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Portarlington Town Ballybrittas Town

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Research Notes:  Portalington Parish registers were transcribed at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin from film #4205 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fair condition but the handwriting was very old and extremely hard to read at times.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record even if obviously spelled incorrectly.  Therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.   The records recorded were those that contain persons with the surname Flynn/Flinn.
NOTE:  This RC parish includes Lea Civil Parish in Co Leix and Clonyhurk Parish in Co Offaly.

Rite Child Surname Father Mother Sponsor Sponsor
23-Jan baptism Edwd Flinn Thos Margt Patty Flinn Betty Flinn
4-Jun baptism Eliza Flinn Andrew Mary Keogh Larry Lalor Bridget Keogh
18-Jun baptism Bridget Hyland Ml Betty Flinn Wm Connor Pabby Hyland
11-Feb baptism Dan Flinn Edie Ann Kelly John Kelly Grace Fitzgerald
18-Mar baptism Catherine Dunne Js Mary Flinn Patt Dunne Margaret Dunne
28-Mar baptism Sally Keogh Jno Anne Flinn Larry Marvin Mary Kelly
8-Apr baptism Mary Flinn Daniel Mary Hickey Rd Dempsey Bridt Flinn
6-May baptism Patt Flinn Michael Anne Moore Jer Lalor Anne Flinn
13-May baptism Dan Dunne Matt Mary Flinn Thos Donagher Mary Desmond?
2-Jun baptism Catherine Flinn Dan  Mary Hickey Will Hyland Bridget Essy?
28-Jul baptism Margaret? Lennon Michl Elizabeth Flynn Thos Flynn Mary Flynn
3-Oct baptism James Flinn John Maggie Murphy Jas Flinn Bettye Mic--?
Nov 10 marriage Flynn Jno Dolly Conroy Patk Walsh Marcella Cox
23-Oct marriage Coogan Michl Mary Flynn Jno Manning Anne Flynn
18-Jan baptism Judy Gorman Andw Margt Flynn Phil Kennedy Mary Conroy
2-Mar baptism Michl Keogh Jno Anne Flynn Patr Keegan Bridget Kelly
2-Mar baptism Margt Flynn Thos Margt McDonald Jno Flynn Honor Flynn
4-May baptism Mary Flynn Peter Cathe Mulpetre? Mick Mulpetre Betty Mulpetre
6-Jul baptism Ellen Flynn Michl Anne Moore Jas McLough Anne Flynn
5-Oct baptism Richd Flynn Edmd Elizabeth Hyland Peter Fitzpatrick Anne Hyland
1-Feb marriage Keegan Joseph Margaret Flynn Patk Flynn Mary Keegan
13-Jun marriage Lalor Jeremiah Anne Flynn Edwd Flynn Anne Flynn
1-Feb baptism Margt Flynn Michl Mary Flanagan Patk Flynn Anne Flynn
2-May baptism John Flynn Danl Mary Hickey Patk Flynn Judith Flynn
16-May baptism Mary Flynn Terence Alice Flaherty Jno Flynn Ellen Foy
11-Jul baptism Eliz'th Flynn Edmd Hanna Kelly Michl Connally Cathe Connally
1-Sep baptism Ellen Kane Thos Margt Flynn Danl Conroy Cathe Flynn
23-Feb baptism Bridget Flynn Wm Honor Kelly James Dunne Bridget Kelly
8-May baptism Judy Flynn John Margt Murphy George Dunne Margt Dunne
31-Jul baptism ?--ery? Flynn Peter Cathe Mulpetre? Michl Mulpetre Eliza Mulpetre
25-Sep baptism Bridget Flynn Jas Ellen Carroll Martin Hyland Mary Flynn
22-Dec baptism Peter Flynn Jerry Margt Hefferan Jno Flynn Ellen Cummins
2-Apr baptism Laurence? Foran Jas Mary Flynn Denis Wade Bridget Dunphry
29-Jan marriage Hogan Patk Bridget Flynn Jno Flynn Agnes McNamara
15-Oct baptsim Mathew Flinn John Mary Murphy Pat Dunn Mary Finnerlly
4-Nov baptsim William Whately George Bridget Flinn Michael Lambe Judy Flinn
28-Nov baptsim John Rain? Thomas Mary Flinn Dan Connery Mary Ryan
9-Dec baptsim Mary Flynn Jas Bridget Fowly? Betty Cullan Geo Dunne
2-Mar baptsim Wm Lalor Jno Ellen Flynn Anthony Malloy Mary Kegan
21-Apr baptsim Jame Flynn Chas Mary Connell Peter Byrnes Mary Byrnes
27-Apr baptsim Margt Doolin Jno Cathe Flynn Jno McEvoy Margt Kane
25-May baptsim George Cowley Geo  Betty Flynn Dan Gundy Mary Moore
4-Dec marriage Flynn Mick Ann Dempsey James Dempsey Ann Mullowney
10-Sep marriage Flynn Frank Mary Lalor Jno Flynn Anne Malloy
12-Mar baptsim Eliza Foran/Fowan James Mary Flynn Robt Fowan? Biddy Connor
5-Jul baptsim Eliza Coogan Michl Mary Flynn Dan Coogan Ann Flynn
12-Jul baptsim Edwd Flanagan? James Anne Flynn Joe Dempsey Eliza Kavanaugh
22-Feb marriage Flynn Richd Mary Maneen? Richd Flynn Judy Flynn
3-Feb baptsim Harriett Keating Thos Mardge? Flynn Margt Keating
25-Feb baptsim Bridget Flynn Mick Anne Moore James ? Anne Moore
7-Mar baptsim Margt Lawlor John Ellen Flynn Jno Connery Anne Downey
17-Mar baptsim Margt Mangan Patt Margt Flynn Richd Flynn Honor Hobet?
6-Apr baptsim Patt Flynn Michl Mary Flanagan John Flynn Anne Malloy
11-Apr baptsim Esther Flynn Patt Betty Finnerlan Mate? Kearney Betty Cullen
30-Apr baptsim Joseph Flynn James Bridgt Finnerly Tim Lyman Mary Dunne
7-May baptsim Patt Flynn X? Honor Kelly Michl Hyland Biddy Dunne
10-Jun baptsim Catherine Flynn Jno Peggy Flynn Martin Louley Mary Flynn
5-Jul baptsim Michl Flynn Michl Anne Dempsey Jas Dempsey Bridgt Dempsey
3-Oct baptsim Michl Hogan Patt Bridgt Flynn Richd Hyland Cathe Connolly
18-May marriage Flynn James Betty Carroll James Carroll Anne Moran
28-Feb marriage Flynn Wm Mary Horan? Mick Finnaley Ellen Shannon
20-Feb baptsim Mary Flynn Jas Mary Dunne Mick Gleeson Margt Dunne
3-Jun baptsim James Dunne John Anne Flynn Patt Dunne Cath Whelhan
25-Sep baptsim Eliza Flynn Jas Ellen Carroll Patt Carroll Ann? Flynn
25-Sep baptsim Peter/Patt Malloy Anthony Ellen Flynn Michl Malloy Margt Flynn
9-Oct baptsim Patt Flynn Edmd? Ellen Hyland Michl Hyland M? Hyland
4-Dec baptsim Mary Flynn Michl Mary Flanagan Geo Wheatley Judy Nowlan
18-Dec baptsim Michl Flynn Mick Anne Moore Jno Hickey Betty Fitzpatrick
25-Dec baptsim Margt Flynn Wm Mary Moore Mick Finnaley Ellen Shannon
27-Feb marriage Tracy Henry Cathe Flynn James Dunne Margt Hyland
15-Nov marriage Mangan Peter Anne Flynn Patt Flynn Ellen Flynn
5-Feb baptsim Thos Flynn Michl Anne Dempsey Patt Flynn Anne Mullowney
3-Jun baptsim Wm Flynn Wm Mary Moore Jno Fitzpatrick Margt Hobbott?
16-Sep baptsim Mary Flynn James Betty Carroll James Carroll Anne Moran
23-Sep baptsim Mary Mangan Patt Mary Flynn Mick Mangan Margt P?
7-Oct baptsim Margt Lalor John Ellen Flynn Thomas Crobbe Mary Lalor
25-Nov baptsim Patt Connor Patt Mary Flynn Martin Hyland Betty Hyland
25-Nov baptsim Dennis Magan? John Hanna Flynn Mick Stoney Margt Lone--?
2-Dec baptsim John Flynn John Margt Murphy John Flynn Betty Dunne
8-Dec baptsim John Fitzgerald John? M? Flynn James Dunne Dolly Lalor
24-Feb baptsim Margt Flinn Charles B?ody Donoher Thos Fitzgerald Betty Malloy
27-Feb marriage Flynn John Margt Foy Mick Keegan Ann Foy
17-Feb baptsim Mary Dunne John Anne Flynn Denis Donoher Eliza Fitzgerald
10-Mar baptsim Alley Foran/Fowan James Mary Flynn James Dempsey Kitty Dempsey
21-Apr baptsim Anne Hogeran? Patt Biddy Flynn James Malone Loulley?
22-May baptsim L---nan? Flynn William Mary H? Thos Malloy?
14-Jul baptsim John Malloy Anthony Eliza Flynn Tim Cullen Mary Dunne
21-Jul baptsim Patt Flynn Michl Anne Dempsey Jno Flynn Maria Leery
7-Sep baptsim Michl Flynn James Bridgt Finnaly Edwd Connell Cathe Connell
10-Nov baptsim Dan Flynn Mick Anne John Fitzpatrick Biddy McLoughlin
23-Nov baptsim Richd Flynn James Margt Dunne John Hyland Betty Dunne
29-Dec baptsim Patt Whately John Cathe Flynn Matt Clear Margt Clear
26-Jan baptsim Joseph Connor Patt Mary Flynn John Hutchinson Mary Flynn
31-Aug baptsim Bridget Flynn Mick Mary Flanagan John Flynn Mary Flynn
30-Nov baptsim William Flynn Thomas Mary McDonald Patt Malone Ann Malone
30-Nov baptsim Foran James Flynn Mary Flynn Jno Flood Mary Whilelean
18-Jan baptsim Mary Timery Henry Mary Flynn Mick Hyland Ann Flynn
18-Jan baptsim Eliza Kelior John Anna Flynn Wm Flynn Mary Flynn
12-Mar baptsim Margt Flynn John Margt Murphy Jer Flynn Elena Flynn
12-Mar baptsim Pat  Flynn James Mary Lalor ?--apt Elena McDonald
13-Sep baptsim John Connor Patt Mary Flynn Joe Donohoe Mary Casey
13-Sep baptsim Thos J.L. Ann Flynn Wm Dunne Eliza Flood
22-Nov baptsim Pat Malloy Anthony Elena Flynn Wm Flynn Cath Duncan
7-Jan baptsim Bridget Costelloe Matt Biddy Flynn Edwd Lalor Biddy Foster
3-Feb baptsim Cath  Dooley John Cath Flynn Pat Donahoe Judy Dempsey
6-Mar baptsim Richd Flynn Richd Maria Morrissy Dan Fitzpk Cath Hutchinson
16-Mar baptsim Pat Flynn Peter Margt Dunne John Lalor Ellen Flynn
27-Mar baptsim Catherine Flynn Michl Ann Moore Jas Griffin Betty Malloy
28-Apr baptsim Wm Flynn Jas Brdigt Fennelly Pat Connell Cath Carney
22-May baptsim Mary Flynn Charles Bridgt Donohoe Jerry Flynn Ann Hynes
27-May baptsim Mary Delany Wm Ellen Flynn John Dunne Cath Delany
2-Oct baptsim Michl Flynn James Margt Dunne Edwd Daly Ann Owens
30-Apr baptsim Ellen Kehar John Ann Flynn Jame McGrath Margt Nolan
25-Jun baptsim Alley Maher Wm Kitty Flynn John Gindy Mary Dunne
25-Jun baptsim Eliza Flynn Jas ?? Brady Jno Dunne Mary Dunne
20-Jun baptsim John? Flynn Michl Mary Flanagan John Flynn Cath Flynn
13-Sep baptsim Mary Flynn James Ann Quin John Flynn Ann Brennan
31-Dec baptsim Maria Connor Patt Mary Flynn John Flynn Biddy Flynn
6-Jan baptsim Jas Flynn Francis? Mary Lalor Dan Fitzpatrick Margt Kiley
7-Aug marriage Flynn Peter Mary Flynn John Flynn Biddy Cullen
21-Oct marriage Flynn Wm Eliza Dunn Wm Hyland Margt Dunne
28-Jan baptsim Mary Flynn John Margt Foy W Foy Mary Lalor
28-Jan baptsim Eliza Malloy Anthony Eliza Flynn Mark Flynn Eliza Connolly
26-Mar baptsim John Dowling John Cath Flynn Jno Flynn Maria Dowling
1-Apr baptsim Biddy Hogan Pat  Biddy Flynn John Hogan Ann Fennally
13-Apr baptsim Pat Wilders? Laur Ann Flynn Wm Higgins Fanny Dunne
2-Dec baptsim William Flynn Mick Ann Moore Barth Quinn Ellen Moore
6-Oct baptsim Mary Flynn John Mary Bryan? James Skilleran Betty Toohy
24-Jan marriage Flynn James Nance? Flynn Ml Martin? Margt Flynn
23-Sep baptsim Robt Foran  Edward? Mary Flynn John Connolly Biddy Connolly
5-Jul baptsim Pat Kehar John Ann Flynn Margt Flynn
9-Dec baptsim William Cosley Mat? Biddy Flynn Jno Foster Mary Costello
3-Feb baptsim Sarah Dowling John Cath Flynn John Donagan Eliza Donagan
28-Jan marriage Dempsey Phelim Mary Flynn Kedy Dunne Ann Scully
2-Mar marriage Flanagan Dennis Eliza Flynn John Flynn Margt Flynn
5-Jul marriage Dunne Thos Ellen Flynn Peter Flanagan Eliza Flynn
28-May baptsim Jeremiah? Flynn James Margt Dunne Wm Hyland Margt Flynn
5-Jul baptsim Mary Malloy Anthony Eliza Flynn Thos Dunne Ann Dunne
4-Oct baptsim Susan Kelly Dan Cath Flynn Kitty Terrell
11-Oct baptsim Michael Mangan Peter Margt Flynn Richd Hyland Teresa Hyland
1-Nov baptsim Mary Hagan Pat Biddy Flynn Thos Dunne Ann Dunne
8-Nov baptsim Bridget Flynn James Ann Flynn Pat Dempsey Mary Conroy
15-Nov baptsim Elizabeth Flynn Frank Mary Lalor John Kelly Ann Lalor
21-Mar baptsim Eliza Flynn Wm Elisa Brennan Wm Hyland Elisa Dunne
2-May baptsim Eliza Dunne Kiernan? Eliza Flynn Richd Dunne Elisa Flynn
19-May baptsim Charles Flanagan  Dennis Eliza Flynn John Flynn Eliza Flynn
26-Dec baptsim Ann  Costello Mat Biddy Flynn Mat Costello Elisa Flynn
25-Sep baptsim Ann Flynn James Margt Dunne Dennis Dunn Margt Kelly
2-Feb marriage Gleeson Mick Judy Flynn Finten Nolan Biddy Flynn
23-Apr marriage Conroy John Ellen Flynn Pete Delaney Margt Flynn
1-Nov baptsim James Teney Henry Cath Flynn Edwd Conroy Sally Moore
27-Nov baptsim Maria Malloy Anthony Eliza Flynn Andw Butler Eliza Mulhale
30-Nov baptsim Joseph Doolin John Cath Flynn Jno Dooley Eliza Dooley
19-Feb baptsim Dennis Gleeson Mick Judy Flynn Phinten Nolan Biddy Flynn
5-Mar baptsim Mick Flynn W Mary Flanagan K? Flynn Margt Flynn
17-Mar baptsim Pat Conroy John Ellen Flynn Pat Flynn Anty Fennally
14-May baptsim William Delany Wm Essey Flynn Pk Dempsey Biddy McDonald
10-Sep baptsim James Flynn Pat Margt Farlang James Flynn Mary Flynn
17-Mar baptsim Patt Flynn James Ann Dunne Luke Dunne Mary Hyland
24-Mar baptsim Cath Flynn James Margt Dunne Richd Flynn Bridgt Kelly
12-May baptsim James Flynn James Anne Flynn Mathw Costello Mary Flynn
8-Dec baptsim Matthew Costello Matt Biddy Flinn James Flinn Anne Costello
11-May baptsim Patrick Tracy Jerry Cath Flynn Peter McEvoy Mary Conroy
3-Jan marriage McEvoy Pat Margt Flynn Ewd Flynn Dorah Fyarell?
21-Aug baptsim Jeremiah  Conroy John Ellen Flinn John Flinn Margaret Flinn
5-Oct baptsim John Flynn John Mary Crossice/Cropice Thos Fitzsimmons Winny Fitzsimmons
29-Nov baptsim Anne Flynn James Anne Flynn John Kelly Biddy Quinnane
2-Dec baptsim Bridget Delany Wm Ellen Flynn Ml Coogan Honoria Higgins
29-Mar baptsim John Flynn John Margaret Foy Henry Tacy Eliza Tacy
28-Jun baptsim William Flynn Patt Margt Farlong Robert Brady Hony Collins
24-Aug baptsim Patrick Quinn Patt May Flynn Michael Mulhall Rosy Dunne



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