Tithe Applotments

  Cong Civil Parish 1834

Cong Town map
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County Mayo
Ballinrobe & Oughterard Poor Law Unions
Kilmaine Barony



Research Notes:  The Cong CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256592 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  This civil parish also crossed the border into County Galway.  The tithe book included both counties, so check County Galway tithes for the rest of the parish.


Surname First Townland
Biggens Farrell Houndswood
Blake, Esq Richd Dougha
Blake, Esq Richd Garracloon
Blake, Esq Charles Knock
Blake, Esq Rich'd Knock
Bourke Bartly Derrys McFynn
Burk  John Parkamenane
Burke Edwd Coolena
Burke widow Derrys McFynn
Burke Kenedy Parkroe
Butler Theobald Ballykine South
Butler Theobald Nymphsfield
Cain John Parkamenane
Carney Patrick Ballykine South
Carney William Castletown Wood
Carney Wm Castletown Wood
Carney Patk Carheens
Carney Patk Drinneen
Caulfield Patrick Coolena
Causgrowe (Cosgrove?) James Kelmore
Cermer Bryan Drimella
Coan Michl Ballymagibbon North
Coan Wm Guttacorry
Coan Wm Knock
Connel Patrick Parkamenane
Conner/Connery? Darby Parkamenane
Crampton Mr Nymphsfield
Cuffe Patrick Creggaree
Cunningham Martin Nymphsfield
Cunningham Anthony Parkamenane
Darcy Mr Castletown Wood
D'Arcy, Esq Martin Houndswood
Darcy, Mr no first Drinneen
D'Arcy, Mr no first Fonshenagh
Dogherty Con Houndswood
Doneghoe John Nymphsfield
Duany John Drimella
Elwood, Esq Thos Caherduff
Elwood, Esq Thos Cong Plots
Elwood, Esq Thos Gurtharow
Elwood, Esq Thos Strandhill
Fallon Martin Ballykine South
Faraher James Coolena
Faugher John Derrys McFynn
Fitzgerald Ch's Fonshenagh
Flynn Wm Castletown Wood
Fox Martin Caherduff
Fynn, Esq John Curgarriff
Fynn, Esq John Cow Island
Fynn, Esq John Guttacorry
Fynne, Esq John Ballymagibbon South
Fynne, Esq John Boherbee
Gantly Patk Drinneen
Gerraghty John Curgarriff
Gibbons Martin Cloonderava?
Gready John Ballymagibbon North
Gready Patrick Ballymagibbon North
Gready Patrick Dougha
Grimes widow Nymphsfield
Hall Natt Parkamenane
Hardiman Patk Fonshenagh
Hart Owen Houndswood
Hear  Patrick Knock
Hearnan Patrick Castletown Wood
Hearnan Patrick Castletown Wood
Hession Pat Dougha
Higgins Pat Fonshenagh
Higgins Patk Houndswood
Higgins Pat Houndswood
Hoban John Boherbee
Holran? William Derrys McFynn
Hopkins widow Nymphsfield
Jennings Edmond Houndswood
Joyce Thos Ballymagibbon North
Langan Martin Houndswood
Leitrim Lord Ballykine North
Leonard Patrick Parkroe
Lydane Mark Houndswood
Malley John Coolena
Malley Thomas Dougha
Malley James Derrys McFynn
Malley Patk Fonshenagh
Malley no first Fonshenagh
Malley Loughlin Fonshenagh
Mally Patrick Parkroe
McDonnell James Aughalahard
McDonnell Frank Ballykine South
McDonnell James Drinneen
McDonough Wm Fonshenagh
McGouran Thos Castletown Wood
McGovern Thos Cordroonmore
McGovern Thos Cordroonbeg
McTigh  Pat Houndswood
McTighe Pat Fonshenagh
McTigue Thos Ballymagibbon North
Meagh no first Ballymagibbon North
Mellot Richd Houndswood
Mellot Danl Knockalassa
Millet Rich'd Cloonderava?
Morris John Kelmore
Morris James Parkamenane
Mullen Thomas Curgarriff
Mullen Thos Dougha
Murphy John Drinneen
Murphy William Kelmore
Murphy Wm Moran Hill
Murphy, Jr Frank Moran Hill
Murrane Walter Parkavilla
Nally Stepen Ballymagibbon North
Nally/Nalty? Authery Derrys McFynn
Ormsby Mrs Lackafinna
Ormsby Mrs Nymphsfield
Parker John Fonshenagh
Saunders Wm Houndswood
Saunders Luke Parkamenane
Shaughnessy John Coolavally
Shaughnessy James Cloonderava?
Shaughnessy Michl Cloonderava?
Shaughnessy John Fonshenagh
Spelman Red'md Houndswood
Sweeny Peter Castletown Wood
Sweeny John Cordroon Mill
Sweeny Peter Fonshenagh
Synskey Michl Houndswood
Thornton Patrick Church Park
Varrily Hugh Dougha
Varrily Thos Fonshenagh
Varrily Thos Guttacorry
Waldron, Revd Mr no first Creggaree
Walsh Thos Boherbee
Walsh Patrick Boherbee
Walsh Patk Drimella
Walsh Michl Kelmore
Walsh Michl Parkamenane


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