Tithe Applotments

  Ballysakeery Civil Parish 1827

Ballysakeery Cloonfadda
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County Mayo
Ballina Poor Law Union
Tirawley Barony



Research Notes:  The Ballysakeery CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256573 by Pat Connors.  The film was not of great quality and the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The quality of the film was not great, it was very light and difficult to read, plus bad spelling of names.  Therefore, if you find or don't find a family member, check out the film to verify.


Surname First  Number Townland
?? Michl 235 Middle Ballironine
Alloway Edward 47 Ballaliadalla
Aniskey no first 77 Cloonshannough
Armstrong ?? 132 Mullyfarry
Armstrong no first 146 Lissglennon
Armstrong Sheeane 165 Ballintam
Atkinson no first 226 Rathronine
Barr James 124 Cloonawillin
Barrett no first 222 Ballisakeery
Beard Henry 154 Lissglennon
Beard James 145 Mullyfarry
Beard John 153 Lissglennon
Beard Stephen 152 Lissglennon
Beard widow 150 Lissglennon
Beard William 151 Lissglennon
Beard  William 144 Mullyfarry
Beard, Sr James 133 Mullyfarry
Birmingham, Revd  Geo 131 Maherabrack
Boland no first 103 Rathome
Bourke Anthony 40 Ballaliadalla
Bourke John 23 Sleaveelare Rathball
Bourns Thos 205 Newtown White
Bourns Thos 206 Newtown White
Boyd James 254 Carrowkelly  
Boyd John 245 Carrowkelly  
Boyd John 248 Carrowkelly  
Boyd John 250 Carrowkelly  
Boyd no first 249 Carrowkelly  
Boye? no first 17 Ballinatila
Boyle no first 104 Rathome
Calbrith? James 139 Mullyfarry
Callanan? Edwd 54 Meedown
Calloway widow 69 Ballybrooney
Calpin Michl 175 Ralliglass
Carroll Frank 147 Lissglennon
Carroll Geo 148 Lissglennon
Carroll John 162 Lissglennon
Carroll John 141 Mullyfarry
Carroll William 149 Lissglennon
Cartrary? Daniel 1 Ballinakill Rathball
Cavenough no first 4 Ballinakill Rathball
Cawley no first 24 N...Rathball
Clarke no first 19 ......clare?
Clarke no first 18 Ballinatila
Cohean? John 130 Maherabrack
Conway James 10 Mullonsheaslle Rathball
Conway Owen 27 N...Rathball
Conway Owen 109 Rathome
Conway Wm 110 Rathome
Corcoran Patt 216 Rusheens
Cosgrave Patk 220 Ballisakeery
Cosgrove no first 8 Ballinakill Rathball
Costello no first 190 Canrane Cooneal
Crummer? Wm 221 Ballisakeery
Deniston Jos'h 163 Lissglennon
Dougan Henry 15 Rathball
Dougan James 73 Ballybrooney
Dougan Neal 16 Rathball
Faucett Richd 207 Newtown White
Faucett Sam 200 Newtown White
Farrell no first 108 Rathome
Flaherty John 46 Ballaliadalla
Flaherty John 70 Ballybrooney
Flanagan P 75 Cloonshannough
Flanagan P 52 Coolen bottoms
Flyn  Patt? 67 Ballybrooney
Flynn Patk 49 Ballaliadalla
Fody no first 11 Mullonsheaslle Rathball
Foster Arthur 197 Newtown White
Foster Arthur 198 Newtown White
Foster William 202 Newtown White
Foye no first 36 Laxior
Galagher no first 100 Rathome
Gallagher James 234 Middle Ballironine
Gardener Andy 196 Newtown White
Gardiner Chas 201 Newtown White
Gardiner John 224 Ballisakeery
Gardiner Wm 208 Newtown White
Gordon no first 225 Rathronine
Gray John 192 Cooneal More
Grier no first 122 Cloonmanmore
Grogan Lacky 233 Middle Ballironine
Hammon John 236 Middle Ballironine
Hammon Michl 241 Lower Ballironine
Hammon no first 231 Ballyglass
Hanick Thos 212 Killieanromane
Heferan Nicholas 217 Rusheens
Henegan no first 26 N...Rathball
Hope no first 238 Lower Ballironine
Horne? no first 237 Middle Ballironine
Howard T's 111 Rathome
Hughes? James 240 Lower Ballironine
Hughes? Richd 239 Lower Ballironine
Inn? John 199 Newtown White
Kearny no first 120 Cloonalough
Keaveny no first 230 Ballyglass
Kelly John 20 Sleaveelare Rathball
Kelly Luftis 37 Laxior
Kelly no first 56 Ballybrooney
Kelly no first 58 Ballybrooney
Kelly no first 102 Rathome
Kelly Tady 193 Cooneal More
Kenedy no first 146 Lissglennon
Kennedy ?? 127 Cloonawillin
Kennedy James 126 Cloonawillin
Killane no first 12 Mullonsheaslle Rathball
Killane widow 13 Mullonsheaslle Rathball
Kinearl? no first 119 Mooneran
Klane?, Mr Geo 125 Cloonawillin
Knigh no first 189 Canrane Cooneal
Lighton John 251 Carrowkelly  
Lighton John 252 Carrowkelly  
Lighton no first 232 Ballyglass
Loftes Anthony 41 Ballaliadalla
Lofton? Stephen 242 Knockalonnell
Loftus Anthony 74 Ballybrooney
Mangan no first 188 Canrane Cooneal
Monnelly no first 105 Rathome
Mathews James 3 Ballinakill Rathball
McAdams no first 229 Ballyglass
McAndrew Bryan 215 Rusheens
McAndrew no first 113 Rathome
McAndrew Walt 219 Ballisakeery
McAndrew Wm 209 Killieanromane
McDonnell Danl 42 Ballaliadalla
McHale James 194 Cooneal More
McKean John 43 Ballaliadalla
McKinley Robt 204 Newtown White
McLaughlin no first 243 Carrowkelly half quarter
McNich..? Ths 142 Mullyfarry
McNulty Patt 2 Ballinakill Rathball
Meeney Patt 174 Ralliglass
Meeney Ronine? 210 Killieanromane
Melvin no first 60 Ballybrooney
Melvin Patt 59 Ballybrooney
Meyock? Patt 63 Ballybrooney
Mohan Anthony 68 Ballybrooney
Moran Richd 78 Cloonshannough
Moran? no first 244 Carrowkelly half quarter
Morrison Martin 211 Killieanromane
Morrow Charles 81 Cloonshannough
Mullowney no first 65 Ballybrooney
Noban? Anthony 48 Ballaliadalla
Nolan no first 123 Knockanderra
Nolan P 214 Rusheens
O'Boyle Anthony 45 Ballaliadalla
O'Boyle Anthony 71 Ballybrooney
O'Boyle no first 195 Cooneal More
O'Boyle no first 25 N...Rathball
O'Boyle no first 31 N...Rathball
O'Donel no first 116 Cloonfadda
O'Hara no first 117 Cloonfadda
O'Hora Michl 28 N...Rathball
O'Hora Patt 6 Ballinakill Rathball
Patterson Arthur 253 Carrowkelly  
Patterson Sam 158 Lissglennon
Patterson Wm 246 Carrowkelly  
Pendergast no first 5 Ballinakill Rathball
Perkins J 51 Knockerlee
Perkins, Esq John 55 Ballybrooney
Perkins, Esq John 176 Ralliglass
Potrill? John 7 Ballinakill Rathball
Ranken? Peter 157 Lissglennon
Ranken? widow 155 Lissglennon
Rape Patt 129 Maherabrack
Reddington no first 32 N...Rathball
Robinson ?? 137 Mullyfarry
Robinson James 156 Lissglennon
Robinson John 136 Mullyfarry
Rodgers Henry 82 Cloonshannough
Rodgers Mary  80 Cloonshannough
Rogan no first 121 Cloonmanbeg
Rogers no first 85 Cloonshannough
Rogers, Jr no first 87 Cloonshannough
Rooney James 34 Demense Park
Rossan? John 213 Killieanromane
Shannon no first 14 Mullonsheaslle Rathball
Sharkey no first 103 Rathome
Smith Sam 140 Mullyfarry
Stenson William 161 Lissglennon
Tohill no first 57 Ballybrooney
Waldron William 83 Cloonshannough
Waldron, Esq Farra A 114 Demesne
Waldron, Esq W 128 Maherabrack
Walsh John 44 Ballaliadalla
Walsh John 72 Ballybrooney
Walsh Martin 29 N...Rathball
Walsh no first 64 Ballybrooney
Walsh Thos 30 N...Rathball
Walsh widow 22 Sleaveelare Rathball
Watson Wm 143 Mullyfarry
Westgate Geo 203 Newtown White
Wills/Wells John 223 Ballisakeery
Wilson Chas 159 Lissglennon
Wilson James 135 Mullyfarry



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