Tithe Applotments 1828, 1834

  Achill Civil Parish


Bolinglanna Bunacurry
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County Mayo
Newport Poor Law Union
Burrishoole Barony



Research Notes:  The Achill CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256560 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The quality of the film was not great and very grainy in spots which made it extremely difficult to figure out letters.  Therefore, if you find or don't find a family member, check out the film to verify.


Surname First Number Townland
Barrett Hubert 51 Doogurth
Cafferky Daniel 58 Pullranhee
Cafferky James 36 Sinelay?
Cafferky John 61 Bunacurry
Cafferky Pat 20 Hinehans
Cafferky Patt 63 Bunacurry
Cafferky Patt 13 F Corny?
Cattican Brian 86 Knocknamona
Cattican Pat 90 Knocknacassagh
Challey? Terance 41 Dockenelly Thulis
Currigan Edward 11 Cloghmore
Currigan Hugh 74 Owenduff
Doogan John 5 Carragorrue
Doogan John 8 Meelin
Fadden John 50 Slievemore
Gallagher Edmund 87 Knocknamona
Gallagher Farrel 2 Achillbeg
Gallagher James 40 Dockenelly Thulis
Gallagher James 91 Knocknacassagh
Gallagher John 1 Achillbeg
Gallagher John 62 Bunacurry
Gallagher John 34 Sinelay?
Gallagher Martin 31 Cashell
Gallagher Michl 88 Gubnahordal
Gallagher Pat 10 Cloghmore
Gallagher Patt 38 Dookenelly Calvey
Gallagher Thomas 12 F Corny?
Gallagher Thomas 21 Hinehans
Gallaher Michael 83 Mwiwillin
Gallaher Owen 85 Glash Illawn
Gavin John 54 Doogurth
Ginnelly John 82 Mwiwillin
Heanue Laurence 79 Siuffanebuoy
Heanue Patk 76 Owenduff
Inglish Philip 29 Cashell
Joyce Patk 93 Booley glana
Kelly James 26 Dooega
Kelly Luke 48 Slievemore
Kielty James 49 Slievemore
Kilbawn Neal 14 Althnamagh
Kilbawn Neal 15 Althnamagh
Kilbawn Neal 6 Carragorrue
Kilbawn Neal 22 Hinehans
Kilbawn Neal 9 Meelin
Kilbawn Owen 3 Achillbeg
Kilbawn Patt 33 Sinelay?
Lavel Anthony 24 Dooega
Lavel (brean) John 44 Keele
Linchan Michael 28 Priests Acres
Linchan Pat 56 Pullranhee
Linehan Anthony 64 Bunacurry
Malley Patt 77 Pull 
Malley Peter 68 Dooniver
Malley Peter 73 Killaloughane
Malley Thady 78 Pull 
Malloy John 43 Keele
Masterson Brian 16 Alth (Derreen)
Mc?agh James 39 Dockenelly Thulis
McCann Hugh 19 O Derreen
McDoole James 25 Dooega
McEneela Peter 17 Alth (Derreen)
McGigue Darby 57 Pullranhee
McGigue John 7 Meelin
McGinty Patt 27 Dooega
McGowan Martin 75 Owenduff
McHugh John 66 Dooniver
McHugh John 45 Keele
McHugh John 70 Killaloughane
McLoghlin Bartly 18 O Derreen
McLoghlin Patk 89 Gubnahordal
McLoghlin, Esq John 65 Corthoon
McLoghlin, Esq John 60 Tonetanwalla
McLoghlin, Esq Pat 81 Loneragee
McNamara Francis 42 Dockenelly Thulis
McNamara Thos 53 Doogurth
McNulty Lawrence 32 Cashell
McNulty Pat 30 Cashell
McTigue Andrew 35 Sinelay?
McTigue John 4 Carragorrue
McTigue Thos 46 Keele
Mulloy Manus 69 Dooniver
Mulloy Manus 72 Killaloughane
O'Donel Richard 71 Killaloughane
O'Donel  Richard 67 Dooniver
O'Donel, Sir Rich'd 59 Pullranhee
O'Malley Owen 52 Doogurth
O'Malley Owen 47 Slievemore
Patten Laurence 84 Glash Illawn
Patten Patk 92 Booley glana
Patton Connor 37 Dookenelly Calvey
Stoney, Rev'd W.B. 55 Doogurth
Sweeny Francis 80 Siuffanebuoy




Surname First Townland
Barrett Hubert Doogort
Cafferkey Pat Banacurry
Cooney Bryan Althnamonragh
Cunnane Francis Dooega
Doogan Jno Carrowgarrave
Faden James Sleevemore
Forry James Doogort
Gallagher Farrell Achillbeg
Gallagher Frances? Corrick Kildaunet
Gallagher John Achillbeg
Gallagher Js Doocanelley
Gallagher Martin Caghill
Gallagher Owen Cloughmore
Gallagher Pat Doocanelley
Gallagher Phelim Banacurry
Gilty James Sleevemore
Hanue? Patt Dooniver
Hewley Terence Doocanelley
Kelly Luke Sleevemore
Kilbane Owen Achillbeg
Kiloane? Neal Carrowgarrave
Lavell John Keel
Lavell Pat Doocanelley
Lavell (black) Pat Doocanelley
Lewell? Thomas Dooega
Malloy John Keel
Masterson Bryan Carrowgarrave
Masterson  Michael Althnamonragh
McGinty Danl Dooega
McGreal Danl Dooniver
McGuane Hugh Dooniver
McGuane John Doogort
McHugh Jas Doocanelley
McHugh Patt Dooniver
McHugh Patt Keel
McLaughlin Bart'w Derreen Kildaunet
McLaughlin John Cloughmore
McLoughlin, Mr John Tonetanvalla
McMannion John Doogort
McNally P Banacurry
McNally Phelim Caghill
McNamara Fran's Doocanelley
McShane Bryan Dooega
McTigue Jno Carrowgarrave
McTigue Thomas Keel
O'Dowl Thomas Doocanelley
O'Malley Owen Sleevemore




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