Tithe Applotment

 Kilmore Civil Parish 1834


County Mayo
 Belmullet Poor Law Union
    Erris Barony

Binghamstown Inishkea North

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Research Notes:  The Kilmore CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #256650 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.

Surname First Townland Page #
Banett Pat Boarhave 1
Banett Pat Morahin 2
Barrett Edw'd Knockbawn (Bingham Town) 7
Barrett Henry Morahin 2
Barrett James Island of Devlane More 13
Barrett James Newtown Cormack 11
Barrett Jno Ardmore 7
Barrett John Ballybeg or Ballymacsherin 8
Barrett John Barnagh East & Island 10
Barrett John Clooneen 2
Barrett John Island of Innis Glory & Innis Keeragh 13
Barrett John Knocknalina 1
Barrett Lewis Plott Barrett 10
Barrett Myles Island of Innis Glory & Innis Keeragh 13
Barrett Ned Loucran 8
Barrett Pat Barnagh East & Island 10
Barrett Pat Clogher 12
Barrett Pat Mulloghroe 11
Barrett Thomas Barrack 10
Barrett William Barnagh West & Largin 10
Barrett William Plott Barrett 10
Barrett/Bennett James Shanaghy 1
Bennett Capt'n Black Carn Fowler 5
Berry Antony Ardmore 7
Bingham Denis Annagh 9
Bingham Denis Ardmore Point Bingham 8
Bingham Denis Bally Macsherin (Bingham Town) 7
Bingham Denis Crossboyde 9
Bingham Denis Divish 10
Bingham Denis Elly 11
Bingham Denis Emblybeg Bingham 6
Bingham Denis Knockbawn (Bingham Town) 7
Bingham Denis Lame 10
Bingham Denis Loughberg 8
Bingham Denis Terrace North 11
Bingham Henry Knocknalina 1
Bingham William Crossboyde 9
Bingham William Tougher or Stripe (W. Bingham) 8
Bingham Esq Denis Aughnagollagh 2
Bourke Ned Newtown Cormack 11
Brennan Mark Island of Devlane More 13
Burgoyne Antony Ardmore 7
Cafferky John Ballincarrig 5
Carson William Tallagh West 3
Cawley John Barnagh East & Island 10
Cawley Pat Curraghbee Laghty 9
Clark Francis Clogher West 12
Colville Charles Tallagh House 3
Connell John Curraghbee Laghty 9
Connelly Pat Plott Barrett 10
Connor Mark Mouraghroory 10
Conway Antony Shanaghy 1
Corcoran Mich'l Tallagh West 3
Cormack Dillon Divish 10
Cormack George Divish 10
Cormack John Newtown Cormack 11
Cormack Thom's Divish 10
Cousant Robert Bally Macsherin (Bingham Town) 7
Coyle Barthy Glanlora East 1
Crean James Terrace South 11
Crean Pat Terrace South 11
Crean Philip Mouraghroory 10
Danison Rev W.P. Tarmoncarra West 4
Danison Rev'd Jno Tarmoncarra West 4
Danison Rowley Tarmoncarra West 4
Dease Antony Black Carn Fowler 5
Devitt Encas Morahin 2
Devitt John Macecrump 4
Devitt widow Glanlora East 1
Dickson Thomas Hill of Carn & Tonebawn 5
Dickson Thomas Knockbawn (Bingham Town) 7
Dixon Andrew Tallagh West 3
Dixon Darby Morahin 2
Dixon Darby Tonemace 4
Dixon Dom'k Morahin 2
Dixon Francis Tallagh West 3
Dixon Frank Gurtanedin 3
Dixon Martin Knocknalina 1
Dixon Mich'l Tallagh Stripe 3
Dixon Pat Aughadoon 2
Dixon Thos Little Carn Fowler 5
Donaghue Martin Currough North & South 4
Donnelly Hugh Curraghbee Drum Rea 9
Dousy Antony Tallagh West 3
Dowelle Charles Drum Everard 9
Dowole Nickl's Emblybeg Carter 6
Dunare Connor Ballyglass 1
Dunbar Darby Tarmon 12
Dunbar Rich'd Carthern 11
Dunlevy Darby Emly Cas 4
Early John Tallagh East 3
Everard Pat Reinanagh, Old Village 9
Everard widow Barnagh West & Largin 10
Fergus William Gruckeen & Plott Lynsky 9
Flaherty Hugh Ardmore 7
Gallagher Ed Little Carn Fowler 5
Gallagher M Clooneen 2
Gamble Henry Surge View 12
Gaugham John Mulloghroe 11
Gaughan Angel? Tallagh East 3
Gaughan Antony Reinanagh, Old Village 9
Gaughan James Newtown Cormack 11
Gaughan James Tarmoncarra East 4
Gaughan John Black Carn Fowler 5
Gaughan Mich'l Tonemace 4
Gaughan Pat Surge View 12
Gaughan Rich'd Boarhave 1
Gaughan Rich'd Curraghbee 8
Gaughan Rich'd Little Carn Fowler 5
Gaughan Teady Emblybeg Nash 6
Gaven Antony Tarmoncarra East 4
Gennelly Owen Carthern Gilbert 12
Geoghan Michl Tallagh West 3
Georghagan Arthur Lorackakly 10
Geraghty Antony Aughadoon 2
Geraghty Antony Girtbrack 2
Geraghty James Drimshambo 1
Geraghty Laurence Lorackakly 10
Geraghty Mich'l Tonemace 4
Geraghty Tom Mulloghroe 11
Gibbons John Emblybeg Nash 6
Gibbons Pat Clogher 12
Gilken Pat Gladdery 2
Ginnetty Hugh Tougher or Stripe (W. Bingham) 8
Griffith Antony Currough North & South 4
Gunnigal Mich'l Gurtanedin 3
Hanaghan Ned Tarmon 12
Henaghan James Black Carn Fowler 5
Heverin David Favlmore 12
Hevern Laurence Boarhave 1
Hevern William Aughleme 12
Housten Mrs Little Carn Fowler 5
Houston James Mouraghroory 10
Hyland James Clogher West 12
Ivers  Wil'm Ballybeg or Ballymacsherin 8
Ivers Esq William Aughnagollagh 2
Joynt James Ballincarrig 5
Joynt James Tallagh West 3
Kean Pat Carthern 11
Kean Bryon Curraghbee Drum Rea 9
Keane Harry Island of Inniskea West 12
Keane James Cloughstuccough 9
Keane James Emly Cas 4
Keane Owen Bally Macsherin (Bingham Town) 7
Keane Owen Drum Everard 9
Keane Pat Newtown Cormack 11
Keane Pat Shranamodder 10
Keane Rich'd Carthern Gilbert 12
Keane Rich'd Favlmore 12
Keane Rich'd Glosh 12
Keane Rick'd Island of Inniskea West 12
Keary Peter Aughadoon 2
Keary Robert Gurtanedin 3
Keating Thos Morahin 2
Kelly Anthony Reinanagh, Old Village 9
Kelly E Gladdery 2
Kelly Francis Curraghbee 8
Kelly William Bally Macsherin (Bingham Town) 7
Kerrigan Pat Newtown Cormack 11
Lally Antony Emly Cas 4
Lally Mich'l Polakoppel 1
Lally Thomas Tallagh East 3
Lavell John Emblybeg Bingham 6
Lavell Martin Gurtanedin 3
Lavell Owen Crossboyde 9
Lavell Pat Ballybeg or Ballymacsherin 8
Lavell William Black Carn Fowler 5
Lavell William Lorackakly 10
Lavett Teady Drimshambo 1
Loftus John Carthern Gilbert 12
Loftus Pat Favlmore 12
Lowell John Emlybeg Kyle 6
Lowell Martin Emlybeg Kyle 6
Lowell Pat Macecrump 4
Lowell William Island of Devlandbeg 13
Lowell William Island of Innis Glory & Innis Keeragh 13
Lynskey James Barrack 10
Lynsky Thos Gruckeen & Plott Lynsky 9
Lyons Luke Bally Macsherin (Bingham Town) 7
Lyons Luke Crossboyde 9
Lyons Rev J.A. Shanaghy 1
Lyons Rev J.P Emblybeg Bingham 6
Lyons Rev J.P. Terrace North 11
Lyons Rev JP Emblybeg Carter 6
Lyons Rev'd J.P. Crossboyde 9
McAndrew Pat Emblybeg Nash 6
McAnee/Ana John Emblybeg Carter 6
McDonagh widow Barnagh West & Largin 10
McDonnell Bryan Macecrump 4
McDonnell James Stripe, Randle's Plott 9
McDonnell Mich'l Loucran 8
McDonnell Pat Tallagh West 3
McFaden John Black Carn Fowler 5
McFaden Owen Polakoppel 1
McFaden Thos Girtbrack 2
McGloughlin John Crossboyde 9
McGragh Pat Ballyglass 1
McManmon Pat Ardmore 7
McManmon Peter Crosswallace 8
Meenaghan John Glosh 12
Meenaghan John Gruckeen & Plott Lynsky 9
Menaghan Thomas Tarmoncarra East 4
Monagham Martin Emblybeg Bingham 6
Monagham Will'm Gladdery 2
Monaghan James Tarmon 12
Monaghan Mich'l Crosswallace 8
Monaghan Mich'l Island of Devlane More 13
Monaghan Pat Curraghbee 8
Monaghan Pat Curraghbee Drum Rea 9
Monaghan Pat Tallagh Stripe 3
Moore Robert Ballincarrig 5
Moraghn Hugh Ballybeg or Ballymacsherin 8
Murphy Antony Surge View 12
Murphy James Morahin 2
Murphy John Shanaghy 1
Murphy Rich'd Tallagh Stripe 3
Myles Thomas Newtown Cormack 11
Nash Mrs Ballybeg or Ballymacsherin 8
Nash Mrs Emblybeg Nash 6
Nash Mrs Hill of Carn & Tonebawn 5
Nash Mrs Milkeen 5
Nash Mrs Tonemore 3
Nollan Myles Morahin 2
Noone John Ardmore 7
Noone Pat Gladdery 2
O'Donnell Con Macewilliam & Robinson* 4
O'Donnell Dom'k Crosswallace 8
O'Donnell Mich'l Tarmoncarra West 4
O'Hara Charles Drum Everard 9
Paden Antony Ballyglass 1
Paden Mich'l Aughleme 12
Paden Mich'l Clogher West 12
Paden Rich'd Carthern 11
Paden Rich'd Knocknalina 1
Paden Thos Emly Cas 4
Reddington Edw'd Knockbawn (Bingham Town) 7
Reilly Jno Morahin 2
Reilly Pat Newtown Cormack 11
Reily Darby Aughleme 12
Reily Dom'k Newtown Cormack 11
Reily James Tallaghane 3
Reily Mich'l Aughadoon 2
Reily Pat Crosswallace 8
Reily Pat Terrace South 11
Reily Tom Mulloghroe 11
Reily William Terrace South 11
Reynolds William Bally Macsherin (Bingham Town) 7
Riely Antony Clogher 12
Riely Pat Emblybeg Carter 6
Riely Thomas Glosh 12
Riely Thos Shranamodder 10
Robinson James Macewilliam & Robinson* 4
Rock Tom Tougher or Stripe (W. Bingham) 8
Rowland Mich'l Aughaloshine 1
Ruane John Newtown Cormack 11
Sinnott Andrew Ardmore 7
Stephens Pat Macewilliam & Robinson* 4
Stephens Thos Clooneen 2
Taghem? Pat Ardmore 7
Tigne Pat Loucran 8
Tigue Mich'l Currough North & South 4
Togher Pat Barrack 10
Tollet Antony Morahin 2
Tollit George Morahin 2
Tollitt Francis Glanlora East 1
Troy James Tougher or Stripe (W. Bingham) 8
Wallace Mssr Clooneen 2
Walsh Antony Emblybeg Nash 6
Walsh David Drimshambo 1
Walsh John Polakoppel 1
Walsh Owen Emblybeg Carter 6
Walsh Pat Tarmon 12
West Rich'd Tallagh West 3
Williams Pat Emblybeg Bingham 6
Wilson Pat Curraghbee Laghty 9

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