Jennings Wm Cloonticillue, Old Village 149
Jones Cha's Farrino, Lower Belleck 332
Jones Thos Knockleagh 165
Jones Wm Upper Belleck 405
Joyner Esq J.L. Upper Belleck 359
Joynt Henry Upper Belleck 356
Judge Thos Farinascullogie 236
Kelly Patt Knockagarry, Lower Belleck 326
Kelly Patt Knockleagh 159
Kelly widow Upper Belleck 365
Kelly Wm Lower Belleck 351
Kelly Wm Upper Belleck 373
Kenney Jno Farrino, Lower Belleck 337
Knox Dr. Farrino, Lower Belleck 342
Knox Dr. Upper Belleck 376
Langan Jas Culleen West 91
Langan Jno Farinascullogie 229
Langan Lieut. Thos Upper Belleck 415
Langan Patt Culleen East 99
Langan Peter Upper Belleck 369
Langan Wm Culleens South 89
Lavin Thos Coolcran 178
Loftis Danl Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 305
Loftis Dan'l Cloonagh 123
Loftis Dan'l Farinascullogie 235
Loftis Fra's Farinascullogie 233
Loftis Jas Culleen West 90
Loftis Jas Knockenello 259
Loftis Jno Lower Cloonagh 130
Loftis Mich'l Clooneticillue 138
Loftis Stephen Knockleagh 161
Loftis Stephen Knockleagh 165
Loftis Stephen Upper Belleck 371
Loftis Thos Culleen East 98
Loftis Thos Farinascullogie 234
Loftis Thos Knockenello 267
Loftis Wm Knockenello 261
Madden Anthy Upper Belleck 357
Madden Anth'y Knockagarry, Lower Belleck 327
Maghan Patt Farinascullogie 252
Mally Esq Wm Upper Belleck 402
Mangen Mich'l Knockagarry, Lower Belleck 325A
Mathew Wm Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 324
Mathews Jas Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 323
McAndrew Patt Croften Parke 103
McAndrew Wm Reash 170
McCan Jas Leege, Lower Belleck 329
McCann Denis Upper Belleck 360
McDermott Jno Farinascullogie 237
McDonagh Thos Farinascullogie 243
McDonnell Jno Upper Belleck 390
McDonnell Mich'l Ruckeagh Coolcran 182
McEna Denis Lower Belleck 350
McEnally Anthy Croften Parke 119
McGowan And'w Cloonticillue, Old Village 139
McGuire Jas Knockleagh 156
McHale Anthy Clooneticillue 137
McHugh D Upper Belleck 395
McHugh Dr. Gurranken, Lower Belleck 354
Melvin Michl Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 308
Melvin Thos Cloonticillue, Old Village 140
Melvin Thos Knockenello 268
Merrick Andw Upper Belleck 379
Moghan Corm'k Farinascullogie 248
Moghan Corn's Farrinascullogue 223
Moghan David Farinascullogie 246
Moghan Jno Croften Parke 120
Moghan Patt Farinascullogie 245
Monaghan Jno Croften Parke 104
Monaghan Michl Farrinascullogue 219
Moor Mich'l Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 306
Moran Anthy Farinascullogie 231
Moran Fran's Farrinascullogue 227
Moran Jas Farrinascullogue 218
Moran Jno Culleen East 97
Moran Jno Reash 174
Moran Law'c Knockenello 262
Moran Mich Upper Belleck 396
Moran Mich'l Knockenello 263
Moran Thos Farrinascullogue 220
Moran Wm Farrinascullogue 217
Morrison Mathew Upper Belleck 403
Mullhern Mich'l Knockduff, Cloonagh 131
Mullowny Patt Coolcran 177
Munelly Anthy Upper Belleck 367
Munnelly Edw'd Cloonticillue, Old Village 143
Murphy Jas Reash 173
Murphy Jas Ruckeagh Coolcran 183
Murphy Patt Coolcran 176
Murray Jas Reash 166
Murray Thos Reash 168
Newcome Wm Upper Belleck 414
Nolan Jno Knockenello 265
O'Boyle Michl Upper Belleck 372
O'Connor Peter Upper Belleck 362
O'Crean Patt Upper Belleck 355
O'Donnell And'w Upper Belleck 399
O'Donnell Connelly Upper Belleck 368
O'Hara Andw Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 312
O'Hara And'w Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 311
O'Hara Anth'y Culleen West 92
O'Hara Danl Croften Parke 102
O'Hara Danl Farrino, Lower Belleck 338
O'Hara David Leege, Lower Belleck 329
O'Hara Edwd Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 309
O'Hara Jas Farinascullogie 238
O'Hara Jas Knockeagan 272
O'Hara Jno Farinascullogie 239
O'Hara Mich Upper Belleck 393
O'Hara Mich'l Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 310
O'Hara Patt Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 314
O'Hara Thos Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 311
O'Hara Thos Ardoughan, Lower Belleck 312
Ormsby widow Knockleagh 164
Padden Danl Knockeagan 273
Padden Patt Knockeagan 273
Patterson Jas Culleens South 86
Philben Thos Upper Belleck 381
Potter Rev. Upper Belleck 401
Quinn Mich'l Reash 169
Quinn Nich'l Reash 172
Reap Anth'y Cloonagh 128
Reap Jno Knockeagan 273
Roach Lau'c Farinascullogie 230
Roach Nich'l Reash 171
Rogan Anth'y Culleen West 93
Rogan Edw'd Culleen West 94
Rogan Patt Culleen East 96
Roony Mich'l Upper Belleck 407
Ruddy Jno Farrino, Lower Belleck 336
Ruddy Thos Farinascullogie 253
Scanlon Jas Upper Belleck 388
Sharkey Bryan Farrino, Lower Belleck 344
Sweeny Jas Lower Cloonagh 130
Swift John Upper Belleck 412
Timlon David Farinascullogie 250
Timlon David Farinascullogie 254
Timlon Ja's Farinascullogie 251
Timlon Mich'l Farinascullogie 249
Tonra Rodger Culleens South 88
Walker Jno Gorteen 150
Walker Jno Upper Belleck 389
Wall widow Farinascullogie 255
Walsh Al'x Farrino, Lower Belleck 333
Walsh Mich'l Gurryknockane 461
Walsh Patt Cloonagh 125
Walsh Thos Laughtawannagh, Lower Belleck 320
Walsh Wm Culleen West 95
Walton Robt Ruckeagh Coolcran 181
West Thos Knockleagh 165
West Thos Upper Belleck 366
West Thos Upper Belleck 392
Whitesides Arthur Gorteen 151
Whitesides Arthur Gorteen 154
Whitesides Arthur Upper Belleck 410
Whitesides Benj'n Gorteen 152



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