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Assorted Hamrogue Births



From,  The Surnames of Ireland, by Edward MacLysaght

Hamrogue, Hamrock  See under Shamrock
Shamrock  Rather surprisingly this is an English toponymic, rare as a surname in Ireland.  It has been used synonymously with Hamrock, which is also an English toponymic, gaelicized as Hanróg and re-anglicized as Hamrogue.  It occurs in the sixteenth-century Fiants of Cos. Cork and Waterford in the place-name Hamrockstown.

First Surname Date of Birth Location Father's Name Mother's First Mother's Surname
Ann Pembic 07/31/1864 Balla Thomas Margaret Malley
Anne Hanbrogue 07/10/1869 Ballinrobe Patrick Mary Butler
Anthony Hamrogue 09/14/1874 Brownstown Anthony Margaret Kelly
Bridget Hamroge 08/10/1873 Ballinrobe Michael Bridget Malley
Bridget Hamroge 01/14/1871 Ballinrobe Peter Catherine Sheridan
Bridget Hamrouge 03/04/1864 Balla,Mayo,Ireland Francis Mary McIntyre
Bridget Hanrogue 03/31/1879 Martin Anne Sherlock
Catherine Hambroge 02/22/1876 Mayo,Ireland Thomas Catherine Monaghan
Catherine Hanbrogue 02/25/1867 Ballinrobe Patrick Mary Butler
Ellen Hamrogh 06/07/1878 Ballinrobe Patrick Mary Butler
Garrett Hansbrough 03/28/1871 Balla,Mayo Thomas Catherine Monaghan
Honor Hamrogh 07/14/1877 Ballinrobe Michael Bridget Malley
Honor Hamrogh 07/14/1877 Mayo Thomas Margaret Malley
James Hamrouge 12/03/1875 Mayo,Ireland Michael Bridget Cleary
John Hambrogue 06/27/1861 Celarine,Balla Francis Sally McIntyre
John Hamroge 12/20/1866 Ballindine Pat Mary McManus
John Hamrogue 06/05/1875 Mayo Martin Anne Sherlock
John Patrick Hamrogue 05/10/1878 Claremorris Thomas Catherine Monaghan
Margaret Hamrogue 07/15/1876 Ballinrobe Michael Bridget Malley
Margret Hamrouge 11/04/1866 Balla,Mayo Thomas Margaret Malley
Martin Hambrogue 06/12/1865 Hollymount Anthony Margaret Kelly
Martin Hamroge 12/16/1870 Ballinrobe Michael Bridget Malley
Mary Amroge 06/16/1864 Tuam,Galway Thomas #NAME? Monaghan
Mary Hambrogue 07/01/1867 Mayo Anthony Margaret Kelly
Mary Hamrogue 06/05/1875/77 Martin Anne Sherlock
Mary Hamrogue 04/02/1877 Mayo Patrick Mary Hynes
Mary Hamrogue 05/02/1869 Ballinrobe Peter Catherine Sheridan
Mary Hamrogue 05/15/1864 Ballinrobe Thomas Mary Mea
Mary Hamrouge 01/10/1868 Michael Bridget Malley
Michael Hamrogue 07/14/1875 Patrick Mary Hynes
Patrick Hamrogue 04/11/1869 Claremorris Thomas Catherine Monaghan
Patrick Hamrogue 03/19/1871 Ballinrobe Thomas Mary Mea
Patt Hambrough 07/01/1868 Balla,Mayo Thomas Margaret Malley
Richard Hamrogue 11/09/1871 Ballinrobe Patrick Mary Butler
Sabina Hambrogh 02/10/1866 Balla,Mayo Thomas Catherine Monaghan
Sarah Hambrogue 06/27/1870 Castlebar Thomas Margaret Malley
Thomas Hamborgue 04/17/1862 Ballintubber Thomas Peggy Mulroy
Thomas Hamrogue 01/08/1870 Ballinrobe Michael Bridget Malley
Thomas Hamrogue 01/15/1871 Ballinrobe Michael Bridget Malley

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