Tithe Applotments

  Addergoole Civil Parish 1822/1834


Ballyduff Bofeenaun
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County Mayo
Ballina & Castlebar  Poor Law Unions
Tirawley Barony



Research Notes:  The Addergoole CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256560 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  This parish was not very well organized.  Both dates (1822, 1834) were found.  It did not look like two books, however.  Also, the page numbers were hard to read and not in order.  The names were also hard to read because the handwriting was very light and the spelling not too good.  The surnames were spelled differently, even right after one another.  For example, I found these two one after another:  Mulkerin, Mulkerane


Surname First Townland Sub-Division Page #
?? Hugh Lahardaun 11
??blin Michl Lahardaun 11
Anderson James Massbrook Park 4
Anderson James Massbrook 3/4?
Anderson, Esq James Massbrook Derreenomagh 4
Arran Earl of Addergoole Park 5
Barret John Knockmana 8
Barret Michl Caffoly 7
Barret Patt Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Barret Patt Knockmana 8
Barret  John Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Barrett John Addergoole Tournakiel 5
Barrett Thomas Lahardaun 11
Barrett Thomas Lahardaun 11
Barrett Thomas Terry Terrybane 1
Barrett William Lahardaun 11
Bourke John Knockmana 9
Bourke Thomas Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Bourke Thomas Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Bourke, Esq Thos Ballyduffy 14
Bourke, Esq Walter Ballymoyack 16
Bourke, Esq Walter Carrowkeel 16
Browne Henry Knockmana 8
Browne James Aughaloonteen 13
Browne John Aughaloonteen 13
Browne John Knockmana 7
Browne Luke Knockmana 8
Browne Patt Culnakiller 7
Browne Patt Knockmana 8
Browne Thomas Aughaloonteen 13
Browne  James Terry Terrybane 2
Brownee Thomas Terry Terryduff 1
Callaghan Michl Carrowkeel 17
Callaghan Pat Carrowkeel 16
Callaghan Patt Carrowskeeheen 15
Callaghan widow Carrowkeel 16
Callaghy James Ballymacredmond 12
Canavan Michl Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Carrew Thomas Terry Terryduff 1
Caulfield Patt Terry Terryduff 1
Cawley Patt Lahardaun 11
Cawley Patt Terry Terryduff 1
Cawley, Revd Wm   Ballymacredmond 12
Coghlan Francis Terry Terryduff 1
Connolly Patt Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Connor James Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Corconan Anthy Ballyduffy 14
Corcoran Anth'y Carrowkeel 16
Corcoran John Carrowkeel 16
Corcoran Martin Doonaroya 17
Corcoran Patt Doonaroya 17
Corcoran widow Ballymoyack 15
Corley? Bartly? Lahardaun 12
Cormack Major Massbrook 3/4?
Cormack Major Terry Terrybane 2
Dee? Edmond Lahardaun 10
Dogherty Pat Knockfarnaught 9
Dogherty Patt Lahardaun 10
Dougherty John Knockfarnaught 10
Dougherty Redm'd Knockmana 9
Drynane Patt Addergoole Toneacrick 5
Duane? Michl Lahardaun 11
Evens? Henry Ballymacredmond 12
F/Tray? John Doonaroya 17
Finaghty Richd Terry Terryduff 1
Finnaghty Edmund Terry Terryduff 1
Finnaghty Richd Terry Terryduff 1
Flanagan Patt Ballyduffy 14
Flanagan Patt Carrowkeel 16
Flannery Edmd Lahardaun 10
Fleming James Aughaloonteen 13
Fleming John Aughaloonteen 13
Fleming Richd Aughaloonteen 13
Fleming Thomas Addergoole Park 4
Fleming Thomas Aughaloonteen 13
Flynne John Ballymacredmond 12
Ford Michl Aughaloonteen 13
Forrestal Patt Knockmana 8
Forrester Andrew Lahardaun 11
Galaher Patt Knockmana 7
Gallagher John Aughaloonteen 13
Gallagher Michl Knockmana 9
Gaughan Henry Knockmana 9
Gaughan Patt Addergoole Park 5
Gaughan Richd Knockmana 9
Genelly John Ballymoyack 15
Gennelly Ant'y Lahardaun 10
Gibbons Theo? Lahanow 14
Gordon widow Lahardaun 11
Hacks/Hocks James Knockfarnaught 10
Harlow/Harlon? Patt Doonaroya 17
Harte Martin Ballyduffy 14
Hegarty Anthy Lahanow 14
Hegarty Edmond Doonaroya 17
Hegarty Henry Doonaroya 17
Hegarty Henry Doonaroya 17
Holmes Patt Terry Terryduff 1
Holmes Thomas Terry Terryduff 1
Hooks John Knockmana 8
Howley Thomas Islandmore 16
Jordan Pat Doonaroya 17
Jordan Patrick Aughaloonteen 13
Judge Anthy Aughaloonteen 13
Judge widow Carrowskeeheen 15
Kelly Thomas Ballymoyack 15
Kilker James Addergoole Toneacrick 5
Knox, Captn John Caffoly 7
Long James Terry Terryduff 1
Mangan John Addergoole Tournakiel 5
Mangan John Doonaroya 17
Mc? Anty Lahardaun 10
McAnacca? Richd Ballymacredmond 12
McAndrew Patt Ballymoyack 15
McAndrew Thomas Ballymacredmond 12
McCue John Aughaloonteen 13
McDermod Michl Addergoole Toneacrick 5
McDonnel Alick Addergoole Park 5
McDonnel Anthony Addergoole Tournakiel 5
McDonnel James Culnakiller 6
McDonnell John Doonaroya 17
McGowran Anthy Aughaloonteen 13
McGowran James Ballymacredmond 12
McGowran John Terry Terryduff 1
McHale John Terry Terryduff 1
McHale Patt Terry Terrybane 2
McHall Edmund Knockmana 9
McHugh James Islandmore 16
McHugh Jas Ballymoyack 15
McHugh Jno Aughaloonteen 13
McHugh Pat Lahardaun 11
McHugh Thos Carthoon 14
McNa? Bryan Ballymacredmond 12
McNamara Edmd Ballymoyack 15
McNamarra Anth'y Lahardaun 11
McNamarra Patt Terry Terrybane 2
McNamarra Patt Terry Terrybane 2
Merrick, Jr William Aughaloonteen 13
Merrick, Sr Wm Aughaloonteen 13
Moffit Anthy Culnakiller 6
Molloy? Bernard? Ballymacredmond 12
Moore Thomas Doonaroya 17
Moran Francis Knockmana 8
Moran Patrick Aughaloonteen 13
Moulin Thomas Ballymacredmond 12
Mulkerin Michl Terry Terryduff 1
Mullowney Pat Ballymacredmond 12
Mulloy Anthy Knockmana 8
Murray James Addergoole Park 4
Murry James Addergoole Park 4
Murry John Addergoole Park 4
Murry Richd Addergoole Park 4
Murry Thomas Addergoole Park 4
Naughlon James Ballymoyack 15
Noone Anth'y Doonaroya 17
Padden Michl Addergoole Toneacrick 5
Padden Michl Addergoole Toneacrick 5
Padden Pat  Knockfarnaught 9
Palmer, Sir Wm H Carrickbarret 1
Rowane Michl Knockmana 9
Rowane Thomas Lahardaun 11
Ruane James Addergoole Toneacrick 6
Ruane Thomas Lahardaun 11
S/L/Tyran? Domnick Knockmana 8
Separo? Domnick Doonaroya 17
Sherridan James Addergoole Tournakiel 5
Sherridan James Addergoole Tournakiel 5
Sweeny Denis Ballymacredmond 12
T/Y/Lorbus? Richd Knockmana 9
Telbin? Tobin? Lahardaun 10
Temony Anthy Carthoon 14
Torell? Richd Aughaloonteen 13
Walsh James Ballymacredmond 12
Walsh Michl Ballyduffy 14
Walsh Patrick Aughaloonteen 13
Walsh Phelim Aughaloonteen 13



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